It’s no secret that most everyone loves to sing. We sing along with the radio while driving to work or school. We sing in the shower and in public (for the daring). Those that like to sing with others, at parties, or in a club or bar, will need to make use of a karaoke machine.

This article will list the top 10 karaoke machines designed for use by children, in the home, on the go or in a professional setting, for those looking to making a career change.

We will also discuss the components of a karaoke machine that you should look for in your unit, or know what to avoid to save a little cash. So tune it up, belt it out and lets’ get on with the show!

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Akai KS780-BT

iKaraoke KS780-BT Bluetooth CD&G Karaoke System, Black

Singing Machine Karaoke SML385BTBK with Bluetooth

Singing Machine Karaoke Machine, (SML385UBK)

Karaoke USA GF842 DVD/CDG/MP3G Karaoke System

Karaoke USA GF842 DVD/CDG/MP3G Karaoke Machine with 7' TFT Color...

MCP-75 Suono Soundstream by Pure Acoustics

Pure Acoustics PA System with LED Party Lights, Wireless Portable...

Akai KS838-BT

iKaraoke KS838-BT The Ultimate Bluetooth Party Machine, 7'

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone(Pink White)

ION Audio Tailgater

No products found.

No products found.

Altec Lansing Party Star Karaoke Machine

Altec Lansing Karaoke Machine (ALP-K500)

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System

product photo of Singtrix

Wireless Karaoke Microphone H8

[CLEARANCE] Wireless Karaoke Microphone H8 Portable Handheld Karaoke...

How We Choose Our Ratings

karaoke machine with headset

We scour online customer reviews and testimonials, considering all the feedback whether good or bad. We use a five-star rating system. Five stars means it exceeds our expectations and we rate them from there.

Even if we don’t give a machine a five-star rating, it doesn’t mean it’s not a great karaoke machine; it might be the best choice for you!

Top 10 Karaoke Machines

These are the highest rated units spit out by Kirk’s algorithm. Just because one is higher rated than another doesn’t mean that it is better for your needs. Be careful when making a selection and get the unit that will work best for you.

Akai KS780-BT

iKaraoke KS780-BT Bluetooth CD&G Karaoke System, Black
  • Get the Party started with the loaded iKaraoke KS780-BT Karaoke System
  • Bluetooth - Connect your Bluetooth enabled Smartphone, Tablet or MP3 Player to the KS878-BT and fill the room with your...

This Bluetooth enabled player has a 7-inch screen to display the lyrics to your favorite songs. You can stream from any Bluetooth enabled device as well as load a CD+G CD in the top loader CD player.

The front of the unit is lit up with colorful LEDs to set moods and make the party rock. You can also stream in music from your MP3+Gs that you have downloaded on your mobile phone, tablet or memory stick.

You also have the option to use the supplied cables to plug into your television to enjoy an even bigger display for lyric reading.

Singing Machine Karaoke SML385BTBK with Bluetooth

Singing Machine Karaoke Machine, (SML385UBK)
  • Top loading CD Player plays music CDs plus CD + Graphics
  • Bluetooth for wireless digital audio streaming from compatible devices

The Singing Machine offers a lot of vibrant, dancing colors from it’s LED display. You can load CD+G discs in the top loader and stream from your Bluetooth enabled device.

If your device is a tablet, you can stream in while displaying the graphics on the tablet itself. The Karaoke machine does not have a display, though there is a line out, for audio.

The controls are very limited, though they are easy to use and adjust while playing to create the perfect sound. The high output speakers ensure that the performance can be heard from the other side of the room.

Karaoke USA GF842 DVD/CDG/MP3G Karaoke System

Karaoke USA GF842 DVD/CDG/MP3G Karaoke Machine with 7" TFT Color...
  • 35W Peak Digital Power Amplifier (25W RMS) (Best with Polaroid 9V Batteries)
  • 7" TFT Digital Color Screen

Karaoke USA provides a portable unit that allows you to bring the party anywhere. You can enhance the atmosphere with the bright lights that sync to the music, while playing DC, DVD and MP3+G streaming audio.

You can connect Bluetooth enabled devices, record performances, and playback all with the whole unit. The durability is a little lower than some stand-alone units, but shouldn’t be a problem for minimal movement or set up.

MCP-75 Suono Soundstream by Pure Acoustics

Pure Acoustics PA System with LED Party Lights, Wireless Portable...
  • Remote control included -- USB/SD input provides easy access to music files -- Volume bass and treble control --...
  • Recording function allows you to recored and store directly onto flash drive -- Additional microphone input with...

Pure Acoustics offers a large portable karaoke machine without a display. The audio is ultra high quality and you can input the music from a USB flash drive or SD card. There is also an aux port for plugging in an MP3, tablet or smartphone.

If you need more input, you can also sync with Bluetooth. The stand-alone portable unit comes with two wireless microphones, each with separate volume controls. There is a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours and an AC adapter to plug in whenever you need to keep the party going.

Bright LED party lights and a remote control give you limitless control options including voice adjustments and sound effects.

Akai KS838-BT

iKaraoke KS838-BT The Ultimate Bluetooth Party Machine, 7"
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your Bluetooth enabled devices, tray load CD & CD&G player, USB port for digital download Mp3...
  • Record your favorite performance via USB to share with family and friends, Big 7" color screen, USB port for charging of...

Another entry from Akai is the KS838. This stand-alone, portable unit provides 350 watts of output power, which is enough to use in large areas or even outdoors. The tray loaded unit takes CDs and CD+Gs as well as Bluetooth connected devices.

It has a rechargeable 8-hour battery and enough inputs to stream your music, display lyrics (on a 7- inch screen) and charge your mobile device. It also comes with two wired microphones, digital controls and even has ports for keyboard and guitars to play along.

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone(Pink White)
  • 【3 in 1 Microphone Karaoke】— Wireless Bluetooth Microphone and Speaker, Hassle-free, Just Pair with Your Device by...
  • 【Amazing KTV Echo】—Superior Mic, Two channel Stereo Speakers, maximum SPL 115db, High-quality Noise...

If you are looking for portability, look no further, the microphone does it all. Wired or Bluetooth connection (up to 10 meters) allow you to enjoy singing at any range. The microphone has its own output and is designed to work with most singing apps, KTV and streaming.

You also have the option to plug into your mobile phone with the included cables, extend memory with SD cards and record performances. You also have your choice of eight colors.

Audio quality is great and perfect for small gatherings or smaller rooms. The controls are quite limited, though most singing apps will have their own controls.

ION Audio Tailgater

No products found.

More of a speaker than a karaoke machine by looks, as there are no party lights or fancy displays. However, the speaker is massive, and the output is loud, clear and can fill a large room.

The unit comes with a USB input, Bluetooth connection, and a charging port. The wired mic allows you to project your voice with gusto. Though the controls are limited for effects, you can adjust the quality as with any amplifier. You are able to use apps from your smartphone for added controls, however.

Altec Lansing Party Star Karaoke Machine

Altec Lansing Karaoke Machine (ALP-K500)
  • Enjoy the ultimate karaoke experience with Party Star! With a built-in CD+G player you can sing along with your lyrics...
  • Sound like a professional with the amazing integrated echo effect and Auto Voice Control (AVC) that helps maintain and...

Altec Lansing gives you the ultimate party machine. With two microphones, audio voice control and echo effects, the unit will make anyone sound like a superstar.

You also have the added benefit of party lights, moving mirror ball and all the inputs you can ever need. Connect any device, display or phone for added control and syncing or just play the CD+G disc to start singing.

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System

Karaoke Machine for Adults and Kids with 2 Microphones – Potable...
  • ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL AGES: Release your inner superstar with a top-of-the-line karaoke machine! Includes 1 stage...
  • 5 MUSIC CONNECTION MODES: Croove offers you PROFESSIONAL SOUND QUALITY along with MORE music playing options than other...

Singtrix offers you the chance to sound and look like a professional. You get everything you need to create the perfect karaoke atmosphere, including: over 300 effects, HardTune, echo and voice adjustments (three levels).

It is the only plug and play machine on the market and will automatically adjust for pitch, clarity and volume. You just turn it on and start singing.

Wireless Karaoke Microphone H8

[CLEARANCE] Wireless Karaoke Microphone H8 Portable Handheld Karaoke...
  • Consumer Alert: Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system. Nevertheless, operating...

The final entry is one other ultra-portable microphone. Karaoke Queen gives you an all-inclusive sound microphone with Bluetooth capabilities to link your smartphone and singing apps to produce studio quality sounds.

Completely wireless, you get the benefit of compact size with high output audio. Six control options, including echo and bass.

Buyers Guide

microphone for a karaoke machine

Okay, so having the choices and our ratings aren’t the end all be all of your decision-making process. Every machine has good things, bad things and things to look out for. But what are they? Let’s discuss these things, so you know what to add to your “must have” list while scratching things off your “can live without” list.


Obviously, your budget is going to come into play. Karaoke machines can be as inexpensive as $ or as expensive as $$$, even more! 

You will need to create a budget that you can live with (without having to eat a cup of noodles for three months), and stick to it. Even if that means putting off your purchase for an extra payday or two.


There are several design types, and you should ensure that design will allow you to operate the machine. The cheaper versions have fewer features, fewer buttons and are easier to operate. However, they can sacrifice sound quality to achieve the lower price tag.

Type of Machine

budget karaoke machine

There are two basic types of machines: hardware based and software based. The hardware-based units are all-inclusive. This means they have everything you need to liven up your pool party without the need for other equipment, output devices or displays.

Software-based units will need extra equipment. Usually, it is something to provide the audio output or the video output for the songs. A lot of the software types can be used with a computer, a laptop or tablet, or a gaming console such as an Xbox 1 or a PlayStation 3 or 4.

Hardware-based units can be grouped into four main categories: children's toys, Portable units, Home based units, or professional setups.

a karaoke microphone

Children’s toys are still karaoke machines. Though they aren’t a durable as any other type, they often come in wild, bright and childish colors (not that there's anything wrong with that), and they are quite fragile. The good news is that they still play songs, display lyrics and are fairly inexpensive.

Portable units are designed to go with you anywhere, set up easily and be fully functional. They are generally smaller in size and weight to make them easier to carry but don’t be fooled. These units are rugged, durable and able to produce high-quality sound.

television screen where you can connect the karaoke machine

Home-based units are meant to be set up in your home, where they will live permanently. These units are mostly self-contained, though you may need to provide an audio output device or even connect to your television for video playback.

Professional units are the bee’s knees. These expansive systems can do it all, and are meant for use in large rooms, pubs, bars or restaurants.


There are several types of sound sources that can be used by the various machines. CD + G are music CD’s that come with graphics to display and are common for most machines.

Others can stream from MP3’s, CDs, DVDs, or even mobile phones and tablet computers.


a mobile phone with an app which can download music to the karaoke machine

Most machines will have downloadable apps. These can be either free or paid services and are generally used to stream graphics, some music or to save performances and offer sharing and playback.


audio of a karaoke machine

One of the most important factors will always be the audio. You should have the highest quality sound possible. Controls will be limited on some systems and robust on others.

Look for manual and automatic controls, voice and audio effects, and either built-in speakers or audio output ports.

In Conclusion

Finding the perfect karaoke machine for your needs can be a daunting task. What works for one may not work for the next, so you will need to be picky and careful about your decision-making process.

Figure out exactly what you need, what you can live without and where you won’t budge. From there, your choices should be quite limited and narrowed down, so you can make a better choice from fewer options. Good luck and good singing.

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