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10 Best leather messenger bag for laptop in 2017

Messenger bags are the latest generation of luggage and travel gear. Though they have been around in their conventional form since ages – simple carry bags made of jute or other fabrics – but now, they are properly designed, crafted and tailored by some of the big names in the baggage and travel gear industry.

These bags are handy, easily portable and very space efficient. These bags are also rapidly being noticed in the fashion industry. They are very quickly getting popular with celebs, and thus, resulting in their being adopted by the mass.

Besides being popular, messenger bags are practically very useful as well. Here we are going to see the 10 best messenger bags.

Top 10 Best Messenger Bags Reviews – for Men and Women:

1. J World New York Thomas Messenger Bag:

0Amazon-Button This is one of the best that amazon has, in the collection of messenger bags for women.

It is very carefully crafted, just about the appropriate size needed, and the shape is pure love – not too edgy, not too oval – just about perfect to fit in your lap if you are sitting in public transport.

It has a single large cavity, separated by a semi – stiff board, wrapped up in the same fabric and design as the bag. The hind part of the cavity contains a flap to hold stuff in, shut by a Velcro patch.

If this is not enough, it is available in almost thirty color and design variations.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Come Bag Soon – Colombian Leather Laptop and iPad Messenger:

0Amazon-Button This classic piece of amazon collection is Colombian leather, and has an attractive stitch design in the mid of the main flap, giving it an antique look.

It contains one main cavity, separated into two. It has several additional pockets as well, tailored to perfection to complement its classy look.

It also has a carry handle, and can also be carried in the manner of a suitcase, instead of a messenger bag, if one wants.

3. Leatherachi – 100% Pure Vintage Hunter Buffalo Leather Handmade Men Crossover Shoulder Messenger Bag:

0Amazon-Button This is one of the most trendy masterpieces in amazon’s collection. This is perfect for college students; it ensures maximum space efficiency and also a touch of edgy style.

The innovative side bottom crop in the flap makes it a head – turner. It has one main chain cavity and three other big pockets that are ideal to place your stationary.

It also has a vertical chain pocket that adds to its trendy look.

4. Chrome Unisex Citizen:

0Amazon-Button This uniquely sized messenger bag is one of the most popular ones now – a – days. This is small as compared to the normal sized messenger bags, which is because it serves an altogether different purpose.

While most messenger bags are used to carry laptops, iPads, stationary or other things, this younger cousin is perfect for being trusted with smaller but way more important stuff like wallets, phones, identifications, documents, first aid, pepper spray and other things of similar size.

This has a two – chain pocket system and has more space than it seems to offer, at the first glance.

5. Wildkin Big Dots Kickstart Messenger Bag, Aqua:

0Amazon-Button This is one of the old school designs for women and girls. This carries the basic flap, basic shape and is of the standard size – nothing fancy.

This is what is so great about this messenger bag. It is a classic option for women, if they are confused, which they usually are, therefore, this is so popular.

Moreover, it is available on amazon in fifteen plus color combinations and floral printing designs. Worth checking out if you are in need of a messenger bag.

6. Fossil Graham East West Fabric Navy Messenger Bag:

0Amazon-Button This comes out one more masterpiece in the amazon’s collection of strap bags. It gives you the classy look of an old – school executive, making you a topic of envy and a major hear – turner in the crowd.

This is black in color, with classic brown leather bordering. Two buckles in the front is a design to die for, seriously.

It contains one large pocket cavity that holds the major width and three other similar, but thinner pockets. If you are undecided about what to choose, this goes with practically anything.

­7. ECOSUSI Vintage Messenger Bags Briefcases Girl’s Purses School Sachet:

0Amazon-Button This is, as the name suggests, a vintage messenger bag for girls and women. This is made of leather and is roughly cuboidal in shape, thanks to the semi – rigid material that is used to make it.

It has two buckles that go all the way up and then round the structure of the bag. At the middle end of the flap, there is a very pretty bow, that gives it a uniquely feminine look, but the leather says that the holder is not to be messed with.

8. Leaper Canvas Cross Body Messenger Bag Shoulder Backpack Travel Rucksack:

0Amazon-Button It is a new kind of strap bag, quite innovative and useful in terms of design and looks. Also, it is trendier than classic style messenger bags.

It can be carried by either men or women – it goes with either. It is a crossover between a schoolbag and a messenger bag. It is more versatile in use than a conventional messenger bag.

9. Mlife Men Canvas Messenger Bag:

0Amazon-Button This is, by far, the most useful and space efficient messenger bag that I have seen. It is made of canvas material and contains one main chain pocket cavity.

Of which, there are several innovatively crafted pockets to suit your daily needs. For instance, it has separate pockets for pens, small diaries, large files, and a lot more. This is one classic looking, yet more efficient bag than the others.

10. Bronze Times(TM) Retro Cotton Canvas and Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag Briefcase Fits 15″ Laptop

0Amazon-Button Bronze Times are the reputed brand that manufacturing the messenger bags for a long year. Their Retro cotton canvas and leather shoulder messenger bags are simply awesome.

It is also an affordable and reliable product. Sports, casual daily, Outdoor activities can easily be done by using these kinds of bags. The vintage color gives an awesome look for this bag. Take a look at this product on Amazon.

Backpack vs Messenger bags – Which one suits for you?

What is Messenger Bags?

Messenger bags also called as Courier bag is a type of sack usually made out of some kinds of clothes. Natural and Synthetic material are used to manufacture, that worn over the shoulder. The actual purpose of the bag is for travel purpose. Now it is used for fashion purposes also.

Messenger bags for School & College:

Nowadays, Most of the kids, and students using the messenger bags for their school and college usages. It definitely helps to carry all the basic needs of the students. So, we are recommended messenger bags for both boys and girls.

Laptop messenger bags:

Mostly nowadays people carry the laptop for every place. That time messenger bags help you to take the laptops with you. Just Laptop bags can’t help to carry most of the things. But messenger bags help to carry multiple things.

Where to buy messenger bags?

Plenty of online shopping carts available to buy the messenger bags. The shopping carts like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Lowes, and Ebay are the most popular one.

Click to see #1 Messenger bag on Amazon

These were some of the best of messenger bags that are available on amazon. There are a lot more, that is over 400 pages of options under the category. Zip closure and cotton lining are the added advantage of the product.

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