Odor control is very important if you are bringing a cat into your home. When they need to go potty, they want the litter box to smell clean. Otherwise, they may not use it. You also want a cleaner smelling box to prevent cat urine and feces odors from permeating your home.  

This information on finding the best litter box for your cat will help you pick one for your home.

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Cat Litter Box Styles

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Litter boxes come in several styles, so you can choose one that will best fit your cat's needs and space where it is going to sit. Litter box styles include:

  • Cat litter pans
  • Hooded litter boxes
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes

Cat Litter Pans

Litter pans are uncovered boxes that make it easy for kittens and adult cats to climb in and out of them. Some cats want to see what’s going on around them when they use the box, so an uncovered pan is a good buy for most cats.

Hooded Litter Boxes

Like their human counterparts, most cats want privacy when doing their business. A hooded litter box gives them the privacy they want, and most of them have odor control filters to reduce the smell in the room and house.

They are especially good for cats who insist on flinging litter when they dig a hole for toileting. If you have dogs or young children, a hooded litter box will also keep curious pups and kids away from cat waste.

Self-cleaning Litter Boxes

A litter box that can clean itself is a luxury for most cat owners because they can be expensive. However, you won't need to scoop litter out every day, and your cat will have a clean box every time he or she goes to use the restroom. They also help reduce odors throughout your house.

Cats may be wary of automatic boxes due to the noises they make, but they should eventually get used to them. Keep a spare litter pan nearby until they do adjust to it and start using the automatic litter box. This precaution can keep cats from peeing and defecating in your home.

Choosing the Best Cat Litter Box

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To help you select a litter box, we’ve found 11 of the best ones on the market today and rated them from one to five stars, with five stars being the best choice.

How We Choose Our Ratings

When we review products, we examine the features and read testimonials and reviews from people who have bought the products. Then, we assign each one a star rating to make it easier for people to find the best product, in this case, litter boxes, for their needs.

Top 11 Litter Boxes

Here are our choices for the top 11 cat litter boxes on the market.

PetMate Large Litter Box for Cat

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This PetMate litter box is large enough to fit a big cat comfortably. It is a good choice for homes with more than one cat. It can hold up to 30 pounds of litter at a time. It is made from durable plastic that contains an antimicrobial agent that helps to prevent the growth of bacteria.

By eliminating bacteria, urine and fecal odors will not permeate the plastic, and the pan will not stain like other plastic litter containers might. The plastic is also eco-friendly, and it is made in the United States. The box has two storage compartments built into the side of it.

Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Portable Litter Box

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If you’re traveling on vacation and taking your cat with you, the Pet Fit for Life Collapsible litter box can easily go with you. It is collapsible, so when it’s not in use, you can easily store it in a drawer or a box. Then, if you’re in an RV or car, you can put it in the back and fill it with litter, so your cat has a place to go potty.

It is made from nylon with a poly-plastic liner, so it is durable enough to survive a cat’s claws. This material is easy to clean with a damp sponge or cloth. It will hold four to five pounds of litter. It also comes with a collapsible water/food bowl for your cat.

Modkat Flip Litter Box Kit

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The Modkat Flip Litter Box features a lid that you can set in three positions as per your cat’s preferences. It can be fully closed for cats who want privacy, left half open, or opened all the way if your cat wants to see what is going on as he or she is using the potty.

The lid’s position also helps to reduce the odors of cat waste in your home. The box’s high sides keep litter from spilling onto the floor when your cat digs a spot to cover their waste. When you purchase the litter box, it comes with a reusable liner made to endure cat scratches. It is easy to clean and stays in place with hooks built into the box.

The Modkat litter box comes with a scoop to keep the litter clean. You have the option of buying one, a set of two, or a kit that includes the box, three reusable liners, the litter scoop, and a mat to catch the pieces of litter that cling to the cat's paws after toileting.

Petphabet Litter Box with Lid

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A covered litter box can keep litter from being scattered everywhere if you have a cat that exuberantly digs holes for his or her waste. The Petphabet litter box is unique in that the hood is transparent. The transparency allows your cat to see around them when toileting while giving them the illusion of privacy.

This box is large, so it is suitable for households with two or more cats, or to fit a large cat. The sides are high, which also helps to keep the litter within the box. The lid is removable to make the box easier to clean. It is made from an antimicrobial plastic, so odors and stains do not cling to it.

The box comes in seven light colors:

  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Orange

Nature’s Miracle High Sided Corner Litter Box

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It can be difficult to fit a rectangular litter box into a restroom or laundry room without it being in the way. However, this Nature's Miracle litter box is made to fit into corners so that it can be put out of the way of traffic. It is made with high sides to keep litter inside of the box while your cat is digging in it.

The non-stick plastic surface helps used litter and waste to easily slide out of the box when it's being changed. An easy pour spout makes it easier to take empty the box. Since the spout makes the entrance of the box lower, elderly cats with arthritis and kittens can climb inside the box without difficulty.

Like most other plastic litter boxes, it has antimicrobial prevention that can reduce the growth of bacteria and prevent the plastic from absorbing odors and stains.

iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box

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While most cat litter pans are plastic, the iPrimio litter box is made from stainless steel. This material prevents cat litter from sticking to the bottom of it, so it easily pours out of the pan when it needs to be changed. The stainless steel is also scratch proof so that it can endure households with two or more cats better than plastic boxes.

The steel also doesn't absorb odors and stains that plastic can retain. It is six inches deep, and it is 23.5" x 15.5," so larger cats will fit comfortably while doing their business. It also has a guarantee that if purchasers are not satisfied with it, they can return it and get their money back or a replacement at no additional charge.

Iris Top Entry Litter Box

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This unique Iris Top Entry litter box gives cats some privacy as they are using the potty. However, the cat must enter from the top of it, instead of one of the ends. Along with keeping litter in the box, the way it is made keeps dogs out of the cat’s litter box and prevents small children from playing in it as well.

The large opening allows larger cats to enter and exit the litter box comfortably. It can be purchased in a medium or large size with either a filtered top or one that is grooved. The plastic is BPA-free, and it has non-skid rubber feet, so the litter box won't move as your cat climbs in or out of it. It also comes with a litter scoop.

It is available in several color combinations, like orange/brown, white/beige, black/white, white/gray, white/seafoam, dark gray/light gray, dark gray/white, and black/gray

Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box

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Instead of emptying a litter box to put in the fresh litter and eliminate odors, this Nature’s Miracle litter box is disposable. It that uses baking soda to control urine odors until it is replaced.

Although it is made from recycled paper, it will not fall apart under a cat's claws nor does it leak. It can be used with any litter, depending on your cat's preferences. The litter boxes are available in small, medium, and large sizes. You can inexpensively change litter box sizes as your cat grows from a kitten to an adult cat.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

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For cats who want privacy when going potty, the Catit Jumbo Hooded litter pan is a good option. The door is transparent so that they can see in the box, and out of it, but the rest of the hood is opaque to allow them peace and privacy.

A hooded litter box keeps dogs out of the cat’s waste and prevents curious kids from playing in it as well. The hood unsnaps from the pan, so it is easy to remove when cleaning it out. It also has an odor filter to help reduce the smell of cat waste.

Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

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This Good Pet Stuff Company litter box can be hidden in plain sight. The litter box is disguised as a terracotta planter, complete with a plant on the top of it. However, it has an opening on one side for your cat to climb in and out of, so they can do their business.

The planter box is made from polypropylene, which is a very durable plastic. The box is 42” high, which includes the plant, so cats of any size can comfortably fit into it. It features a vented filter system that controls the dust from litter and helps to reduce the odors of cat waste.  

Nature’s Miracle Hooded Litter Box

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This Nature’s Miracle litter box is an oval shape that helps it fit into smaller spaces. The front of the hood flips up to make scooping out used litter easier to do, but you can also remove it from the pan.

The hood not only provides cats with privacy, but it keeps litter in the box and prevents leaks from spraying. It also keeps dogs and children out of the waste. It is made from non-stick plastic to prevent odors and stains from clinging to the litter box and includes odor neutralizers. It is available in either white or silver and gray.

Buyer’s Guide

The main consideration for a cat’s litter box is its size. If there is a kitten or an older cat with mobility problems in your home, choose a box with a low entrance. The cats will find it easier to climb in and out of the box to do their business.

To keep dogs and small children out of the litter, consider a hooded litter box. It also gives cats privacy, which they like when they are using their box. Also, to keep the box fresher smelling, choose one that has been treated with an antimicrobial to prevent stains and odors from permeating the plastic.

With this information and reviews of the top 11 litter boxes, you should be able to find the best litter box for your cat.

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