If you are tired of standing in front of the stove, waiting for your baby’s milk to heat to the right temperature and are looking for a more convenient method of bottle or food jar warming, there are a number of products on the market today that can help do just that. A bottle warmer is an amazing machine that help parents handle the task of heating up milk for their baby in a simpler and convenient way, enabling them to spend more time with their baby and less time monitoring the temperature of milk.

There are many different baby bottle warmers on the market today, some that warm milk only and others that have the option to warm baby food as well. To make things less complicated, here are the top ten best bottle warmers.


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This bottle warmer is very versatile and can be used for either milk or baby food. It has an adjustable dial timer with settings from zero to ten which allow for more precise temperature settings. It has a very audible alarm that goes off when it is finished and an automatic shutoff, just in case you can’t attend to the milk immediately. It comes equipped with a built-in water reservoir, which makes measuring nonexistent.

It also accommodates various baby food jars and comes complete with a pull out basket for easy drop in and removal of the jars. Another feature is its safe steam indicator that monitors steam levels to make sure that your milk or food does not get too hot and lose all of its health benefits. It weighs 1.8 pounds and is very easy to pack when you are on the go.


· Built in water reservoir

· Automatic shutoff

· Adjustable dial timer

· Portable

· Pull out basket for convenience

· Fast and convenient


· Reports of leakage and water spitting when too hot

· Short power cord


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This bottle warmer is thought to be more precise, due to its digital readout. It has a digital countdown register which, once set, automatically shuts off and alerts when finished. It comes programmed with twelve different warming preferences which takes all of the guessing out of milk warming, no matter if the milk is frozen, chilled or refrigerated or at room temperature.

It also has a timer delay setting that you can choose to use which is divided into increments of fifteen, thirty, forty-five or sixty minutes. It comes complete with an insert for baby food jar warming and is fully adjustable to fit most brands of bottles.


· Automatic shutoff

· Various adjustable preprogrammed levels

· 12 different warming settings

· Lift-out basket for bottles and baby food jars

· Easy to clean

· Requires a very small amount of water for use


· Metal plate at the bottom quickly collects rust and minerals

· Reports that it takes too long to heat up properly.


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This bottle warmer boasts a number of baby friendly options. It uses a low temperature convective warming technique, rather than steam, to keep all of the nutrients in your baby’s food or milk and to produce a very consistent temperature, all the time. It has automatic shutoff and a universal warming chamber to accommodate all types of jars, bottles and bags. It comes with a water reservoir that does not need to be refilled each time you use it, which is very convenient and allows for easy multiple use. It is also BPA free, lead free, latex free and phthalate free, which makes it very environmentally friendly and safe for both you and your baby.


· Environmentally and baby friendly

· Convective heating, rather than steam

· Universal fit for most bottles, jars and bags

· Water reservoir which preserves water for multiple uses

· Automatic shutoff and simple, adjustable dial timer

· Very quiet


· Doesn’t heat bottles satisfactorily

· Leaks


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This simple yet effective bottle warmer is safe for the nutrients in the milk. There are sensors inside of it which monitor and adjust milk temperature, ensuring consistency. It circulates the milk during warming to eliminate any uneven temperature spots in the milk which can potentially harm the quality of the milk. It comes equipped with automatic warming and shut off features that monitor the milk and maintain the temperature if you step away for longer than expected. A great feature of this bottle warmer is its defrost setting, which is great for frozen milk or baby food.


· Adjustable dial

· Keep warm and defrost settings

· Fits most bottles, jars and bags

· Heats bottles of milk that are not frozen in about three minutes

· Compact


· Auto shutoff feature does not work as expected

· No timer


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This bottle warmer has a removable cooler which can keep two bottles cool overnight so that you don’t have to go to the kitchen in the middle of the night to find milk. It has an automatic shutoff for convenience and peace of mind and will heat up a three-ounce bottle of milk at room temperature in about five minutes. There is a built in low level night-light in the front of the machine for ease of use when its dark out and you don’t want to wake the baby. This bottle warmer uses steam heat to warm the milk, but does not overheat and jeopardize the milk or food’s nutrients. It is BPA, latex and PVC free, which is both environmentally friendly and safe for you and your baby.


· Environmentally friendly

· 2 bottle milk cooler attached at the back

· Low level night light at the front of the warmer

· Fits most bottles

· Automatic shutoff


· Cannot control the temperature

· Shape of chamber does not accommodate all types of bottles


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This simple bottle warmer has a digital readout and touch buttons for ease of use. It has an automatic shutoff feature that turns off after ten minutes. It uses steam heat to warm bottles and does not require a reservoir refill after each use. It also has a memory feature that allows you to program various desired temperature and time settings for future use, which can be very convenient when you don’t have time to fuss with controls. It has a very audible alarm that goes off when it is finished and will repeat its sound after one minute if not attended to immediately. A great feature of this product is its height. It is taller than many other bottle warmers so that it can accommodate many different brands of bottles and food jars. This is a classic bottle warmer. It is simple and effective and easy for anyone to use.


· Simple LCD readout and digital temperature setting

· Automatic shutoff after ten minutes

· Taller than most other bottle warmers

· Memory feature to store desired temperature settings

· Larger water reservoir for multiple uses

· One start function for easy of use


· The heating chamber is too narrow and does not fit many bottles

· Difficult to clean


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This bottle warmer has a dial temperature knob for easy setting. It has a stainless steel warming chamber which allows for much better movement of heat throughout the chamber and makes for a cleaner system in general. It has a “keep warm” function that senses the milk’s current temperature and adjusts the steam accordingly to ensure that the nutrients remain in the milk or food. Though it is small, it can accommodate many different sized bottles and jars and comes equipped with a cleaning cloth and bottle brush for ease of cleaning. It is also BPA free so it is safer for your baby and the environment.


· Simple to use

· BPA free

· Keep warm function that adjusts temperature to suit the milk or food

· Stainless steel chamber which ensures better distribution of temperature and also allows for easy clean up

· Consistent heating times when milk is at room temperature or just chilled

· Sanitizing function

· Automatic shutoff


· Inconsistent warming times

· Inconsistent temperature dial


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This bottle warmer is compact and very sleek. It has an auto shutoff feature and an easy to use one-touch temperature control. It takes about three minutes to warm 2 ounces of milk when the milk is at room temperature. There is a light on the front of the warmer that turns on when it is warming and shuts off when it is finished, so there are no sounds to wake the baby in the middle of the night. Its warming chamber fits all types of bottles with varying types of neck shapes and comes with a graduated cylinder for measuring the right amount of water that needs to be steamed for appropriate milk temperature. There are instructions provided that explain the ratio of water to milk. It is also PBA, PVC and phthalate free, making it safe for you and your baby.


· Simple and sleek design

· No loud alarms to wake the baby

· Non-skid base

· Auto shutoff feature

· Steam heats evenly, not allowing for any unusual warm spots in the milk

· BPA, PVC and phthalate free

· Automatically shuts off when it runs out of water


· Difficult to figure out how much water to add to get the right temperature

· Automatic shutoff not reliable


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This bottle warmer is a very substantial product. It has a temperature dial on the front which allows for a wide range of temperature settings and times. It also has a one touch, push button on/off switch for ease of use and also a dial that has various temperature and time settings and amounts. The water reservoir is located at the front of the machine, is easy to monitor and does not require a refill after each use but, rather can be used multiple times before it needs to be refilled. It comes with an automatic shutoff feature for ease of use and peace of mind.

It also comes with a detachable insulated cooler and two ice packs that keeps milk cool and ready to use for those late night feedings when the kitchen seems so far away. Last but not least, it is BPA, latex, lead, and phthalate free, so it is safe for your baby, as well as the environment. All in all, this is a very solid and versatile product.


· Fully adjustable temperature dial

· Bottle settings eliminate the guesswork

· Reservoir that only needs to be filled once a day

· Automatic shutoff

· Environmentally friendly and safe for your baby

· Cooler at the back with two ice packs that keeps milk cool and ready for late night feedings

· Simple push button on/off button at front of machine


· Inconsistent warming times

· Reports of leaking


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This modern and stylish bottle warmer is a beautiful addition to your countertop. In fact, it is so modern that it almost looks like an Italian espresso machine when it sits on the counter! It has a beautiful blue LCD readout and a number of easy to use settings, all located on the front panel, for setting various temperatures. It has two warming settings: “steady mode” for slower heating with water only, and “quick mode” for heating quickly with steam. It also has a “defrost” setting which safely defrosts frozen milk or food. Its water reservoir is easy to monitor and refill and does not need to be filled after each use. Its chamber is wide enough to fit most bottles and various types of bottle necks.A very cool and convenient thing about this bottle warmer is that it is Bluetooth connected and works seamlessly with a downloadable app for your smartphone that includes many features such as alarms and temperature monitoring, all which can be assessed via your Bluetooth capable phone. All in all, a superior and very modern take on a bottle warmer.


· Multiple settings for various heating needs

· Versatile chamber that can accommodate many different bottles and jars

· LCD readout and push button controls

· Automatic shutoff

· Easy to monitor water reservoir

· BPA free

· Bluetooth compatible


· None

Final Verdict:

There are many different types of baby bottle and food jar warmers, all which utilize different methods to warm milk or food. Some rely on form rather than function, while others are simple and reliable. Some have a very modern take on equipment, while others rely on time tested methods and design. Some have more features than others, offering you more or less control than other models. No matter what your needs, there is a baby bottle warmer that is right for you.


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