Sometimes, people struggle to ensure home and business safety.

To make sure that our premises are protected all the necessary precautions are taken among them; closing windows at night, locking the doors, watching out for intruders in the neighborhood and even joining neighborhood patrols.

However, you might forget the deterring as well as safety power of motion sensor lights. Motion sensor lights allow businesses and individuals to keep their job sites and homes safe from intruders.

They are simple to install and they are affordable. The lights are a critical and easy step towards enhancing home security. With the numerous brands on the market today, it might be a challenge selecting the best motion sensor lights. Here is a guide to direct you on the critical factors to consider when buying motion sensor lights.

Top Ten Best Motion sensor lights review:

10. 8w Energy Saving LED Light Daylight Bulb 60 Watt Light Bulb with PIR Infrared Motion Detection Sensor – Indoor motion sensor flood lights:

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The best indoor LED Motion spotlights. It comes with inbuilt (PIR) sensor to detect light and motion. It provides the bright light when the motion was detected in the dark room.

Bathroom, Bedroom, Corridor, Parking areas and office are the best place to fix this motion detector for security purposes. The 60W LED bulbs are replaceable and that can last long years.

9. 850Lumens Max 48LED Solar Motion Lighting, Hallomall Brightest Outdoor Solar Wall Lights, Spotlights – Battery operated:

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850Lumens Max 48LED motion lighting system is the best option to secure your outdoor. Anybody can easily fix it on the wall.

The Solar panel has 5W/17% conversation rate. It can able to charge the batteries as quick as possible. Two inbuilt batteries that have 2200mah, So it can last the long hours. Light level adjustment is the added feature of this motion sensor spotlights.

8. Security Camera Wireless by GT ROAD – Wireless Motion Detector – Cordless :

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355 x 90 Wireless Security Camera with motion sensor lights is the best way to secure your home or garden.

The maximum number of people using this lights and gave an awesome experience about this motion detector.

It comes with ProHD camera that provides crystal clear coverage up to 30 feet. The mic is inbuilt with the system. You can record the both audio and videos. You can see the recorded video in your mobile or PC app with excellent zooming option.

7. 700 Lumen LED Wall Light – Super Bright 7 Watt LED Solar Motion Wall Light – Affordable Exterior Motion sensor lights:

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700 Lumen LED wall lights are not only affordable but also has great features. It comes with the solar panel on the top that helps to charge in the daytime and saving the energy. It emulates the bright light at the night time.

Three lights level lights adjustment are there. 4000mah is the added advantage that helps to emulates the light for long hours. It also easily charged by the solar.

6. SleekLighting 14W LED Security Sensor Motion Twin Light With Camera Recorder-Audio Light Sensor/Motion Activated Light/Waterproof-Weather Resistant:

Sleeklighting 14W LED security lights comes with different light levels that help you to adjust the sharp, brightness and Balance level.

The hidden camera is also attached with this light. Hidden camera triggered when there is a slight movement. It comes with 4 GB memory card, by using that memory card you can able to record 500 videos with 20 minutes each.

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You can turn on and off the automatic recording. Time and Date stamp are the extra features of the video recording.

5. RAB Lighting STL360H Super Stealth 360 Sensor – Best Outdoor motion sensor lights:

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It uses photoelectric control that deactivates the lights during the daylight. RAB Lightning Super Stealth Motion sensor lights cover 360 degrees down and 180 out which means, it covers the whole area.

The color of the product is Bronze and 1000 watt switching capacity also very useful. Deluxe Shielded Bell Floods can withstand cold areas. The bronze finish is durable and lasting the long years.

4. Heath Zenith HZ-4144-NB Motion-Sensing 4-Sided New-England-Style Lantern – Modern Motion sensor:

It is a new England Style Lantern to secure your home as modern way. You can easily fix this Lanter on the wall and it looks so pretty.

It covers up to 150-degree coverage and 30 feet distance at the night time. You can also adjust the sensor sensitivity according to your need. You can set the timing of the bulb to glow.

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Health Zenith Motion sensing lights finished with Brushed Nickel coating. So, It is durable and can withstand any kind of weather condition.

3. SleekLighting LED 36 Watt, Security Protection Motion Activated Sensor Light – Easily Installable lights for home:

Sleeklighting LED lights are the best way to protect your outdoor from the thief. It will provide the 240-degree wide angle coverage. This angle coverage is enough even bigger areas. The material is made with Aluminium. So, It is so sturdy and does not easily to break. The timer is adjustable after flashing the light.

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You can set how much time it will glow after flashing the lights. It is the nice feature available in Sleeklighting Motion Spotlights. LED brightness is also good to see.

2. Solar Lights, KIWII Bright 90 LED Solar Powered Security Lights Waterproof Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting for Wall , Patio, Garden, Landscape, Deck, Shed, Lawn:

If you are looking for outdoor motion sensor spot lights with a maximum number of positive reviews means, take a look at KIWII’s Solar Powered LED security lights. These are the ideal for driveway, paths walls, Gardens, and lawns.

If any movement happened around 16.4 feet, then it captured and light will be sparking at that place. The automatic light response is really nice. It covers up to 120 degrees. You can fix this light wherever you want to provide more security.

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The weatherproof material is used to in this system. So, it can withstand any kinds of weather and you no need to worry about that. The polycrystalline material is used to convert sunlight into electricity.

The battery also lasting long hours. It can last up tp 6 hours continuously. This is enough for a full night.

1.Mr. Beams MB393 300-Lumen Weatherproof Wireless Battery Powered LED Ultra Bright Spotlight with Motion Sensor, Brown:

Without any doubts, Mr. Beams MB393 300-Lumen is the world’s best Motion sensor spotlights that come with LED Bright lights, Weatherproof and wireless.

No other better option available if you are looking for any indoor or outdoor spotlights. The cool looking motion sensor lights operated with 4D cell batteries. The power of the LED makes the place as daytime.

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It can easily spot any movement at the night time. The lights can automatically turn on and off. 30 Feet motion sensor ranges with affordable price. By using the 2 screws we can easily fix anywhere. This product never dissatisfied you and got a maximum number of positive reviews from the users.

Type of motion sensors

The type of motion sensors is one of the things that shoppers need to decide on prior to buying any of these lights. For instance, if you are seeking to take care of your entrance, you need to know the lighting to use for that. While you want to protect a larger area, you will need a different kind of lighting from the one you use on your entrance. Below are some of the sensor lights that they can consider for various purposes.

Area motion sensors

These are sensor lights that detect changes in local environments such as movement, heat, and vibration. Here are various area motion sensors that you can choose from.

Passive infrared motion sensors

This is one of the common motion detectors. Any significant environmental change cannot go undetected using the infrared that senses heat levels. It is designed in such a way that you can set it to ignore animal heat and sunlight changes.

Ultrasonic motion sensor

The sensor transmits ultrasonic pulses and quantifies the reflection of moving objects. This is featured in the active and passive detectors. Passive sensors are designed to listen to sounds in the targeted area.

Proximity motion sensors

This is the kind of sensor that uses sound, radio waves, and light to detect intruders in the area protected. There are various techniques every sensor uses to detect objects. Any proximity sensor has a maximum effective distance.

Video motion sensor

This is the motion detecting light sensor that uses video motion detecting technology. With this sensor lights, you have an added benefit of video backup that you can use to prosecute intruders. The sensor detects through shadows, vibrations, movement, and light.

Microwave motion sensor

This is also known as the radar motion sensor. It utilizes microwave pulses to sense movement. It works the same way as police radar gun. With this sensor, there is less power consumption.

Vibration motion sensor

This sensor detects movement through generated vibrations. They turn on the alarm when vibrations detected exceed a certain level. Such sensors are battery powered.

When purchasing any area motion sensor, the buyer should ensure that the entire area is covered. This implies that you might end up buying multiple sensors.

Local motion sensors

Instead of protecting an area, these motion sensors perform on a localized basis. Among them are the laser beams and lights, contact sensors and active infrared. Below are some of the various local motion sensors.

Contact motion sensor

The alarm of this sensor goes on when contact is broken. It is perfect when installed on windows and doors. These sensors are battery powered.

Active infrared sensors

This one produces an infrared beam. When this beam is broken, the alarm is triggered. It is perfect for outdoor installation. In areas with heavy smoke and fog, these lights should be carefully installed as this can break the beam.

Stress motion sensor

This is the sensor that detects stress. It can be placed on floors joists and the alarm turns on when too much stress is felt on the floor. These sensors can trigger video, alarm, lights or any other combination desired.

Visible light or laser beam

This sensor uses a laser beam or a photoelectric beam. Beam obstruction triggers the alarm. It is a perfect sensor for openings like doorways among others.

Tilt motion sensor

When the sensor tilts too much in a certain direction, the alarm sounds.

Local motion sensors are perfect for small areas like windows, doors among other openings. Care should be taken when installing these sensor lights as most of them are at risk of circumvention. This implies that additional security measures should be used. It is also important to understand what the motion sensor triggers as response to intrusion. This includes; video camera, alarm lights or a combination of these options.

How to choose best motion sensor lights (Guide):

Brightness and lumens

When selecting any motion sensor lights, brightness is a critical factor to consider. At times, you might think that the brighter your lighting is, the secure you are. However, it’s not always the case. Overly bright lights can strongly contrast the night, creating shadows that are pitch black. Therefore, buy a light that will not create shadows.

Lumens will dictate how bright your bulb will be as they measure brightness. One lumen equates to a candle light from a foot away.

Weatherproof rating

Consider where you will mount your lights. In case your light will be mounted under a roof, you do not have to get one which is weatherproof. Nevertheless, you should also remember that such areas sometimes get damp and to be safe, buy one with water or humidity resistance.

In case your lights will be installed outside, you need to ensure that they will withstand any weather changes for stable and long operation. Therefore, check the weatherproof rating and see if it matches your interest.

Power and efficiency

Wattage is the measure of how much power the light consumes. LED lights consume 90% less energy than average incandescent lights. Various wattage measurements are featured by various lights. You can combine your lighting power consumption with solar energy to minimize the cost of lighting your yard. For you to do this, you need to buy lights that are equipped with solar panels.

Other factors to consider when buying motion sensor lights include;

  • Range
  • Detection zone
  • Ease of installation
  • Cost

Motion detection lights are a great contribution to the modern technology. They are useful in a number of ways and can be applied around offices and homes as safety measures. These lights are cost efficient and effective in deterring criminal activities. Despite the fact that models and brands are many on the market, once you decide why you need the lighting you will manage to narrow down your options. All the best!!


I hope everyone clearly understands about 10 best motion sensor spotlights. These are the high rated and reputed lights. We reviewed all the variety of sensor lights here. By using this, you can pick sensor lights according to your need. Stay tuned for more Product reviews.


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