A body fat scale is a scale that measures body fat, other relevant metrics, and provides you with a better overview of your health. In this review guide, you will discover the 14 best body fat scales on the market today.

What Are Body Fat Scales?

A weight scale is a simple device that is used to measure your general weight; however, it doesn’t provide a detailed reading such as intuitive fat level or the body fat percentage.

All that a traditional weight scale gives you is a basic idea of your condition regarding weight. Due to the advancement in technology, traditional scales have been outdone by modern digital body fat scales models which provide accurate readings to within 0.2 pounds.

Although a bathroom scale is a useful tool, its functionality is limited to measuring weight. When evaluating weight loss progress or assessing health risks, body fat is one aspect that should also be factored in. Measuring body fat percentage is useful in tracking how well an individual’s diet and exercise program is working.

A body fat scale uses a technology known as bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure body fat. When a person steps on sensors on the body fat scale, a small and unnoticeable electrical current passes up one leg, pelvis and down the other leg.

Fat is a poor conductor of electricity when compared to other body components such as muscle. The greater the resistance in the electrical current, the more body fat you have. A body fat analyzer uses formulas to calculate body fat percentage from this information, along with other data you will enter such as height, weight, age, and gender.

Body fat scales also calculate the body mass index (BMI), which measures weight in relation to height. Many brands of body fat scale or fat analyzer also allow users to upload data to a smartphone or computer so they can track changes in their weight as well as other measurements.

Why Do You Need the Best Weight Scale?

In case you have no idea of your weight or how much you are supposed to weigh, there is no way of determining if you are already overweight.

Overweight and obese people are at much higher risk of suffering from medical conditions such as hypertension, heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes just to mention a few.

A large number of individuals are struggling with their weight, but this should not be a problem anymore to worry about.

With the best body fat scales, you can embark on a weight loss program which will help you lose weight according to your expectations and continue on the right track of cutting weight.

A Guide to Body Fat Scales

It is true that body fat scales are one convenient way when measuring your body fat percentage. But the question is, how accurate and reliable are they?

Body fat percentage scales have many advantages over other body composition tests. Below are some reasons:


How many spots are you aware of that provide these digital scales? You should consider buying or going for scales that are readily available whenever you need them.


It is important to choose scales that use bioelectrical as well as hydrostatic weighing techniques for you to have accurate results.

High-tech models

If you’re a person who wants to improve your general health and also want to access data through your phone, then choosing these digital scales models is the best thing for you.


Consider buying body fat scales because they are comfortable and offers privacy while using them. There is also no need of getting appointments with doctors for you to have a body fat test.

Top 14 Best Body Fat Scales Reviews: What Is the Best Body Fat Scale?

14. EatSmart Precision Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology

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Instead of waiting for another month to get your health and fitness back on track, begin today with the help of a body fat scale. The EatSmart is a hi-tech upgrade and provides a number of measurements including all the body fat percentage.

This EatSmart Precision GetFit scale is not your typical bathroom scale because it can easily and quickly measure weight, body water, body fat, body muscle as well as bone mass using the new BIA technology.

This scale is ideal for people who are serious about taking good control of their health. The BIA technology in this scale helps users to easily calculate their body fitness by inputting their age, gender, height, weight as well as activity level information.

This technology sends a low-level electrical signal to our body fat which then measures the resistance that the signal has. It should be noted that this signal is safe and can’t be felt either. The scale keeps a maximum of 8 different users personal profiles and can recognize these users the moment they step onto the scale. This auto recognition software also makes it easy to operate because all you have to do is stand on the platform barefoot and then it will identify you based on the previous weight.

The scale uses a Bioelectrical impedance technology which transmits the pulses through the user’s bare feet. You will also be required to enter your information such as height, gender, weight, and age for a more accurate reading.

It also comes with 3.5 inch LCD easy to read display which has a backlight in case you fancy checking your weight at night. The EatSmart scale has a one-step on technology therefore instead of pressing a button; you simply need to step on the scale for it to get working.

Summary: EatSmart Precision GetFit Body Fat Scale Review

It is hard to have many complaint reviews about the EatSmart monitor because it provides a vast range of measurements. It also stores a lot of data which is accurate, thanks to the latest technological advancements.

Our only wish is for this scale to allow Wi-Fi connection to enable users to upload their information on their computer or smartphone, but overall it is worth buying in case you are in the market for a body percentage scale.


  • the scale helps you in keeping track of measurements which is significant to your health
  • its clear LCD display makes it easy viewing your weight results
  • has a 400 pounds weight capacity and it is said to be accurate to within 0.2 pounds
  • its Step-On technology is helpful especially when you are tired


  • the scale does not have a Wi-Fi capacity; therefore, you can’t upload your info into a laptop, smartphone or desktop
  • it provides inaccurate readings if there is excess moisture in the bathroom; therefore, it is not wise using it immediately after having a shower

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13. Brand New Omron HBF-514C Full Body Sensor Body Composition Monitor w/ Scale, 7 Indicators by Omron Healthcare


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There are now a number of best weight fat scales on the market which can analyze and keep track of your fitness data. The HBF-514C Body composition monitor has been designed to help you in keeping your fitness goals up-to-date. It also comes with many hi-tech features which aid in its functioning.

This Omron model has 6 sensors which are more advanced than the 4 sensor scales. These sensors help by providing clinically precise readings. It also has seven fitness metrics which measures body age, weight, visceral fat, BMI, skeletal muscle, body fat percentage as well as the resting metabolism.

This body fat percentage scale has a profile setting of up to 4 user profiles which can last for 90 days. Its digital screen is also designed in a way it can be easily read to allow the user to weigh in seconds.

Its maximum weighing capacity is 330 pounds and also has a retractable lead thus people with a height of 2 meters can use it as well.

Sadly, this body fat scale is not suitable for athletes and also people with muscular bodies because it appears to provide a high frequency of inaccurate readings to these kinds of people.

Summary: Omron HBF-514C Body Composition Scale Review

According to reviews, Omron is seen to be a helpful scale and it did motivate users by allowing them to follow a healthier lifestyle. It is more than just a weighing scale because the different measurements help you in determining if you have a risky level of fat.


  • it measures both in pounds and kilos, and this enables you to decide on the measurement you like
  • its seven different measurements allow you to have a closer look at your health without necessarily scheduling an appointment with a doctor
  • it comes with batteries which is a convenient way and also has a record sheet which helps you in keeping track of your overall fitness
  • a 90-day memory is enough for many people to achieve their fitness goals
  • the two extra sensors help in improving the scale’s accuracy


  • the scale seems not accurate for muscular built people
  • the sensors don’t provide precise readings especially when you are sweating or in case you have a fever

12. Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale with Large Backlit LCD and Smartphone Tracking(black)

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Are you in search of a reliable body fat scale with smartphone tracking for an affordable price? Then search no further because the Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale with a large backlight LCD and Smartphone tracking is the best weight scale for you.

It falls into the low budget category; however, despite its low price, this machine is amazingly hi-tech.

Track your weight, muscle to fat ratio ratios, bulk, water weight and bone mass and have the outcomes plainly showed on the huge LCD with 1.75-inch height. Do you doubt your present weight? Change the unit to the weightless technology mode.

No, you won’t measure light as a plume or as substantial as that jacked fellow you seek to at the exercise center, weightless innovation shows just your weight change advance so far to support your certainty.

Precision is inconceivably vital to any computerized scale, and we adore that your present movement level can be set from 1 being inactive to 5 being vigorously dynamic so that the estimations are balanced and more exact.

The innovation used makes the Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale with Large Backlit LCD and Smartphone Tracking body fat scale a good product to consider buying.

Its app is anything but difficult to utilize, and you can see your outcomes week after week, month to month. The interface is vivid and clear. The application is allowed to download and run on any Apple or Android smartphone.

This scale has a five-year warranty. We believe that is great in the realm of advanced scales where one year is standard and is demonstrative of the nature of the unit.

Weight Guru Digital Body Scale Features

This body fat percentage scale has several measurements besides the normal body weight and BMI metrics. The scale also measures the water weight, body fat, bone mass, and lean mass.

The scale is over 12 inches long and weighs less than four pounds. It also has a big display which makes it easier to see the measurements.

Weight Guru Scale comes with a free app that helps you in keeping your weigh-in details wherever you go. The scale is less expensive when compared to Bluetooth scales. It also has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Summary: Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale Review

Given its position at the lower end of the value scale, you would pardon Weight Guru for lingering behind mechanically. Besides, it offers various awesome elements, and the application is astounding.

Also, despite that this Weight Guru model is a long way from accurate; it beats more costly scales and gives you nearly all that you could sensibly anticipate from a body scale.


  • the LCD display and numbers are large, and you can weigh yourself even at night with the help of the bright backlight
  • has four sensors which are of premium quality thus helping you to get accurate body fat results
  • it has an app that is well compatible with many platforms and also allows you to synchronize the measurements directly from your phone
  • the fact that it can weight a maximum of 400 pounds is a significant advantage because that is the best in the weighing scale industry


  • the accuracy of this scale reading seems to degrade over time

11. Omron Healthcare, Hand Held Body Fat Monitor (Catalog Category: Personal Care / Pedometers & Scales)

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Learn More

While many body fat scales on the market look like the traditional weighing scales when it comes to their appearance, the Omron scale has a totally different design because it is designed for convenience.

Unlike other body fat scales that transmit electrical pulses by detecting your bare feet, this device is handheld thus transmits pulses through your hands.

This device has a unique sensor which sends currents into your body via the hands for it to provide your body weight, body fat percentage as well as BMI. Its monitor has a video game control shape which enables it to be handled easily.

It also comes with a 60” myo tape measure which can measure any part of your body. It also has normal and athletic settings which are easily switched depending on your weight loss goals. It has a memory of up to 9 people as well as a guest mode. The machine provides results within 7 seconds making it easy to use.

Summary: Omron Healthcare Hand Held Body Fat Monitor Review

In case you want a fast and straightforward way of getting your body fat percentage, the Omron scale is the ideal choice for you. You do not have the stepping problems as well as storage challenges.


  • it gives a quick way of weighing yourself as well as determining the body fat, but all you are required to do is grab its handles, and it will give you the results in seconds
  • it is smaller; therefore, storage is not a problem
  • it is a cheap way to help you keep track of body fat levels
  • can be shared by a large family because it allows a maximum of 9 users


  • you have to hold the monitor in front of you when using it because when you hold it by your waist, it will give inaccurate readings
  • it only measures BMI, weight and fat percentage thus not appropriate for bodybuilding people
  • Unfortunately, even if holding the scale for body fat measurement is a convenient thing, the scale is not accurate as the other monitors which you stand on.

10. Under Armour UA HealthBox

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The UA HealthBox is Under Armor and HTC’s first arrangement of associated gadgets. It is a good equipment to have if you want to track your health and fitness.

In the crate, you will locate the Under Armor Band, an arrangement of Wi-Fi empowered keen scales and a heart rate screen trunk strap. Uniting everything is the UA Record cell phone application, and there’s more HealthBox pack you can purchase independently too.

Headphones screen heart rate from the ears and the Speedform Gemini 2 associated running shoes that can naturally identify your running.

When you open the box, the first thing you’ll see is the scale. The glass board is prone to smears, so you will need to wipe it down occasionally. The compartment in the base accompanies 4 AA batteries. You’re essentially set to get measuring.

The wellness tracker offers many nice features; however, it has a standard touchscreen, and for the cash, you can find more proficient trackers for a lower price. It’s the product’s biggest drawback.

You can match it over Bluetooth with the UA Record application and start a workout from that point. There’s a blue LED light incorporated with the clasp on the sensor that shows when blending is effective. The other alternative is to combine with the UA Band so that you can see heart rate information.

Summary: Under Armour UA HealthBox Review

The UA Heart Rate is the main trunk strap that is equipped for interfacing with the Band along these lines.


  • it has an attractive design which makes it look nice while using it in the bathroom
  • it is Wi-Fi enabled
  • it offers a 24/7 tracking
  • can be used even at night with the help of its LED blue backlight


  • it is considerably expensive despite its accuracy

9. Excelvan Bluetooth Weight Body Fat Smart Scale with App for iOS and Android Devices

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Do you want to experience the best and most accurate body weight results, if so consider choosing the Excelvan Bluetooth Weight Body Fat Smart Scale. It has a Bluetooth technology which ensures all data has been uploaded to the corresponding application that can easily be downloaded on an Android phone or an iOS.

The device is powered by AA batteries and also has an auto-zero and an auto-off step on technology which shuts down when not in use and on when it detects a foot on it. It also has high accuracy sensors which measure up to 400 pounds.

It also measures a maximum of 8 parameters with the help of its ITO layer and its ultra-accurate weighing sensors.

It also supports a maximum of 10 people with the help of its smart recognition. To ensure accuracy, it is recommended that you set your correct personal information which includes your height, gender and athlete level on the wellness app.

Summary: Excelvan Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale Review

Consider buying this body fat scale for you to achieve your weight loss goals. Choosing this device helps you keep a record of your BMI and weight within its app. It also allows you to achieve your desired weight because it has some measuring parameters too.


  • data can be read by your phone when authorized to do so
  • has a smart recognition of remembering a maximum of ten users
  • keeps track of eight different parameters
  • supports 4.0 Bluetooth, iOS, and Android


  • the app could have been better

8. Taylor Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale with Fitness App

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This Taylor body fat scale can measure a wide range of data. From the conspicuous weight following alternatives to evaluating muscle to fat quotients, body water and bulk, the Taylor Smart Scale will reform how you track and measure your progress.

The Taylor 7222F utilizes the most recent Bluetooth innovation to exchange your information remotely from your scale to a tablet/iPad, IOS and Android smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

There is no longer any need to keep logs, notes, or diaries of your insights. The scale and the application do all the work for you. The cell phones that are good with this shrewd scale are iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch or iPod Mini utilizing IOS 6 or more.

Utilize the free SMARTRACK application or associate with other wellness applications. Track your weight, muscle to fat ratio ratios, body water and bulk in a flash each time you venture on the scale. You can view the results in information configuration or graph frame. Additionally, in the application, it will indicate both your present weight and your objective weight.

You can likewise interface with other applications such as RunKeeper, my fitness pal, and map fitness. So natural to utilize, it just takes minutes to set up and interface. Try not to stress over lost information, the application stores your information in the cloud so when you exchange your telephone, you won’t lose your data.

The Taylor 7222F measures muscle to fat ratio, body water, and bulk. What’s more, the scale computes the maximum calorie intake you can have to maintain your current weight. This scale accompanies an objective setting and following element.

The objective setting highlight permits you to set an authoritative weight objective that you need to reach. The following component will track the greater part of your measurements each time you venture on the scale. Likewise, the scale accompanies the choice of ordinary and athlete mode.

Athlete mode is for people who exercise no less than 3 times each week, at least 2 hours every time.

Summary: Taylor Body Fat Scale Review

This device is highly recommended despite that pregnant women can’t use it, but frequently, it provides accurate readings. In case you are searching for a body fat scale, consider buying Taylor Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale with Fitness App.


  • has a goal setting feature which enables you to set an achievable weight goal
  • it helps estimate your body water, body fat and muscle mass
  • it only takes minutes to set it up and connect


  • not recommended for pregnant women
  • do not use it in case you have another internal medical device

7. FitBit Aria WI-Fi Smart Scale

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There is a lot of emphases which is placed on our Body Mass Index (BMI). It is mainly used to check the height and weight of an individual. However, the amount of body fat in the body is a better indicator when it comes to overall health.

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale is among the new brands of body fat scales which are designed for a more comprehensive analysis. This scale will generate your BMI reading as well as your body fat percentage. It is an important machine for setting your weight goals and also for tracking your progress.

The Fitbit Aria scale connects well to your home Wi-Fi for it to upload your weight as well as your body fat percentage to a specific Fitbit online profile. This profile will help you to track your weight loss accurately for you to see whether you are on the right track. It is capable of recording details of a maximum of 8 individuals, therefore making it suitable for family fitness.

The scale comes with a Smartphone application which helps you to download your data for you to check your progress as you move. Your profile also puts together data from this wireless activity tracker which then enables you to monitor your exercise and sleeping patterns.

Summary: Fitbit Aria Smart Scale Review

Even if the scale is expensive and has some issues with setting up, the Fitbit Aria is a good scale for fitness enthusiasts and also athletes because it helps you in kick-starting your exercise and diet regime.


  • the online profile is easy to install, and it also helps you to keep track of your progress frequently
  • weighing process is easy as it takes around 5 seconds
  • gives your data in a detailed graph which is a pleasing thing to see it move in the right direction
  • its glass surface is classy, and you can easily use the scale in a bathroom


  • sometimes it can be challenging to connect to your Wi-Fi
  • it is difficult to find out the accuracy of body fat reading because it varies by up to 2 percent

6. Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer, Black

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This device is best for measuring your health and fitness condition. It has detailed metrics that help you have the right path to fitness. This body fat scale has a sleek design which makes it look fashionable. It also has a high impact tempered glass make.

The scale can measure your body fat percentage, heart rate as well as weight metrics. It also comes with a Health Mate app which visualizes trends and calorie intake. The app analyzes all the records from the scale and then makes a line graph which can be helpful to the user.

The scale can also be connected via Wi-Fi so that you may go online and set a Withings account. Data is transferred from the scale to the phone with the help of Bluetooth.

Summary: Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer Review

The Withings WS-50 is an extremely popular body fat scale online because it provides accurate statistics and graphs concerning your weight. Despite the technical nature of the graphs, many people like it because it is easy to access and understand.


  • it is Bluetooth supported to help easily sync with your device
  • it is accurate to about 0.1 pounds
  • its application makes it the best in the market as it gives the most accurate results
  • its display is well customizable; thus you can add in measurements as well as drag and click on panels around the screen


  • the scale is highly sensitive thus the position you stand on can make a big difference to the actual reading
  • in case you have an inaccurate reading, and the analyzer is connected to your online account, the graph will be rendered useless

5. 1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with Phone and Tablet App to Manage Your Weight

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It is right to say that modern times have brought modern conveniences. For example, smartphones are now capable of doing almost everything. With the new technology, it is now possible to track our weight and health by using our phones. The 1byone Digital Bluetooth body fat scale uses Bluetooth to synchronize data to your device.

With this device, you will not only have your weight results in hand, but you will also have your entire health information as well. It is easy to show your doctor all relevant data by just pairing your phone with this digital scale.

The scale is made of high-quality resistant glass that is 4x stronger than the ordinary conventional glass. It also uses advanced algorithms to calculate the body weight, BMR, Bone mass, BMI, body water as well as visceral fat. This makes it give more accurate information to athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts.

The scale is convenient because it uses four highly accurate sensors for weighing a maximum of 400 pounds. It has an easy to read LCD screen and smart step on technology (no need to switch it on before using the scale).

It comes with 4AA batteries and has two use modes either in pounds or kilograms. All you need to do is to connect it to the iwellness application to track other body indexes as well as storing all readings. It makes it easy to set up.

A Point to Note

You should keep the scale dry because it will auto power off after a duration of 30 seconds, or anytime it is overloaded.

Summary: 1byone Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

In case you want the most accurate results from your digital scale, 1byone digital Bluetooth body fat scale is the one for you because you can track anything you wish. You can also decide in focusing your lifestyle on helping you lose weight as well as manage your body fat or even just keep a track on water retention.


  • it is convenient to use because it can hold up to 400 pounds
  • it is easy to set up
  • can store 10 histories of ten different people which are easy to read on charts. It supports Android 4.3 or higher, IOS  6.1 or higher, and Bluetooth 4.0
  • can measure a wide range of data


  • you have to take off your socks and shoes while weighing
  • you have to ensure the scale is dry thus can’t be used in a wet bathroom

4. Health o meter Professional 349KLX Digital Floor Medical Scale, 400 lb / 180 kg Capacity

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Health O Meter 349KLX is a leading weight scale machine set for superior quality and innovation so that it may give the best patient care.

Consider choosing this weighing scale because most physicians recommend it for daily use in the hospitals, health clinics, doctors’ offices, long-term care facilities as well as fitness purposes. 349KLX floor operates in a 120V power adapter which is equivalent to a 9-volt battery.

This body fat scale comes with an auto-off feature which aids in conserving energy as well as helping in monitoring the battery power by just checking the battery indicator.

It also has an RS-232 serial point used for connectivity as well as communication in case you have EMR software.

In case you want to transfer data to the monitor or computer, you will need the serial communication system that must be installed on the computer. This scale connects with Welch Spot vital signs Monitor which allows the user to connect the scale to the display weight measurements on the monitor.

349KLX medical floor scale has a maximum weighing capacity of 400 pounds and 0.2 pounds graduations. It also comes with an LCD remote display indicator that can easily be mounted to the wall or tabletop.

The weighing platform of this machine is 12 inches by 12 inches and includes a rubber mat to prevent you from slipping off the floor scale. The Healthometer 349KLX digital scale also has a two-year limited warranty given by the manufacturer.

This personal weighing scale is best for the fitness trainers that require a lightweight scale for easier carriage and movement from one person to another. It also has four non-skid feet on its bottom of the weighing platform and also a non-skid mat where user’s stand to ensure safety as clients get weighed.

Please Note

The EMR technology can be supported by the 349KLX medical scale. However, the EMR is not inclusive thus it needs a specialist to configure it.

Summary: Health O Meter 349KLX Professional Medical Scale Review

Keep track of your weight using the HealthOMeter 349KLX Digital medical scale. This product comes with a limited warranty. The warranty also covers 100% of all costs including replacement and repair as well as the shipping charges in case of an exchange.


  • the 18 gauge steel make with a stable platform ensures its safety and durability
  • has an LCD display which provides ease of reading
  • weight can be displayed in both kilograms and pounds


  • setting up the EMR software which is used by this 349KLX scale is very complicated for the standard computer user to install

3. Tanita BC554 Ironman Glass InnerScan Body Composition Monitor Elite Series

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The Tanita BC554 body fat scale model is a top range body composition monitor in the market. It is designed to help you in analyzing and tracking your entire fitness plan.

It has detailed measurements which mainly focus on the BMI, body fat, weight, metabolic age as well as bone mass and levels of fitness. The Tanita model also has a tidy and neat design weighing only 9 pounds.

It also has a huge LCD display which makes data reading an easy task. It holds a weight capacity of 330 pounds. Its monitor also keeps a record of a maximum of 4 people, and the results are saved for you to keep a check on your progress.

Unfortunately, the scale has been said to give inaccurate results when measuring people having small feet. The body fat calculator is also off by some percentage.

Summary: Tanita BC554 Body Composition Monitor Review

The scale has been rated among the best weight scale because it has helped a lot of people achieve their weight loss goals.

This monitor from Tanita is not only used by athletes, but it is perfect for anyone with a great interest in their health. It records as many measurements as possible even outside the clinical setting. Consider buying it to help you achieve your weight loss goals. It is one of the best body fat scales available on the market today.


  • the monitor has an attractive design, and its small size is perfect to fit in any bathroom
  • it is among the most accurate body fat monitors in the market
  • it provides a wide array of measurements; thus it can be used to keep a record of various fitness goals


  • it lacks replacement spares when damaged

2. EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale

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The Precision Plus digital bathroom scale is yet another product from EatSmart. It has a higher max limit of any scale we’ve checked on and furthermore has an additional wide stage.

In case you need a measuring scale that can handle more weight, the Precision Plus could be the perfect product for you.

The Precision Plus can deal with up to 440 pounds or 200 kilograms and measures your weight in 0.2-pound increases. While most scales have a stage of 12 inches or less, the Precision Plus has an enormous 15-inch wide stage which is perfect for bigger people. The non-slip base ensures a firm balance.

The Precision Plus has a similar Step-On innovation bragged by other EatSmart items. Just step on the scale and it will quickly measure your weight. Its convenience is expanded on account of the auto-alignment highlight, and it has a program control off framework. It requires 2 x AAA batteries which are provided.

The scale has a 4.3-inch LCD screen with illuminated light, intended to make it simple to see the reading even in the dark. This EatSmart scale is composed of 4 high exactness G sensors which make it a standout amongst the most precise measuring scales you can purchase.

Summary: EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale Review

The EatSmart Precision Plus is an ideal purchase in case you require a digital scale with this particular design. It is also stable once you step on it, thus making the user feel secure when using it.


  • The additional wide stage and 440-pound limit are a genuine help for bigger individuals who experience issues utilizing other advanced lavatory scales.
  • If you have an issue with the scale, EatSmart has you secured with a 2-year guarantee
  • The Step-On innovation implies you don’t need to twist around to press catches and the screen shows your outcomes for an entire 10 seconds. With the monster 4.3 inch screen, there is no possibility of you not seeing the results
  • It fits in superbly with contemporary washrooms


  • It just measures your weight and not your BMI, muscle to fat quotient and so forth.
  • There are reports that the scale is delicate and not too durable.

1. EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

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The EatSmart bathroom scale is one of Amazon’s smash hits. This is the overhauled form which highlights enhanced Auto-On Technology and Sensor Accuracy as the brand hopes to contend with its competitors.

The scale has 4 sensors which give you a reading exact to 0.2 pounds. The scale’s weight limit is 400 pounds. The LCD show is 3.5 inches and furthermore, has an Accubright blue backdrop illumination which implies it is easy to see from any point.

When using it there is no need to press anything, just step on the scale, and it will instantly give the results.

It likewise has a body measuring tape, which allows you to track not only the weight lost but the inches lost as well. It is simple to use and precise.

The scale usually records your previous weight, so you can find out the amount you’ve lost or picked up since the last time you ventured on the scale.

Summary: EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review

If you are searching for a bathroom scale, consider the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale because it is reliable and provides accurate readings.


  • It has a perfect LCD display and stores your last weight, making it easy to determine if you lost or gained weight.
  • The safety glass outline and thin nature of the scale are perfect for any contemporary washroom.
  • The Step-On Technology turns the device on when you step on it.


  • The scale can break if it slams into another object which is an issue since the scale is made using glass.

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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Scales

Your scale should have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi depending on the scale model that you choose although in a few cases they will have both. Wi-Fi scales tend to be more expensive. On the positive side, it is more accurate and convenient compared to a Bluetooth scale.

A Bluetooth scale will usually transfer data to an approximate of 30 feet away while a Wi-Fi scale will transfer data even at 100 feet distance. Wi-Fi scales usually synchronize data which is provided from a signal sent by the router. The syncing also seems to be far more reliable compared to the Bluetooth syncing tendency.

How Body Fat Scales Work

With the body fat scales discussed above, you will realize that they all recommend the user to take off the shoes and socks when using them. When you stand on these scales, you will have a painless current of electricity which passes through the body. This is called bioelectrical impedance analysis which is used by the body fat analyzer.

The electric pulse measures the electrical resistance as it flows through your body. Since water is a good conductor of electricity, it does the same by calculating muscle to fat ratio because muscles have more water than the fat does.

It is not recommended using body fat analyzers in case you are pregnant to avoid electrical pulses passing into your body. But if you are pregnant and want to know your weight, it is recommended that you put on thick socks before stepping to the scale to minimize chances of electricity passing to your body. The good thing is that you will still get an accurate weight reading.

When standing on the scale with both feet, the pulse goes via the legs which mean that the resistance measurement which passes from part of your body is the one used to calculate the body fat percentage. In the case of the handheld scales, the pulse usually goes up on one hand and down to the other, and the reading which you get is for the upper part of your body.

Consider buying and investing in body fat scales to get the most accurate information whether you are an athlete, bodybuilding enthusiast or in case you just want to know your weight.

What to Look For and How To Choose Wi-Fi Scales


All the tech gadgetry on the planet amounts to nothing if the scales don’t carry out the function they should be doing. To gauge body fat scale accuracy, take a look at reviews such as this to evaluate various brands. Otherwise, utilizing a dependable scale in your doctor’s office can give you a reading of your genuine weight.

Online Account

What would you be able to really do on the online account? Is it simple to set one up? The best Wi-Fi scales permit you to make diagrams and graphs that blueprint your advance, and you can keep this data private or share it to the world.


In case you’re just intrigued by your muscle to fat ratio ratios percentage and weight, there is no compelling reason to spend a little fortune on a gadget that gives all of you the estimations under the sun.


Wi-Fi innovation doesn’t come shoddy, yet if you look around, you’ll find huge disparities between the prices of different scales. Because a scale is extremely costly doesn’t mean it’s the best available.


A Wi-Fi scale is pointless if it cannot connect consistently. We’ve taken a look at various scales that have brought on disappointment for clients because of a troublesome set-up.

Other Ways of Measuring Body Fat


Calipers measure the thickness of the skin at specific points on the body. This is also known as the “pinch test.” The numbers are tallied and incorporated into a formula that estimates body fat percentage based on age and gender.

Considered as more accurate than a body fat percentage scale, the results from using calipers can vary depending on who’s administering the test (usually a personal trainer). It’s hard if you do it yourself. Although there are do-it-yourself calipers kits that you can buy, know that it’s going to be difficult for you to measure certain spots on your own body. Calipers only measure subcutaneous fat.

The Bod Pod

An expensive space-age looking machine, the Bod Pod is often used by sports teams and professional athletes as a body fat analyzer. It measures the volume of air a person displaces inside the pod, then runs it through a mathematical equation to measure fat, lean muscle mass, resting metabolic rate, among others.

To use the Bod Pod, you must wear a tight swimsuit and a swim cap. It’s because any air trapped in hair or clothing could alter results. After weighing yourself, you’ll sit inside the machine for several minutes. It is not uncomfortable, although some may find it claustrophobic.

While the Bod Pod provides a more accurate body fat measurement, it uses an equation based on group selected estimates. Another downside is that the process takes time to finish and the fact that you have to visit a special facility to be able to use it.


A dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry or DEXA scan is mainly used for measuring bone density. It’s like getting a full-body X-ray. Aside from measuring bone mineral density, a DEXA scan can be used to measure body composition and fat content. It analyzes and breaks down body weight into fat, bone, and lean tissue.

Why Is It Important to Know Your Body Fat Percentage

Measuring body fat is important in determining health and fitness. Weight alone doesn’t provide a clear indication of good health, as it doesn’t distinguish between pounds coming from body fat and pounds that come from lean body mass.

Body fat scales can be helpful especially in today’s world where unhealthy eating habits have led to people being overweight or obese. Obesity is a condition wherein a person carries too much fat. It puts a person at risk for serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer. Obesity is a major contributing factor to at least half of the chronic diseases in western society.

Your body fat percentage tells you how much of your weight is made up of fat. It is an important number that you should know if you want to maintain good overall health. Buying the most accurate body fat scale can help you in so many different ways. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, try to keep your weight under control, and make use of a fat analyzer for body fat measurement.

The Truth About Scales

The basic scale will not give you as much detail as the body fat scale will. Most scales give you one base number, and this can throw many into a frenzy. Many people will base their entire lives, workout regimens, and health’s on these simple scales, and this typically does more harm than good. 

You may think muscle is fat and do the wrong workouts. You may want to get so low on the scale that it leads to body image issues that are not healthy. You may think the base number on a normal scale is the end all be all. 

Thankfully, body fat scales show you there is so much more to all this. They breakdown exactly what is going on with your weight, and that allows you to praise yourself for your victories and work on the areas that truly do need it.

Final Thoughts on the Best Body Fat Scale

For those people who are looking forward to having overall healthier lifestyles, then adding a body fat scale in their fitness plan is an accurate and easy way of keeping a record of their progress. The ease of use of these smart scales makes them user-friendly and convenient.

With a wide range of available choices, going for these top-rated body fat scale is one of the best ways of determining which model is the best for your personal fitness and health goals. Regardless of the model you choose, you can be sure that buying a body fat scale can be helpful in maintaining your present and future health.

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