Most certainly you will agree with me when I say that stabilizers are needful handy gadgets. Whether you are a professional photographer, a video crew or just a freelance photographer. For smooth, precise and crisp shots that will result in astounding photographs and video footages, stabilizers play a significant role.

Not only that, stabilizers make your work easier. They eliminate the effect of that slight hand shake while taking a shot, and they also enable maneuverability. Imagine shooting a video clip that takes a lot of hours and requires you to take pictures at crazy angles. You will get fatigued or even worse have muscle aches without this helpful devices.

Choosing a stabilizer that best suits your needs is not a walk in the park, considering the fact that, so many manufacturers are trying to push their products to the consumers. It is in this light that we have deemed it appropriate to review some of the best DSLR stabilizers, to make your task easy. Without more talk let us dig into the reviews.

Top 15 DSLR Camera Stabilizer, Gimbal & Steadicam

Are you looking for a simple, fly and efficient stabilizer for your camera or smartphone? A solution is right away. The Ikan MS1 Beholder Gimbal for Mirrorless Cameras (Black) offers all these. Petite in size, it can be carried anywhere, whether in a backpack or by simply slinging it on your neck.

Take those photos in a breeze, without worry, just point and shoot. It has a USB port whereby you can charge your smartphone as you continue with your business, and it becomes interesting if your camera has a Wi-Fi “Live” Mode ,it will enable you send the signal to your smartphone.

An all-Aluminum construction ensures that you have a durable product which will be of value for your money. With that said let as continue.

​Design, features, and performance

This machine is a 3-axis handheld camera stabilizer designed for the sole purpose aiding a point and shoot scenario. It also enables mirrorless cameras to accomplish smooth, stable film. The Beholder utilizes brushless gimbal engines to balance out development on tilt-and-move tomahawks and gives out amazing footages; it doesn’t matter the position. By this, I mean whether walking, standing, holding it in your hands or any other disposition.

The MS1 can bolster up to 1.9 pounds of camera. Various cameras are appropriate for the MS1 including the Sony a7S, RX-100 and NEX arrangement, Samsung NX50, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and Panasonic GH4. The gimbal’s ¼” – 20 string mount at the base of the handle is ideal for appending an articulating screen arm for observing/recording, or for attaching the MS1 to a monopod, tripod or slider.

The implicit 5-way joystick control offers finish order over container/tilt and mode decision. Select from “Take after,” “Bolt,” and modify Pan-and-Tilt.  These machine has also got a USB port on the handle and can be utilized to control a little LED light or your cell phone. Included with the stabilizer is a brisk discharge adjust plate, a counterbalance camera mount, a traveling case and a USB power supply for charging.

When using these machines ensure that you balance them perfectly or else it will always hum hence reducing the power of your battery. You can feel it by the buzz feedback in your hands.


It is a good product to those who have small cameras and smartphones. No need to carry around behemoths for your use as they will just be an inconvenience. Move around with these little gadgets and take those awesome footages without a strain on your part.


  • ​Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Has a good precision
  • Smooth video recording
  • Easily portable
  • Looks fantastic
  • Not tiring for long shots


  • ​There is some small noise produced by the motors which must get muted during production of the footage
  • Too delicate and gets easily damaged if banged on to something
  • No proper instructions on how to set and use it

Are you in need of an affordable and decent stabilizer? Worry not. The AFUNTA Pro Handheld video Camera Stabilizer Steady, Perfect for GoPro, Canon, Nikon or any DSLR camera up to 2.1 lbs With Smooth Pro Steady Glide Cam – Red + Silver + Black, comes in handy. Not only is it affordable, but it does quite a good job in comparison to its price.

​Design, features, and performance

Designed with a rubber-covered hand grip and a rubberized non-slip mounting surface these tool provides you with a comfortable environment to do your shooting because you will worry less about missing the target and thus focus.

With a solid aluminum alloy construction, this machine is meant to be durable and beat the vagaries of time. It has an excellent stability thus, cancels any vibrations which might occur thereby producing the most awesome end results. Suitable to use with DSLRs, HD DSLRs, camcorders, etc.

To note is that, as long as you have a phone with a clip and has a ¼ screw, you can be able to use it with this device. Secondly, cameras with weights of 2.1 lbs and less can get utilized. Thirdly universal cameras which have ¼ screw can also be used; this gets enabled by the presence of an international general ¼ stud. Lastly, it is a normal phenomenon for it to shake a bit while being fine-tuned since the handheld portion is not fixed.

To set up this machine is a breeze, just follow the following three steps: start by attaching the camera, secondly ensure the center of gravity is reached by attaching the counterweights, and lastly, tighten the counter weight to hold in place.


In a wrap, these stabilizer does an enough good job. Suitable for a person who needs a cheap decent stabilizer. All you need to do is practice on how to balance it, and in the end, you will produce excellent work. Another thing is that it works well when used indoors and can collaborate with any SLR or mirrorless camera with average, small or wide angle and light zoom lens.


  • ​Robust and durable
  • ​Attainable prize
  • ​Relatively light
  • ​Can be connected to many cameras quickly


  • ​Takes some time to know how to balance
  • ​No balancing instructions
  • ​Creaky and squeaky
  • ​Jerky when filming in a windy situation

Small, classy and versatile is the description I can give the Polaroid Handheld 3-Axis Electronic Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro Hero 3/3+/4 Action Cameras. Whatever you need to cover, you are at home with these. Be it sports, public meetings, documentaries, high octane events, etc.

​Design, features, and performance

Awesomely designed with three electric motors which follow every shoot in real time while correcting any mistake done, including vibrations and any unworthy movements. Your hand movements get counterbalanced thanks to the motorized stabilization. This feature enables a completely newbie or professional come up with crystal clear and sharp images, and these eliminate the long learning curves orchestrated by other stabilizers.

Powered by a durable 3.7-volt rechargeable battery, shoot away from day one to day two. If power is out, no worry, these gimbal comes with three batteries and a rapid charger. Installation is a breeze due to few parts it has. A screw here, a ring there and lens somewhere, then you are ready to go. It can take you less than 30 seconds.

Lastly, it has a threaded hole which measures ¼” that will accept a connection to either your monopod or tripod for far and wider shots.


As you can see, it is suitable for a broad range of situations. Because of its light weight, it can get carried to any place or venue. It is also ideal to those who are new to using these devices, unlike other stabilizers which can be a hell of an experience to master, this one does the work for you. You error, it corrects for you. Highly recommended.


  • ​Light in weight
  • ​Good design
  • ​Smooth
  • ​Good price
  • ​Easy to carry and use


  • ​You cannot run with it while taking shots since it is only stable when you are walking smoothly, like gliding.

Next up is Neewer 24″/60cm Handheld Stabilizer with Quick Release Plate 1/4″ and 3/8″ Screw for DSLR and Video Cameras up to 6lbs/2.7kg, a member of the Neewer series. Just like its other members, these stabilizer is both stylish and sturdy.

​Design, features, and performance

It comes out as a firm stabilizer because it gets manufactured out of Aluminum, furthermore it is atheistically appealing since it has black powder coating as its finishing. Apart from that, it has a quick release plate whose sole reason is to accept any camera within the range of ¼” and 3/8″ and to also to record the dynamic balance for different types of equipment. To spice it up, it allows both x and y adjustments.

Of great value is its ability to allow high and low shooting angle; therefore you can narrow into your target from whichever side you are comfortable. The bearings are of high precision, and the joints are of low friction, these allow high maneuverability on your side. Also, they have a comfortable handle, which may not be a bad idea, as it will assist you to get stability faster. It can be extended from 15.2 to 24” to adapt well to the weight of the camera.

Last but not least, this machine, has multiple mount holes, that enable you to put your camera in various positions. Moreover, the weight plate has six different disc weights whose primary purpose is to ensure that you achieve stability, by putting the corresponding weights to the weight of the camera.

For you to have an easier time with these machines, you should observe some of this issues, first get a light stand, as it will help you, while balancing the rig. It enables you to rest your arms as the stabilizer can be very tiring. Secondly, to ease the side to side adjustments, you can add the Neewer Two-way 4″/10cm Macro Shot Focusing Rail Slider to the top of the stabilizer before mounting the camera. Thirdly use the widest lens, or the widest settings found on your zoom lens, these will translate into a smooth motion. Lastly, the camera should get configured exactly the way you will use it when shooting, before balancing. For example, the SD card, filters, battery, MICs, etc. should be in place beforehand. Changing the zoom lens will throw it off balance


These stabilizers are particularly useful to folks who have DV’s, video cameras and capable video DSLR. Though relatively cheap compared to the others it produces amazing results; you can be easily be deceived by the price and think that it just another crap, but hell no!


  • ​Sturdy
  • ​Good quality all round
  • ​Can be used by a newbie
  • ​Reasonable prize
  • ​Good design
  • ​Works well if balanced correctly


  • ​Steep learning curve
  • ​You will struggle to adjust from side to side
 Best DSLR Stabilizer

When searching for the best DSLR stabilizer, the product will require many features and settings that make your life easier as a photographer and helps you to produce high-quality imagery. Fortunately, FeiyuTech developed a stabilizer that does precisely that. This product comes equipped with a multi-functional knob where you can adjust the focus, zoom, mode, and control different points.

​Design, features, and performance

This DSLR stabilizer comes equipped with a quick-release plate so you can conveniently position your camera on the unit and it’ll remain stable. Fortunately, this product fits an array of camera sizes up to 4kg, and in a couple of seconds, you can adjust the size accordingly.

The device itself is designed from carbon fiber and uses elements of aluminum alloy to keep it weighing 1.6kg for secure handling.

FeiyuTech installed an auto-rotation system so you can easily maneuver your camera to obtain different shots. This is an excellent feature if you intend on creating a time-lapse effect. Professional photographers should undoubtedly make use of the angled design that prevents allows for better frames and removing any obstructions from the camera.

This stabilizer also comes with an LCD touch panel along with a joystick and handwheel so you can make easy and accurate adjustments according to your photography needs. The touch panel is fitted with a lock so you won’t accidentally press touch commands when using the device. Simply slide the gimbal’s settings to the left or right to obtain different settings, and you’re good to go.

Without a doubt, this is a high-quality product that goes beyond your typical camera stabilizer. It’s equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi control features to act as an assistant in perfecting your visuals.


This DSLR stabilizer creates many opportunities for amateur and professional photographers. You’ll be grateful that this purchase comes with a standard carbon fiber extension rod that you can comfortably hold in both hands. It’s also lightweight to avoid any discomfort.


  • Comes with an app to monitor your creations
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to improve your photography
  • LCD touch panel to perfect the lighting, mode, and more
  • Only weighs 1.6kg, making it suitable for easy handling
  • Made from high-quality materials such as carbon fiber
  • Purchase comes with exclusive accessories


  • Not ideal for beginner photographers
  • More expensive than competitive DSLR stabilizers
  • Can take some time to get used to the advanced settings
  • Price doesn’t include a bag to store the equipment and accessories
  • Battery isn’t long-lasting
  • Not designed for small cameras
  • Maximum weight of 4kg

The DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer is an improvement to its previous siblings. Weighing at 5 pounds, it is a miniature version of the original Ronin. Do you want to capture shots in tight spots? Then this is the best bet. With a robust and stiff magnesium frame, it can support weights of up to 8 pounds, apart from that it brings in the element of rigidity and reduced weight, thus can be used in any rugged environment allowing maneuverability when filming.

​Design, features, and performance

It gets designed with an upgraded ATS (Auto-Tune Stability) which offers more precision in your shooting than before. It gets powered by a Ronin-m 4s battery which is of the intelligent type. A handlebar, turning stand are the other accessories that accompany these machine.

A point to note is that you should play with the stiffness settings until it behaves the way you want it. All that is in the video tutorial is useful but take your time and play with it, until you have your unique settings. The stiffness and tilting of the panning are perhaps the essential parts you need to get right, or else your camera will keep wobbling. If you are a first timer do not forget to calibrate the center, buying another tall C-stand is also of great importance, the one that comes with it is a bit short. Lastly to make your work easier choose a lens and stick to it.


It is a suitable tool for those who have a knack for adventure. Shoot your way easily in any terrain or environment. Built durable it ensures you get the best quality of shots. If you have the cash, purchase this machine and make those professional movies without a hassle.


  • ​Robust and rigid magnesium frame
  • ​Easy to transport
  • ​Has easy maneuverability
  • ​Has an arm that gives you better stability and reliability
  • ​Smooth track technology that makes your stabilizer have smooth movements
  • ​Silent when working
  • ​Can carry up to an 8 lb. camera
  • ​Easy and quick set up manual
  • ​The battery can take you for 5 to 7 hours


  • ​It takes a lot a lot of practice to master it
  • ​Quite heavy compared to others
  • ​Switching lenses may not be comfortable
  • ​No carrying case
  • ​It can be hectic to add a monitor to it
  • ​Quite expensive

Here comes the heavy weight in this stabilizing field. The X-GRIP EX MK III is a rock solid kind of stabilizer that can get used in any extreme environment without a problem. You can abuse it, but it won’t budge. Shoot in the wilderness, mountains and or any other hardy places, this machine won’t disappoint you, stability is guaranteed

​Design, features, and performance

It gets finely molded from heavy-duty tempered steel giving it the tenacity to handle the bulky DSLRs and compact camcorders. Stability with this behemoth is guaranteed, as the thick steel base will easily counter the weight of the camera, also you have the option of adding more weights.

Your fatigue level will get significantly reduced when using these machines, the reason for saying these, is that it assists with low-angle shots, thus when a film session gets extended, no problem you are already sorted out. A finger molded steel handle also comes in handy especially when shooting, it prevents the machine to slide from your grip hence perfect shots, and it also becomes comfortable to move around with it.

Last but not least, it has a cold shoe which has slots that allow mounting of a myriad of accessories as long as they conform to it. To add on that, it has several positions in which you can mount your camera; therefore no need to execute nerve wrecking angles, to take that perfect shot. Lastly, it can get installed on a tripod; these will allow you to take shots from whatever angle you desire.


This machine is the absolute beast, for those who want a steady cam shot and also to protect their cameras. Considering its buying price, it is an overkill since it gives you endless mounting options plus the perfect stability it accords your camera. Fantastic for anything at ground level, and can be used with absolutely anything, from an iPhone to a full blown Canon 5dm3.


  • ​Easy to attach more weights
  • ​Great price
  • ​Rock solid
  • ​Zero bounce as you move
  • ​Has an ergonomic handle
  • ​Sturdy
  • ​All metal
  • ​Threaded holes that allow attaching other accessories
  • ​Has several positions to mount the camera
  • ​Can be installed on a tripod
  • ​Doesn’t flex and wobble like the plastic ones
  • ​Heavy to counter shakes hence stable


  • ​Heavy

Next up is a great piece of equipment, the FLYCAM HD-3000 24″/60cm Micro Balancing Handheld…. With similar but slightly different features with the glide brand, these stabilizers do have a sturdy and durable build made up of Aluminum.

​Design, features, and performance

These stabilizers do come with a top plate which can get adjusted on the y-axis and x-axis. They also have the quick release plate which handles all these types of video cameras i.e. DV, HDV, DSLR. It has a micro-balancing technique that comes in handy when you want to precisely balance your system in the least time possible. This stabilizer beats others, pants down because of this capability.

Last but not least, this machine is made up of a 3-axis gimbal, this enables your hand to move in any direction, thus removing the unwanted hand motions from the camera. Furthermore, the grip of the handle is foam cushioned; to give you a comfortable feel on your hands.

For you to achieve a vertical balance, you have to adjust the weights on the base platform, or you can just increase or reduce the length of the tool-less telescopic central post. Just like the previous stabilizers this one also needs some practice. You have to learn from video tutorials provided, and with practice, you will be able to produce those amazing footages.


To sum up, these tools are suitable for those who want amazing work but at a lower bargain. It has similar features as the glide cam brand but costs way much less. Regarding quality, they produce nearly the same. Cut your spending by acquiring this machine rather than an expensive one. Why incur extra expenses?


  • ​Can handle weights of up to 3.5 Kg
  • ​3-axis gimbal that allows you to move the stabilizer to any side you need
  • ​A comfortable cushioned handle
  • ​Affordable price
  • ​Incredible functionality and performance
  • ​With a lot of practice, it works well
  • ​Durable
  • ​The micro-adjustments are amazing
  • ​The mounting system is great
  • ​A first time user can use these and even professionals
  • ​Sturdy and robust built


  • ​The quick release option is not up to par
  • ​The table clip is irrelevant especially if you are on site
  • ​Takes some practice and some shoulder strength to master it
  • ​Can strain the forearm and wrist if used for longer periods of time

Just like its previous sibling, the Glidecam HD-2000 Hand-Held Stabilizer is aesthetically manufactured, with a premium base, a beautiful trunk, and a sliding mounting plate. The only difference between it and the former is that it does not have a Manfrotto 577, rapid connect adapter and a spudz microfiber cleaning cloth with pouch blue lightning.

​Design, features, and performance

Apart from the looks which are not so important, these stabilizer boasts of a sliding plate, a cylindrical trunk which feels good to touch and a base consisting of extendable wings. The design gets made in such a way that it comfortably stabilizes. You have the options of adding some weights at the base for it to stabilize.

A typical procedure for its installation starts with you placing the camera on the top, then add two weights at the bottom. If you have a small camera, add some weights to the top. Then extended the pole to assume a vertical position, do not worry the 3-second test drop test yet. Once your camera is balanced left-right, front and back, it is time to tighten the screws. You should remember to have your lens cover off, the screen tilted to your liking and you don’t need to zoom, you should film it in the widest setting possible. Once you get vertically leveled, it is time to for the drop test. Hold the base plate plus the weights horizontally in front of you, then let go of it. The time from when you drop it to when it is vertical should be close to 3 seconds. After accomplishing it, go back to adjusting it to be vertically balanced, and when done it is ready to fly.


At this point, it would be safe to conclude that this stabilizer is suitable for cameras weighing between 2-6lbs. Because of its versatile nature, it should be a worthwhile investment for you. To add on that, it produces amazing footages. It gets recommended to anyone who wants to go into professional video production.


  • ​Built with high-quality materials
  • ​The gimbal is 100% perfect it does not have any friction at all
  • ​The fine adjustments are easy to turn, with the slightest movement and it stabilizes
  • ​Has a good design which makes it easy to fly compared to others of a similar type
  • ​Has a base plate which enables the stabilizer to centered
  • ​It has wings which can be extended all the way out
  • ​It is light in weight hence easier to carry around
  • ​Well priced compared to the output
  • ​Sturdy
  • ​It can be broken down into several pieces which fit well in the backpack.


  • ​You need to purchase a release plate separately; it only comes with the cheese plate
  • ​There is a pretty serious learning curve
  • ​May cause a wrist strain when used for longer periods if you are not used to it; therefore you may need a sled/vest for weights which are slightly heavier

Up next is the OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer for GoPro, Smartphone, Canon, Nikon or any camera up to 2.1 lbs. Let us plunge in and see if it means what the name suggests. To start with, it has a very attractive superior design and construction aimed at improving stability during shooting.

​Design, features, and performance

Just as the name may suggest, it is truly a pro. With a no shake stabilizer, shot your movie while running, walking, and skating or doing any other activities. You are guaranteed of high-quality outputs, as compared to other handheld stabilizers. In short point and shoot.

It gets used in tight spots, boat rides or any other places where space is limited, that other gigantic stabilizers cannot make. With a non-slip grip and light weight design, fatigue gets immensely reduced, and you will be able to take more beautiful shots.

When using these stabilizers, they tend to be wobbly in windy situations. To arrest this problem, you can adjust the handle and make it stiffer. You also have to get acquainted on how to use it for you to pull out some cool stuff. A point to note is that this product gets sold only by ROXANT, so be careful when purchasing since there are a lot of imitations out there. Take your productions to higher levels!


It is a valuable equipment and is ideal to those who have Canon, Nikon, Lumix, Pentax, GoPro or any other camcorder or DSLR, SLR up to 2.1 lbs. It is also ideal for indie filmmakers since these guys have a penchant for producing high energy movies.


  • ​Free video training tutorials
  • ​Light in weight
  • ​Smooth all the way
  • ​Easy to balance
  • ​Good design
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Robust and sturdy


  • ​Not easy to work with smartphones
  • ​Fewer instructions on how to set it up
  • ​Needs some practice to perfect

This one is yet another member of the glide cam family. The Devin Graham Signature Series stabilizer for cameras 2-12 lbs by Glidecam, comes with new extra features for technological enthusiasts. Although appearing to be mammoth in size, it compensates these by the functionalities it provides.

​Design, features, and performance

Designed for cameras weighing from 2-12 lb. The stabilizer boasts of a myriad of features and functions. To start us up on the features, is the gimbal and handle, they come in handy and their importance can never be downplayed. It is the thing that sets the Devin Graham Signature arrangement separated from others. Makes it beat the competition when contrasted with any comparable stabilizer available.

The handle which is more current and has a more ergonomically formed hold that aids in mounting an overwhelming camera. The gimbal nonetheless, is entirely eminent. It is marginally smoother and more up to date than any of the past Glidecams, however, what makes it impressive is its capacity to change the pole here and there in seconds, without utilizing any instruments.

These gives you a chance to adjust it to snappier, and calibrate your drop time. In addition, it also empowers a fresh out of the plastic new component called low mode. If you slide the gimbal down around 1-2 centimeters from its harmony point, the camera will flip around and in a split second be adjusted in “low mode” for shots nearer to the ground.

What will motivate you to buy this gadget, is that you will possibly make an overkill, by these, I mean that you will be able to utilize all types of cameras. Be it little as a GoPro, or as expansive and overwhelming as a RED Epic.

Also of importance is the Quick Release Plate, this is the second diversion changing element. It might be considerably more energizing than the fabulous gimbal.  Operations are no longer like the past where you would need to add a sliding plate on top of the cheese plate, which was some hustle, considering the time and energy spent screwing and unscrewing. Furthermore with the invention of the Manfrotto-good speedy discharge, plate life has become easier to the users.  And lastly, rather than eight handles to turn; presently they are just two.

The Conveying Case comes in handy especially during times of transportation.  The Glidecam dismantles effortlessly and fits pleasantly within the case as it ought to, and will make your life a little less demanding than it would’ve been without it.

Last but not least, it comes with a Base Weighted Plate, which is accompanied by 12 weights, and has all the earmarks of being the same as the plate from the HD arrangement Glidecams. However, this one accompanies some little yet vital enhancements. The first is that the screws used to secure the weights are substantially thicker and finished so that you can screw them on and off simply using your fingers. No screwdriver is required. The second impressive element is that, each end of the plate doesn’t stand out as much as the HD-4000 does. These to a great extent diminishes the danger of your leg knocking the plate and demolishing a whole shot.

A point to note is that for it to balance easily and more quickly, we suggest that you buy it with the Glidecam GLHDSDB Docking Bracket. With the bracket, you will achieve balance in less than 5 minutes. Using it is not a walk in the park for the novice users as the rest of the gliding stabilizers. But, with practice, you can also go professional.


These are the most elite with regards to handheld stabilizers. If you have the cash and are thinking about obtaining an HD-2000 or 4000, definitely go for this one. If your financial plan is too tight, then don’t stress over it. Numerous less expensive alternatives work awesomely.


  • ​Produces smooth shoots all through, no matter the terrain
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​The Manfrotto plate can collaborate with any tripod gear that comes with it
  • ​Well-built Sturdy product
  • ​Straightforward and useful design
  • ​The gimbal is wicked smooth as expected
  • ​Every part of the stabilizer is solid metal
  • ​Durable
  • ​Faster


  • ​Takes time to practice

Next up on our list is the OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO. These are handy gadgets that provide enough stability to your camera or phone. Shoot like a star, either walking, running, on a boat or even around tight corners and stairs. It gets designed professionally and atheistically. It has cool colors for those who love finer things in life, and it has an extending and retracting arm to improve stability. A matter of elegance and functionality.

​Design, features, and performance

Of noteworthy are its size and weight. It is not your usual mammoth size stabilizer. With 2.1Ibs you can comfortably waltz about taking incredible pictures and video footages without strain. Other fathomable features include the provision of a low center of balance; this significantly improves stability.

A comfortable grip handle, three separate counter-weights for perfect and precious balances adjustments are also other features to admire. With these fatigue factor is significantly reduced and you will be able to do more excellent work. That translates to what? Great content that will sell, leaving you smiling all the way to the bank.

Instructions on its usage gets easily found, and the installation is pretty easy via video tutorials found on their website. With your smartphone or iPhone it is simple, just log in and get the details and I am sure in some few minutes you will get your equipment assembled and ready for action.

With impeccable and amazing performances, these gadgets will substantially reduce the cost of your film production. In a real scenario hiring stabilizers or personnel who have them for your production will deeply dent your pockets or accounts, why not try these?

A point to note is that there are a lot of imitations in the market for this product. To be safe, only buy from Roxant, they are the only authorized sellers of this product.


In a nutshell, this product is good for those who value both beauty and function. It is also suitable for scenarios involving a lot of action requiring swift movements. Best bet for Indie filmmakers who have an appetite for action packed movies. Not only will you produce blockbuster movies, but you will also save a great deal regarding the cost of production.


  • ​Light in weight, hence portable.
  • ​Great price for its performance.
  • ​Has an extendable and retracting arm for greater stability
  • ​The elite low profile comfort handle edition has a low center of balance for excellent stability
  • ​No slip grip which eliminates lower arm swing.
  • ​Comfort grip handle which reduces fatigue
  • ​It has a sturdy and compelling design
  • ​Precise balance adjustments enabled by three separate counterweights.
  • ​Great company that follows up its customers


  • ​Does not work well with heavier weight
  • ​It needs a slight learning curve

Next up is an unusual type of stabilizer. Unlike our previous reviews. The SUNRISE Shoulder Pad DSLR Rigs DSLR Cage Camera Shoulder Stabilizer DSM-802 is literary worn on the shoulder. It is aesthetically appealing because it is made up with quality Aluminum precision and the connecting parts are CNC-made which are not only durable but also stable.

​Design, features, and performance

It is undeniable that these piece of art will lure you. It was developed and built with the user in mind. Look at ergonomic shoulder pad, coupled with these, is the counter weight. The user will be comfortable during and after usage, no shoulder aches or other pains after wards. Also of unique importance is the anti-slip and comfortable handle, these will prevent you from losing focus and get the best shots.

The base plate which can be quickly released or adjusted to suit the height is also a plus for this stabilizer. Other than that it has an integrated tripod, thus when you feel tired of carrying it on the shoulders, you can mount it.


Conclusively it is a good stabilizer, with its fantastic outputs and is affordable.  It is a good alternative to those cheap plastic crappy things. With this stabilizer, you will feel great carrying it around as it is of a good size and doesn’t hurt your shoulders. Go for it and break a leg!


  • ​Good quality, nothing plastic about it
  • ​Takes less time to set up
  • ​Has a quick release plate
  • ​Wide range, to slide camera forth and back
  • ​A rubber plug that will keep the screws from slipping
  • ​Comfortable grips
  • ​The padding on the shoulder is thick and soft
  • ​Sturdy and reliable construction
  • ​Light weight and well balanced


  • ​It is hard to remove the weight at the back especially if you didn’t want it there
  • ​The shoulder pad doesn’t securely fit at the area near the counter weight
  • ​The camera attachment does not have a stop to prevent the camera from sliding all the way out

Next up is our sophisticated gadget, the Zhiyun Crane 3 Axis Brushless Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer. You want to take pictures which have a bird’s eye view look; then this is the ideal tool. Only prop it up on other sticks or accessories, and you are ready to go.

These gadget is aesthetically pleasing with a smooth cylindrical stem and a stylish mounting plate. Apart from the looks, it has an enviable list of features compared to its competitors

​Design, features, and performance

From the looks of it, these stabilizer appears amazing. Sleek to spice it up. It is intended to operate in a wireless environment. With an app to boot, you only need to click a button and all systems go! The designers of these machines were also thoughtful enough to include the capabilities of integrating it with other accessories to make work easier and tolerable. For example, The Cupula, extension rod, and a tripod. Or, it can be held/worn to enable delay shooting and thus create the effect of a rocker arm.

For technology and speed enthusiasts, you will be awed with this gadget. With powerful microcontroller units with efficient attitude control algorithm. The gimbal will control your camera to a 0.01-degree accuracy within a negligible 0.25 millisecond. Isn’t it awesome?

As if that is not enough, luxuriate over the three axis movement and a 360 rotation of your camera at a convincingly 0.02-degree change. Miss no action, the turns, twists, laughter, smile and so on. All your shooting needs and fantasies will get fulfilled.


For those who want a touch of technology, speed and elegance then this is your ideal tool. Take those drone view pictures with great ease. Sincerely speaking these features are just irresistible.


  • ​Excellent customer service
  • ​Well-built and strong
  • ​Easy to set up and balance
  • ​Smooth footage
  • ​Comes in a protective case
  • ​It is remote controlled and also has blue tooth


  • ​Can be a bit heavy for some people especially after using it for some time
  • ​Needs some time to learn for you to produce flawless pictures
  • ​Mobile app is a bit buggy
  • ​Little app documentation with poor translation of English

Lastly the one that comes top on our list is the Glidecam HD-2000 Hand-Held Stabilizer +.  An improvement to its predecessors, these tool offers an amazing working experience. Not only does it have lightweight, but it also enables free movement of your camera on the gliding plate according to your needs, as the name suggests i.e. “glide.”

​Design, features, and performance

This handheld stabilizer was designed specifically for small sized video cameras; it has a suitable Manfrotto 577 rapid connect adapter, enabling you to remove the camera from the head without detaching it from the plate. The mounting plate has a 2 stage quick release system, an anti-twist video register pin and 1/4″-20, 3/8″-16 screws for mounting. A Micro Fiber cleaning cloth is an addition to these essentials and can be used to clean glasses, Cameras and Sports Optics.

A point to note is that it is not your daily stabilizer where you just walk out, assemble and start shooting. You will have to spend some time to learn how to use it, in order to produce those killer shots or videos. Although to get factual, learning is not a bad idea after all, for instance, it can enable you to get the feel of your camera and your style of shooting.


Doubling up with an excellent rating, these gadget offers fantastic results, and for those who love accuracy, this is the best bet. Though a bit of learning is required, the end results are quality cinematic shots.


  • ​It has a good design which makes leveling much easier
  • ​High quality
  • ​Appealing cloth
  • ​Great price for the amazing results


  • ​It will cost you some of your time and needs consistency to master

DSLR Stabilizers Buyer’s Guide

Given the information above you might be tempted to think that it is an easy task, to walk into your favorite mall or supermarket and grab that stabilizer you desire. It is fallacious to think that way.

For those who are new to stabilizers, you have to note that they come with several things which you have to consider before you splash your hard earned cash. There exists a large number of brands which have different technologies behind them.

In light of that, let us get familiar with some of the factors we can look into before settling to any brand.

The technology behind DSLR stabilizers

​From our reviews you can see that we have traversed over a wide range of products, to be specific, we have reviewed both the counter weighted stabilizers and the new modernized 3-axis gimbals. Therefore to have a better understanding let as start with the gimbal.

What is a 3-axis gimbal?

​A gimbal is described as a device that maintains the camera level by pivoting around it. It operates by the use of electric brushless motors to make the camera stable. It can stabilize motion in 3-axis that is the roll, pitch, and yaw.

Gimbals combine top-notch academic knowledge from the sophisticated electronics, sensors, physics and motors to achieve these near to magical capabilities of canceling out motion before it reaches the camera.

To summarize it all, motors are placed strategically on all the three axes surrounding the camera. The purpose of this motors is to cancel out any movement instantly.  In so doing any shake or jolt is kept away from the camera which enjoys a steady calm at the center.

Gimbals come in handy especially if you are a novice user of stabilizers, unlike the traditional stabilizers which have a long learning curve, though they also need some practice to perfect. The perfectly executed engineering enables the gimbal to be level headed no matter the pressure.

The major trick when working with gimbals is to ensure that you first balance them before you start using them. You may ask why this is important. If you don’t adjust your gadget, the motors will struggle to compensate for that, that’s why you will experience an increased vibration. This imbalance is not suitable for the device as more power will get used and your gadget will not last for long.

So, after having some idea of what a gimbal is, it will be appropriate to analyze some of the features you should consider before purchasing one. Features to observe include:

  • Does it have a quick release plate? Having this vital component is a characteristic of an efficient gimbal. You will be able to save a lot of time since loading and unloading of a camera will be very fast.
  • Weight capacity: choose a gimbal that can support to at least 1 kg of weight. With this capability, you can use it with a broad range of cameras thus cutting down the production cost.
  • The operating system: For fast and excellent work choose gimbals with proper operating speeds, i.e. the number of bytes it process per second. You cannot compare 32-bit controller and the pre-Cambrian 8-bit controller.
  • A camera slate with enough room: to accommodate cameras with different lenses, it is wise to factor in these. For example, longer lenses require being moved back a bit compared to those with short lenses.
  • Mode of adjustments: Choose a gimbal that will allow you to make any changes without many complications such as looking for the necessary tools or equipment. A tool- less type is the best bet.
  • Original products: Avoid counterfeit goods at all costs, many a time consumers get duped by con artists into buying fake products, hence losing their hard earned money. Buy products from only licensed and authorized dealers.
  • Customer care: Buy your product from a reputable company, which provides support to their clients. In the event of a breakage or any assistance, you will always rely on them for support.

Every product has its pluses and minuses. By this time at least you appreciate the usefulness of a gimbal. So, what are the bad sides of it?

  • Needs some technical know-how: with the complicated soft wares, used in the operation of the gimbals, for you to comfortably operate them, you should be conversant with the software’s they are using. Also in order to purchase the latest one, you must be current regarding technological advancement.
  • Not appropriate for extended use: For you to use a gimbal, you need to hold it in front of you. Holding it for a long time may be tiresome. For shots that require a lot of time a rigged stabilizer will be most appropriate.
  • Learning curve: You cannot just pick a gimbal straight from the box and start using it. You first need to acclimatize yourself with the software, then start practicing, using it consistently for some time before you become proficient.
  • They require a stand: Most of the gimbals do need a stand. Therefore it will be your obligation to carry them with you wherever you go; this can be somehow inconveniencing
  • Price: Good gimbals come with a hefty price since they are new to the market. A good one costs a fortune.

Let us now look at the counterweighted stabilizers.

These stabilizers work in a more similar manner to the gimbals. The only difference is that they don’t use motors and sensors. They are more of old versioned. For you to balance your camera or camcorder, you have to put some counterweight at the base of your stabilizer.

Similarities between counter weighted stabilizers and gimbals

These two types of products do share a lot in common. They both have to be balanced first before they can operate efficiently.  Secondly, just like the gimbals they too have a learning curve, but they take longer to be accustomed.

​Disadvantages of this stabilizers include:

  • Steep learning curve: For you to achieve a near perfect result, you have to practice a lot. Patience is also a much-needed virtue here.
  • Can be clumsy and jerky: Some types of stabilizers tend to wobble when subjected to some environmental factors such as windy situations.
  • Bulky: Some of them are broad and cumbersome thus making their transportation a nightmare
  • Tiring to use: Holding these devices for extended periods of time while performing your duties can sometimes be energy sapping.

So what do you consider when purchasing them?

Due to their close similarities with the gimbals, we advise you to look for the same features as we have discussed before.

Some FAQ’S about DSLR stabilizers

  • What is the best way to stabilize a camcorder or DSLR?
  • Where do I find the best DSLR stabilizers in India?
  • Where do I find a cheap and good stabilizer?
  • What should I consider when buying a DSLR stabilizer?

​Advantages of DSLR stabilizers

Some of the goodies you get when using stabilizers include:

  • Excellent footage: with the correct use of these devices, you will get impressive results
  • You will save a substantial of money: Instead of hiring DSLR stabilizers for your production just buy one. Leasing these devices is very expensive, and these might not be that good for your business.
  • Professional stuff: Do not produce mediocre work, or any just ordinary work, grab these tools and come up with stuff that is blockbuster material.
  • They bring some comfort to the user: Some of these stabilizers have some ergonometric parts, which aid the comfortability of the user unlike doing it naturally.

Final words

To wind up, all we can say is that, by now, you have at least got some ideas about the best stabilizers you can find around. The list got keenly crafted with the customers’ needs in mind and how much they intended to spend when buying these products.

We hope the list will enable you to buy the best DSLR stabilizer for your needs depending on the amount of money you can afford. No product is perfect; it depends on what type of errand you want to accomplish. A point to note is that you can find a product which is cheap but does the same work which an overly expensive one does. So it is a matter of choice.


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