A cutting board is a durable board which is commonly used for cutting vegetables and meats.

Plastic, Wood & Glass materials are commonly used to make the cutting boards . Here we are going to look top 10 best cutting boards.

There are plenty of cutting boards available online. Finding the quality cutting board is really hard. If you are struggling to find out the best cutting board on the market, don’t worry.

Keep reading this article to know them.

Top 10 Cutting Board Reviews:

10. Premium Organic Bamboo Wood Cutting Board by Bamboo Works : Large cutting boards



When you need something which is safe, sustainable, and durable, a premium product is what you are looking for.


  • Attractive Design: The wood cutting board is attractive and elegant. One would love to keep this cutting board in your kitchen. Gifting this cutting board would also be a great idea.
  • Recommended: The wood cutting board is highly recommended by professionals and is highly rated on e-commerce websites.
  • Quality: Made out of 100% premium organic Moso bamboo which is one of the strongest strands of bamboo till date. Durable and reliable.
  • Natural: Made out of bamboo only means that this product has no fillers or strains. Your kitchen will turn eco-friendly.

9. Dutis 3-Piece Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cutting Board for Meats



If you are looking for a comfortable, lightweight and a spacious cutting board, then go for this.


  • Easy to use: The dishwasher safe cutting board can be cleaned easily, will not warp or degrade and offers comfortable working.
  •  Non-slip: The cutting board has rubber feet which avoid slipping.
  •  A complete set: A set of 3 cutting boards in different sizes large, medium and small.
  •  Groove: Each cutting board has a groove on one side which collects juices from fruits and vegetables.

8. ZenWare 3 Piece All Natural Lightweight Chopping Board Set



Modern, natural and easy to use. This cutting board set offers everything you need.


  • Flexible: The cutting board is a set of 3 different boards, so you get more options for cutting.
  •  Criss-cross design: The cutting board have been made out of bamboo with a criss-cross design and ample thickness which prevents it from splitting or warping.
  •  Clean: It is easy to clean and maintain (Handwash Only).

7. Microban Antimicrobial Cutting Board  for knives



A simple, safe and lightweight cutting board from Microban is quite famous for its simplicity.


  • Reversible: This cutting board can be used both sides. Thus, providing the optimum usage.
  •  Antimicrobial: The product is made using antimicrobial material which helps to maintain the hygiene and quality of food.
  •  Non-slippery: The product prevents slipping on countertops, is non-porous and non-absorbent.
  •  Lightweight: The cutting board is light and the grip is soft.

6. Best ORGANIC Bamboo Wood Cutting & Kitchen Chopping Board



A cutting board which is extra spacious, thick and eco-friendly. This product is popular because of its good quality.


  • Natural: The product is purely made out of bamboo and its antibacterial properties help in maintaining the quality of food.
  •  Strength: A thick and durable cutting board that withstands any sort of cutting impact.
  •  Design: The design of this cutting board is attractive, natural and can be gifted on any occasion.

5. 3 Piece Plastic Cutting Board Set by Bellissima Kitchen



A popular lightweight, non-slip, acrylic polypropylene plastic based cutting board.


  • Groove: The cutting board comes up with a deep juice groove for retaining juices and avoiding spillage.
  •  Non-slip edges: A proper care has been taken to avoid slipping with the help of non-slip edges.
  •  Easy maintenance: The cutting board won’t split, crack or peel due to its reliable material.

4. Vremi Cutting Board Set in Holder



Vremi cutting board has been designed to tackle the practical problems which come up while cutting food. This is the reason for its success.


  • Logically designed: The product is small, lightweight, colorful and with icons meat, vegetable, and fish.
  •  Consumes less space: The design is such that it has grooves, yet it covers less space as compared to other cutting boards.
  •  Storage: The cutting board can be easily kept anywhere with slim design and built-in hanging hooks.

3. CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat with Food Icons



Flexible, easy to carry and attractive. A complete package of reliability and durability.


  • Colorful: Life is colorful and so is the cutting board. Comes with 4 different beautiful colors.
  •  Flexibility: The material is flexible and can be used for rolling up or transferring food to the pan.
  •  Safe: The material is antibacterial and anti-odor.

2. OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board



A simple, flexible and one of the most used cutting boards globally.


  • Simplicity: The design of this cutting board is simple, a white background with black edges gives you a clear vision about what you are cutting.
  •  Material: The material used for manufacturing this product is polypropylene which makes it non-porous, odor resistant and durable.
  •  Easy to move: The product has soft, tapered handles for lifting and carrying easily.

1. Totally Bamboo 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set



Here comes the best cutting board offering a complete package of durability, reliability, great design, and safety.


  • Natural: Made up of pure bamboo for every cutting needs from slicing to chopping. The bamboo used is Moso bamboo which is the best quality.
  •  Strong: The product is stronger than hardwoods, capable of withstanding pressure.
  •  Cleaning: It is easy to clean this cutting board with the help of warm water and mild detergent.
  •  Multipurpose: It can also be used for multiple purposes like serving, cutting food or just storing fruits like a fruit tray.

Guide to choose best cutting boards:

What material and what size to buy?

Some of the frequent concerns we have when using a cutting board are regarding their sanitation, their ability to handle the impact of the knife and the damage they could cause to the knives.

Therefore, a primary note which we should pay attention to while deciding on a cutting board is the material in which the board is made of. The manufacturers usually make their cutting boards out of plastic, bamboo or wood. You may have heard various conflicting reviews over which among these materials offers a quality cutting board.

To help you finalize, we have conducted our own review and here’s what we have found out about each material.

  • Plastic Cutting Boards:

Among the cutting boards which are most commonly available, plastic cutting boards earns the top spot. The common belief prevailing among the customers is that the plastic cutting boards are best regarding sanitation. It is because plastic boards are easier to clean than wooden or bamboo cutting boards.

However, recent studies have emerged showing compared to wooden cutting boards the plastic cutting boards retain more bacteria even after cleaning in the dishwasher. When knife makes a strong impact on a plastic cutting board, it leaves a scar, which the surface bends over and covers during further use. Thus the bacterium hides between the bends during the cleaning process and reveals itself when further scars are made in the same place. Therefore with consideration to hygiene and sanitation, do not choose plastic cutting boards.

  • Bamboo Cutting Boards:

Bamboo cutting boards has earned a place in the kitchen of many environmentally friendly people. The reason is bamboo as grass, can grow on its own and does not need any fertilizers or chemicals for its growth. Furthermore, bamboo absorbs less water than most of the woods, henceforth they are easier to clean next to plastic cutting boards. Bamboo can withstand an impact from your knife pretty well than plastic and wooden boards. However, such hardness of the board can be hard on your knife as well. Other than this, Bamboo cutting boards can provide a sanitary and strong base for you to cut your vegetables.

  • Wooden Cutting Boards:

If you ask me, I would say wooden cutting boards are preferable over other cutting boards. Wooden cutting boards are hard enough to withstand impact from your knives and at the same time not so hard, to make them blunt or broken. Since wooden cutting boards do not easily take any scars from knives, they do not retain bacteria and thus contributing to sanitation. You may worry that this would have an influence on the environment as trees are required to be cut to make cutting boards. As there are government rules limiting the number of trees cut and ordering the woodcutter to plant one tree in the place of removed ones, you need not worry. So while choosing a cutting board, go for the wooden ones.

  • Glass Cutting Boards:

One would normally recommend avoiding the glass cutting boards. If your knives are too sharp, it may damage the board permanently, and cause the board to dismantle. The glass boards may be preferred by some because of the easy maintenance and look colorful compared to the boring wooden boards. But they have a tendency to break easily when dropped or when the knife hits the board really hard. But if you still want to use the glass cutting boards to cut your fruits and vegetables, make sure you buy the right knife from the market. Glass boards are still preferred by some to cut chicken and meat because they may not be comfortable using the wooden boards for cutting chicken and some prefer glasses because they are easy to clean, unlike the wooden boards.

Size of the material:

Apart from the material, the size of the cutting board also influences the strain you may feel while cutting vegetables. Cutting boards are available in many sizes. The standard size is 12” x 18”.

The standard size is enough to cut small and medium-sized vegetables. If you are buying the cutting board online, use the standard measurement for comparison and buy the size by taking into account the vegetables you will be cutting, the knife you would use and the available space on which you would place the board.

How to maintain?

The maintenance of the boards must be given some importance if you want durability and cleanliness. The often used maintenance tool is oil with a spoon butter. The daily/twice a week maintenance is suggested by the experts. Before you start cleaning, just make sure the board doesn’t have any stains.

For safety wash it with the water and dry it out for a little while. For the oil, it is better to use something edible, because you are going to eat what’s cooked in it anyway. The mixture between the mineral oil would do the job perfectly.

First, clean the board then apply the oil you prepared for the cleaning purposes. As the next step, apply the oil with a clean cloth or towel. Let the oil to soak all night and then remove the oil with a dry cloth by morning. You will have a clean board in the morning.

Other factors to consider

Noise: Yes. The Noises that emerges when you start cutting vegetables in the board may be annoying to you or your family members. It is often overlooked when you purchase. Wooden cutting boards are a substantial option compared to the glass cutting boards.

Knife: The knife will be the major difference maker in your cooking experience. The knife you choose and the board you choose must fit. If not, there is a chance that one might end up ruining the other. So, select a knife and a cutting board combo available on websites such as Amazon.

Preference: There might be some family members, who prefer to be treated differently because they don’t like to eat meat. Therefore, if your family members don’t prefer meat, steak or chicken, you can consider using glass boards or even the Bamboo boards for cutting them

Sides: The ease of use is determined by the different sides a cutting board has. If it is pebbled on one side, it is easy to handle, and at the same time, it will provide the balance when you use some weight on the other end.


The above list is definitely a set of one of the best available cutting boards globally. The reason is being that these cutting boards are being used in extensive amount.

Now, it depends on your requirement, for example, if you don’t need a spacious cutting board, don’t go for it because it will consume more space. So choose wisely and according to your needs and keep cooking great food!


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