Better sleep in cleaner environment – that’s the basic principle behind hammock camping.

Campers and hikers usually follow the “Leave No Trace” doctrine and prefer hammocks as their beds of choice. They have become extremely immensely popular recently due to their unmatched comfort and practicality, and it is not surprising that the hammock industry is growing steadily in recent years.

In this article we will make a review of the best camping hammocks and guide you through the best offer there is at the moment. Here we go with the Top 10 best camping hammock in the descending order.


10. Sawtooth Double Camping Hammock BUNDLE

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Sawtooth Double Camping Hammock BUNDLE is the first entry on our list. This nylon hammock is a very reliable hanging bed and very cozy and comfortable – even for two persons. It is durable and you don’t need to be an expert to set it up. It is highly functional and has a good value for money ratio. Unlike some other very popular double hammocks, it comes with premium Wiregate carabiners. True campers will enjoy it for sure.


· It gives you the whole package – it includes tree straps and premium carabiners

· Size is not the issue with Sawtooth Double – there is plenty of room for a couple or even more small children in its 10′ long, 6.5′ wide canopy

· Firm and reliable – triple-stitched parachute nylon gives it all the strength it needs to support up to 400 lbs

· Easy to install – it will not take you more than several minutes to complete this hanging bed


· Fragile carabiners – unlike the hammock itself, carabiners might prove no to be so strong as you could soon see their metal clips falling off

· Uncomfortable for one person – if you are alone in this thing and want to get out, it can get difficult and seem like a prison break

9. SueSport NEW Hammock

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This old-fashioned and vintage hammock consists of a polyester fabric that is dye treated for UV resistance and has firm wood bar support. The ropes are also polyester and UV resistant. It is big and comfortable with plenty of room for two persons. SueSport will fit on most stands and it comes with chains as well.


· Strength – it withstands a total weight capacity of 450 lbs

· Removable pillow – nice accessory to find on your hammock

· Water resistant – no issues with mold


· Stands, Hammock Tree Straps not included

· A bit difficult installation – distance for best installation not included so it is a game of trial and error

8. Outpost Camping Hammock With Adjustable LiteSpeed Cinch Buckle Suspension System

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Outpost hammock is long-living, comfortable and simple to set up. Good feature is that it has all you need to hang it for the first time and no separate hanging kit is needed. This hammock offers a number of different hanging angles and uses good materials such as parachute nylon and 100% polyester.


· Easy setup – LiteSpeed suspension system is fast, strong and adjustable. Gives you more time to relax and takes less time to adjust

· Size – At 11 ft. long, the Outpost I hammock is surely one of the longest on the market

· Gear fits into one stuff sack – very portable and easy to pack for any kind of activity


· Bug net missing – bug net is still being developed

· Hung between trees – not practical for a normal hammock stand

7. Wise Owl: The Ultimate Single & Double Camping Hammock

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This is a great hammock – very well made and very easy to use. The parachute material of the hammock is nice and soft and it is also not too wide across that you feel lost inside of it. However, it is still big enough to wrap the edges up and completely cover yourself. Wise Owl is easy to set up, take down and put away. The material is super light and dries quickly.


· Quality – it has a triple stitching at all the seams of the hammock and durable parachute nylon. The carabiners are very strong, too

· Easy and light – everything fits in the small bag

· Beautiful colors – true to the ad pictures


· Ropes – absolutely too short and so stiff that they cannot be tied in knots as suggested in the manual

· No straps – you have to buy straps to overcome the rope problem. It will provide way more hanging options and be a lot kinder on the tree

6. ErgaLogik Tree Friendly Double Nest Camping Hammock

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ErgaLogik is mostly comfortable hammock; it breathes well and is easy to set up. This product is absolutely eco-friendly, making sure that trees are not harmed during use, which is one of its strongest features. It leaves the campsite as it found it, without damage to the local ecosystem. ErgaLogik has a good capacity of 400lbs, and an efficient compression design. It’s made of a very light tent like fabric and is very roomy. It also has its own carrying case directly attached to itself, which is very convenient.


· Long-lasting hammock – it is made from strong breathable nylon and triple stitched

· Eco-friendly – it will not damage trees

· Cozy – offers enough room as it is 10ft 6in long and 6ft 6in wide

· Equipment – Carabiners, tree straps and hammock all included


· Positioning – it can sometimes wrap around you like a shell if you spread your legs fully

· Straps – can be short in some occasions as you cannot reach the target efficiently

5. Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

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Winner Outfitters hammock is doing a good job; it hangs well and is sturdy. The bag that everything is housed in is small and light and excellent for carrying along or placed in a larger pack. The spacious and durable Winner Outfitters is an excellent hammock for outdoor lovers. It’s wide enough and tough enough to fit two people comfortably. It’s also a bit lighter than usual products in the two-team category.


· Strength – hammock is easily carrying up to 500 lbs. Perfect for two persons and still leaves them more than enough room.

· Light and easy – it is not a problem to carry it around and it also consists of everything you need for quick and easy hanging setup. It is done i a couple of minutes.

· Equipment – gives you a full package with double camping hammock 118”(Long) x 78”(Wide), two ropes, two tree friendly straps and two steel carabiners


· The ends of the hammock cannot be released to be turned into a so-called blanket

· Size – not too small, not really a backpacking size

4. Bear Butt #1 Double Parachute Camping Hammock

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Bear Butt is really comfortable and made from the finest quality nylon. The nylon parachute fabric is easy to clean and neatly folds into a highly compact form that can be quickly put in the ultra-durable bag. It is also lightweight and compact – just the right kind of hammock for persons who are always moving around and do not want to burden their existing load. It comes in Blue/Gray and Red/Gray colors and weighs 1lb. Bear Butt’s max capacity is 500lb average.


· Strength – this hammock is projected at up to 500 pounds but, according to some experiences, it can even support more than 700 pounds

· Material – it is very light and small, easy and compact. It easily fits in attached stuff sack and weighs about 1 pound.

· Easy setup – no stands or beams required


· Stand – easy to hang on the tree but many people just prefer regular stand which is not there

3. Camping Hammock, HONGGE

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Hongge camping hammock is made of genuine quality materials and it has a great construction. It’s built with care and can last for many years if treated so. This product is very compact and easy to travel with and at the same time very easy to set up and take down, thanks to its light weight. Hongge is basically ideal for hiking, camping, boating, traveling, or just relaxing. It can easily be converted into tent or blanket and it makes a good alternative to a sleeping pad or a ground mat.


· Quality – 210T nylon fabric, very durable and comfortable. Hongge is tensile, flexible and easy to clean. It dries quickly and has interlocked triple stitching

· Strengths – this one-person hammock can bear a weight up to 440lbs so it can support a really big man

· Smooth setup – comes with all the necessary gear: solid Steel Carabiners, 9.2ft friendly Tree Straps, triple-stitch daisy chain straps are much safer than ropes and easier to setup. Within a few moments, you can secure it to a tree

· Size – it is rather big for a single bed with 105×65 inches.


· Weight – With its 2.1 pounds, Hongge hammock is one of the heaviest on the market

2. Edge Outfitters Premium Double Camping Hammock

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A Double Camping Hammock by Edge Outfitters is such a nice item to have if you want to afford yourself a premium comfort and convenience and escape the hassle and bustle of the city on every occasion. If you are a passionate nature lover who often sets off on camping, backpacking, fishing or hunting adventures, then this hammock will give you what you need – it is spacious and portable, the real deal. It will allow you to enjoy the freshness of the air in the forest, the jaw-dropping views on the mountain, or the smooth cool breezes on the sea shore for many years to come. You will not even notice it, that’s how good and light it is.


· SETUP – Don’t you worry at all about anything else but the local surroundings and fresh air, Edge Outfitters hammock will bring you no trouble at all. It is very easy to set up and use it, it’s a matter of minutes

· WEIGHT – It is only 2 pounds in weight but suitable for both one and two persons. Generous in size (10ft x 6.5ft), this hanging bed is lightweight enough to be easily carried on all outdoor activities.

· Construction – This hammock is triple stitched to securely hold up to 500 pounds and equipped with extremely strong 0.3 inch thick ropes to ensure absolute safety. Each hammock includes sleek black stainless steel carabiners designed for long heavy uses

· Environmentally friendly – gives you a set of tree friendly straps

· Price – It really gives you super quality for understandable price


· Room – though there is enough room in it, hammock can sometimes be just a little bit too stiff for two persons in it. But hey, don’t they all act like that?

1. Northbound Train Camping Hammock

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Finally we got to the top of our list – Northbound Train Camping Hammock! For all of you experts out there, I guess it is not surprising to see this hammock at No1 spot of our list. The Northbound Train Camping Hammock simply offers great sleeping conditions and bed like comfort for a good night’s sleep. It is big enough and can comfortably accommodate up to two people. It has triple-stitch daisy chain straps that are not only much safer than ropes but also are easy to set up. The setup is very easy and its adjustability helps create the perfect hanging angle. The build quality of the hammock is premium. It’s simply the best in the category.


· Straps – they have their own zippered compartment that attaches to the bottom of the hammock pouch, which is very convenient.

· Security – very stable and reliable, with multiple loops to attach your hammock to

· Fabric – very pleasant and cozy materials used

· Full package – you get everything you need, you don’t have to buy any additional items

· Quality – very good and reliable, strong and long-lasting


· None, as far as we know!

Final Verdict:

Well, that was our list of the 10 best camping hammocks. We hope that you like our review and that you will be able to use it as a relevant guide when buying the new hanging bed. We tried to take into consideration only the best and most relevant models, depending on their durability, strength, capacity, cost and the overall quality. Of course, the market is flooded with all sorts of hammocks and it was very difficult to reduce our list to just 10 products. So feel free to make comments about the list and tell us your opinion on the issue. In the meantime, enjoy your camping!



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