Type, Feature, and Fit are the three consideration you should concern while choosing the rock climbing shoes. Rock Climbing shoes are different from normal shoes. These shoes are the interface between you and the rock. Here are the top 10 best rock climbing shoes for women, beginner, intermediate & professional rock climbers.

10 Best Rock Climbing Shoe Reviews:

10. La Sportiva Tarantulace Shoe for men:


La Sportiva’s 10F-KIWI-38.5 model climbing shoe is the best one for professional climbers. They used Lather material to make this shoe. It has used FriXion rubber for better grip. The Climbers can easily climb any kind of Rock with more grip and comfortable.

This Rock Climbing shoe is the best fit for Men. It has attractive gray color and available with all sizes. The material is so soft and easy to wash. You can use this climbing shoe for both rock climbing and indoor climbing.

9. Mad Rock Nomad Climbing Shoe for women:


This is most attractive blue color climbing shoe for male and female. The most sophisticated climbing shoe for both men and female. This shoe has supportive edges to make climbing as more easy. There are different types of sizes available in the market. Many people wondering to make climbing as easy. This is the best beginners climbing shoe. We reviewed this Mad Rock Climbing shoe by own.

Even Children can climb the rock very easily by using this shoe. That is why we are recommended Mad Rock Shoe for beginners. The forefront wide angle should give extra grip while climbing the rock. This is the lace type shoe. Take a look at this product once.

8. CLIMB X Rock Star Climbing Shoe for women:


Climb X model is the most famous one. There are many people used this shoe for Climbing. This shoe was made with leather fabric. So, when you climb the rock, it gives more grip power. The type of the shoe is uniquely manufactured for Climbing. You can wear this shoe for a long time without any pain or trouble. The material is very soft and should fit for all types of foot.

Breathable mesh is used in this shoe. It refreshes your feet at any time. Because of the breathable type, there is no smell after you remove your shoe. There are many rocks should be slippery and wet. The outside material of this shoe provides more comfort and grip even the rock is slippery.

7. Scarpa Climbing Shoe:


It is a light-weighted climbing shoe for your adventurous. Usually, Climbing shoe should be flexible. So, that people can easily bend their foot. This shoe provides more comfort at the mid parts. The mid parts are so flexible and easy to fold. So, you can bend your ankle easily.

Scarpa shoe made with rubber sole. The rubber or leather is the best sole for Climbing shoes. These materials only provide more friction while having an adventure. Scarpa is the best manufacturer for Climbing shoes. This model is one of the high rated models at Amazon.

6. La Sportiva Nago Shoe:


People often used this shoe for Crack Climbing, Gym Climbing, Rock Climbing and face climbing. This is the light weighted shoe made with leather. It has breathable mesh. So, your foot stays refresh and cool while climbing. Sportiva’s cool Nago shoe should very helpful for both male and female climbers. It has come up with attractive red with white color. It has all basic climbing shoe features. Take a look at this shoe, if you are a series climber.

5. Scarpa Men’s Climbing Shoe:


This is used widely by the Uniter States professional climbers. When you are ready for climbing, there are lots of challenges and trouble will arrive. Climbing Jacket, Climbing clothing, shoes, gloves, backpacks are the important one.

Scarpa’s Men climbing shoe provide more grip and friction. The shoe is more flexible and light weighted. Anybody can wear this shoe while climbing. You can use this shoe for any type of outdoor and indoor climbing. It helps even rope climbing. The sides of the shoe having more friction. So, It provides more grip while climbing.

4. Evolv Spark Climbing Shoe:


Evolv shoes are very famous in the world for climbing. It was made with leather material and provide excellent grip. The Midsole is so flexible and you can easily climb any type of surface. This is the latest Model and it should be the best rock climbing shoe in 2016. It should be best for Slab routes and crack climbing. The Technical climbers used this shoe for rock climbing. The material also provided more support.

3. La Sportiva Python Shoe:


This is the Python shaped shoe. This shape should give more grip while climbing. The toe edge is narrow. The narrow edge should help to climb the mountain and rocks. It would be a flat type. Instead of lacing, it comes up with elastic hooks. So, you can easily tight the shoe and remove the shoe at any time. It provided the airflow to your foot. So, It makes your foot as refreshing.

It is a very flexible and fits for any type of foot. Children also use this climbing shoes. Generally, the tighter shoes will perform better than looser one. This shoe is narrow and tight easily by using elastic hooks. People used this shoe for sports clipping and traditional climbing.

2. Five Ten Climbing Shoe:


Five Ten is the world class brand for shoes. They manufacturing the shoes for international athletes. Their Climbing shoe is the best product in the market. Anybody can wear the shoe without any trouble. Inside material is so soft and hold your foot very tightly. Outside material was made by leather. This is the versatile shoe. You can use this for not only climbing but also all kind of rough sports you played. This is very useful for climbing the limestone, sandstone, and volcanic rock.

1. Scarpa Instinct Climbing shoe:


Scarpa Instinct shoe is very helpful for your ankle while climbing. You can use this at Snow, Rock, and tree climbing areas. Vibram edge provides more comfort. The material of the shoe is Leather. It provides more grip and friction. This is the best innovation in recent days. Black Red combo color looks so cool. It should be perfect for sports, gym climbing, and rock climbing. The narrow shoe edge will help you to stand your toe inside the small hole. Beginners and women also try this shoe.

Guide to choose best rock climbing shoes:

For first time buyers, shopping for a rock climbing shoes can be a very challenging task. Even for experts, it is still a daunting challenge. This is because apart from getting a shoe that fits your feet, you’ll also need to get one that is suitable for the kind of climbing you want to embark on.

This guide will help you to know what to consider as you seek to narrow down your list of climbing shoes. There are three major factors to consider when choosing rock climbing shoes:

Type of Climbing Shoes:

Depending on the type of the climbing you are embarking on, this could either be neutral, moderate or aggressive.

Features of Climbing Shoes

Some of the features of the climbing shoe like straps, laces, rubber and linings affect your climbing experience.

Shoe Fit

To achieve the best performance, climbing shoes should fit snug without been painful. With the right shoe fit, you would be able to climb longer and harder.

Type of rock climbing shoe


These offer a relaxed and comfortable fit as your toes are able to lie flat within the shoe. Because they are more comfortable, they are a perfect choice for newbie climbers. Even expert climbers who want a relaxed fit for an all-day comfort for those long multi-pitch climbs will prefer it.


  • They offer all-day comfort
  • They offer good support as they have thick rubber soles and medium to stiff midsoles
  • Their flat profile makes them slot into cracks easily


  • Their comfortable and relaxed fit are not designed for those tough, overhanging routes
  • Their stiffer, thicker soles are not as sensitive as those of aggressive and moderate shoes.

Moderate shoes

These are also known as cambers. The distinct feature of moderate climbing shoes is their slightly down-turned shape which makes them a very good choice for technical climbing. They are an all-purpose shoe and could be used on crack climbs, slab routes, mildly overhung sport routes and long multi-pitch climbs.


  • Their downturned shape gives your feet that powerful, stronger grip when climbing more difficult routes.
  • Their thinner soles and stickier rubber provide better feel and grip than neutral shoes.
  • They are more comfortable than the aggressive shoes.


They’ve got downturned toes and a huge heel tension that puts your feet in a strong and powerful climbing position for those difficult overhanging climbs. Generally, their asymmetric shape curves towards your big toe, which gives power to the toe for firm grip on small holds.

Due to their downturned shape and their snug fit, climbers typically prefer aggressive shoes for those single-pitch sports climbing as well as the routes at the gym instead of the all-day multi-pitch climbs.


  • Their downturned shape puts you in a powerful and strong climbing position for those overhanging sports climbs, boulder climbs and routes at the gym.
  • They possess thinner soles and stickier rubber than neutral shoes thus giving you a better feel and grip


  • They are less comfortable than neutral and moderate shoes
  • They don’t fit into cracks or smear as well as moderate and neutral shoes
  • Their thinner soles and stickier rubber wear faster than those of neutral shoes

Features of rock climbing shoes

  • Shoe Closures
  • Lace-up

They are about the most versatile in style. You can readily loosen the lace when your feet are hot or swollen or if you’re on a walk-off route. For more challenging climbs, crank it down at the instep and toe so as to improve its performance.

Strap (“hook-and-loop”)

They are easier to on/off. They are ideal for climbing boulders and gym climbs when you would like to pull of your climbing shoes in between climbs.


These are also known as slippers. They are designed with elastic closure systems and possess the lowest profile and greatest sensitivity of all climbing shoes. They are ideal for training as they lack midsole and a typical stiff sole. Their lack of straps and laces give them a low profile which makes them great for getting into thin cracks.

What Materials Are Climbing Shoes Made Of?

Rock climbing shoes are either synthetic or made from leather. Leather shoes, both the unlined and lined, are the easiest to care for. Most of the high-performance climbing shoes are synthetic, while vegans and vegetarians prefer synthetic shoes.

Unlined Leather Climbing Shoes

These can stretch up to a full size. You would have to size them to ensure your toes just touch the tip of the shoe so you could feel the push of your toes against the leather. Take note that an all-leather climbing should tend to bleed the shoe colors to your feet.

Lined Leather Climbing Shoes

When the upper end is lined with leather, the amount of stretch is reduced to half the size or less. At times, shoe manufacturers line just the toes to reduce production cost and keep the stretch to where it happens most.

Climbing Shoes For Women

Even if you are a male, women specific climbing shoes could also be a great buy. They have smaller heel and a lower cut just around the ankle. They are lso good for men with low-volume feet.

Climbing Shoes For Kids

While you could easily rent climbing shoes for your kids at your local gym, it pays you in the long run if your kids have their own climbing shoes. Kids feet generally grow fast, buy them a shoe that is a size too big as that will be more comfortable and relaxing for them. Preferably get them rip-and-stick closures until they are old enough to tie their own laces firmly.

Some General Fitting Tips

When considering the fit of a climbing shoe, do take note of the following:

  • Those shoes with a dead space between the inside of the shoe and your toes should be avoided. This is because they would not remain rigid on a foothold.
  • Ensure your toes are curved comfortably or flat and that the knuckles of your toes are not painfully bunched against the shoe top.
  • Ensure your heel have a snug fit. When standing on your toes, make sure the back of the shoe does not rub the bottom of your Achilles tendon.
  • If you cannot easily slip your foot into a shoe, it is most likely too tight.

In conclusion, remember that rock climbing shoes serves as an interface between you and the climbing surface. The wrong kind of shoe or fit would severely reduce your performance and climbing experience. I hope you find this guide very helpful as you consider your next rock climbing shoes.


I hope This rock climbing shoe review guide should help to choose best product. These are the best rock climbing shoes of the year. Stay tuned for more awesome products reviews.


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