Pet dogs are more than friends.

They are part of the family and we treat them with love and care. We give them the best homes we can possibly give so that they will be safe and comfortable.

That is the reason why we must be very meticulous in buying a dog house. It has to be safe and can keep them warm during cold months and yet cool during the summer months.

There are several dog houses in the market and we would like to buy the best dog house, one that does not only fit our budget but is likewise durable and comfortable for our pet dog.

Here are 10 Best dog houses that are not only top selling but also popular in the market.

Top 10 Best dog house reviews:

10. Extra Large Outdoor Dog House:


This is a great dog house. Two dogs can stay inside if they are friends and don’t fight. It is easy and fast to put together. It is a good-looking house. It is fully enclosed to keep the weather out. It is made of solid wood and green gable roof.

9. Wooden Doghouse:


This doghouse is good for you Pooch. It is small but very durable. The natural insulation of wood is 5 times higher that most materials used for dog housing. It keeps the interior cool during the summer season and warm during the winter season.

There is a calming and pleasant effect of the natural scent of the wood. It is elevated to keep it dry. It is easy to assemble. The roof and flooring are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. (4)

8. EcoFLEX Bunkhouse Style Dog House:


The dog house can accommodate even an 80 pound Golden Retriever and there is still more room for him inside. It is easy to assemble. The materials are of good quality. It does fade, chip or break. It can sustain extreme weather conditions.

EcoFLEX is environment-friendly and a durable material. It is non-toxic and non-absorbent. It is easy to clean. And the best thing is, this dog house has 10-year warranty so it is worth its price.

7. Advantek Mountain Cabin Dog House:


This dog has a very attractive design and there is so much space inside. It is good for large dogs. It is insulated naturally to keep the dog comfortable in any type of climate. It has strong wall panels yet the dog house is made of lightweight fir. The type of wood repels insects and can handle tar and wear from the natural elements. It has waterproof asphalt roof to insulate the whole dog house while retaining heat in winter and cool air in summer.

6. Petsfit Dog House, Dog House Outdoor:


You cannot help but love this dog house. It is sturdy. The roofing shingle top is functional and classy. The lifting lid on the roof and the removable floor make it easy to clean the interior or change the bedding. The bottom is slotted for more ventilation, especially during hot days. It was easy to put together. The slanted roof and groove design make possible good drainage. The eaves protect the dog house from the elements of the weather. It is strong enough to take all the rough spinning and clumsiness of any large dog.

5. Suncast DH250 Dog House


I love the appearance of this dog house. It really looks like a house with windows and door. It is all in one box. It is easy to assemble and it is very affordable. It is durable and can accommodate even a dog weighing 70 pounds.

It is good for outdoors so the dog can learn to sleep outside. It is not insulated but who care. We bring the dog inside our house during winter.

4. Pet Zone Step 2 Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House:


This is a very durable outdoor dog house to shelter the dog while they are outside. It is easy to put together. When you disassemble it and put it together against it will still hold up very well. It can fit two dogs.

Snow and rain will not get inside unless it is blowing towards the doorway. It can last for years. It can withstand any weather condition or extreme temperature.

3. Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame:


It does not take long to assemble 9 pieces with 8 bolts and 12 screws. This dog house is good for dogs who love to stay outside all the time and when it gets hot, has nowhere to shelter him from the heat of the sun.

It is weather resistant so it can stay outdoors all the time. It is non-toxic so there need to fear when the dog licks it. It is lightweight but durable. It has raised floor so the dog does not get wet when it rains.

2. ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace:


It is very easy to assemble. All you need is a screwdriver. It is sturdy and warm. If the dog wants to stay out longer on cold days, they can take shelter in this dog house and feel warm. It is insulated with 2 to 4 inches of styro in all its panels.

It is easy for the dog to get in and out, and it closes by itself. It can accommodate large dogs like a Labrador. The windows panes can be repositioned for winter. It can be closed position during summer days.

1. Dog Palace Insulated Dog House DP20:


This dog house is incredible. It could really accommodate two smaller dogs inside it. It is fully insulated from heat and cold. It is waterproof. The heater does not eat up much energy. The exterior is made of durable polystyrene. The walls and ceiling are insulated with EPS foam. And the best part is, is has a lifetime warranty against breaking and cracking.

Guide To Choose Best Dog House:

If you want your dog to be happy and healthy, then you should provide a comfortable shelter for him. That is not all. Getting your dog an outdoor house gives him the freedom to roam outside all he wants in addition to taking in all the wonderful smells the outdoors have to offer him. At the same time, you keep your house free of fur. Giving him a shelter comes in handy if you have a small house or if he simply loves the outdoors. The importance of the dog shelter is further recognized during the cold season as it keeps him warm protecting him from frostbite and hypothermia.

Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Dog House

When choosing the best doghouse, you should consider the following guide, as it will help you when it comes to selecting the right outdoor dog house.

Choose an Insulated Dog House

An insulated dog house is the best choice if you are buying an outdoor dog house. Ensure that you check that the house is properly insulated on all sides. In case you find one, but it is not as insulated as you would want it to be, you can go ahead and purchase it but ensure that you add your own insulation starting with the floor. You can use Styrofoam sheets between the walls of the doghouse or polystyrene as the insulating material.

However, if you are in areas that are greatly affected by winter and you want to give your pet a cozy home for such seasons, then you can use a doghouse insulation kit. This kit works when it comes to keeping the inside of the doghouse warm even if the weather outside is cold. However, you need to keep checking the house for holes as the dog can confuse the insulation for a chewy toy.

Heating Pads

In case you feel that insulation alone will not keep your doghouse warm, then you can opt to include heating pads within the shelter. When choosing heating pads, you need to ensure that they are not as big as the interior of the dog house. Also, do not leave them on at all times as doing so can dehydrate the dog.

In case you are not sure about the safety of heating pads, then you can replace them with heating units that are placed on the outside and the heat radiated to the inside. You can further increase the safety of using these devices by using a timer such that they only turn on when it is freezing and then they will go off when the dog is warm. Whichever option you choose, ensure that the cords are hidden at all times to prevent the dog from chewing them. An electrocuted dog is the last thing you want to have during winter.


When choosing a doghouse, you should consider if it is going to keep the bedding dry. If it cannot do so, then you might consider renovating it or buying the one that can provide that feature since wet bedding will not keep your dog warm. To keep the bedding warm and dry at all times, put cedar or straw shavings as lining on the floor of the shelter. Remember, you need to ensure that you change the bedding every two or three weeks to keep the doghouse clean.


You see, a doghouse does not protect your pet from cold weather alone but also from the hot summer. Choosing a poorly ventilated doghouse will cause the air inside it to become too hot making it uncomfortable for your dog. This kind of condition endangers your dog’s health and safety. Such a house will also lead to the accumulation of moisture during winter as the dog breathes. The interior environment of the doghouse will become clammy because of this accumulation. Consequently, such conditions will invite bugs and the buildup of mildew.

To know how to choose the best-ventilated outdoor dog house, look for the ventilation methods used. While the door plays a great part in facilitating the aeration of the house, it is usually not enough. The best-ventilated houses are the ones that have slatted ventilation openings styled as windows. Such openings are effective in improving air flow while at the same time keeping off snow and frost. Be sure to check that the ventilation opening is not too large such that it can result in excessive heat loss during winter. If that is the case, try covering the opening using a vinyl door flap during the cold season.

Size of the House

Choosing the right house size for your pet can be the most complicated thing you will have to endure when choosing a doghouse. However, you can make the right choice by making sure that it means the following conditions.

• It should be large enough for your pet to turn around and lie down while completely stretched.

• It should not be oversized such that it is difficult to keep warm during cold weather. Additionally, dogs tend to feel more secure in a doghouse of the right size.

• If you are buying the house when your dog is still a puppy, consider researching his possible size when he grows up to help you choose the right size accordingly. Doing so will also save you the stress of having to buy a house twice.

• Try making a cardboard model and fit your dog to determine the right size before you spend money on a real house.

Moreover, when choosing the right doghouse size, you need to consider the door and doorway size. The doorway should be large enough such that the dog can get in and out without much struggle. The reason you need to avoid extra-large doorways is to avoid the one that leads to excessive heat loss during cold seasons. The best doghouse door should be less than his weight so that he can easily get in whenever he wants.


You can choose to either buy or build your own doghouse. When buying, you need to be keen on all the features that you want. In case some are missing, but you have found a house that has most of them, you can buy it and then upgrade it when you reach home. Building your doghouse has an advantage such that you will customize the house the way you want. However, you will have to sacrifice some time so that you can spend it on building the doghouse.


    • Thank you Lenie for reading this article.

      If you decide to go with wood, please consider that wooden doghouses need to be raised a few inches off the ground. You’ll also need to treat the wood to ensure it remains weatherproof. Plastic dog houses offer the benefits of being well insulated and waterproof. They’re also easier to install if you’re not the handy type.

      You might also want to choose the doghouse to complement your own home. If you have a classic colonial home, you might want to consider a wooden doghouse that matches the style. If you have a yard filled with plastic jungle gyms for your kids, a plastic doghouse might fit perfectly.

      If you were to make a comparison for plastic dog crate and metal one – the metal one is much more safe and protective. Your dog won’t be able enough to chew the plastic as they would with plastic material. If you have a little puppy, using metal dog crate is strongly recommended since your puppy loves to get their paws on and chew on everything.


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