Football gloves are important one while playing the game. It helps a lot to protect our fingers from the ball. Choosing the best football glove is somewhat tricky. Stickiest football gloves are safer than normal gloves.

Here we reviewed 10 Best Football Gloves in the market. All are high quality, sticky and provide excellent performance.

Nike, Cutter, Under Armour, Battle and many of the popular football gloves brands are available.

You need to consider some important features while buying the gloves. Otherwise, the disappointment is guaranteed.

In our review, we assure all 10 Gloves are high quality and 100% satisfy you without any doubts. Let us find the cool football Gloves for sale.

Top 10 Best Football Gloves review:

10. Nike Men’s Vapor Jet 3.0 Football Gloves

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Nike is the popular multinational corporation company for sports equipment, clothes, and shoes. Their Football Gloves also very famous. Plenty of International players and club players are using the Nike Gloves for their match.

Nike Gloves are really awesome to wear. Vapor Jet 3.0 is the perfect fit gloves for all hands. Medium, Large, XL and small sized gloves are available. It is one among the stickiest football glove in the market.

These provide the excellent grip while carrying the balls. You will never feel the gloves while wearing because of the light weight. It provides long lasting performance and flexibility.

9. Cutters Gloves REV Pro Receiver Glove

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Cutters Football Gloves are very famous in worldwide. Their unique technology and quality are the success factors. Cutters REV Pro Receiver Glove is the popular product and provides an excellent grip while catching the ball.

You have to run often and many players often disturbed when you have a ball in your hand. That time balls can easily fell down if you are wearing the low-quality gloves. But Cutters Rev Pro has C-TACKTM material that provided excellent grip around the gloves.

It also meets NOCSAE standards. So, you no need to worry about these Gloves. Machine washable and dryable is the added advantage of these Gloves. Many Gloves easily tears if you put often into machine washes. But REV Pro Receiver Glove using a Synthetic material, so it can’t easily tear even rough usage.

8. Battle Double Threat Football Gloves

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The best football gloves offer unbelievable comfort and quality. Battle Double Threat created a pair that are made of PerfectFit material – a comfortable and breathable material that enhances your game. Secure the wrists with the Velcro closure strap for a secure and protective fit so the gloves won’t fall off during the sport. But this security doesn’t impede your flexibility as the gloves’ design enables exceptional freedom, so you’re always in control of the ball.

If you’re serious about football, you should be searching for durable gloves that improve your play. Battle Double Threat gloves are designed with wear points and intricate stitching so you can comfortably grip the ball during play. This brand also offers an extensive selection of colors, sizes, and designs to help you stand out on the field. 

The breathable and comfortable design enables you to play for hours without any irritation or discomfort. Plus, these gloves are durable, though if you’re not satisfied with the production, your purchase comes with an inclusive 90-day guarantee so you’ll always get peace of mind each time you wear them.

7. Men’s Under Armour F5 Football Glove

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Under Armour Men’s Football Gloves provides the solid performance. When comes to Sports gears, Under Armour is an iconic manufacturer. It is a machine washable football glove so, that cleaning process also very simple.

If you are looking for football gloves for a reasonable price, this should be a right choice for you. Blue, green, White, Black, Pink, Orange, Yellow, and many colors football gloves are available.

It made for all kind of temperature and weather condition. F5 Football Gloves fits all of the Men’s hand perfectly because of the adjustable fit. It also used Super-sticky Armour GrabTack for better grip and performance.

6. Nike Men’s NIKE VAPOR JET 4 Lightspeed Football Receiver Gloves

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It is an another cool Nike Football Gloves. Nike Vapor jet 4 has Mesh knuckles that can help to adjust your finger easily. The sturdy outsole helps to prevent from any finger injuries. That is why these gloves are recommended for Youths and Teenage players. The adjustable closure is available for a custom fit.

5. Battle Ultra-Stick Receiver Gloves

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As I already said the battle is an iconic brand for Football Gloves. It used Ultra Blad-span technology that provides an excellent performance and increases the durability.

These gloves available with 10 different colors with 9 different sizes. You can able to defence the ball by use of these gloves.

Shock absorbent reduced the vibration when you catch the force ball. Kids, Adults, and Youths sizes are available for sale now.

4. Men’s Under Armour Swarm II Football Gloves

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Designed to meet NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards. Thanks for UA ClutchFit that help to provide excellent grip while catching the ball.

Orange color professional look Football Gloves are really attractive to see. They never dissatisfy you because of the quality in nature. These are the revolutionary Football Gloves for professional players.

3. Cutters Force Lineman Gloves:

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Lineman Gloves are the most needed Football Gloves for many players. Most of the players impress these types of gloves because of the C-TACK material on the finger. Yes, It has C-TACK material on the finger for extra grip.

Double wrist strap provides the better safety of wrist while playing. Cutters Force Lineman Gloves are the Black and white color for Adults. These Gloves never dissatisfy you. Machine washable also possible and it can help to make our gloves clean and super cool.

2. Franklin Sports Youth Receiver Gloves

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If you are looking for football gloves with great quality means, take a look at this Franklin Sports Gloves for youths. Extra wrist protection also available for Franklin Gloves. These Gloves only preferred for Youths.

High quality Synthetic material is used to manufacture this glove, that is why many people buy this product. Synthetic material provides long lasting performance.

1. Cutters Gloves C-TACK Revolution

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Some persons may want to seek Football gloves for professional usage and some of you searching for recreational usage. Cutters C-Tack Revolution football gloves are the boon for all kind of players. It provides excellent grip because of the C-Tack technology. These are highly durable and machine washable.

It doesn’t hurt your finger while hitting the force ball on your finger. You can throw the ball with a nice gripping features. Because of that, it helps your performance on the ground.

How to Clean Football gloves?

Cleaning football glove is not easy. Many of the manufacturer told you can clean the football glove by machine. But machine washable is not safe for football gloves. Because the material of the glove made with soft material. So, if you need to avoid damaging you need to handwash them. Here are the simple tips to handwash your football gloves.

First you need to take a bucket and fill lukewarm water. After that you can pour the detergent into the bucket. Then put your gloves into the bucket and allow them to wet completely. Then you can scrub them by your hand smoothly instead of using brush.

After complete your scrub, rinse them by using pure water. Then dry them off using hair dryer or drying rack.

Guide to choosing football gloves:

In football, a glove plays a critical role, which is, not only limited to providing grip and protection during play, but also accentuates the sports team brand image. Therefore, when choosing gloves, several aspects should be taken into consideration including the price tag, playing position, desired material, and the brand. It is in light of this fact that the following article provides insightful discussion on how to choose the best football gloves.

Guide on how to pick the best football gloves?

When browsing or checking your bucket list for the best type of football gloves, you need to be aware of your position and the job description before purchasing a football glove. Importantly, the position of the player sums up all the features of the glove to be purchased. This is to say that the type of gloves worn by a linebacker is different from those worn by running backs. For instance, a lineman glove is customized with rigid frames that prevent fingers from bending while holding the opponent. On the other hand, receiver gloves are lightweight to allow them to be agile during contact.

Note that at no given point in life will the players exchange their gloves. For example, a lineman cannot use a hand glove designed for a running back and vice versa.

1. Price

Most football gloves brands have something for everyone. In the market, there are different types of gloves, and their quality and durability largely rely on their prices. Cheap gloves are mostly of poor quality as they rarely last. However, most expensive gloves have different specs that are not limited to the high-quality material. However, some high-quality football gloves are relatively cheap. Therefore, make sure you get an expert to intervene before settling for a certain type of football glove.

2. Referrals

As an amateur football player, differentiating between the best football gloves and low-quality gloves tends to be hard. As such, to avoid the hustle, you should seek advice from experts and professional football players. The practice will not only save you money, but it will also save you time. Additionally, the best place to solicit information about the best types of football gloves is the internet. Mostly peruse through web pages of leading brands of football gloves and read the reviews. Again, today the internet has several search engines that make it easy for an individual to gain information in any field. As such, when you type in “the best football gloves” it will take you less than a minute to have the information at your disposal.

Features to check for when choosing your pair of football gloves:

Anyone who interested in choosing the best football gloves should check the type of material used to make the gloves. That is the material used in the upper part of the glove and the material used to offer grip in the palm area.

4. Material used in the upper part of the glove

Due to the integration of health and sports, precaution has been taken on the type of material used to make gloves. The upper part of most gloves is made from leather material as opposed to previous trends that embraced the use of plastics and other synthetic fibers. The use of leather material makes the gloves classy. Moreover, the leather material allows ventilation of the football gloves hence allowing your hands to cool off when sweating.

Notably, research indicates that leather material is highly flexible therefore making your hands comfortable when playing. Its inclusion is not only suitable for running backs but also linemen who are involved in vigorous and intense contact. If you are a beginner and you lack enough capital to access the leather football gloves, then you can as well as use gloves made of synthetic materials. However, you should be aware that you might end up buying several pairs due to their low durability.

5. Material used to offer grip to the palm

When it comes to football, the palm is of significant value. The palm is used to fend off the opponent. Additionally, the palm is used for catching the ball. Therefore, all football players should have gloves that have high grip.

The grip material is mostly made from two materials. First, the grip is made from a special type of leather known as cabatta. The other type of material is latex. The cabatta-gloves are relatively expensive because they are durable and they are flexible. Moreover, gloves made of cabatta are ventilated thus enabling the hand to breath. What is more is that cabatta can be used in both dry and wet weather conditions.

Latex-gloves are relatively cheap, and they are highly flexible. The only problem associated with gloves made of latex grip is that during wet weather conditions they are slippery.

6. Complexion

Imagine a team full of players with sub-standard gloves and dull color and styles playing a team of its caliber that is well kitted and has one of the best gloves. Fanatics can determine the outcome of such a game before the match starts.

The color and style of football gloves determine its consumption. Most football players are fashion sensitive individuals who mostly act as ambassadors and public figures. With such, most of them will settle for gloves that are aggressive and have attractive colors. Additionally, best styles of gloves act as incentives to players

Different color arouses different feelings amid individuals. For instance, the color blue is considered calm because of its association with the sky. Subsequently, on some occasions, the color red is associated with danger. Therefore, the type of hand gloves to be used by players depends on their attitude, preference, and stereotype on certain colors.

7. Material

The gloves’ material has a significant impact on durability, comfort, and breathability. Search for premium strength materials that can offer longevity and ensure the gloves won’t rip on impact. Synthetic is a great go-to material as it’s reliable and long-lasting. However, always examine the fabric, grip, and stitching before wearing the gloves for the first time. We also recommend wiggling your fingers to see how much flexibility they offer.

8. Padding

Padding is the number one feature for protection. If your football gloves don’t come with this feature, you’re more likely to drop the ball. However, more padding isn’t always best, as this can impact your flexibility and add weight to your hands. Fortunately, Battle Double Threat football gloves come equipped with high stick palms so you’re always protected on the field. Consider your position, too, as lineman gloves are more secure with the added benefit of multiple wrist straps.


Football gloves come in different shapes, colors, and styles. The underpinning factor that determines how gloves can be chosen includes their prices, the type of material used to make the glove; both the upper layer of the glove and the palm section. Moreover, the brand of glove also influences how it is sold and what prefer.

To all amateur football players, it is economical to conduct a detailed research before settling for any glove. The discussion is helpful, but it does not tie you to what you should choose. Still, the best type of football gloves are those made from leather.

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