Do you need the best axe for chopping wood? An axe is an equipment which a homeowner has to use personally for splitting wood. We assist you to locate the best axe for chopping wood to make your process easier.

Mainly Axes used to cut the wood and for survival purposes. People use axes for trekking and hiking purposes as well. So, in this article, we will be recommending top 10 best axes. I hope this review guide will help you to choose the top rated axes.

Top 10 best Axe for chopping wood:

10. Best for Splitting Wood: Estwing E3-FF4 4-Pound “Fireside Friend” Wood Splitting Axe/Maul with Shock Reduction Grip

Estwing E3-FF4 is a Weighted Axe that has all fundamental features that you need in your axe. We deeply analyzed this product with our professional reviewers. It provides maximum power to cut all kinds of wood. This product is made of a single material- Steel. You can also use this Axe for Hammering purposes since there is a hammer at the back end of the head.



It has a Nylon Vinyl shock reduction grip for extra flexibility. We observe the power of this Axe while cutting the logs. It is really worth for money.

9. Best for Camping: TEKTON 3284 20-Ounce 14-Inch Fiberglass Camp Axe



Your arms and hand will not feel pain after cutting trees or wood because of the cool features. TEKTON 3284 is a light weighted Axe that helps in cutting the trees effectively. The steelhead has been heat-treated and finished with impeccable looks. The rugged poly jacket protects the handle from impact damage. It is one of the energy saving Axes that has a non-slip rubber grip for increased flexibility.

8. Best for shock reduction: Estwing EBDBA Black Eagle Double Bit Axe

Estwing’s has idyllic features that make it different from products of other brands. It’s Double sided Blade makes it the most salable product in the market. If you are a beginner or Intermediate in using the Axe then Estwing EBDBA Black Eagle Double Bit Axe is the perfect choice for you. This product is fashioned with amazing features, thus it is worth your money.



Balanced and Optimal performance is guaranteed. Nylon grip provides more flexibility in cutting big trees.

7. Best Throwing: Zombie Killer Axe

Are you looking for Cheap (Affordable) Axe with a maximum number of positive reviews? If your answer is Yes, then take a look at this product. Many of the critics mentioned this product as the best product in the Axe category. It is a simple and clean product. A single piece stainless steel is used to manufacture and the blades are wider.


The wider blades help to cut the wider materials and woods with a single strike. Green Nylon cord handle provides excellent grip.

6. Best Survival: United Cutlery UC2765 M48 Hawk Axe with Nylon Sheath

United Cutlery’s Axe product are much liked by customers. These products are innovative and made with the high-quality material. United Cutlery UC2765 M48 Hawk Axe comes with 30% fiberglass reinforced Nylon grip that helps to hold the Axe easier than anything. It also absorbs the shocks. The 8-Inch axe blade is an added advantage.



Due to its larger blades, this product is ideal to cut any wood type. Countryside people must use this Axe for their regular use. Stainless steel blade provides the durability and long lasting performance.

5. Best Wood cutting: Gransfors Bruks, Small Forest Axe

Gransfors Bruks is definitely an amazing Axe product in the market. The quality and weight of the Axe are a major concern among buyers. Facts say that the weight of the Axe considerably reduced as compared to the ancient days. The quality has also improved a lot. This beautiful Axe is now available in the market. Plenty of people are using this Axe for the routine usage.



It is a revolutionary model of modern Axes. Attractive light weighted Axe ensures the quality and efficiency. Gransfors Bruks is the heavy competitor for many Popular Axe brands like Husqvarna, Cold Steel, Fiskars, Estwing, Council Tool, Yes4All, Stansport, Truper and more.

4. Best for money: Husqvarna 13-Inch Wooden Handle Hatchet:



It is a 13 Inch Wooden Handle Hatchet. The curved handle provides the great fit during the usage. You can feel the awesome steel quality while using the Axe. The sharp edge provides the easy cutting for any kind of hard logs. Many customers have been using this Hatchet for long years. The leather Sheath help to protect the edge during the storage of this long lasting Hatchet.

3. Best American: Estwing E24A 14-Inch Sportsman’s Axe with Leather Grip & Nylon Sheath

Affordable and reliable, Estwing E24A 14 Inch Axe is the perfect choice for real sportsmen. The size of the Axe is small that helps to carry the product easily anywhere. It comes with heavy duty Nylon Sheath for extra protection. It is a rugged Axe that comes with beautiful leather grip.



Each and every penny you spent for this product is definitely worth. It has a maximum number of Positive reviews and ratings. That is why we recommended this product. Estwing 14 Inch Axe offers Unsurpassed temper and balance. The steel of the Axe is made in the USA.

2. Best rating: Estwing E45A 26-Inch Camper’s Axe-All Steel with Shock Reduction Grip



This is a strong and cool Axe available in the market. It is manufactured with 4-inch cutting edge technology. Because of that, it can easily cut any hard logs easily. Estwing E45A has the shock reduction grip that helps a lot and reduced 70% shock. The shock reduction grips completely eliminate the shock while the log is strike with full force. Blue, Black, and Orange color Axes are available for sale. 14 Inch, 16 Inch, 26 Inches Sizes available for various usage.

1. Best Seller: Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch

I honestly recommend Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe to everyone who is seeking the top rated Axes in the world. Because of the light weight and height of the Axe, it can cut the medium and large size logs easily. If you are a tall person, then you need to have this product for effortless usage.



The handle size is too large that help to swing the Axe faster and can able to chop the log with a maximum force. Axes of the ancient times were big and heavy weighted. Compared to that Fiskars X27 model is light weighted and provide maximum efficiency. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Guide to choose best Axe for chopping wood & types:

Axes are usually used for slicing, splitting, filling, and shaping timber or wood. In case you need these to chopping wood to make your job simpler. For example, felling axe, this reduces the wooden fibers. You may use a high-quality axe for wood chopping functions.

For this reason, the best axes are different types by the consideration of reasons, sorts of timber, length or even high-quality. What are the variations types of axe considering before choosing the best axe for chopping wood?

Splitting Axe

A splitting axe is designed to break up with wooden fibers. It has a tapered head; normally weighing near about three to six lbs. When you swing the axe down, the power of the wedge causes the wood to break up. Typically, the splitting axe is used for multi-purpose and can also be used for an extended period of time. You could select among a timber deal with and composite takes care of. It is lighter than the wood comes with and greater durable as many human beings nevertheless like an old timber handle axe.

Splitting Mauls

Instead of cut deeply throughout the grain as felling axes do, a splitting maul must use a heavy wedge-shaped head designed to send logs along the grain. these axes characteristic a 6- to an 8-pound head, which promises a greater forceful strike without turning into caught inside the timber, and an almost directly handle, which allows the consumer to lever the maul deeper into the break up after the initial strike. Mauls even have a vast butt (the rear face of the top) that may be used to hammer the second splitter through the log.

Felling Axes

First matters first, in case you want to knock down timber you’ll want a felling axe. These are designed with a really sharp, skinny blade (or “bit”) and slowly tapered head with a view to reducing throughout the wood grain as deeply as feasible with every stroke. To that give up, felling axes have a tendency to have mid-weight heads—approximately 2.5 to a few.5 pounds—and feature a 28- to 36-inch take care of. This makes them ideal for developing stumps and lopping off the limbs of downed timber. There are numerous variations to the basic felling axe design, regularly bearing the name of the area it was developed including Michigan or Dayton axes for the best choice.

Broad Axes

Broad Axes named for his or her massive bits and long beard (the decrease a part of the bit that hangs down underneath the relaxation of the pinnacle) have long been utilized in conventional woodworking for hewing logs into beams. The bits of those axes are beveled on single or both aspect, giving it the advent of a completely a chisel, or on each facet, which creates a scalloped reduce. This permits the user to precisely reduce away the rounded edges of a log even as developing a tremendously flat face. The simplest downside is that those axes can simplest be used as committed left- or right-handed equipment dictated by means of the side of the level.

Carpenter’s Axes

For greater sensitive woodworking, a carpenter’s axe is critical. These single-handed axes are barely large than the hatchet, with a 1.5-pound head and 10- to 14-inch take care of. Those axes usually have long beards that permit the user to choke up on the take care of for greater manage.

Which one is proper for me?

How can you choose the best axe? In the long run, it is an important question for you. Qualities and dimensions of the timber piece and what kind of timber you propose to break up will assist you to choose the best high-quality axe for giving you greater strength. Whether or not it’s chopping, kindling or splitting firewood for a campfire, there are instances whilst the axe is available in your hand. Ask yourself a few questions before figuring out which is the best axe for you. Our clean guideline offers you to choose the best axe for chopping wood.

Consider Quality of Axe

Safety and quality are the top situation whilst purchasing an axe. For example, Fiskars offers an entire life warranty on its slicing and splitting axes. A protective sheath continues the blade effectively far away from harm while not in use. The Fiskars X-series axes are constructed for secure overall performance too.

The hardened solid metal blade remains sharp longer than conventional axes. The axes’ Shock-absorbing DuraFrame take care of is lightweight, but more potent than metallic. And the insert-molded PermaHead will no longer loose, so it prevents overstrike breakage.

Despite the fact that Fiskars axes were built with safety in thoughts, usually, comply with excellent safety practices whilst the usage of any axe.

Doing your homework first will save you effort and time later. Now’s the time to ask questions and locate the best axe in your outside desires.

Choose Antique or New

The maximum critical part of an axe is the top. To feature correctly, you must choose an antique or new with cutting side and thin sufficient to chunk into the timber and maintain enough think for chopping. You may update handles instead of spoiling it. But in case your old axe head is fabricated from shoddy metal, there are now not lots you could improve it except promote for scrap. For this reason, you may do it through antique shops locate an axe, instead of buying one new, it’ll probably prevent the number of cash too. You may discover some of old axes markets or antique shops,

If you make a decision to choose a new axe, it is recommended some of the hardware shops and instead best shopping from a few manufacturers that have a recognition and history for placing out first-class tools. Approximately ten years in the past they quietly shifted axe head production to China and, therefore, they’re satisfactory at the level of quality. The consumers’ demand made in the whole market, they moved production returned to the United States and matters have improved.

Select Appropriate Bit (Single or Double)

On the stop of my first choice for axes, a single-bitted axe is a manner to head. Even as its miles the most not unusual family axe, in case you’re seeking out the maximum requirement, get a double bit. The single-bitted axe can absolutely reduce quicker because the weight that includes the ballot with the contrary metal blade and it is recommended that the double bit for this is more appropriate for swing and flexibility. The balance is due to the head of equal duration and weight. For the greater benefits, manipulate, instead of electricity, is the key equipment to chopping timber.

In this fact, a double-bitted axe has wedge-shaped; it uses possibilities to create a couple of cutting edges for extraordinary needs. So as a substitute of getting several forms of both-bitted axes for numerous forms of responsibilities, you could simply have one double-bitted axe.

Appropriate Weight of the Axe Head

Every other component you’ll need to do not forget when selecting the best axe is loads of the head. Many people want the heaviest axe possible as it creates more power. It’s why we’re the usage of axe heads that are weighed 6, and even 7 pounds in slicing competitions, but for the start axe-man and for normal use, it is recommended that the usage of an axe head which weight doesn’t exceed more than 5 pounds. On the contrary, the heavier weighted axe heads offer extra power, you fail to get accuracy in your swing.

The Size of Handle

The size of a handle with is generally (but not constantly) controlled from the top side of the axe all the way to the base at the bottom. The handle comes in two preferred lengths — complete-sized (or feeling) and “boy’s axe” the appropriate size for the handle of a felling axe is 36, but it is said that’s even too long for maximum guys. As a substitute, he recommends a 31 manage to for six-foot-tall men. This duration will offer you with both pressure and manipulate.

Manage Handle Material

Loads of the axe handle you’ll how to choose on the large container hardware stores are made from plastic, however, it says you continually need to go with managing that’s made from timber. Particularly, it must be desired quality, but it will work simply excellent.

When you’ve ascertained the take care of is made of ash, you’ll need to look at the grain course of the wooden and growth-ring with width and quantity.

Preferably the axe handle can run parallel to the axe bit. Handles with getting that controls upright to the bit have a tendency to be poor and may snap while you hit a tree.

The growth jewelry must use at tight, different, and slender. Timber with this sample is a whole lot more potent than wooden with smaller, biggest-spaced growth jewelry.

For one of this simple device, there are loads to consider when buying an axe. If you take the time to choose the proper axe for you; you’ll have a tool with a purpose to support a useful service. At the end, this collection of the different types of axes we’ll speak a way to swing an axe and use one effectively.


I hope everybody should like this review guide for choosing the best Axe. If you like this Axe review, share it with your friends. Bookmark our website for future updates.


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