Today we are going to see the 11 Best Badminton Rackets for smash. Whether you are looking for backyard play or an international match, this definite review will help to find an awesome Badminton Racquet Sets.

We thoroughly checked and reviewed 11 cool and awesome Racquet Sets by our own lab.

These Rackets will definitely impress you without any doubts. All the rackets are high rated products in the market. We took and review most reputed brand products like Yonex, Senston, Wilson, BLUBOON, LI-NING, Regail, Sportime and more.

11. COMBO SET YONEX Badminton Rackets:

Yonex is one among the popular manufacturer for Tennis Rackets. Their Combo Set Badminton also very famous among the players. It has a high number of positive reviews from players.

You can swing the racket easily and attack the ball with more perfect. These are the light weighted Badminton Racquets and perfectly fit for active players. It comes with Combo of Rackets and Shuttlecocks. The frame material was made with steel and it provides excellent strength. These are the affordable and quality rackets in the market for sale.

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10. Senston WOVEN Badminton Racquet with Bag:

Sento Woven Badminton Rackets are the perfect one for intermediate players and advanced players. The Woven technology is used in manufacturing this product.

Cool and light weighted rackets for active players. It also comes with the carry bag and one among the high rated product in the market. Blue, Red, Black color frames are available to select. Micro Carbon Fiber material is used for manufacturing the frame though it provides long lasting performance.

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9. Wilson Ti Smash Badminton Racquet Review:

Wilson is the iconic brand for Rackets whether Tennis rackets or Badminton rackets. Their unique technology and quality of the product are the success factor.

We should not speak about top Badminton rackets without Wilson Brand. Their Ti Smash Badminton Rackets are really worth to buy for players who are seeking high-performance rackets. It has larger head size (sweet spot), so even beginners also get moe beneficial because of that.

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8. Baden Champions Badminton/Volleyball Set:

If you are a gaming freak and you always play to different kind of games means, take a look at this Baden Champions Badminton/volleyball set. Many of the sportspersons don’t want to stick into the single game.

They willing to play all games like Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Shuttlecock and more. If you are one among them take a look at Baden Set.

It contains 4 shuttlecocks, 4 rackets, waterproof volleyball, and net. These are the high quality product. Excellent combo to make your purchase as worth.

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7.Yonex Arcsaber FB Strung F/G5 Badminton Racket:

You can able to buy the Yonex Arcsaber FB Badminton rackets with or without strung. If you want to buy the rackets with strung means, the official Yonex Stringer will string for you. Carbon Nanotube and Graphite material are used to made this badminton.

These are the balanced rackets and help you to play a professional game. Light weighted is an added advantage of this badminton set. It was available with Red/Blue and Sonic/Blue colors.

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6.Speedminton S600 Badminton Set:

Speedminton is a Popular brand for manufacturing Badminton sets. Anywhere, Any time you can play Badminton game by using this set. It comes with 2-speed lights that allow playing in the dark place even night.

Aluminium Rackets provide excellent stability and performance. Beach, Park, and Indoor anywhere you can play with or without the net. It will enhance your happiness while playing. Red, Yellow, Green color combo looks so cool.

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5. Best Deal badminton rackets package:

Genji Sports is a quality manufacturer for Badminton rackets. But many of the players don’t hear the name of this manufacturer. Their Badminton set contains 2 rackets, 6 shuttlecocks, and 2 overgrip.

The Rackets were manufactured by using Graphite material. These are the light weighted products and help you to play a friendly game with anyone. It also comes with Racket bag and by use of this, you can carry all the things after completed your game.

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4. Speedminton S900 Badminton Set:

S900 Badminton sets are an advanced model of S600 Sets. It comes with 4-speed lights that help to play anywhere and anytime. People often want to play a quick game with friends to relax their body and mind.

Badminton provides the excellent stretch and exercise. You no need to do heavy exercise without any interest.

You can simply buy these Badminton sets and play with your friend, wife or children with pleasure. That is what people want to buy this kind of Badminton set.

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The manufacture invest lot of time for research and manufacture this cool Rackets. These are definitely top rated Badminton rackets having an enormous number of features. This Racket has a large number of positive features.

TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM provides the lightweight and increases the stability. You can hit the ball very force because of the top weight. The top frame has extra weight to hit the ball hard.

NANOPREME is used in the shaft because of the flexibility and good handling.

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2. Speedminton® Super 10 Fun Player Set – Best Badminton Racket set:

10 Player Speedminton set is the high rated product and provides excellent performance. The manufacturer of this product is SKLZ. They are very popular to manufacture the sports gears. 10 Player Badminton Set will definitely surprise you while playing. It has come with a bag for easy transport and this is the best gift to present anybody who likes Badminton game.

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1. YONEX ArcSaber 11:

Yonex ArcSaber 11 Badminton Racquet are the perfect rackets for advanced players. Casual game or Professional game, this Yonex ArcSaber will help to enhance your game.

Attack and defend oriented rackets with having lots of good features in it. The grip of this racket is eye catching and provide excellent handling while playing.

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How to Choose the Best Badminton Rackets?

Choosing the badminton rackets is somewhat daunting at first. Here we focussed three main features while making the list. You can also be focussed on these three features before buying the Badminton rackets. Those are:

1. Balance

2. Shaft Flexibility

3. Stiff


Balance contains three categories for different players. Head heavy balanced rackets, Head light balanced rackets, and even balanced badminton racket.

Head Heavy Balanced Rackets has heavy head compared to the handle. Because of that, the player can beat the ball with excellent force.

Head light balanced rackets have a light head but the heavy handle. It helps to swing the racket as fast.

Balanced Rackets are the best choice for all types of shots.

Stiff and Shaft Flexibility also some of the important feature while purchasing the badminton rackets.

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