Beauty takes time and I feel all can agree.

Between getting your hair shampooed, styled, and maintained, it is no wonder people these days can spend up to two to three hours in a bathroom, doing nothing else but getting their hair ready!

This is not to be taken in a negative light; men do strange things, as well. So consider this your guide on the top 10 best hair rollers for long hair.

For your convenience, I will list my least favorite to my most favorite, based not on personal preference but on the best value. We start with #10.

Top 10 Hair roller reviews:

10) Self-Grip Velcro Hair Rollers Pro Salon Hairdressing Curlers



Simple, convenient, and cheap. That is what this product seems to resonate. I would say this is the humblest hair roller product available out there.

Coming with 12 plastic rollers, it does not promise great things. Rather, it relies on its meekness. A wary buyer is a good buyer, so I would consider these a test run for those of us who want to try curled hair, rather than a preference.

Do not be fooled, they may actually do some good, but it is not something you would find at the salon!

9) Medium Size Self Grip Velcro Hair Rollers Pro Salon Hairdressing Curlers



Yet another “simple, convenient, cheap” solution to curled and styled hair, this is a predecessor of the one just reviewed, but for another purpose.

Some people prefer larger curls. Other times, people just have longer hair, and this is the product that should be used for those individuals.

Sporting 16 rollers rather than 12, you can actually get this product for a great price. Again, a great solution for those with longer hair or if you desire larger, more flattering curls.

8) Conair Magnetic Rollers



Want to try something a bit more advanced? Conair Magnetic Rollers promise to provide “smooth and effervescent curls,” and sports 75 curlers.

Though not much pricier than the others, that seems to be the reason why this is not our top solution: the fact that it is so inexpensive reveals some minor flaw in its manufacturing, though that is based on speculation.

Coming with a magnetic clip and comb, I would say this is a good buy, but not quite the best.

7) Magic Doughnut-Donut Sticks Rollers Circle Spiral Plastic Hair Curly Curler Curl Roll Ringlets Wave Hairdressing Care Hairstyle Maker Styling Tool DIY Salon Accessory



Not the most attractive name (it is actually much longer on the website but for sake of brevity I have shortened it), #7 on the list is the Magic Doughnut-Donut Sticks Rollers.

The difference here is that they are not curlers; they are rollers. In other words, they wrap around the hair rather than curling through it, which makes for a unique curling experience and one probably a lot less painful compared to products in its caliber.

6) Soft Sponge Cute Strawberry Style Hair Curler Balls



What? Yes, I know. They are just stylish balls you shove into your hair to – hopefully – get some curls from it. Then why it is #6 and not #10? For one, take this into consideration: you are styling your hair with a standard hair roller, and are afraid to so much as step out of the bathroom because of the mess!

These, however, look good! They also seem to work, making them #6 on our list of “Best Hair Rollers”. Coming with 12 rollers (or shall I say, pretty curler balls), new methods of hair styling are among us!

5) Molain Hair Curlers Secret Curling Styling LCD Display PTC Heating Hair Roller Hair Styling



Do you want more control over your hair curling needs? This hair roller is one way beyond the others on this list, this is not your standard roller.

For one, it does not sit in your hair; this one is for those who want a more manual experience. Simply turn on, place into your hair, and curl as needed.

This product provides a more customizable experience without the mess, which goes to show why it is a top selection by stylists.

4) Remington H5600D 20-Piece Multi-Sized Roller Set



Pushing forward, this set of rollers looks more like it is meant for reuse. They seem durable, and with a little heat could really do some damage (not to your hair, but to the world around you, as you will look stunning).

Using ionic technology (a fancy way to say “magnetic”), you get 20 rollers, which is really all you require if you are just trying to curl your hair. I grant this #4 on our list!

3) xtava 2-in-1 Magic Wand (Sapphire) – Straighten or Curl Your Hair to Perfection with One Multi-Functional Travel Tool – Lightweight, Compact Design with Ceramic Plates for Easy Styling



Perfect for both straightening and curling, this product does more than just curl your hair. As a single item, it allows for beautifully straight hair, or beautifully curly hair (yes, it does both).

Sporting a rather attractive look and feel, it promotes the true essence of hair curling and straightening. As you can clearly see, the most effective and innovative devices win over our approval!

2) MQB 5-In-1 Hair Curler Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Curling Iron Wand Sizes 09-18 / 19 / 19-25 / 25 / 32 mm Ceramic Barrels + Heat Resistant Glove



#2 in our list is a product I think would work wonders on women’s hair! It comes with 5 curlers, all of which are iron-cast and do not sport the typical “roller” look.

Utilizing heat (including everything down to a standard socket plug-in), you simply heat them up and roll your hair as desired.

Though a bit more legwork required (I do not think these are meant to stay in your hair for long periods of time), this product could not be any better. It even comes with a glove to avoid burning your hands while in use!

1) xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron and Wand Set – Professional Salon-Grade Tool with Interchangeable Ceramic Tourmaline Barrels, Heat Protectant Glove, and Thermal Travel Bag



Last but most assuredly not least is the XTava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron and Wand Set. With lots of useful features (we have done our research), this product is very similar to our #2 pick, except for a few exemplifications.

Per our other reviews, this one is made out of iron! Also, it sports heat as a primary deterrent; with no heat, you will get no results, but that is why salons use them. It can be used to both straighten and curl hair, depending on your personal preference. Overall, this one is #1.

What is Hair roller?

Hair roller is a small tube that is rolled into the persons hair. By using the hair roller we can able to curl the hair or straighten the hair. That is why many of the people often buy this product.

Different types of Hair rollers are available in the market to make your hair style better. After rolled into the hair, we need to heat the roller in order to make change your hair. Different diameter available for hair rollers. Women often change their hair to feel them better.

How to use the Hair curlers?

Using the hair roller is somewhat harder for beginners. So, here we explained how to use the hair rollers for most people.

  1. First you need to choose the right type of rollers. Small rollers creates more curl compared to large roller. Large hair rollers is perfect one for long and fine hair.
  2. After that you can heat the curls before rolled into your hair. Heating is very important to make your curl beautiful.
  3. Then you need to apply the heat activated cream on your hair. This will help you to protect your hair from breakage.
  4. Partition your hair about 2 to 3 inches wide.
  5. Start from your forehead. Comb your forehead hair, place the roller and rolling it after that secure it with the clips.
  6. Then repeat the process for side and back hairs.
  7. The seventh step is leave the rollers until it completely cools.
  8. After cool down, you need to remove the rollers one by one
  9. Then you can style your hair according to your needs.

These are the nine step process used to style your hair.

Guide to choose best hair rollers:

You can style your hair in an almost infinite ways. Selecting the most fashionable hairstyle might be too intimidating and daunting if you do not know where to look. There are many methods that you can choose from, but finding the one that suits your taste is always important. One of the most resilient ways has been tested by time and these are your hair rollers. Today we will be making a proper guide to choose hair rollers for you.

The material, design, size, and type are just some of the things that you need to consider for your hair roller. Aside from the conventional rollers, there are also the heated types.

Applying heat is vital if you want your curls to last longer. The hot curlers also have a steam variety. Steam hair rollers are heavier compare to the conventional types because of its material. The latest improvements in its manufacturing have resulted to the use of titanium and ceramic materials. It is designed to protect your hair from developing unwanted split ends while keeping it hydrated. Accidental burning of your treasure tresses is now a thing of the past. Hot rollers nowadays use molecular technology that prevents excessive heat that may burn your hair.

You can also opt for the non-heated ones for creating temporary waves and ringlets. These types of rollers have many varieties to choose from. To avoid confusion, simply search for the one that you can really use. Always consider the length of your hair before choosing a roller. The outcome of the curl is also an important matter. This will be achieved according to the width and length of the roller. When you use a wider diameter, it will result in a smoother and fuller curl. If you want a spirals and tight twists, then the thin roller is perfect for the task.

Rolling your hair while it is dry or wet will also make a huge difference in your desired outcome. Choose the Velcro or mesh types when you are wet-setting your hair but do not use it with very wet hair. Make sure that your hair is slightly damp by air drying or blow drying first. These are perfect for medium to light volume of hairs. Avoid these types of you have thick and very curly locks because it will snag easily. Foams are also available if you are uncomfortable with the ceramic, metal and plastic varieties. The downside of foams is that your hair will dry longer because of its spongy nature.

Other notable mentions are the magnetic type, snap-on, extra-large, pillow-soft, ribbon curlers, Spoolies, and flexi-rods. The magnetic rollers are not really magnetic in nature. These are made with plastic and have ventilation holes in them. Wet hair will stick firmly on this type of roller without needing any styling products. Its natural adhesiveness have resulted it to be called magnetic. The snap-on or brush hair roller should be used with caution because it tends to secure your hair too tightly. There is also a higher chance of snagging your hair which will be very difficult to unravel.

Whenever you are opting for an oriental look, the flexi-rod or twirler is the perfect roller for you. The resulting spiral fuzz is easily achieved without too much work. Using the wrong roller for an overnight use will prove very difficult to sleep with. You can easily avoid this problem by choosing the pillow-soft types. Simply put it on and forget about it when you sleep. You will wake up with the most wonderful curls every day. You can also achieve a corkscrew locks by using the ribbon curlers. This can be combined with other curlers if you want to create your signature look.

The best hair rollers will always vary. This means that you can change your hairstyle often and in a number of ways. Do not forget that a healthy hair is achieved through your diet. Keep a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle and it will show on your hair. Any signs of stress will also be evident in the quality of your hair. Always show confidence when you flaunt your shiny and lustrous mane. Do not forget to take good care of your curlers by keeping it clean at all times.


I hope you should enjoy reading this definite review guide about Hair rollers. These are the some best hair rollers on the market. If you like our review then share this with your friends. And also, comment down your favorite hair rollers in our list.



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