Considering how expensive it can be to purchase a new laptop it’s of the utmost importance to do the necessary research beforehand. This review guide is here to help you do precisely that. Lenovo is a fantastic brand providing a wealth of choice and versatility in the models of Laptop they manufacture.

Yet even within this slightly more focused area of consideration there are still so many different Laptops to choose from. Whilst all on this list are more than capable of sitting in an office and dealing with the day to day tasks of modern computing we’re also looking at those that are qualified to deliver a top tier mobile gaming experience.

Why settle for less? If you’re going to work hard you need to play even harder and these Laptops have the specs to handle most anything you could throw at them. Here is a top 10 list of best lenovo gaming laptops.

Top 10 Best Lenovo Gaming Laptop Reviews

10. Lenovo N22 Chromebook

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Far from the gamers dream both the price tag and technical specs of this incredibly simple piece of kit make it worth a thought. For the severely casual gamer, perhaps web based Flash games or apps, this machine could more than meet what you need it for.

It’s not ideal but it’s an incredible deal and if you’re not planning to spend the money on a machine that can handle the FF7 remake on top settings immediately on launch it might be well worth it. It’s mobile, it’s sturdy, it has a ridiculously good battery life and it’s reliable, which are definite factors for a lot of people. Think more playing Pong on a long car trip than CoD.

Pros: Sturdy, simple, capable little machine which is a definite possibility for casual gamers.

Cons: Nowhere near up to spec for any realistic gaming challenge.

9. Lenovo Yoga 700

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The Yoga series is an incredibly versatile little laptop, whilst we are by no means suggesting it was designed specifically with the gamer in mind it definitely stands up to the test. The specs speak for themselves and you can plug them into the requirements of most modern games, perhaps looking at the lower end and see that it measures up.

For the more casual gamer who values the touchscreen and easily adaptable versatility offered by the multimode folding screen this could be the perfect laptop. If you flip it into stand mode and attach an external keyboard and mouse it’ll happily plug away at most any game you throw at it. Additionally, you can flip it straight into tablet mode and enjoy the best of the app store as they were meant to be played.

Pros: Multimode touchscreen display capable of providing tablet, stand, tent and standard configurations meaning whether producing a spreadsheet, watching a film, passing time on an app or putting it to the test with a more immersive gaming experience. It’s got versatility ticked.

Cons: Will struggle serving up a truly top end gaming experience and will only really work for the more casual gamer. Its versatility and price tag make it a worthy mention for the list.

8. Lenovo Ideapad 100

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This is where we really start looking at specs and start deciding what it is we truly need. The only real thing letting down the 100 is the lack of a dedicated graphics card. Something that can be combatted with an external one hooked into the USB. Other than that the specs are fairly impressive and it’s definitely worth consideration if you think about what games you’re going to be tasking it with and what sort of needs go along with them.

Pros: Excellent entry level specced machine that can be enhanced a little to punch above its weight class.

Cons: Still lacking in many departments and won’t be able to really compete with higher entries on the list.

7. Lenovo Ideapad 300

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Sitting in the middle of the Ideapad series the 300 has impressive specs and also boasts a 17.3 inch display which obviously helps it to paint a clearer, more immersive picture. Again it’s a little lacking when it comes to graphical processing power but the other tech specs mean this is something that can be overcome. It’s not dedicated for purpose but if you want a machine that handles your day to day and can perhaps serve up some gaming for your downtime this is another worthy contender.

Pros: Competitive specs with a reasonable pricetag, this machine can handle more than you might expect.

Cons: Still not completely specced for competitive gaming it will need upkeep and perhaps some external help to really compete.

6. Lenovo Ideapad 500

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The Ideapad series features heavily on the list because in all its different variations they are just fantastically designed machines. You have to decide which features work best for you and precisely what it is that you want from the machine though. Lenovo are sure to have the perfect tool for the job and one that is able to handle the upper reaches of the gaming world sits before you now.

The 500 is the best in this series and the specs are fairly impressive, you may have to combine it with an external cooling system to really get the most out of it but it can definitely dish out some clear cut graphical power and will handle a casual gamer’s needs with ease.

Pros: Top of the specs for the basic Ideapad range this laptop balances budget and practicality delivering a top notch performance more than capable of serving the needs of a casual gamer.

Cons: As with the majority of this list the laptop isn’t purposefully geared towards gaming and you’ll have to give it a little assistance in terms of external accessories if you want to get the most out of it.

5. Lenovo ThinkPad P70 Workstation

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Whilst it wouldn’t outrightly call itself a gaming laptop the ThinkPad P70 has some truly staggering stats. Again it’s a case of weighing up what you need but this has some heavy hitting processing power alongside a dedicated NVIDIA Quadro graphics card. If you’re looking at this sort of price tag though we’d recommend spending that cash on something a little further up the list as whilst this Laptop can seriously compete and has impressive specs, it isn’t specifically designed for gaming and the small differences make a big difference.

Pros: Definitely a heavy hitter and more than capable of packing a punch it is more than most will find themselves needing.

Cons: In a list specifically geared around the gamers it’s the little details that let this machine down.

4. Lenovo Y50

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If you’re looking to Lenovo with gaming in mind, look for the Y. The Y series is specifically designed to meet your needs and more than capable of serving a truly immersive, top tier experience. This is where the brand really separates itself from everything else previous on the list through innovation, spec and tuning to meet the every need of a more niche market.

The brand excel at this level of focus and the Y50 is an excellent introduction to that. Available with or without a touchscreen, it’s a case of deciding what you need and what you’re willing to spend for. This would be the benchmark we’d set for anyone who takes gaming seriously though and it does what it promises and does it well.

Pros: Gaming focused this laptop is specifically designed to deliver excellent performance. From graphics card to processor it’s ticking every tech need.

Cons: As the introductory entry the only thing that trips it up is the screen size, we’d really expect 17” minimum for anyone who really wants to dive headfirst into the rabbit hole of total game immersion.

3. Lenovo IdeaPad Y700

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This laptop is sleek, slim and seriously specced. It can do much of what the next two on the list can and the only thing holding it back is the screen size. Whilst it’s only offering a 15” inch display, it’s not always size that matters and it has some powerful processing and hardware under the hood. As is true of all the Y series a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card ensures that it is delivering an absolutely top notch gaming experience. It’s got everything you need in ample amounts and once you take it for a spin that becomes quickly apparent.

Pros: Serious about gaming, this laptop serves up everything the modern gamer needs.

Cons: Lacking in the screen size department it’s never going to measure up past that.

2. Lenovo Ideapad Y700 17 Laptop – Core i7

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The prince to the throne of Lenovo’s gaming laptop kingdom, the Y700 is a serious contender and ticks most the same boxes the Y900 (more on that later) does. It’s a beautiful design and the backlit keyboard, layout and design all come together to provide not only something that packs a punch but looks incredibly good doing it.

With even a brief glance over the technical specs, you can see this laptop takes gaming seriously and it’s sure to handle the needs of even some of the top end games on the market. On top of that, however, it’s 17” screen means it’s more than a little bigger and you can lose yourself in the graphics just that little bit more. Top tier WLAN and LAN mean you won’t find the machine lagging and cooling system means it’s very unlikely to overheat even during an all nighter. If portable gaming is what you seek, you need not look much further, unless you really want to go to the absolute top of the mountain.

Pros: The specs speak for themselves, this is an incredibly serious competitor when it comes to gaming and can handle almost anything thrown at it.

Cons: For the perfectionist knowing that the Y900 exists and that there is something better out there will have you carefully considering the prices and improvements between the two.

1. Lenovo IdeaPad Y900

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Sitting pretty without even much of a peep of competition on the entire market, the Y900 is heads and shoulders above everything else when you’re looking for a gaming laptop. This is samurai level technomagic, with a sleek and calculated design and top quality technical specs. The Y series starts with the Y700 but the Y900 is turbocharged with an even more impressive processor.

As with the Y700 the Y900 boasts a 17” screen, meaning that you can really enjoy every millimetre of the quality graphics this laptop is capable of providing. Not forgetting the online gamer this machine is also packed with the cutting edge in WLAN and LAN technology ensuring it stays more swag than lag. The optimised cooling system ensures that the brain of the machine is unlikely to overheat even when you’re throwing serious carnage at it. Lenovo have put every possible thought into fine tuning this impressive machine to be gargantuanly qualified in delivering the best possible gaming experience and so it’s no surprise that it tops our list so easily. Admittedly it’s going to break the bank a little, but it’s also going to smash every possible preconceived expectation.

Pros: Top of the market when it comes to specs and design, it’s a beautiful machine that can handle anything that you can throw at it.

Cons: It has a price tag to match that status.

Final Thoughts:

So there you have it, what we consider to be a run-down of the best of what Lenovo has to offer. Keep your eyes peeled on the soon to be released Y720 and Y920 which make improvements on the already game changing Y series.

This list is an excellent starting point but to make sure you get the best deal for you it’s important to make a list of precisely what it is you need the machine for, take some games that you’d like to play and measure them up against each machine’s specifications. Another important aspect to consider when making a purchase however is external accessories and so pay attention to the offered USB ports, LAN connections and other minor details that you might not necessarily take into consideration off the bat. A laptop gamer can quickly find himself in the annoying predicament of having to choose between his headset and his mouse.

There are plenty of exciting developments in the very near future and gaming laptops are finally a completely viable alternative to a desktop PC, this coupled with the mobility and versatility now on offer means they’re finally getting the attention and design that they deserve.


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