They say music is food to the soul and there is no better way to assign meaning to this statement other than being part of the revolution in the world of music.

Digital Piano for Beginners

Whether you are a student who wants to learn how to play piano or perhaps compose some beats, a musician who wants to hit tunes that ring through the ears of thousands of fans in a different ways or you simply want to have one at your house balcony to while away the weekends, it all comes with a taste. After spending 30 hours of research and test, we finally came up with the top 10 best Digital Piano for beginners.

For many years now, Pianos have gone through transitions that have revolutionized the music world. In this regard, think Digital Pianos. The world is no longer talking about acoustic pianos that marked the entrance of this amazing musical instrument in the world of songs and beats.

​Top 10 Best Digital Pianos review:

Now! let’s head straight to what this post is all about. The best digital pianos out there, at least to enable you make a sound decision if you want to purchase something that will not just give you value for your money but also redefine your perception of music. Take a look;

Most of the best digital Pianos which made it to my top ten lists are 88-key but here is something different in the name of Yamaha YPG-235 76-key. The keys are 4 less from what has become the standard practice but surprisingly, this Piano makes it to my lists of digital pianos I would hesitate but recommend to anyone. The question is why? Well, this brings to what is featured in this grand styled portable piano so take a look below for details;

  • ​Characteristically, YPG-235 is a graded soft touch 76-key piano for you.
  • ​More than two speakers rated at 12watts and 5 watts.
  • ​It also features a full fingering mode for the keyboard.
  • ​It comes customized with Free mode, code mode and performance assistant technology.
  • ​There is also a music collection for you set by 300 keyboards.
  • ​This Piano weights 26 pounds and measures 50.7 x 27 x 10.9 inches.


When it comes to purchasing an ideal Piano, sound technology is something many take into consideration. With Yamaha YPG-235 76-key, you not only get a portable keyboard but also the most realistic piano sounds you can ever wish for. Then there is an easy access panel making it easier to control or input commands. The soft graded touch action gives you sounds at different levels and with varying resistance such as from high resolution reminiscent with stereo piano speakers. These notwithstanding, this is one instrument that teaches you on the go, thanks to its lesson grading capabilities and monitoring.

Still on its educational suite, it breaks down songs for you into components you can easily master in terms of sound quality aspects like rhythm and pitch. Once you have mastered the components, they piano reconstruct them. Further, as one of the best digital pianos out there, YPG-235 76-key has what is called Tempo mode monitors. This is to help check your playing accuracy.

The performance of any Piano is further graded on the premise of its connectivity capabilities. This one has all you could wish for. Apart from having built-in songs of up to 30, it lets you connect to your PC via USB. With all these taken into account, Yamaha YPG-235 76-key, having featured in this review list comes through as one of the best in the industry. You’ve got to acquire something like it that lets you experience great sound quality and learning throughout. It largely depends on what you need and your budget.


​Making the right decision when it comes to purchasing a music instrument you believe will serve you better should always be premised not just on what it will offer you but also among other things, getting to know the shortcomings about it. In as much as Yamaha YPG-235 76-key is arguably one of the best Pianos in stores today, you will miss out on the following;

  • ​The Piano lacks a MIDI output, This means the only peripheral connection for you is USB.
  • ​You cannot connect it to external speakers since the audio jack is narrow measuring only a quarter inch. Specifically made for use by amateurs to say the least.

Well, for decades now, Yamaha has remained a market leader in the manufacturing of Pianos that meet every musician’s needs, thanks to its ever evolving technology to cope up with the latest trends and demands. Yamaha P45 88 Key weighted digital piano makes it to the list as one of the best digital pianos you will comes across in the stores and even feel like buying. It certainly would be a great upgrade to your musical instruments. But here is the catch. What actually makes this Piano stands out from the pack?

Straightaway, I guarantee that this is one of the cheapest Pianos you will find in the market today. It sells pretty fast among economy piano users so the faster you place your order, the sooner it arrives at your doorstep. For someone who is yet to have a hands-on experience on Yamaha’s many Piano models and series, this could certainly be something to start off with.

P45 88 Key is weighted action instrument and with Graded Hammer Standard (GHS), it certainly comes through a high-ended Piano in terms of state-of-the-art technology guiding sound quality in music instruments today. As usual, GHS means you will have lighter touch on the high end of the Piano and heavier one on the low end. Further, this instrument is ideal for someone who is aspiring to learn piano, in other words, if you want to practice and ace your Piano skills with GHS action, this build is a perfect choice for you. The keys are black mate with finish finishing making it less slippery hence ideal on matters pertaining to finger technique.

Features of P45 88 Key Piano

Before you spend your money on P45 88 Key Piano, I thought it would be helpful to take you through some details about it so take a look below for insights;

  • ​Keys are modeled with the GHS action in mind so you can be sure of some really impressive tunes.
  • ​It has a waver memory stereo sampling that is very advanced and this makes it possible for you to experience natural sound in music recreation.
  • ​This is a polyphony piano rated at 64-note. This means you will be experiencing its moderate passages which are notwithstanding dense regardless of whether you are using a sustain pedal.
  • ​It has a dual mode, which means it gives you the functionality of combining two Voices such as strings and Piano. A whole new playing experience to say the least is what this brings to the fore.
  • ​Peripheral connectivity is enhanced by USB port. You can connect your mobile phone or computer to P45 88 Key Piano.
  • ​Music creation, access to educational and entertaining capabilities is all combined in this Piano.
  • ​P45 88 Key Piano weighs 35.5 pounds and measures 58.2 x 16.1 x 11.8 inches in dimension.
  • ​Bought together with a sustain pedal.

A look at performance and Advantages of P45 88 Key Piano

Performance of music instruments is always an important aspect of purchase. You have to be sure that what you are buying will serve you better and of course give you value for your money. Well, being one of the cheapest Pianos out there has never compromised on the quality of P45 88 Key Piano as one of the best digital Pianos out there and here is why;

If you are looking for something that will feel great on grip with your fingers, then this low-priced Yamaha is something you’ve got to acquire. It is actually the cheapest among Yamaha series but GHS weighted action ensure you get that real feel of realism reminiscent with acoustic Pianos.  Performance is further enhanced by Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) which sees to it that digital sound and technology meet face to face for great recording in terms of richer, deeper and great audio surround. This Piano is highly portable due to its size. You can move it around, move with it to anywhere and play your notes at any time of your convenience.

What’s more is that operation is simplified with the use of single hold button function. This makes it easier to configure metronome, change voices and play demos from sources.

Does P45 88 Key Piano have its shortcomings?

There is not much to call outstanding disadvantages except that P45 88 Key Piano comes without a stand or bench, which basically means you, will have to part with some more money to buy one.

This piano doesn’t have playback or record function, so you can technically use it as a MIDI device.

Nothing could be more pleasing like purchasing a piano that comes as a complete package. It is always a good feel to say the least to simply purchase and get playing immediately. Well, if you have never fallen in love with any digital Piano, I certainly would guarantee Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series will be the first one. Good sound technology is something you will not come across a good number of times, especially those which emulate CFIIIS piano sounds.

Yamaha YDP143R is a close semblance to the P105 series in terms of sound technology because both are expertly made with grand piano sounds of CFIIIS in mind which is phenomenal with then world biggest music theatres. The moment you set your hand on the keys, you will be taken into state of ecstasy by beautiful sounds you may never get to experience in your entire life.

Yamaha YDP143R is revolutionary and is fundamentally an upgrade of YPD142R to touch base with the latest trends in the world of digital Pianos. Arius Series have stamped their place on the stage of state-of-the-art digital music instruments. And mark my words; this Piano gives you all the conveniences you may need when playing.

It is electrifying as its electric nature and combines into one powerful digital instrument, all the stellar performances know with some of the best acoustic pianos in the world.

More Features of Yamaha YDP143R

Further, as you experience your Yamaha YDP143R, progress is not just guaranteed towards being an expert but also sustained. It is meant for skill improvement with every keystroke and built for serious pianists.

Usually abbreviated as GHS key action, YDP143R is a Graded Hammer 88 weighted key piano for you. This means it gives you a playing experience reminiscent of the best Piano ever made in the history of Music. What should also note is that GHS action is more pronounced on low keys and lighter on high keys. This is more or less the same as acoustic pianos hence the reason why it brings on-board the most powerful features of traditional pianos.

  • ​There is more yet to come. YDP143R has inbuilt dual speakers and has 4 kinds of sound reverberation plus 10 different types of voices. In stores like Amazon, you can purchase this piano is different shades namely black walnut, white satin and dark rosewood.
  • ​It weighs 119.7 pounds and measures 56.2 x 22.2 x 17 inches in dimension.
  • ​It has a digital Piano App specifically built for iOS to give you more control with a user interface that is intuitive and interactive.

Performance Appraisal

Just with a single touch, which can be changed because of the GHS action and sensitivity, you get to record your performance easily. Further, it enables other players to record up to two tracks for playback which happens simultaneously. Simply put, you can record plays on both hands at the same time.

The pedal control is half-damper which means it gives you more nuance and is subtle when playing. This is the same case when playing a grand piano, instrumentally allowing you to sustain the length of your notes and change from full to slight and vice versa. For mellow reverbs, you’ve got a stereo sustain at your disposal when you depress the damper. All these give birth to what I can only describe as a realistic sound feel only found in acoustic pianos.

Yamaha YDP143R gives you sound quality comparable to none hence comes through as one of the best digital Pianos in terms of sound quality, thanks to PureCF sound engine technology. This is not to mention the fact that for years now, Yamaha has remained the market leader in Piano manufacturing.

​Pros/ Advantages of Yamaha YDP143R

For every good Piano, there is always something you will fall in love with and this is no exception with Yamaha YDP143R. Well, here are some advantages of this world class instrument:

Connectivity is made into something modern thanks to the fact that it is compatible with a mobile device such as iPhone and even computers. This brings a world of creativity and great entertainment closer to you. Using iOS devices is made possible using what is branded as Lightening-USB adapter which is compatible with camera. You can also do this wirelessly via Bluetooth-UD-BT01.

Further, there is Stereophonic Optimizer which is limited to Yamaha Pianos. This functionality helps with sound space adjustments when using earphones. It gives you a wonderful audio surround that will keep you on the keys for hours. It’s all about a realistic sound feel.

For great listening pleasure, YDP143R is preloaded with classic tunes and there is a book accompanying this to let you follow along as you learn to play better.

Comes with a bench.

​Cons of YDP143R

While there are no outstanding demerits with this Piano, someone would wish the bench had storage. Further, this piano doesn’t have Leslie or rotary effect which some would wish to experience.

There comes a time when all you need for a piano is something that is pocket friendly and this is where William Legato takes the lead. You won’t have to cry foul once you acquire this piano because you will still have money left to spend on other accessories that don’t come with it. In short, Legato will save you lots of money on the go. With semi-weighted keys, you don’t have to worry about weighted ones because virtually all semi-weighted piano keys support MIDI output, so does this one.

This piano is packed with 88 keys, which is agreeably the most preferred for any digital piano. You also get to have a hands-on experience with 5 sound options, which means realistic tones. These include electric piano, organ, piano, synth and bass.  What’s more is that Williams Legato comes with inbuilt speakers, something which is apparently becoming the norm these days with digital pianos. As is the case with Alesis Recital, Legato also gives you the split mode, which fundamentally allows you to experience two varying sounds on each side of the piano. This is all about fun for the piano lovers so that you get to play your tunes with excitement. On each of the split ends, chorus and reverb can be added for a more realistic feel. It is all about giving pianists the opportunity to customize notes to something they like.

But this is not all. This piano plays on Dry cell batteries rated at 1.5 volts, so you will never have to worry about power outages in case of a blackout. However, if you decided to power it from the socket, AC power adapter is all you need. With a conveniently built in metronome, sound outputs are even more appealing to the ears, not to mention USB MIDI ports for the best output.

What are the Pros/advantages of owning this piano?

Well, one thing which you should never compromise on when it comes to owning a Piano is quality. This is a feature that always trounces everything else. You want value for your money and definitely something that will serve you for longer. Further, every digital Piano out there comes with its ups and downs. You have to weigh out these against each other so that you land the best digital Piano at the end of the day. So, what does Williams Legato 88 keys has to offer? Here are my top considerations;

Usually, Pianists want something that will serve them for longer any anywhere without necessarily having to rely on electricity power input. Legato has got you covered because it users D-cell batteries. You can have as many as you want for replacement.

While it is structurally large due to the fact that it has 88 keys, Williams legato is an instrument you can carry with everywhere you go. Technically, it lets you play music anywhere and anytime.

USB MIDI connection is something many a pianist always looks for. Legato comes with this as part of its manufacturing features. This means that you will experience the best MIDI output ever. More to add unto this are mono/stereo audio jacks and built in speakers will are characteristically the reason why this is a top level digital piano.

There is no doubt Williams Legato is the cheapest digital piano you will find out there. Whether you choose to purchase it from online stores like Amazon or a music store near you, you bet your money on something extremely handy for less.

A look at the disadvantages of Williams Legato 88 key piano

For every piano, there is always something on the downside. You won’t get pleased a hundred percent, but this is technically about performance appraisal so you’ve got to live with the level of efficiency you get for a long as it does the work it is made to do perfectly. Well, here are few cons about this piano;

Though not much, you will have to part with some extra cash purchasing an AC adapter, batteries, bench/stand, and sustain pedal. These add-ons are sold separately to say the least.

Well, any piano that comes with a bench is worth some serious attention and here we go again. Williams Symphony is a grand piano and just like Yamaha YDP143R, it comes with a Piano for immediate play. Grand Pianos are certainly in their own leagues and are usually made with an elegant appeal.

William Symphony is refined with a GHS 88 action keys and this means that as a pianists, all you can hope for is something that will bring out your skills in the most realistic way. The ebony finish is exquisite and the gloss is all but refined to add to something already powerful as this micro-grand styled instrument. The keybed is made for easy playing and quick response. Further, you get to experience what it means to play sound collections from famous Italian Piano is Williams Symphony in high resolution. Voices are up to 174 plus other 128 MIDI sounds for you. These notwithstanding, there are 46 sounds, all in HD customized for you from Williams Sound library.

Features of Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano

While a good number of people buy pianos with a general assumption being that anything expensive will give you a stellar music performance, the right things must always be done and one of them is finding out what a given instrument has to offer. Here are some features about Williams Symphony you need to know;

  • ​It is USB MIDI compatible.
  • ​It further has Bluetooth functionality as an additional connectivity option which lets you connect the instrument to computers and tables.
  • ​It also comes fitted with USB host port for playing MIDI files using USB thumb drive.
  • ​You also should be able to recognize that as one of the best digital grand pianos out there, Williams Symphony has split functionality as well as transposition.
  • ​There is metronome, stereo and headphone audio jacks, two-track recorder and a piano pen which matches it in an extremely stylish way.
  • ​There is a control panel with a blue LCD display to give you an intuitive control.
  • ​Glossy fine finish and 88-GHS keys all for you.
  • ​This Piano measures 189.6 pounds which combines with 58.5 x 32.7 x 23.6 inches dimensionally.

Williams Symphony Performance

Well, for a Pianist looking for something that lets out a realistic piano effects and sound, reminiscent with acoustic Pianos, this is for you. From adjustable pedal noise, sustain layer for sympathetic resonance to key noise, you can be rest assured of a stellar performance once you lay your hands on this grand piano. The FX feature gives you real rotary sounds effects which amount up to 120 and in different genres. These come along with sound intros, variations, endings and fills for more interactivity.

Piano beginners will certainly find this instrumental worth their time, thanks to the education feature that is inbuilt. It tutors you on classical, blues and rock songs. What is in depth about it is that Williams, in partnership with McCarthy Music gives you a cloud music experience and training. There is an expansive online library to this effect touching on every skill level.

​Pros/Advantages of Williams Symphony grand digital piano

​Well, before you make a decision on whether to purchase this piano or otherwise, you need to know of the following advantages;

  • ​The Bluetooth functionality saves you extra costs of having to buy cables for sound output.
  • ​The 88 GHS weighted keys give this piano a plus when it comes to stellar performance.
  • ​Its educational materials make it ideal for piano starters, thanks to customized sounds from William’s library and inbuilt sounds of up to 174.
  • ​Its fine glossy finish is definite of what a grand piano ought to offer in terms of class.
  • ​Great sound output which gives you a realistic feel and experience.
  • ​Comes with a keyboard cover.

​Disadvantages of Williams Symphony digital piano

  • ​The Piano doesn’t have wheels as some may wish but the hefty weight of about 200lbs makes this near impossible.
  • ​You may not be able to assemble this piano alone lest you break the legs. So, you need a standby person to help you fix some components before you can start playing.
  • ​The demos are quite shot ranging between 1-2 minutes and this may certainly not be pleasing to some.
  • ​The transpose is not as simple as you may be tempted to think.
  • ​You may have to contend with the cost of this grand piano if it is not pocket friendly for you but it’s worth it.

Today, most piano keys are weighed with GHS action and with 88 key numbers being what many prefer; Yamaha P115B is here for you. This has been one of the best sellers in Yamaha’s history and is manufactured with the latest technology in mind such as iOS compatibility. Interestingly, apart from being one of the cheapest in stores, Yamaha P115B is customized with a beautiful touch screen to enable you control it and get access to its great features. It is both stylish and compact and comes with improved performance rating.

Features of Yamaha P115B

  • ​I will straightaway take you through its features and here are what is very notable;
  • ​It is built as P115 with 88 GHS action. This includes power supply.
  • ​It also comes with different levels of touch sensitivity amounting to four.
  • ​For great sound, this piano is a PureCF as its sound engine.
  • ​It has built-in speakers and operates as a 192-note Polyphonic Piano.
  • ​It comes packaged with power adapted and stand, adjustable bench, Knox stand and sustain pedal.
  • ​It measures 18 x 15 x 13 inches and weighs 63 pounds.

​A look at advantages and performance of Yamaha P115B

With sound technology of PureCF engine, the inbuilt speakers give you all you need for maximum entertainment without having to acquire external one. This sound engine technology follows a series of tests over the years to come up with something extraordinary. In other words, you can be sure to experience what true digital sound means because the famed CFIIS 9’ concern piano is a grand thing that is greatly reproduced in Yamaha P115B.

Then there is the Graded Hammer Standard-GHS which lets you have lighter touches on the high end and heavier ones on the low end. This creates the realistic sound feel phenomenon with acoustic drum beats in traditional pianos. It further combines finger technique for great practice among aspiring pianists, thanks to the black mate fine finishing making the keys less slipper even if you play for long. Another thing which is notable and greatly enhances the performance of Yamaha P115B is the improvement on tweeter position.

This is purposely to make sure everything is aligned to a pianist ears. The brighter treble passages and melody lines make Yamaha P115B even more expressive and give a more sparkle sounding when it is powered to life. There are a whole lot of tonal ranges to play along with.

The Knox stand is sturdy, which means it ensures the piano stays in position during performance. You can be able to adjust the stand to a height preferable to you and this means you can either choose to play it while seated on when standing. The bench is wide and stable and you will certainly fall in love with its 3 steps adjustment.

​Disadvantages of Yamaha P115B

Being one of the best digital pianos out there, one would expect a hundred percent efficiency. But as is the case with every musical instrument, you might just come across or even experience something you don’t like and here is what I can confidently say regarding the downsides of Yamaha P115B;

This piano doesn’t have USB-MIDI connection. There are however basic auxiliary ones.

The keyboard doesn’t have a lockdown on the stand. However, it is stable enough and hardly moves when playing.

Looking back to some reasons why one would choose a given type of piano over another, portability is something many pianists always look forward to. Yamaha YPG-535 offers you this plus many more. Well, the history of Yamaha in Piano manufacturing remains one that is maiden and hugely successful and it is because this company always has a way of giving pianists what they are looking for. So, what should you expect when it comes to YPG-535? Let me take you through its features;

88-piano key count is the new taste everywhere and this is an assurance when you go out into music stores and purchase YPG-535. What’s beautiful about this and comes through as utterly unique is that the keys are grades as soft touch.

  • ​This Piano is packed together with stand, sustain pedal, which means it saves you on extra costs of buying these essential components separately.
  • ​It has USB port for storage device connectivity to the piano.
  • ​It is has ROM features manifested as large wave giving it high quality sound when powered to life. On this premise, it comes through as a grand piano.
  • ​YPG-535 has 320 by 240 LCD display on the back which indicated chords, notes and lyrics.
  • ​It also features Chord model which is free as well as melody mode. These are high rated performance features for you.
  • ​This Piano weighs 37 pounds. Dimensionally, it measures 58 x 22.5 x 12.5 inches.
  • ​It is en suite with lesson keyboards customized for each hand and as you learn, there is a lesson grading functionality to monitor your progress.
  • ​Further, YPG-535 has a dictionary that lets you know the type of cords you are playing. It doesn’t this by displaying notes on the LCD.

​A look at advantages and performance of YPG-535

Well, apart from the glaring fact that this Piano is portable, it features a control panel that is easy to use. The panel has keys, graded soft touch action-GST. With so many portable Pianos hitting the market today, YPG-535 is credited with the best sound system. You get a realistic sound feel when you play this Piano.

A single press on the grand button will always reset the whole keyboard to a practice mode known as stereo-sampled. This is one of those pianos you can connect to your computer via an inbuilt USB port. It also features inbuilt songs of up 30 which also include another 70 songs on a CD-ROM. This only means one thing- YPG-535 is an ideal instrument for beginners who want to play and learn on the go. Its educational suite further allows you to download more songs from the web.

The realistic sound is further enhanced by 361XGlite and this gives you melodious voices like Flute, Trumpet, soprano, pan flute, Tenor and cool. Others are Rotor Organ and Galaxy electric.

​Disadvantages of YPG-535

Well, some notable downsides of this piano include;

  • ​It only has USB connection for output and no MIDI output.
  • ​It also doesn’t come with power supply so you will have to buy one.

Having looked at Yamaha Piano models making it to top ten of the best digital Pianos you can ever find out there, a change of tune to something different but equally powerful brings me to Casio Privia PX 160. There are many Piano manufactures in the market today and Casio has always made it presence felt with some of its high ended pianos. In this series, if you are looking for something that will give you enhance audio surround and sound feel, Casio Privia PX 160 should quickly come to your mind. This piano is not only famous but the fact that if is one of the Casio’s best selling makes it a compelling choice for purchase. So, what are some of its features? Well, let’s take a look;

  • ​An impressive Tri-sensor SHA (Scaled Hammer Action) keyboard in all its glamour is all for you. The keys give you a feel of ivory and ebony. The Tri-sensor SHA gives you great speed and dynamism when playing.
  • ​It is an improved version of PX150 and the sound quality you get is therefore equally enhanced, thanks to AiR sound source which is a proprietary of Casio.
  • ​A 3 year warranty is not phenomenon with most digital pianos but PX160 comes with it.
  • ​Speakers measure 2 x 8 watts.
  • ​It has 18 real piano tones.
  • ​It is an 88-weighted Hammer keyboard action.

​Advantages and performance of Casio PX160

To begin with, AiR sound source gives this Piano what is referred to as acoustic intelligence and a resonator. It stands at a meticulous height of 9 feet making it one of the best concert pianos ever made. Further, there is a whole range of strings and tones for great play. You will get to enjoy sound quality using headphones even when practicing, hence an ideal beginner piano package. Keyboard has a split functionality, which means you can practice alongside your teacher on one end of the piano. This makes learning even faster and easier.

When it comes to connectivity, this Piano gives you the best you can ever wish for in terms of multiplicity. It features headphone output which is dual on the front side. This means you can also connect amplifiers for greater sound output. On the rear side is a quarter inch sound jack. You will make the most of USB connectivity when using PX-160 Series.

The USB connection makes it possible to connect this instrument to windows and MAC computers. Drivers for this are preinstalled. Phone connectivity is also possible, either with iPad or iPhone. With all these, there is no doubt that Casio PX-160 gives you a touch of class and performance as one of the best digital Pianos out there.

​What are the disadvantages?

​Well, if you love carrier bags, this piano doesn’t come with one.

Whether you are just a piano enthusiast who wants to play one for fun at home, a student of music who is just beginning to learn the notes, an aspiring musician or a piano tutor, there is never any thrill comparable to that of taking the first toddler steps into the world of digital pianos. Sometimes wishful thinking will drive your desires overboard because technically, you want to try everything and anything in the name of a piano. But for a expert pianists who understands what is incorporated in the making of a star, desires can give you too much a bite to chew.

A seasoned pianist will therefore recommend Alesis Recital 88-Key digital beginner piano because to them, there is never a better, faster and a more direct way to learn the notes if not with this beginner instrument. So, what’s the entire fuse about concerning Alesis Recital 88-Key digital beginner piano? Well, let’s find out;

To begin with, Alesis recital comes fitted with 88-weighted keys which are notwithstanding fully-sized. There is also the feature of adjustable response making it easier for a learner to be on the go. This piano also makes it possible to customize voices, thanks to the possibility of being able to combine two keys when playing in layer mode. This gives you an enriched tonal output. Split mode is another feature to smile about because you can either play only the left or right keys at a given point in time or still enjoy your notes, not to mention the reverb feature which is equally outstanding.

For full sound customization, the pedal and chorus FX is all yours to make the most out of. Anyone would love to own a piano with in-built speakers and Alesis Recital has got you fully covered in this area because it comes fitted with a 20-watt speaker for you. That’s powerful sound output at your disposal. Just like P105 series, this piano model is a full 128 note polyphonic, meaning it gives you a breathtaking experience with realistic sound and a never-before playing experience.

More about performance and why it is a top choice for beginners: Alesis recital educational features

What makes Alesis recital unique from the package of other piano model are the powerfully embedded educational features. Apart from being able to play notes in split mode to obtain varying voices either on the left or right end, the lesson bit of it breaks the keyboard into two components each of which has the same voice and sound pitch.

Amazing, isn’t it? Well, this feature means that a piano beginner can learn alongside a teacher as they play at the same time and hitting the same notes. This makes the learning more fun and simpler. However, someone would be wondering what if you don’t have an instructor to sit next to you as you learn? Well, there shouldn’t be a cause for alarm and here is why;

Alesis Recital makes it possible to learn on the go while connected to the internet. This is all thanks to Skoove, which is an internet-based instruction service modeled for piano beginners. This is how Skoove works. As you hit the keys, Skoove listens to how you do it and provide you will on-the-go feedback real-time.

This it does by recommending necessary tempo adjustments you need to make and which match your level of learning or rather skills. What’s more interesting about this Skoove is not about Recital being compatible to it but the fact that a three-month free learning subscription is at your disposal to make the most out of.  This is a premium subscription giving you access to Skoove song and lessons tailored for you.


  • ​Nothing makes more sense when you go out into piano stores like getting to know what features one has. Most buying decisions are premised on this and while I could have touched on a few of them earlier, here is a quick preview of Alesis Recital key features every pianists need to know;
  • ​This piano is fitted with semi weighted 88 keys.
  • ​You will also realize it has key sensitivity which is adjustable in the range of low, medium and high.
  • ​The 128-note polyphonic capability is all at your disposal.
  • ​It has five sound ranges and a layer which has two voices.
  • ​You will also notice Alesis Recital has preset songs of up to 60 plus 2 demos to get you started.
  • ​Split functionality whereby you can play on the left or right end.
  • ​It is also fitted with FX reverb functionality.
  • ​The metronome ensure you get beats of between 30 and 280 in a minute.
  • ​Further, Alesis Recital has transpose functionality.
  • ​An in-built speaker with a power output of up to 20 watts makes this piano stand out.
  • ​When it comes to connectivity or connection functionalities, a quarter-inch headphone gives you a great sound output, MIDI output is made possible with USB connection, a pair of RCA stereo output and lastly a sustain pedal which measure up to a quarter inches.
  • ​It weighs 15.7 pounds and dimensionally, Alesis Recital is 50.5 x 11.5 x 3.6 inches.

​Pros/advantages of Alesis Recital 88-key beginner Piano

​If you are looking for convincing reasons why this piano fits the bill as the best choice for training, here are some quick and interesting facts to get you on the go;

  • ​To begin with, you simply can’t afford to wish away the Skoove training manual. I mean this is not something you can find in most piano packages so go for it. What makes this more enticing is the free subscription of up to three months.
  • ​The split functionality which makes it possible to sit side by side with your trainer and strike same note is nothing but amazing.
  • ​The multiplicity of connectivity options makes this piano versatile for a beginner. It is either you want to listen directly using earphones or use the inbuilt speakers via USB –MIDI connection.
  • ​Realistic feel, thanks to 128-notes and FX transpose.
  • ​This is a digital piano fitted with 88 semi-weighted keys making it an ideal instrument for training modern pianists.
  • ​Up to 60 preset songs expands your learning possibilities, something which you will not find in most beginner trainers.
  • ​The inbuilt speakers with an output of up to 20 watts is powerful enough for a learner, not forgetting the metronome which enables you to play up to 280 beats in a minute.

​Cons/disadvantages of Alesis Recital

  • ​Alesis Recital package doesn’t include a dual voltage power adapter.

Digi-Tech is all about a technology working in tandem with instrumentation and human creativity in the manufacture of digital gadgets. Everyone talks digital these days and if you are looking for one in a music instrument, it is certainly what Yamaha P series P105 B 88-Key Digital Piano gives you in a single powerful package combining greater possibilities and fun.

Let me explain why. Well, one thing that is conspicuously notable about this Piano is that is can be easily stuffed in a civic and is notwithstanding an incorporation of PureCF sound engine making it a powerful sound amplifier in itself.

For someone whose purchasing options is premised on something that will generate not just concert-like sounds but also soothing beats, Yamaha P series P105 B 88-Key Digital Piano is a grand choice for many. In fact, many attribute its sound features to the famous CFIIIS usually found in world’s biggest music stages. When Yamaha P series P105 B 88-Key Digital Piano is powered to life, you will be taken wild by its powerful stereo-system which is 2-way.

What’s even more enticing is that P 105’s come customized with in-built speakers and this means the option of connecting it to external speakers to get top sound quality is not something to worry about. It relives you of the stress of having to carry heavy and huge speakers everywhere you go, making a music instrument you will fall in love with and even refer to as your best friend.


If you want to buy a piano you will never want to be away from, features with which one is made is always something worth looking into and here are what defines Yamaha P series P105 B 88-Key Digital Piano;

  • ​It is a PureCF piano for the sound engine making one of the most powerful pianos in terms of sound system.
  • ​It made for duet playing hence it meets the most of the pianists styles out there. You can play alongside a partner.
  • ​With built-in speakers or drum patterns, this piano is a recipe for maximum fan. This also means that it comes through as one of the best alternatives to metronome.
  • ​P105 B 88-Key Digital Piano as the name suggest is 88-key note piano and combines GHS action as its key weight. This means low touch is on the high notes and heavier touch is instrumentally on the low end notes. This is similar to acoustic piano play mode.
  • ​What’s more is that this musical instrument is polyphony with 128 notes. This means that dual voice or split mode alongside a drum pattern sees to it your notes are amplified enough for everyone to hear.


From a student to an expert, P105 B 88-Key Digital Piano combines into one powerful musical instrument, a stellar performance anyone would fall in love with. This is not just about the players but also listeners who get to listen to powerfully composed beats and beautiful notes when this piano is powered to life. For an affordable price on Amazon, you get your hands on this beautifully designed piano which weighs just 36.4 pounds while measuring 58.1 x 15.1 x 11.1 inches in dimension. Basically, it is something you can move around with much ease in the nick of time.


So, why would I recommend P105 B 88-Key Digital Piano? Fundamentally, there are many reasons why this piano is one of the best out there. Here is a quick run-through about its advantages;

  • ​128-note polyphony is agreeably on the higher side making it possible to play a range of tunes and notes with this piano hence it comes through as way above par among many.
  • ​The in-built 2-way stereo system gives you more portability when you purchase this piano and this when combined with its size, makes it’s a whole lot amazing.
  • ​The pianists’ style of duet play makes this piano unique in its own way. You can always invite a friend and have fun playing together.
  • ​With 88-note being the new standard for digital piano brands, P105 B 88-Key Digital Piano is a competitive choice for a piano lover.
  • ​This is also an affordable piano among many in the market today.
  • ​Gives you a realistic feel on sounds and keyboard actions.


Well, on the downside, while there are many positive vibes about this piano, below are a few things on the downside which may make you want to reconsider your purchase decision, although not worth it;

  • ​P105 B 88-Key Digital Piano doesn’t MIDI ports. This is however replaced with USB connection host port.
  • ​It doesn’t come with a stand or bench which means you will have to buy them separately. You may also want to consider buying a new pedal which is better than the installed one.

Metrics To consider while choosing The Best Digital Piano:

Today, there is nothing that will take your breath away like beats that emanate from a digital piano. But this is actually relative depending on which type of piano is being played. Of course pianos come in varieties and this is particularly to meet varying tastes and preference with regard to a number of reasons.

Well, let me take start by taking you through some reasons why you will choose say a given model of a piano over another, even though both may do the same work-lets you play your favorite beats like a superstar!

Cost is one thing which many a piano buyer always looks into, at least to find out if it are possible to save some bucks for additional piano accessories. Pianos come in different prices, whether negotiable or not, you’ve got to always settle on something that meets your financial capability

Another aspect which is always at play is portability. As opposed to acoustic pianos, digital pianos weight a few pounds more and this greatly demands their portability. Others are lighter and others are heavy. If you need one for use at home, you certainly won’t mind going for a heavier one. For musicians who are always on the move, something potable or that whose components can be disassembled is always a better option.

The next aspect is technology. Well, there is no doubt about this. Digital pianos have been manufactured with technology in mind hence taking human creativity a notch higher. It all has to do with coping up with what everyone needs this days and state-of-the-art technology incorporated in manufacturing digital pianos has been spot-on.

From wireless connectivity to other gadgets, sound amplification, recording quality, LED displays, Metronomes, FX, inputs to transposition, everyone always has something they need in mind and to which they really want to get hooked.

Style and design also makes amends with what piano buyers always look for. People want something that is exquisitely designed and with a fine-finish. It all comes to design elements, concepts and technology in order to create something new and extraordinary.

The issue of key make is always something to consider. Whether you are looking for weighted keys, synth-action keys or semi-weighted keys, what I will review in this post will fit within the bill, at least for the sake of variety. It is all about realistic keys for you.

Further, choosing a digital piano to buy is also premised on key count. This is all about how many keys a piano has. In this regard, it is noteworthy that the standard count for piano keys is always pegged at 88. This can however be lower to an extreme of 61 or 76 keys depending on the size. This has a direct impact on portability which I explored earlier. But for the sake of putting your money on digital piano, taking into account that they are the latest in the market, 88 keys is what I would advocate for. It is ideal for learners because apart from doing so legitimately, you come out of it a Pro.

Most piano buyers always look into sound quality. This usually comes alongside versatility. You want something that makes it possible to play different sound variations and you’ve got in modernized digital pianos. Improved qualities of sound and tonal variations are among other options you must critically weigh into before purchasing something that would meet your innermost desires.

You’ve got to also check out polyphony. How many does a piano of your choosing has? The best pianos are always those with greater number of polyphonies. This is because they enable you to play complex passages and richer music.

It would be injustice to a determined would-be piano buyer if I skip Pedal responsiveness. This is all about sustaining your notes by applying pressure over piano pedals. Look out for pedal responsiveness in this regard.

When you go out to buy piano or even when you place an order online, always ensure to find out if it has warranty and over what period of time. This protects your purchase in case there are flaws with manufacturing. Go for longer warranties if available but ensure to read the terms and conditions.

Last but not least, you will not be the last to buy a piano, neither is you the first. People share their experience based on pianos they have purchased. This is made possible under customer reviews in online retail stores or manufacturer websites. Go through this information to have an idea about hands-on experience with what you are about to purchase.

This helps you know what the merits are and what are the demerits of an instrument. Technically, this is what this post is all about.


  1. Which Digital Piano is best under the budget of 1000$. Because I want to buy one to improve my music skills. If anybody answer my question I really appreciate it.


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