Professionally speaking every upcoming or professional artist needs a best drawing tablet for immaculate results.

Tablets come in handy in the daily lives of artists in the sense that they get used in a broad range of activities that encompasses artistry. Some of this tasks include drawing, painting, and uploading pictures among others.

Not only that, tablets help groom children, adults and wannabe artists to become better in the art realm. They provide endless features and software’s that makes learning a piece of cake. Moreover, they inculcate creativity to whoever is using them.

With an overwhelming number of tablets with different sizes, shapes, and prices in the market. Choosing a right tablet for your work can get challenging especially for yours truly who doesn’t have an idea about the different features and capabilities of these fantastic products.

It is with these in mind that we have come up with a review of the top rated drawing tablet found in the market. We hope that it will help you find the best choice for your needs, at the best reasonable price. No need to part with huge amounts of money for a piece of equipment. Technology has bridged the gap, even those in the entry level will meet your expectations and their price tags are affordable.

The best drawing tablets Reviews

  1. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 – 16gb – Best for Animation

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To start us up is the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 – 16GB. Build with an aesthetically appealing look; this machine doubles up like a laptop and as well as a drawing tablet. For that matter, it has a detachable keyboard, and a 360 degree hinge making it possible to act as a standalone tablet.

Design, features, and performance

It is intended to work on a multitude drawing programs just like any standard drawing tablet, with it comes the Wacom pen which gets manufactured with a drawing artist in mind. It features an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system and an 8″ 10- point multitouch display with a to boot 1280 by 800 resolution screen.

An MTK MT8125 quad-core processor ensures your work is done in real-time and store your valuable information in a relatively enough storage of 16GB. Moreover, it has a micro SD slot allowing you to store more information on a secondary medium.


A good drawing tablet and suitable to those needing a portable laptop that is affordable to those in the lower bracket regarding earnings or finances, for example, students who need a computer for class work and drawing purposes. A case of an overkill for you.


  • It has an exceptional battery life, use it for up to 17 hours for Web perusing and Video Playback
  • Good build that feels strong
  • Pleasant aluminum edge and kickstand
  • Has a Bright and high definition screen good for watching movies, reading books and documents among other things
  • Competitively priced
  • A thick base suitable for holding for longer times while watching movies
  • It has both the front and back cameras with lots of components.
  • The speakers are of excellent quality and good volume especially for a tablet
  • It has a decent Feature Guide, and User Guide worked in
  • Excellent customer care service
  • It provides room for expansion it will store and run Applications that are on an External memory. Settings then Storage then Default WRITE DISK gives you the decision of “Inward Storage or SD Card.” Also, “Move to SD Card” actually moves the App to the External SD Card. With 16GB of Internal Memory, we don’t know why you would require this, yet it is there.
  • Has pleasant Touches, the white LED on the On/off switch is on amid charge and off when charged. Furthermore, flashes when in rest mode and a notification happens.


  • Has no HDMI settings
  • The Android 4.2.2 has no settings for multiple users
  • It freezes more often, and when these happens the controls do not work
  • Apps seem to crash more often
  • Screen is touchy
  • Does not have a master reset button which could make work easier if it powered off
  • Some of the games need more RAM to run properly
  • Have no connections to the Wi-Fi
  • Boggs down quickly
  1. Ugee 1910B Digital Pen – Best Cheap drawing tablet

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Next up on the list is the Ugee 1910B. Just like some of the tablets in the market, it acts as a second monitor. It is interactive in nature meaning it can get drawn on directly, but does not store any information or programs that manipulate your work from raw to finished output. Clients with a lesser budget on their mind have something to smile about, with the advent of this gadget.

Design, features, and performance

It gets created with 19-inch LED drawing screen with a 1440*900 resolution, rendering it useful to those artists who appreciate a large surface for drawing, especially for those who draw cartoons. The 2048 levels of sensitivity will amaze you, especially if you have a knack for drawing.

It has a nicely shaped stand that will prevent your monitor from shaking and can also tilt to any angle to make your work as easy as possible. To add on that, get a whole package of freebies inform of 2 rechargeable pens with a pen charging cables, a screen protector, and a glove.

The machine is also compatible with a wide variety of programs including, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop CC, SAI, Illustrator, Corel Painter, 3D Max, Autodesk, Pixologic Sketchbook, Autodesk, MAYA, ZBrush among others. To crown it all, a free pen with 2048 pressure levels accompanies it and can double up as a pen and an eraser.

A point to note is that the additional nibs and drawing glove usually wear out depending on how you use them. Therefore, you should consider replacing your extras. The drawing glove on a very basic level reduces smudging and the contact between your hand and the tablet surface, so you can glide your hand over the tablet without stressing over making stray fingerprints

Having a screen defender is also important as you would prefer not to harm the screen surface. Any additional reliable insurance is quite valued and required for something that you run your hands over always.


It is an excellent choice for the low budget startups who are interested in making a statement in the artistry world.


  • An inexpensive quality tablet
  • A large 19-inch drawing area
  • Have hotkeys controls
  • Got extra nibs and drawing glove that makes the drawing experience real
  • Extra Pen digital pen
  • Superb customer care service
  • Provides extra room to do your work without a hitch


  • They don’t have HDMI ports
  • The company does not provide information about the need for a VGA input while purchasing the product
  • Connections and calibration have a little bit of problem
  1. Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet – Best for beginners

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Up next is the versatile Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet. Not only is it compatible with the Mac and Windows operating systems, but it also asserts itself as a game changer with its desirable features which include, a rechargeable pen eliminating the need for frequent battery changes.

Also of noteworthy apart from its classy looks, is the 2048 levels of sensitivity, eight express keys, and 16 customizable hot cells. It is a very user-friendly device making it suitable for both pros and beginners

Design, features, and performance

It gets designed with a large drawing surface measuring 10-by-6.25, providing you a greater degree movement. It is compatible with a broad spectrum of operating systems including, Coral Painter, Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe Photoshop, Manga Studio clip, Zbrush, windows XP/7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X 10.8.0 and much more.

Setting up is a breeze by following a simple set up procedure which starts by getting rid of all other drivers on your device. Next is to download and install the drivers from Thirdly restart your PC then turn off the internet, these will prevent windows from accidentally triggering its plug and play driver. Lastly, plug in your tablet, exercise some patience, and when ready a quick launch button will appear. That is your tablet’s driver settings. Turn on your net and there you go!


A good price for the output it provides. An amazing gift to both the left and right handed users.


  • Has a rechargeable pen
  • Affordable price, you don’t need to shell out a significant amount of cash for good value
  • Decent
  • Picks up the tiniest strokes
  • Allows you to test and adjust the pen sensitivity and curve on its settings.
  • Works smooth all the way
  • Very easy to use therefore can be utilized by both pros and beginners
  • Pressure sensitivity is high


  • The CD with drivers can be a bit confusing, they seem to be mashed up with other drivers
  1. Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch digital tablet – Best for graphics, drawing & painting

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Talk of the Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch digital graphics, drawing & painting tablet, and all the niceties about the Wacom family pops up. Just like its previous siblings, it gives you an excellent introduction to the digital realm of art.

Design, features, and performance

It gets developed with the artist’s ambition at heart. It has a plethora of useful features at the user’s disposal. To start with, it comes with a digital painting software, a Corel Painter essential and an avalanche of online tutorials, these to ensure that if you are new to the game, you get familiar with its working within no time.

Furthermore a digital pen with 1024 distinct pressure levels tags along. Create different variations of lines with different widths and opacity in a breeze. Shortcut keys which are present play a significant role especially if you have time constraints. At the will of your fingertips, you can copy, paste or do any other tasks that need your immediate attention.

Last but not least navigate through your work by the use of multi-touch gestures. It connects to a Mac or Windows PC via wireless or USB capable which get purchased separately. With its compact size, it allows maneuverability and can get used in an environment with limited space. It gets utilized by the left and right handed persons alike.

Some points to note are that when using this monitor you may have to consider these, the active area size is littler than the general tablet estimate (8.5×5.3in for medium), so make certain to determine the size you need. Secondly, the loop at the top holds the pen. However, you need to embed the side of the pen opposite the nib. Thirdly the tablet maps the screen precisely, so you won’t wind up drawing off of the tablet’s surface. Lastly, the back panel comes with three pen nibs and a nib removal tool.

Installing the driver for the device is easy, just use the provided CD then download the driver from the website. The best browser to do these is the internet explorer because Chrome and Firefox browsers have some issues when they get used.  And, a good practice is to install the software and driver before connecting it to the net to prevent the operating system from trying to do it automatically for you and works great with the Blender, GIMP and Photoshop programs.


Take you artistic prowess to new levels with these, tantalizing gadget that comes with an affordable price. Sketch and draw your way to fame!


  • It is very easy to install its driver for the Mac operating system
  • Customizable buttons that make it easy to use
  • Works well with clip studio paint
  • The back panel has all the information about the product
  • Incredibly sensitive
  • Offers a smooth drawing surface
  • Built with a decent size
  • Light and thin making it comfortable to move around with
  • Comes with its customized USB cord
  • Comes with your choice of program
  • Has got an excellent grip
  • The pressure sensitivity works well
  • Does not need to be recharged before use, just plug it in your computer and start using it


  • Has Some problem with the cover i.e. difficult to open
  • Offers a small workspace
  • Registering on the Wacom website can be a bit confusing and hectic
  • Not very configurable especially when you want to fix a generic USB cable to increase the length for easy use
  1. Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW – Best Digital Drawing tablet

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Next on the list is the Wacom Intuos Draw. Just like its other siblings, this gadget will not fail you. It is atheistically appealing with its outstanding sleek design. Apart from physical matters, let us dive into the features.

Design, features, and performance

The design for this product, majorly favors the beginners as it comes along with tutorials and drawing software known as ArtRage as well as an easy to use pen tablet. Moreover, four customizable keys are in place, and you can use them to set your shortcut options such as copy, paste among others at your fingertips.

A small build enables it to get employed in areas where space is limited and can gets utilized by both the left and right handed people. Connect it to your Mac or PC via a wireless or a USB cable. Also of significance is the battery-free pressure sensitive pen that allows you to draw lines with great ease, and with little maintenance.

A point to note is that the nibs get worn after some use, therefore, have some regular replacements for them.


A perfect device to those who are just starting out and are broke. Not only the price will amaze you, but the features will make your learning curve easy.


  • You can choose to have the wireless kit
  • A battery-free pen cuts down your spending
  • Comes with a drawing software plus online tutorials
  • Works with most software programs
  • The pen can be used to sketch and can also act as a brush
  • Can be employed by the left-handed as well as the right handed people
  • Pressure sensitive pen plus a responsive operating system
  • Shortcut keys to spare you the agony of following procedures
  • The nib feels great i.e. it does not slip around or stick on your fingers
  • An adjustable sensitivity making everything to appear on the screen without a flaw
  • Great price
  • Can be great with a smart board making it a perfect choice for teachers
  • Impressive quality plus great work
  • Easy to install and use
  • Perfect size for home and travel
  • Nice long USB cable making it ideal to use with a laptop or a desktop


  • If you unplug it, the track pad won’t work unless you restart the system
  • Bad customer service
  • The stylus does not fit properly on the holder that gets provided
  • The nibs have some issues i.e. they get worn out quickly
  • Sometimes the nib squeaks which is not a very pleasant sound as you may guess so
  1. Wacom Cintiq – Best HD Drawing tablet

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Elegance, efficiency, and functionality is the whole mark of the Wacom Cintiq 13HD which Comes from a reputable company regarding high-quality products; this product boasts of a fully interactive display on a large screen.

Design, features, and performance

Designed with an interactive screen which acts as a second monitor that allows you to make any changes to your drawings, or make new ones. The high definition is enabled by 1920*1080 pixel resolution screen, with a wide viewing angle.

Easy shortcut access keys save a lot of time as you work on your drawings, you can also customize them to your liking. Of noteworthy is the tilt sensitive Wacom pro pen that can perform the same job as the old pencils, markers and brushes. To sum it all, it has a good feel, sturdy, and light in weight design.

A point to note is that Cintiq 13 HD is a tablet monitor. It doesn’t act autonomously. You need to connect it to your PC or tablet, merely like a standard screen and it goes about as a second, third or whatever screen that you can draw straightforwardly on. There is no product related with it. Your drawings are done using free programs such as Photoshop, Painter, and Manga Studio, etc. The projects are stored on your PC and not the Cintiq. What’s more, it works with the Mac products. You just require a connector. To wind it up make sure you procure whichever adapter you need to go from HDMI to your computer.


A fantastic choice for those who need to invest in a long-term quality drawing tablet.


  • An adjustable ergonomic stand accompanies it
  • Has a 178-degree display viewing angle
  • Widescreen 13.3-inch HD display
  • Customizable express keys
  • Can adjust to right and left-hand users
  • Has a pressure sensitive pen that aids creativity
  • 2,048 levels of sensitivity by the pro pen
  • A carrying case for the pro pen and color rings to personalize the pen
  • A three in one cable making it easy to connect to a Mac or PC
  • works well with different types of operating systems
  • Crisp and beautiful display
  • Different nibs
  • A comfortable to hold pen
  • Has a good accuracy level compared to an Intuos
  • Excellent color reproduction
  • The buttons come pre-configured perfectly, and you can also re-configure them if you wish so
  • It has a good speed when displaying your drawings


  • Icons in Photoshop and other programs are tiny
  • The stand isn’t that good
  • The cable attachment is not that strong enough
  • The tablet itself doesn’t have a grip, so it keeps moving on when placed on your lap especially if you get seated at an angle
  • Maybe if they could have more buttons to assign them to programs, it would get better
  • A bit expensive
  1. XP-Pen G430 OSU Tablet – Best graphic tablet with screen

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Small, stylish and efficient are the words we can use to describe the XP-Pen G430 OSU Tablet. Although miniature in stature, it performs to the expectations of a marvelous tablet. Not to forget, those who love to play the OSU game then this is your ultimate mate.

If you are wondering what the hell OSU means, there is no need to worry. It is a kind of rhythm game whereby you move your mouse to click on circles. With the advent of this tablet, moving the mouse cursor gets comfortable, so is the game. Unto the details.

Design, features, and performance

Designed ultrathin and light these small gadget offers a convenient way to work while traveling. Not only that, it comes with an advanced x-pen which does not require any charging or batteries. Therefore you are left with no worries about power problems.

With an active area that measures 4 inches by 3 inches with a convenient 2048-level pressure sensitivity pen enjoy drawing those signatures and any other light work that you might have. Of equal importance is that it is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems and all the major graphics application such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel painter among others.

Lastly, it should come to your notice that this little asset here is versatile. You can draw, sketch, paint, play and do whatever else you want to using it. And, you know what? No need of installing any driver to use it for OSU.

A point to note is that it works well with Windows or Mac operating systems, but if you are tech savvy, it will also work well with Linux. Make it work under Debain by compiling and installing the digimend-kernel-drivers


This little master is a good bet for beginner artists, who want to produce some quality work without breaking the bank. Suitable for light work as you crisscross the world.


  • The stylus does not require charging
  • Ultra-thin thus easy to carry around
  • Compatible with major graphic application programs
  • Very straightforward to use
  • Works without a problem with freeware for example MediBang PaintPro
  • Favorable for a beginner artist considering its price and reliability
  • Works well with OSU
  • Light, compact and does not require drivers
  • The active area is easy to navigate with the pen
  • The hovering range is appropriate any hover player can enjoy these
  • Friendly customer care
  • Costs a reasonable price
  • High-quality product
  • Functional and sensitive
  • The pen doesn’t need a battery


  • Does not have control buttons on the tablet itself but just on the pen
  • Very thin and can be easily misplaced
  • Not suitable for heavy duty drawing
  • In some cases, the cursor may start moving randomly
  • Having buttons on the pen gets in your way while working
  1. XP-Pen Artist22 – Best large tablet for artist

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Next up on our list is the great XP-Pen Artist22. With a large monitor, it shadows all the others in this category. This vital feature enables the user to enjoy an incredibly wide angle while working. Just like the others in this bracket, it does not have computing capabilities of its own. It offers a surface where you draw your images.

Design, features, and performance

It is crafted with a dual monitor with an impressive 21.5″ HD IPS display, therefore providing you full room to work. Besides, it has a toughened glass which is anti-scratch and shock proof whose sole aim is to protect the LED screen.

Last but not least an ergonomic stand that is very stable comes in handy since it enables the monitor to remain still while working on it. Not only that, it has rubber covers that enable a firm grip, thus preventing it from skidding from your hands.

Of noteworthy are the two rechargeable pens that come along with it. They double up as tools for drawing and also can act as erasers. Furthermore, these monitor is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems making it a versatile tool.

A point to note is that it works pretty well with most art softwares even in a three monitor setup environment. Installing this device is simple, you can make it in less than thirty minutes. Just follow the laid down instructions. For you to install the drivers successfully, you must first remove your Wacom drivers before installing the ones for this gadget. Install the driver from the CD that it came with, but also make a point of updating by downloading the current softwares from the XP-PEN’S website before putting it into use.

To add on that, it works best when you set your computer screen and the tablet to a uniform 1920*1080 resolution. Also recommended is a monitor arm which you can purchase. It works great with programs such as Paint Tool Sai, FireAlpaca, GIMP, CLIP Studio, Paint EX, Blender, Sculptris, Anime Studio


It is a no brainer when choosing these amazing gadget over other expensive rivals. Paint, design, and edit more intuitively and naturally with great ease.  Cut your purchasing costs, at the same time achieve astounding results. What a fabulous bargain!


  • Comes with an ergonomic stable stand that prevents it from shaking while working
  • The monitor gets well protected with toughened glass
  • Comes with two rechargeable pen
  • Comes along with an HDMI adapter for use with a Mac
  • Compatible with most graphic software’s among them Adobe Photoshop, Corel painter among Others
  • Has a convenient 22-inch large screen giving a large surface to perform your drawing
  • An excellent screen resolution of 1920*1080 giving you cinematic views
  • 2048 level for professional use
  • Allows up to 3D modeling and editing
  • A proven sensitivity making it all smooth and natural
  • High brightness that provides you with an exceptional visual experience
  • Easy to install and works harmoniously with many operating systems
  • Good pen latency and parallax
  • Excellent price in comparison to performance
  • Comes when calibrated but you can change it if you wish
  • Helpful company


  • The pen is made of plastic making it look cheap
  • The cables do not match
  • To use the pens, you must charge them
  • Some small issues with the drivers
  • Does not have a pen eraser
  • The pen has some more resistance at the tip requiring some more weight for maximum pressure
  • Cables come pretty short needing some more extension
  • The interface is a bit confusing
  • Not responsive to a rotation movement
  1. Huion H610 Pro – Best illustrator tablet

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Just like its previous sibling, the Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet maintains the legacy of sleekness and aesthetic coolness.

Design, features, and performance

The tablet gets designed with a smart, sensitive screen that takes in any small details inputted by the pen. You can produce thick or thin lines by just adjusting the pressure which you apply on the pen. It also boasts of an accurate responsiveness that will erase the need for constant corrections as it captures your intentions correctly.

Moreover, the pen is lighter than the previous models of the gadget. You don’t need to use batteries in your pen, just charge it for two hours and use it for up to 800 hours. Moreover, speed up your working with the available shortcut buttons, and all the 16 hot cells available for use which are also customizable to your liking.

Has an ultrathin working surface, engraved at one-centimeter depth. Show what you are made off in the artistry world with these amazing piece of instrument. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.8.0/later versions and Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 with a one year warranty.


Move around quickly and in style with these piece of an art equipment, as you quench your artistic cravings. Comes in handy for folks who want good quality at a lesser price compared to the real giants in the market.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Draw effortlessly with the enabled pressure levels pen
  • Has a good size drawing surface
  • Works well with software’s especially Artrage which is useful for painting techniques and mischief which is best for sketching ideas
  • A highly responsive stylus
  • The buttons are pretty solid, nothing creaky and cheap
  • A good feel and light stylus
  • More features for less price
  • Comes with a glove and a bag to protect it
  • Can be used by both professionals and amateurs
  • Portable as it can fit in a standard backpack
  • Sturdy
  • Long lasting nibs
  • Fantastic shortcut buttons
  • Smooth interface and beautiful design
  • A user manual to aid your usage of the product


  • The pen is not rechargeable hence, needs to plugged on to the USB capable for you to use it
  • Doesn’t work with all the software, for example, basic paint
  • Installing the drivers can be a bit annoying
  • Instructions do not show you how to set it up
  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 Anniversary – Best for photoshop

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If speed and advancement in technology are the in things for you, while selecting a drawing tablet, then the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 begs for your attention. With elegant and exotic features, it boasts of the latest new Windows 10 operating system and an interactive pen that is said to be the best in the market.

Design, features, and performance

It is well designed and functions more like a real laptop rather than a tablet. Move around your work with lightning speed enabled by the 8 GB RAM and toss those snail tablets into the garbage pit. Also of interest is the amount of storage space at your beckon. With 256 GB memory, you will virtually store any important work you have, and you will be even tempted to save in other things which are not relevant such as movies just to utilize the amount of space provided.

Furthermore, security of your device gets substantially boosted by comprehensive security details that include, a firewall, an anti-virus program and anti-phishing technologies available to you for the entire lifetime of your gadget.

Last but not list, enjoy a comprehensive view provided by a 12.3-inch pixel sense display offering fluid pictures which are real life in nature. The processor is of the 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor. Thus quality work is guaranteed, unlike the older archaic tablets that have idiosyncrasies concerning their performance.

A point to observe is that if you are planning on doing some gaming with this device, or some other intense stuff, consider removing the case on it. A case would prevent the metal case’s passive cooling.  To work your way around from minor setbacks such as the screen being auto adjusted to low brightness is simple. Just set the brightness to dark when you find yourself in a place with a low light setting.


We recommend this beast to those who have the budget and know what they want in their artistic sojourns.  Any good artist worth their salt should grab this one!


  • The tablet Comes pre-installed with impressive features such as windows Ink, comprehensive security, and Windows Hello.
  • In the tablet mode controls and dialogue boxes expand
  • With an 8 GB RAM, it is very fast and efficient; you can even term it as standby
  • Long battery life
  • The screen looks stunning and has a high responsiveness
  • A good replacement for the laptop
  • The pen is cool and works everywhere
  • An excellent keyboard
  • Full windows and earlier problems from previous models have been ironed out
  • A good facial recognition and login technology that makes it easy to access the device and also hard for someone to steal or have an unauthorized access.
  • It is light and sturdy
  • The surface pen is ideal for drawing, taking notes and other work that require precision
  • A fantastic storage capacity enabling you to store your documents without any worries


  • The pen gets magnetically connected to the screen during travel hence making it difficult to keep track of it.
  • Windows 10 is not a decent tablet OS contrasted with iOS because of responsiveness, battery life, work processes, and application ecosystem
  • It does not include a keyboard while purchasing it, yet it does not replace an IPad
  • Does not come with the windows anniversary update as advertised
  • Using some internet application programs such as chrome will make your tablet to overheat and your battery will run down quickly
  • Sometimes the fan has some issues like producing some noise
  • The mouse pointer can sometimes be annoying by jumping all over the screen
  • May freeze after some several hours of use
  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 9.7″; 16 GB – Best Android Tablet

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Talk of technology and convenience all in one, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 9.7″; 16 GB Wi-Fi Tablet (Smoky Titanium) SM-P550NZAAXAR comes into mind. Just like their closest rival, the Apple Company, the Samsung Company is also a force to reckon with, in the computing field.

It is in the same vain that they have come up with this technological wizardry in the form of a tablet. The Galaxy Tab A encompasses a Wacom digitizer plus other features found on standard tablets. Just like other top notch rivals, download your drawing software’s from the App store, on top of that, watch your favorite movies, tutorials among other things with exceptional ease.

Design, features, and performance

A handy gadget built with a 2 GB RAM for faster processing of your work, it both acts as a typical smartphone, and a drawing wizard. It has a 2.0-megapixel front camera and a corresponding 5.0-megapixel rear camera for perfect shooting of photographs. In addition to that, it has a 9.7-inch main display with a resolution of 1024*768, enabling it to produce quality pictures which are next to real life.

Lastly, the Wi-Fi capability is also a plus, browse, share, and do anything that involves the net with great speed and ease. The smoky titanium look is also appealing to the eye.

A point to note is that the otter box for this gadget is awesome. Though it does not have a flap for the S-Pen, it is made up of aesthetically suitable material which feels nice to hold for extended periods of time.


This tablet is an excellent tablet at the cost. You may not be getting something as quick as an iPad Air 2 or something that utilizes aluminum build; however, you will get an easy to use gadget. The UI looks incredible feels fast and physically looks decent too. The applications that come preinstalled are exceptional and outstanding that individuals can utilize. It’s an expert by any means; you will get something that has a decent form quality at a modest cost.

A sure bet for those who want great functionality but with a lower price. Ideal for those artists who are starting up with a keen interest in quality output.


  • Has an S-Pen which is more accurate than aftermarket stylus
  • An expandable memory of up to 128 GB
  • It has an excellent Android operating system that has a small learning curve
  • A good screen resolution for watching movies, reading books, streaming media among other things.
  • Amazing battery
  • Has a good user interface
  • Has a smart manager application that updates you about everything happening on your device, as the amount of space available, about the status of your security software and the status of your battery
  • A 2 GB RAM making it fast in its operation
  • Bright screen
  • Decent cameras
  • Dual speakers that sound great
  • SD card slot
  • Screen ratio is a 4:3 ratio
  • Has Wi-Fi for excellent connectivity also supports a TV interface


  • The S Pen uses only the brown color
  • It sometimes gets hard to read small text
  1. Apple iPad Pro (128 GB, Wi-Fi, Silver) – 12.9″ Display – Best for mac & top rating

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And, lastly, our top most tablet on the list is the Apple iPad Pro. A product of one of the most known giants in the technological field, these amazing gadget doubles up as an artistic device and at the same time as a mini-computer. It is an improvement of the previous Apple devices.

Created specifically with a digital artist in mind, it offers an interactive apple pencil application. To add on that, get loads of drawing applications readily available by downloading them free of charge from the App store.

Design, features, and performance

Designed with the modern world in mind these tablet offers incredible features and functionalities. Among them is un-compromisable power that cannot get compared to your average PC. It stamps authority regarding making any artistic work a breeze.

Speed gets enabled by the A9X chip, which makes editing of large files look like child’s play, get your results in milliseconds. In addition to that, it has Wi-Fi, and LTE connectivity, share, upload, download or even create a hotspot among other things with great ease.

Last but not least, security of your device gets guaranteed by the use of the latest Touch ID technology. Your fingerprint is your password, therefore make secure transactions without worry. We have the 12.9-inch and the new 9.7-inch models, with the former boasting of un-comparable resolution in any ios device while the latter has an advanced display that is the brightest and the least reflective in the entire global village.


For sure these one is an overkill for you since you have both a palmtop and a drawing tablet on the same device. Not only that, the price tag is too good compared to its performance. Draw, touch and swipe away through those complex assignments!


  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Gorgeous
  • Great power
  • Huge, crisp and rich in color screen
  • Smooth performance even during multitasking
  • Exceptionally natural rich sound
  • Fast
  • Light


  • Quite expensive

The Drawing Tablets Buyer’s Guide

Given the information above and possibly from other sources, any newbie artist or enthusiast may get tempted to yell bravo! And probably hit the road to the next mall, supermarket or whatever distributor is available to grab one. But wait a minute, it is fallacious to act or think that way.

Broadly speaking many things must come into play before you consider shelling some hard earned pennies on a product. Whether you are new or a pro in this particular field, a good rule of thumb is to exercise due diligence and get acquainted with some issues, such as the technology behind that gadget you are eyeing among others before making a move.

With that in mind let as dig in and get familiar with some of the attributes you should base on, before landing on a particular brand.

The technology behind drawing tablets

Having read our review, you will concur with us, that we have cut across a wide range of tablets. To cut to the chase, we have considered tablets that have dual functions. In essence, they can act as laptops and at the same time, they are configured with drawing software’s to enable an artist achieve their objectives.

On the other hand, we have tablets which serve a single purpose, that of acting as a secondary monitor, giving an artist a surface where he or she can indulge their prowess. Therefore, let’s dive in and get to know them.

Dual purpose drawing tablets

To start with, let us ask ourselves the basic question, what is a drawing tablet? It is a peripheral hardware device that captures data and converts them into digital form with the assistance of the required softwares. It can be either store the information or can transfer it to a PC. They can also act as mouse, whereby a move on them by a digital pen, results to a corresponding move by the cursor on your PC.

In a simple analogy, it can get described as mating your computer mouse, with a pencil and a drawing book then connecting the whole system to a PC. Tablets work with absolute positioning. You move your hand and place the tip of your pen on the corresponding point on the surface of your tablet to that of the cursor on the monitor of your PC.

Features to look out for when purchasing Graphics tablet

  • Size: how big or small your personal computer’s monitor is, substantially determines the size of tablet you ought to acquire. For smooth working your tablet and computer should be able to achieve the same pixel resolution. For instance, a tablet too small for your monitor will cause the cursor to be jumpy, thus denying you a chance to make excellent selections. On the other hand, a tablet too large for your screen renders it slow, these will require a lot of hand movement, and in the course of your work, you will tend to tire your arm muscles at a faster rate.

In another perspective, smaller tablets are mostly cheaper compared to the bigger ones and are easy to fit onto your desktop. It would make sense if you bought a larger model if you were going to use it for CAD because the smaller ones can also do marvelous work.

  • Pressure sensitivity: I would consider these as the most relevant technical aspect when purchasing a tablet. Why purchase one if it does not put this element into effect? You would rather remain with your traditional mouse. A sensitive screen will enable you to come up with absolutely fantastic results without much a hassle. The greater, the better.
  • Type of work: choose a tablet that is in line with your interest. Different models tend to get better results than others depending on the use. For example, there are those suitable for painting, others for photo manipulation and the list goes on and on. In a nutshell, choose what befits your job description.
  • Price: look out for what you can afford. Avoid straining your pockets, as the adage goes “cut the coat according to your size.” We have cheaper models that perform similarly the same quality of work as the expensive ones. It is wise to start small as an entry artist, then graduate upwards.
  • Functionality: I can bet that most people crave for products that function well and are easy to use. A tablet that provides straightforward buttons and hot keys tend to increase your work output. The reason, you will take less time doing repetitive routines i.e. copy and paste. Avoid the vagaries of a stalling tablet, or endless circles while trying to perform mundane tasks.
  • Convenience: buy a product that will easily fit into your daily routine. No need to buy a large size tablet, if you spent most of your time traveling and you want to work as well. A small portable one will suit your needs.
  • Compatibility: It is nice to have a tablet that is compatible with many operating systems, the more, the better. Apart from that it should work with most graphical applications which you can download from the internet. These will spare you the agony of purchasing extra tablets to cater for new interests.
  • Accessories: you will agree with me when I say that replacements are very vital. When one of your accessories fails, they come in handy. A good company should give you some of these, for example, a mouse and a pen. You can buy more for yourself from online shops.
  • Type of pen: the pen can also weigh in, if we consider convenience. A pen which does not require batteries to work, helps reduce your expenditure and is convenient to use in more than one environment i.e. when traveling. Others can distract you while working, especially those that have buttons on them. You will unwittingly press the buttons while working causing some stoppages in your working, as it will interfere with your thought process; which may not go well with you.
  • Customer care: purchase products from reputable companies that value their customers. Choose a company that listens and attends to their needs, one that has a team of support staff dedicated to answering customer queries. Has a robust website that is translated into many different languages and allows you to download drivers, tutorials, etc. A precise warranty for your product is advisable because anything can happen, for instance during shipment.
  • Second-hand market: Although it might not sound that important, you can get to a point where you need to upgrade your devices. Having a market which can take your gadget at a price can help you out. Sell your old tablet and update to a newer version.
  • Original products: Always buy your tablet from certified and authorized dealers. There are so many counterfeited goods out there. Many people have fallen victims to scammers, therefore before purchasing goods from a Company ensure you at least Google the Company name and determine their validity. Pretty simple just type the name and add the word scam on your browser, you will get some information.

Having dealt with that, let us have a look at some of the positives and negatives of having one.

Advantages of using a drawing tablet

  • Allows concepts to get converted to digital reality: with the active communication between the pen and tablet, artists can effectively relay their handwritten notations. The pressure sensitive system will capture all these. Long are the days when artists could lose their precious work, through flimsy ways, for example, accidentally dumping their job in a trashcan.
  • Enables you to work faster and more efficient: you can select what you want by a single swipe of your hand, unlike the traditional mouse where you need to navigate several slides. You will use the pressure on the pen to vary width, effect, opacity, intensity, etc. of your lines. The pen also has two buttons which you can choose to program for commands.
  • Allows originality: with a pen and a corresponding surface, mimicking a pencil and paper, an artist will feel natural and produce the best, unlike using the conventional mouse.
  • Comfortable to use: in contrast to the conventional mouse which can cause some injuries on your wrist due to repeated movements of your forearm. A pen gives you the chance to work while in a relaxed position. It eliminates the unnecessary twisting of your forearm that results to muscle and tendon strains.

Disadvantages of drawing tablets

  • They don’t work well with games: Apart from a few which get manufactured to support gameplay, majority don’t pass the test. Most game interfaces support mouse control, but not a pen.
  • Cannot get used in some fields: potential application areas such as architecture and engineering prefer the traditional mouse over them. Programs such as AutoCAD get quickly zoomed in and out by the use of mouse scroll wheel. Pressure sensitivity is of no apparent interest to those programs.
  • Needs some technological savviness: Not everybody who has an interest in these gadgets can operate them. You need some basic knowledge about computers and their software’s. These will entail some time and money invested in training. Then there is the learning curve you must endure to be effective.
  • Some are expensive: though there exist some cheap and efficient options. Someone requiring the most decent and capable will have to part with a sizeable amount of cash.

Let us know look at the stand alone tablets

These tablets work in a similar version like the ones that have computing components. The only difference is that they can’t store anything or compute anything. They only act as secondary monitors. All that gets done gets transferred to the PC.

Similarities between the two

  • They both offer surfaces to be drawn on
  • Use the same technology in their operation i.e. a pressure pen is common to both of them
  • They all use some software’s which are similar
  • They both communicate with a secondary PC

Advantages of standalone tablets

  • Size: majority of them come in a big size, thus offering a large surface to work. These will increase the angle of doing your job, hence high flexibility
  • Cheaper: since they don’t have the computing technology, majority cost less than the former
  • Compatibility: they are compatible with many programs since they do not have direct control over them
  • High definition: most of them provide cinematic pictures thanks to their high pixel resolution and excellent features. Since they provide no other service, they strive to give their best on this specialization

Disadvantages of this tablets

  • Cannot operate on their own: To utilize them, you must have PC to store data and information during and after working
  • They cannot function without a power source: since they don’t have an internal battery, they solely depend on external power. For you to use it, plug it into a power supply, or connect it physically to your PC
  • Bulky: especially for the large ones. They can get cumbersome moving around with because they cannot fit comfortably in your backpack or traveling bag.
  • Restricts movement: you will need to use it at a stationary position where you have placed your PC. It can get hilarious if you try to move around with your whole office considering a desktop in this context or even a laptop

So what should you figure out before buying them?

Because of their similar functionalities, what we have discussed for the other tablets can get mapped hear.

Some FAQ’S about drawing tablets

  • What is the best way to position a drawing tablet?
  • Where do I find the best drawing tablet?
  • Where do I find a cheap drawing tablet?
  • What should I consider when buying a drawing tablet?

Final words

To sum it all, we believe you to have gotten a bit enlightened, about some of the best drawing tablets available. The list was crafted with the buyer’s needs at hand i.e. what are his or her expectations, which products can give them the best value for their money etc.

We hope that the list will empower you to come up with an informed decision, about the best drawing tablet you want to acquire, depending on your needs and financial muscle. No product is better than the other; it depends on the job requirements the user needs to meet.

Funny enough you may find out that we have a cheap tablet, but performance wise, it gives the same quality of an expensive model. What does these imply? Price is not a factor to put too much weight on or emphasis. Look at all the factors wholesomely.


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