Most people wonder, what is a mouthwash? Simply mouthwash is a liquid which is put in the mouth, swilled around the mouth for a certain period and spit out.

Swilling around the mouth may be achieved by moving your head back and forth or by gargling the liquid. Mouthwash can also be called oral rinse, mouth bath, or mouth rinse. It is basically an antiseptic solution that reduces microbial load around the oral cavity.

Best Mouthwash for Bad Breath and Oral Health

Some mouthwashes may also be given due to anti-inflammation, anti-fungal, and as ann analgesic. Other mouthwashes act as saliva alternative to neutralize acid thereby keeping the mouth moist in cases of dry mouth. Most important, mouth rinses help in the reduction of bad breath.

To choose the best mouthwash for bad breath, read below our top 15 list.

Top 15 Best Mouthwash review:

15. Smart Mouth Original Activated Mouthwash mint

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This mouthwash is safe for people who are 6 years and older. It is basically safe for people suffering from diabetics. It is 100% alcohol-free. The patented zin-ion technology with this product makes one have a fresh breath at the time of use. The best part is that the use of this product will not have your teeth, crowns or dentures dented. For people suffering from bad breath, this product is quite an invention. People before were complaining about the two bottle system, but now you only need to buy just one.


1. Safe for diabetics.

2. Safe for children over 6 years.

3. Alcohol-free.

4. No stains on teeth, crowns, or dentures.


1. The bottle is cumbersome.

2. Bottle leakage.

14. Listerine Whitening Vibrant Anti-Cavity mouth rinse

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Listerine Whitening Vibrant Anti-Cavity mouth rinse has the extra whitening power that averts the build-up of stains. This, therefore, makes sure that your teeth are more bright. It stops tartar which leads to stains. The mouth rinse penetrates the enamel due to its dynamic foaming action thus whitening stains that might have built up. This foaming makes sure that the mouth rinse reaches even the places that are hard to reach. Use it twice daily, thereby having a refreshed mouth free from germs causing bad breath. It is to be used by children above 12 years and above. Safe for adults.


1. Whitens and averts stains.

2. Kills bad breath.

3. Forming power whitens hard to reach places.

4. Fights tartar.


1. Costs more.

13. Tom’s of Maine Children Anti-Cavity Flouride Rinse

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Tom’s of Maine Children anti-Cavity Flouride Rinse is made from natural ingredients. This product is safe for children who are 6 years and older. It should be used regularly with fluoride toothpaste. The rinsing is capable of providing protection from cavities. The best part about this product is the mint taste it has that makes children love it. The product is free from artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and colors. The product anticavity fluoride has the ADA Seal Of Acceptance. The manufacturer strives to have the product free from animal ingredients, additives, fragrances, and at the same time make sure the ingredients are organically grown.


1. Gluten free.

2. Alcohol-free.

3. Dye-free.

4. No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, fragrances, and additives.

5. Tasty mint that children love.


1. The cap is hard to open.

2. Leaves a sticky residue in the mouth.

12. Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse-Clean

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Crest Pro-Health Multi-protection Rinse clean is a good product when it comes to preventing bad breath. This product goes a long way in averting plague build up. This, in turn, helps in the killing of germs. By using Crest Pro-Health Multi-protection Rinse together with brushing using regular fluoride toothpaste you are able to have cleaner teeth for longer. It reduces gingivitis thereby keeping your gums healthy. The manufacturer recommends that customers read the labels, warnings, and directions of the product since the actual package and materials mat differ from what is on their website. It is better to read the manufacturer disclaimer before use.


1. Reduces gingivitis.

2. Prevents bad breath.

3. Averts cavity.

4. Kills germs.


1. Pesticide as an ingredient.

2. Sensitive teeth after use.

11. Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint

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Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint is an alcohol-free fluoride rinse which has the Rapid fusion Technology. This technology infuses 6 benefits into one bottle. This rinse strengthens teeth, restores damaged enamel, fresher breath, prevents cavities, and total mouth cleaning. It has a minty flavor for fresher breath. Recommended for adults and children who are 6 years and older. It’s a highly recommended product. To be used by adults and children who are years and above. Better to use after brushing twice a day. You shouldn’t drink or eat 30 minutes after use. Children should be supervised while using it. The product may become clouded due to cold weather.


1. Restores enamel.

2. Prevents cavities.

3. Strengthens teeth.

4. Prevents bad breath,

5. The flavor is less intense.


1. Cold temperature clouds the product.

2. No eating or drinking 30 minutes after use.

3. The numb feeling after use.

10. ACT Alcohol-Free Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

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ACT Alcohol-free Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse is a mouthwash that is recommended by doctors. The formula gives the user stronger and healthy teeth. Prevent cavities. People having cavities, the formula reduces them. It has the capacity of reducing root cavities. White spots in teeth are greatly reduced. The mint rinse gives you a fresh breath. Regular use of this formula helps in preventing tooth decay, while at the same time averting dental cavities. This formula has alcohol. The manufacturer recommends that customers read the labels, warnings, and directions of the product since the actual package and materials mat differ from what is on their website. It is better to read the manufacturer disclaimer before use.


1. Prevents dental cavities.

2. Prevents tooth decay.

3. Reduction in root cavities.

4. Reduced white spots caused teeth.

5. Reduced white spots caused teeth.


1. Contains alcohol.

9. BreathRX Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse

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BreathRX Anti-Bacterial mouth Rinse is a complete oral care mouthwash. The mouthwash averts formation of plaque that is caused by bacteria. Prevents tooth decay. The mouthwash has a fluoride protection plus a clean mint thus giving you a fresh breath for longer. Once you use this mouthwash it is recommended you rinse thoroughly to make sure you purge bacteria that cause bad breath completely. It has the added advantage of preventing inflammation of the gum tissues helping to protect your gum. Use this mouthwash twice daily prevents the lead up of gingivitis. It contains zytex and it’s alcohol-free. Recommended for adults and children 6 years and above. It is recommended that you rinse the mouthwash for about 30 seconds before you expectorate. Never swallow the solution.


1. Prevents gingivitis.

2. Prevents tooth decay.

3. Fresh breath for longer.

4. Alcohol-free.

5. Eliminates bacteria causing bad breath.

6. Contains zytex.


1. Bad taste after use.

8. Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Multi-Care Whitening Fresh Mint Flavor Mouthwash

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Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Whitening Mouthwash is one of the best oral rinses for your morning and evening mouth routine. The formula has a triple action that is able to whiten teeth by removing surface stains. It prevents the formation of new surface stains by use of the Whitelock Technology. This triple action ensures that you have fresh breath. Use of this formula means getting a white smile in just 2 days. Recommended for adults and children above 12 years. Rinse with the formula twice a day for about 60 seconds before you expectorate.


1. Removes surface stains.

2. Fresh breath.

3. Prevents further formation of surface stains.

4. Whiter teeth in 2 days.

5. Alcohol-free.


1. Flavor is mild.

7. Listerine Total Care Zero AntiCavity Mouthwash

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Listerine Total Care Zero AntiCavity Mouthwash is a formula that is intended for complete care of your teeth and mouth. This formula is less intense having no alcohol in it. It helps in a prevention of cavities and restoration of damaged enamel. It strengthens your teeth by making them 50% stronger with the use of brushing. It kills germs that caused bad breath ensuring you have fresh breath that lasts all day.


1. Prevents cavities.

2. Alcohol-free.

3. 50% stronger teeth.

4. Kills germs causing bad breath.

5. Fresh breath all day.

6. Restores damaged enamel.


1. Cold temperatures close the product.

2. No eating or drinking after use.

6. Biotene Oral Rinse for Dry Mouth Symptoms

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Biotene Oral Rinse for dry Mouth symptoms is a formula designed to clean, sooth, and refresh your mouth. It is formulated to clean dry mouth by moisturizing where there are irritants. While sit protects against bad odors emanating from the mouth. Dry mouth if left untreated may result in cavities and mouth infections. The formula is alcohol-free. It helps treat dry mouth without burning.


1. Cleans and soothed the mouth.

2. Helps in prevention of cavities.

3. Help to prevent bad odor.

4. Fresh breath.

5. Alcohol-free.

6. Uses the LP3 salivary enzyme-protein system.


1. Missing enzymes compared to their former formula.

2. The addition of methyl- and propyl-parabens which many people try to avoid.

5. CloSYS Original Unflavored Mouthwash

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CloSYS Original Unflavored Mouthwash has a cloralstan ingredient that kills 99% of bacteria causing bad breath thus giving you cleaner and fresher breath. What differentiates this formula to the rest is the ability to remove sulfur compounds causing bad breath. It also kills bacteria that causes gum infections. It contains alcohol or additives thus it causes no burning irritation. It is highly recommended for those having sensitive mouths.


1. Great for sensitive mouths.`

2. Kills 99% bacteria.

3. It is pH-balanced thus reducing germ growth.

4. Fresh breath.

5. Never stains your teeth.

6. Non-irritating.

7. Non-burning.

4. Rembrandt Deeply Whitening Mouthwash

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Rembrandt Deeply Whitening mouthwash is a formula that has sodium fluoride which strengthens the teeth by binding them. It restores damaged enamel. Use of this formula makes teeth more resistant to acids caused by foods or beverages. The stains are worked on by the rapid release of the liquid hydrogen peroxide. The premium mint has the effect of the user having a long as time fresh breath. The hydrogen peroxide helps in fighting germs that reduce bad breath.


1. Restores damaged enamel.

2. Kills germs that cause bad breath.

3. Removes surface stains.

4. Strengthens teeth.

5. Fresh breath for longer.


1. Slower whitening of teeth.

3. ACT Restoring Anti-Cavity Flouride Mouthwash Spearmint

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ACT Restoring Anti-Cavity Fluoride Mouthwash Spearmint is a formula that is designed to rebuild tooth enamel, prevent tooth decay, demineralizes soft spots and freshen your breath. The use of this formula helps in the restoration of soft spots. The spearmint helps in giving you a fresh breath thus avoiding bad odor. It goes ahead and kills germs that cause bad breath. It has the anti-cavity fluoride.


1. Kills germs that cause bad breath.

2. Has anticavity fluoride.

3. Fresh breath.

4. Restoration of soft spots.

5. Rebuilds tooth enamel.

6. Prevents tooth decay.


1. Too hot for some people.

2. Jason Natural Bacteria-Fighting Mouthwash

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Jason Natural Bacteria-Fighting mouthwash uses grapefruit seed and perilla seed extracts that reduce the build-up of tartar. The tea tree oil in the formula helps in defending the oral cavity against bacteria and sugar acids. It has Aloe Vera that soothes the gum due to irritation. Fresh breath for longer due to clove and cinnamon oils.


1. Reduces tartar.

2. Defends build-up of bacteria and sugar acids.

3. Soothes the gum.

4. Fresh breath for longer.


1. Has a non-sugary taste.

1. Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

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Listerine Antiseptic mouthwash has the ADA council on Scientific Affairs Acceptance since it is very effective in prevention and reduction of gingivitis and plaque which affects the gum. The formula is good for killing germs that cause bad breath. It fights germs through use of Essentials Oils.


1. Kills germs that cause bad breath.

2. It is antimicrobial mouthwash.

3. Reduces gingivitis.

4. Reduces plaque that affects the gum.

5. Use of Essential Oils to fight germs.

6. Recognized by Ada Council on Scientific Affairs Acceptance.

7. Has the Ada seal of Acceptance.


1. Pricey

Final Verdict:

So how do you go about choosing the best mouthwash? Many contain the same advantages so it’s better to choose one by keeping three things in mind; alcohol, sensitivity, and plaque control. Most mouthwashes contain alcohol as a component. Having children in your household it is better to choose one that is alcohol-free. Some people, on the other hand, find the use of mouthwash irritating.

Thus if you have a sensitive mouth, it is better to choose an alcohol-free or a natural mouthwash. Natural mouthwash contains ingredients such as aloe vera that have a soothing effect on your mouth. Having a mouthwash that contains antiplaque ingredients helps in the fight against plaque which goes a long way in fighting off bad breath. If uncertain, consult your dentist.

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