House cats form an integral part of our families, and since you are here at this cat litter boxes review page, it is because you do consider your cat or cats to be important family members and need them to receive the best they can from their owner.

When it comes to indoor cats, litter boxes are essential elements that aid in the process of keeping a sanitized and clean environment for yourself and your cats, even if you have an outdoor space for them to empty out. Using these top 10 best cat litter box, you can keep your feline waste in checked and maintain a hygienic environment at all times. From Amazon’s own store, we bring to you the best cat litter boxes.

Top 10 Best Cat Litter Boxes Review

10. Good Pet Stuff: Hidden Cat Litter Box



Sold under the guise of a well-defined clay pot, Good Pet Stuff offers you the Hidden Cat Litter Box that can go completely unrecognized if it is kept even in the living room. The durable polypropylene and completely filtered vent system to keep a tab on the Odor and the dust that accumulates, the litter box is ideal for cats of all sizes.

The box doesn’t need very large spaces for accommodation and can be fitted comfortably into the space of your choice. The box comes in with a 1-year warranty and can provide a quaint atmosphere for your cat and your home.

9. Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter Box Kit System



This Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter Box Kit contains the litter box, a scoop, a bag of pellets, and 4 different pads for easy and maintainable cat litter collection to keep a high level of hygiene in your home for your cats. The pellets possess anti-tracking features to help minimize tracking and maintain a 99.9% dust-free environment around the box. With easy-to-clean and easy-switch-to-Breeze transitions, the litter box kit system is one of your best bets at affordable and clean sanitization for your cats. You can now say goodbye to all feline waste woes and get up-to-date with the litter box kit by Purina Tidy Cats.

8. CatGenie Self-washing Self-flushing Cat Box



With the CatGenie Self-washing and Self-flushing Cat Box, you need not worry about cleaning the kit anymore as this genius design comes complete with a sophisticated flushing system and cleaning system to restrain you from the hassles of cleaning the box on your own. The washable granules are very cat-friendly and satisfy their urge to dig and cover their waste tracks in the best way possible. The size and built allow for not more than 3 average-sized cats. The washable granules coupled with a biodegradable SaniSolution cartridge, when hooked onto a cold-water supply and electricity allows for a perfect litter box for your cats.

7. Booda Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome



Booda has always been a trustworthy name in the cat litter box industry and coming in with an elegant and revolutionary step litter dome, you can have your cat go about with their natural business in the best and most concealed way possible. The steps design allows for a good way to catch the litter attached to your cat’s paws. The charcoal filter within the dome provides a suitable and odor-free environment for your cat to carry on its activity.

Suitable for large cats as well, the Booda Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome is ideal for those houses seeking elegance for their cats and a great way to get rid of feline wastes.

6. Booda Petmate Dome Litter Box



Coming again from Booda, the essential features of this dome remains the same with the exceptions of the step design for the cat’s paws and a circular shape that doesn’t allow feline wastes to lay within corners. The dome can be perfectly suitable for any house cat that possesses the feature of flexibility and mostly catering to the small- to mid-sized feline friends. The size brings in an added advantage of being able to be kept anywhere needed. You can get rid of all litter-on-the-bathroom-floor woes and can switch comfortably to a brilliant solution.

5. Modko Modkat Litter Box Kit



This amazing litter box coming in with a revolutionary design puts in a twist to the traditional litter system boxes that we normally have. Coming all equipped with the shovel and open top hole, the Modkat Litter Box kit all complete with features that enable your cat to carry on with its natural business in privacy and a locking lid, which is essentially a walk-off mat, that restricts the waste from being carried around your house and carpets. An added advantage is that the tarp liner is completely reusable thus, becoming the affordable litter box for you and your cats.

4. IRIS Open Top Litter Box



This amazing design for an open top litter box provides for semi-privacy and the 3-sided shield walls made of durable and scratch-resistant plastic can be the best things for your cats and for you as it avoids spilling. The additional scoop will allow you to clean the box efficiently without having you to bend your back too much.

3. The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box



Designed by one of the most sought-after animal cleaning brands, the Omega Paw self-cleaning is one of the big guns in the game. Often touted to be one of the best sellers in litter boxes, the self-cleaning litter box using a grill mechanism instead of water or electricity to separate and shaft out the waste from the clean litter. With a mechanism installed for easy disposal, this is one of the easiest, yet sophisticated cleaning litter boxes on the

2. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box



One of the most basic, yet effective litter boxes on the list, this litter box will require human intervention but provides for your cat the traditional feel of the ways you can dispose of feline waste within your house. The sides of this litter box are high to prevent any kind of spillage or splatter and help you to clean the tray easily.

1. The CatIt Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan



This close-boxed litter box is one of the best designs that provides privacy for your cat and keeps your house feline litter-free. With a carbon filter for odor control and measuring at a good 22x17x18, this litter box can house cats of all sizes. The hood can be lifted easily to help the feline owners to clean the litter box from time to time.

How to choose best cat litter box & types:

After centuries of cats having to go outside and with the rising era of domesticating cats, pet owners experience a hard time choosing the best cat litter boxes and even worse, how to actually do this. Over the years, endless efforts have been made towards creating the perfect litter box. Cat litter boxes come in different types and varying efficiency but here, I help you decide what type of litter box you need according to your specifications.

Most pet owners find themselves wondering, does it really matter what type of litter box I use? As a matter of fact, it really does. Not only does it matter to you, but also to your adorable cat. It is the pleasure of all living things, humans or animals to be at optimum comfort when doing their business. Unfortunately, cats cannot directly communicate to pet owners but studying their behavior and body language helps you understand your cat. Taking into account that your cat’s perspective matters helps you at least short-list the litter box you want to purchase.

Types of litter boxes

There is an endless list of types of litter boxes. Some of the most common types of litter boxes are the hidden litter box and the automatic scooping electric litter box which is very similar to the self-cleaning litter box.

Hidden litter boxes also referred to as out of sight litter boxes, are a great investment for pet owners. It is easy to clean as all you need to do is open the top lid, scoop, close lid and you are good to go! The collected litter can be recycled on a monthly time frame. Unlike most of the other litter boxes where you have to bend down to reach the floor to open the cabinet door (poor you if the litter spreads everywhere during the clean-up process) the hidden litter box leaves no room for such misfortunes. By containing the litter box mess, you do not have to track the cat litter and this saves time and labor. Your elegant home need not be dirtied by cat litter everywhere. If you are the type of pet owner who minds dirt and likes a tidy surrounding on a 24/7 basis, then this cat litter box is totally for you. It is, however, a little pricey as compared to other cat litter boxes.

A classic automatic self-cleaning litter box offers freshness throughout the day as the odor is greatly controlled by the sealed, replaceable waste receptacles. It has automatic scooping, so if you are not comfortable with scooping the cat litter yourself, this is the most appropriate litter box for you. Most self-cleaning litter boxes use a sensor mechanism that tells when the cat enters and leaves the litter box. Its walls are ultra-high to ensure the litter is kept within the box. The litter box comes with a rake that is easily cleanable maintaining a clean environment for you and your cat as well. The best feature of this litter box is its compatibility with an AC adapter with battery backup which ensures high efficiency.

Factors to consider when choosing a litter box

Knowing the pros and cons of different litter boxes is not the only way to decide the best cat litter box. Other factors also weigh in and the different types of litter boxes just enhance these factors.

1. Size of the litter box

The size of the litter box affects how appropriate and contenting a litter box is. Simply put, the larger the better. Small litter boxes do not leave enough space for aeration and no one wants strong odor in their apartment. Large litter boxes also make it easy for you to scoop the litter and cleaning it is better. Large boxes are also better for larger cats as they calmly fit, disabled cats and cats that were used to living outside.

2. Cover of the litter box

Covered litter boxes at times raise issues for cats. Just like how humans hate being enclosed with the odor, so do cats. They also have strong senses and scare easily. They want to know if a predator is approaching and have the need of a clear viewing space. Most cats find it hard to maneuver litter boxes with covers.

3. Type of cat litter

If your cat was previously trained to use a litter box, then it is just as simple as using the same litter that was used. However, if it was not trained, or if you want to transition to a new litter, then unscented litter is the best. Some scents, especially harsh ones, affect cats as they have a stronger sense of smell. Being on the safe side is the better option. If your cat was previously living outside, it is best to use sand and dirt as this is familiar to the cat and after training, gradually replace with litter. On whether to use clumping or non-clumping litter, none is better than the other. However, clumping litter is simpler to remove waste, be it solid or liquid waste.

4. Where to place the litter box

After finding the best litter box, pick an appropriate area of the house to place it. It is preferable to place the box where the cat is used to doing its business. Cats are not comfortable doing their business next to their food. The best place to have the litter box is the bathroom or hallway. Additionally, place your litter box away from loud noises and sounds to avoid scaring the cat. If your cat still has a problem ‘going’, try placing the litter box in different positions. If this does not work, consider taking your cat to a qualified veterinarian.

Putting all these factors into consideration, it is most important to acknowledge that every cat is different and the litter box you decide on should be most comfortable for your cat. The pet owner should identify with his or her cat and know the cat’s preferences. Always keep the litter box clean to make the cat more receptive to the idea of using a litter box.

Upon deciding on what litter, litter box to use and where to place the litter box, stick with the decision as cats are pets of habit.


Cats are the awesome pet animal and we need to take care of our pet animals. If you are having cats in your home, then you should buy cat litter boxes. Otherwise, you and your cats will face lots of trouble. Litter boxes are not that much expensive. You can buy plastic and wood litter with cheap price on the market. Our mentioned Cat litter boxes are high quality products with excellent reviews from users. So, take a look at each product and buy the litter for your lovable cat.


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