Each and every year plenty of basketball shoes hit the market. Some brands more anticipated than others. By choosing the best basketball shoes you can significantly improve your game.

What are the good basketball shoes? and how to choose the best basketball shoes? are the most common question for basketball players.

Basketball is a sport that relies a lot on the player’s footwork. You will realize that athletes in basketball normally make sharp cuts, jump around and move in all directions in a quick manner.

The player must wear good shoes in order to do this. This will give the player a god opportunity to succeed in this game. You will note that the right pair of shoes will provide the desired protection, traction and avoid injury while on the court. This is the reason why you should pick the best pair of basketball shoes in order to play well.

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoe reviews:

10. Adidas Performance Men’s Light Em Up 2 Basketball Shoes:

Adidas is the Reputed Manufacturer for Sports Equipment, Shoes, and Clothing. Their Performance Men’s Light Em Up 2 basketball shoes are very popular shoes in the market. Affordable price shoes but most effective and durable.

These shoes are available in many different colours like Blue, Green, Orange, White, grey and many. The cushioning is the added advantage and that helps to play for a long time without any ankle pain. Most shoes are not come up with the sock liner but these shoes are having that feature.

These are simply awesome shoes for men and boys. The budget also minimum so, take a look at this shoe at once.

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9. Nike Men’s Hyperdunk Basketball shoes:

If you are looking for great ankle support shoes then take a look at these Nike Hyperdrunk shoes. These provides excellent grip on the floor.

The sole was made of the Synthetic material. Synthetic is one of the best material for all kind of sports shoes. These shoes also available in many different colours and sizes.

Breathable layers make your feet as comfort while playing. Otherwise, you can’t play a long time. The mesh provides airflow inside the shoes so that your feet get refreshed while playing.

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8. Under Armour Men’s UA Rocket Basketball Shoes:

‘Under Armour’ shoes are very popular for the Basketball game. Normally, Basketball shoes are different from Volleyball shoes, Baseball, Football and any other game.

Indoor shoes should have good traction and durable. Otherwise player can make lots of faults during the game. These UA Rocket shoes are really surprising to wear.

We can’t able to feel the shoes while playing. These are unique and quality shoes for basketball players. Sudden movement and side to side movement can easily be done by these shoes. That is why boys and men often wanted to buy this product.

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7. Jordan Super.Fly 4 PO iv Men Basketball Shoes:

Each and every year Jordan launches plenty of new models, especially for Basketball players. These are the cool basketball shoes having excellent stability and long-lasting.

Jordan Super Fly shoes are recommended for all age group men because these shoes can fit perfectly for any person’s foot. Whether if you have a wide foot or narrow foot, these shoes are perfectly fit for your foot.

Mostly hard players foot easily filled by perspiration. These shoes have upper mesh and breathable. So, It maintains your foot as refreshing.

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6. Under Armour Women’s UA Micro G Torch Basketball Shoe:

If your Daughter or wife or girlfriend is a Basketball player, then present this gift to her. She will definitely like these kinds of shoes. Under Armour’s Torch Basketball shoes are really amazing to wear and provide an excellent grip.

The rubber outsole provides the good durability. Mostly women foot are narrow and Torch basketball shoes are for best fit those women. Because wide shoes can’t fit women foot. These narrow shoes have an excellent front end and you can able to shoot the ball with excellent jumping.

Many shoes do not provide the ankle supports. In our list, you can’t find even one bad quality shoe. All shoes are ankle support, durable, reliable and high rated.

The only difference you can see is the brand name. You can select your best brand and buy the shoes without any hesitation. These best basketball shoes will improve your performance definitely.

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5. Women’s Nike Air Visi Pro V Basketball Shoe:

Nike’s unique Air Visi Pro V Basketball Shoes got a maximum number of sales because of the performance and quality. There are plenty of multinational companies compete Nike brand.

Nike is the signature brand for all of the sports items. We can’t able to say all Nike shoes are awesome but Air Visi Pro V Basketball Shoe is definitely the best shoe. Specially made for women feet and can able to use this shoe for multi purposes.

Many of the persons used the basketball shoes for running, Gym and many other purposes. If you are one among them, then this shoe is yours. It has EVA sock liners that provide the arch support while sudden movement or jumping.

Many of the players using these shoes for club games, national games and international games. It is a perfect buy for female players.

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4. Women’s Nike Nike Overplay VIII Shoe:

If you are looking for affordable basketball shoes mean, take a look at these model. These shoes are having excellent user reviews and performance wise it killed many of the expensive shoes.

These shoes have all the features of expensive shoes like cushioning, breathable, rubber sole flex grooves, light weight, and excellent midsole. Nike Overplay Basketball shoes definitely a good gift for female players. Jumping and landing can very easily be done by these shoes without any trouble.

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3. Women’s Nike Prime Hype DF II Basketball Shoes:

In Nike brand, Hype DF II is the best basketball shoes for women. It comes with Decoupled collar for the full range of ankle support.

All women can wear this shoe without any trouble. Indoor traction is the very important factor while playing. Otherwise, we can’t do any quick moves by using our feet. These shoes having good traction and made with the Synthetic material.

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2. Kids Jordan Flight 23 BG Basketball Shoe:

Many of the persons seeking basketball shoes for kids. if you are one among them, then this is the right shoe for you.

As Usual Nike Jordan is the best and reputed brand for shoes. These shoes provided awesome feel while playing. Ankle support also great to see. Jordan Flight 23 Bg is available with many different colours.

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1. Adidas Performance NXT:

Adidas Performance NXT is available for all kind of kids. These are high quality shoes having Torsion system for mobility and midfoot stability. Take a look at these shoes on Amazon.

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How To Choose The Right Basketball Shoes:

There are several tips that can help you choose the right shoes. These include:

1. The shoe size.

It is important that you know your shoe size before buying a pair of basketball shoes. If you are not certain about your shoe size, it is worth having your feet measured so that you can get the right shoes. You will realize that the feet normally change their size and shape over time. Knowing the exact width and length will go a long way in helping you get the best pair of shoes to play basketball.

2. Your style of playing.

The basketball shoes normally come in three specific styles. These include: low-tops, mid-tops and high-tops. The preferred style of shoe is normally dependent on your style of playing. The low-tops are the lightest pair of shoes. Most players usually likes these shoes. They can help you enhance your quickness and speed. However, this type of shoe is not effective at providing ankle support.

The mid-tops are the most popular style and can give support up to the height of the ankle. They are good at providing ankle support. This means that freedom of movement is not compromised. The high-tops normally give the greatest degree of stability and ankle support. However, this type of shoes is normally heavy. This is because of the extra material that used for supporting the ankle.

An all-round player is involved in multiple things on the court. He or she is likely to benefit from wearing the mid-top shoes. These shoes can give the desired flexibility, cushioning and support. For the players that rely on quickness and speed, it is important to choose the lightest shoes to avoid being held back. The low-tops are the most preferred choice and still provide a useful amount of cushioning and support. The power players that spend a lot of time in jumping and physical contact should choose the mid-tops or high-top shoes. This is because these players want the shoes that give the highest stability and cushioning. In addition, these players are not impacted by the heavy shoes.

3. Go for comfort

You should always go for comfort. You will realize that there might be shoes that could be appealing to the eye but are not comfortable to wear. If you choose a pair of shoes that does not fit you well, your feet are likely to have sores. Such shoes can make you experience pain while playing on the basketball court. The looks of the shoe should deceive you. You should always go for comfort while buying these shoes.

4. Ankle support

You will realize that ankle injuries are frequent injuries suffered by most basketball players. If you want to mitigate this problem, you should consider buying shoes that provide adequate ankle support. In this case, you should choose mid-top and high-tip shoes. However, if you opt to wear low-top shoes and have had ankle injuries in the past, you should consider getting a low profile ankle brace ankle support. This can be effective in providing ankle support.

5. Durability.

It is important that you choose durable basketball shoes. You should choose a durable pair of shoes so that it can last longer. Some basketball shoes can be cheap but are not durable. They might for a short period of time. This means that you have to buy others after a few months. This can be costly. You should buy a shoe that you can use for the entire basketball season.

6. Go for a shoe that has great traction.

It is important that you go for a shoe that has great traction. This type of shoe will prevent slipping and sliding when playing on the court. This can lead to injuries. This is the reason why you should go for a shoe that has a nice grip.

7. Respectable brand.

You should consider the brand of your shoe before buying it. You will realize that there are different shoe brands that you can choose from. Some of the well-known brands that have been making shoes for playing basketball include: Nike, Reebok, Converse, Adidas and Jordan.

Other important factors that you should consider while choosing basketball shoes include:

1. Movement.

You should choose shoes that allows you to move efficiently. You can try to make a few of your common basketball moves with the shoes on to see if they restrict you in any way. Your choice of shoe should allow you to move freely.

2. Study sole

The sole of the shoe should be able to handle all the jumping and moving. It should be thick enough to absorb some shock from the jumps. In addition, it should be able to keep you from slipping all over the basketball court.

It is important that you try your basketball shoes before buying them. If you fail to try them on, you might buy a small shoe or a large shoe. This can frustrate you. You should ensure that you try them on in order to get an accurate feel of the fit. The best time to try the shoes is after a workout or during the evening because the feet usually expand after being active.

Those are important tips that can help you on how to choose the right shoes for playing basketball. It is important that you read this guide to choose basketball shoes. Most people have followed the above mentioned tips and have enjoyed the results. This guide can help make a good decision when buying these shoes. Consider the above mentioned tips and you will not regret.


I hope everybody like this deep review about the basketball shoes. We reviewed best basketball shoes for all kind of people like men, women, and kids. So, By using this review you can select the best basketball shoes for your upcoming game. Have a nice day!


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