There are many kinds of paper shredders and micro cut shredders which are used for a single purpose that is to get rid of this extra material. They have different qualities and provisions to fit their desired common purpose.

The recent development in technology has seen the upgrading as the new models has replaced the old ones. There are many innovations in these products and a visible development has seen in this industry.

What is paper Shredder:

A paper shredder is a machine-driven device which is used to cut different confidential and undesirable papers into either strips or shred into pieces. The users of these shreds are not limited to government organizations and industries, the private entities use shredders to remove the evidence and proof of their confidential material.

The micro shredders are also used to destroy the CDs and other related products. These products are cut into different small particles and it is not possible to reshape them and retrieve the important information. Basic purpose of shredders is to remove confidential papers and CD’s etc.

The need for the shredders are because people put their confidential material under fire but burnt material can be recovered by a special process and it is possible now to recover it, so now people use shredders to destroy their confidential material which are in the form of papers etc.

Shredders are available in different designs, sizes and shapes. These are electrical machines mostly. They need a power cable and the features of these shredders have been added and upgraded all the time. These shredders are used on share basis so it is always preferable to use those shreds which are producing less noise.

There are different types of machine like mobile machines are used by the large organization while Shredding retail machine is for public use and it is used on shared basis. Beside that some organization have limited use of machine so they just hire the services of other shredding companies which provide shredding services.

Top 10 best heavy duty & micro cut paper shredder review

10. HSM Classic 108.2C, 12-14-Sheets, Cross-Cut, 13-Gallon Capacity Shredder

HSM Classic 108.2C, 12-14-Sheets, Cross-Cut, 13-Gallon Capacity...

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It is a machine which is promote by the company HSM from Germany which not only provide physical solution but also provide some online solutions as well. The company designed a shredder which can tear the multiple sheets into different pieces with a fast speed of shredding as it can shred almost 252 paper sheets at a time, that time is also claimed as one minute. It provides limited options for office and private use. But still it is good.


· It has a bin with the capacity of 13 gallons by cutting the papers into different particles with creation of 516 cross cuts or particles of same numbers per page.

· It also has the specialty to cut the staple, paper clips, and credit and other electronic cards into small particles.

· There is no down time, the long-lasting steel with zero energy stand by.

· It saves electricity when machine is on standby mode.

· It works fast and good.


· The claim to shred 252 sheets at a time is based on a lie. It gets stuck just after shredding 12 paper sheets continuously.

· It stops working and makes noises.

· The company chare 20 percent extra if it should ship again or re-shelve.

9. KOBRA 310 TS-AF C4 Professional Touch Screen Cross-cut Office Shredder with Automatic Feeder

KOBRA 310 TS-AF C4 Professional Automatic Feeder Touch Screen Cross...

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KOBRA is a company which has introduces a machine of shredding papers less or more to 31 sheets of paper at a time. It has lubricated knives. It can automatically shred DVDs, credit cards, plastic cards and CDs.


· It is a fast machine work accordingly promise and given specification.

· It is energy efficient machine.

· Machine goes into power saving mode when it is turn by using the option of standby mode.

· It works continuously if power cable is on. Most of the time it works from 24 hours to perform operations.

· It does not require cool down or rest period.


· It does not work for 24 hours. If it is used by the couple of days continuously. It is just true for one day practice.

· Sometime it stuck and jam

· It needs time to cool down.

8. Intek GMC205Pi Heavy-Duty Commercial Micro-Cut Shredder

GOEGMC205PI - Intek GMC205Pi Heavy-Duty Commercial Micro-Cut Shredder

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The company Intek launched this machine in the market and it is preferable based on the available specification of the brand to use this shred one to three persons after each other at a continuous time. It takes time to start up. It is a micro cut shred which is used to cut CDs, DVDs and credit cards.


· It shreds all the micro material in fast speed as five sheet at a time and take five minutes.

· There is no heavy noise. It is almost quiet.

· It is comparatively less costly.

· It does not take time to cool down.


· If it is overloaded, I can be stuck and frozen for hours.

· It takes long hours to cool down.

· The cutting blades also can be stuck and will not move.

7. Aegis OM-12XXC Heavy Duty 12 Sheet Micro Cut Shredder

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The Aegis Machine has brought a shredding machine into the market with capacity to Cut 12 Sheet in micro. It can shred plastic cards, CD and staples into pieces. It can shred without creating noise. On average, it can shred up to 50 pages daily.


· It is overall a quiet motor and does not create noise.

· It is quick in micro cutting. It cuts the material into so small pieces which is comparatively unmatchable.

· It runs smooth. It does not require time to cool down.

· Its container size is large.


· It does not have lubricant blades.

· The option to insert document is also odd in position. As it is back down instead of front side.

· Its capacity to shred is limited.

6. SimplyShred PX422D 22 Sheet Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

SimplyShred PX422D 22 Sheet Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder -...

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The machine which is presented to the customer under the brand name of Simply shred, is a machine which can shred paper sheets and other micro shredding facility. Its cross-cut size is 44mm multiply by 44mm. It has a gallon with a size of 7 or 8.


· It is multi-functional machine which can process the 22 paper sheets with high speed of shredding. Its shredding capacity is high.

· The machine also auto reverse when it is stuck.

· Casters include for easy mobility.

· Fits in every small place easily.


· It stops working when it is overloaded.

· It needs some rest to cool down.

· Shredding capacity is low.

5. GoECOlife GXC205Pi Platinum Series 20-Sheet Under Desk Commercial-Grade Crosscut Paper Shredder

GoECOlife GXC205Pi Platinum Series 20-Sheet Under Desk...

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The machine is a Platinum Series with capacity to shred 20 sheets of paper with fines blades. It has 8.7-gallon size of bin. It shreds the file in such a quantity of small particles that someone can just imagine.


· When the machine is powered off it just stop the use of electricity.

· It is also carbon neutral.

· It has lubricated cross blades which are so sharp to torn all the material into small chunks or pieces.

· It is environment friendly.


· The warranty of the carbon is just two years which is too short.

· It is not as quiet as claimed by the company. It is still noisy.

· It does not shred staples which can damage the blades of the shreds.

4. Royal 16-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

Royal 16-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder (1620MX-BI)

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This machine is by the Royal brand. As per claim of the company this is Cross-Cut Shredder with specification to shred 16 sheets at one time. It starts or stops automatically and can reverse automatically


· It is a jam free machine. It works as per the commitment of the company.

· It is liked by the purchaser and they purchase series after series.

· It is most suitable to individuals.

· It does not jam when it shreds the staple with paper sheets.


· It sometime jam due to overload.

· It takes rest time.

· It is not supportive to multiple functions.

3. Fellowes Powershred 99Ms 14-Sheet Micro-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder with Auto Reverse

Fellowes 4609001 Powershred 99Ms 14-Sheet Micro-Cut Heavy Duty Paper...

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The shredder of Fellowes can process 14 sheets at one time. It is good to have it. It shreds the sheets in 5/64”x 9/16” micro-cut particle. It can handle the shredding smoothly. It has an option of safe sense. If the hand touches to that sensor, the machine stops working. Its bin capacity is 9 gallons which is highest one. It is also assist in micro cut.


· Sensor are more active than normal.

· If mistakenly touch it, it stops shredding.

· It creates less noise.

· It has large capacity of bin.


· It takes long time to shred than a standard time.

· It cools down for a plenty of time- 40 minutes.

· Shredding capacity is low and Time taking process.

2. SimplyShred PSC418D 18 Sheet Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

SimplyShred PSC418D 18 Sheet Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder -...

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Simply Globo has launched a shredding machine which can not only shreds paper sheets but also other sheets, CDs, DVDs and plastic cards. The staple pins with papers also smashed as it is not difficult to use it. The gallon capacity of bin 7.4 which is good. It has ready, off and reverse switch. It is second popular brand among the user of shredder. It is durable machine and use for multipurpose.


· Machine can shred papers, CDs, credit card, staples.

· Due to staple pins, it will not jam.

· It has lubricant blade which are cross functional.

· When the bin is filled, the machine does not scatter the small particles.

· It gives clear instructions that not to shred more than continuous seven minutes.

· It does not over heat and stopped.


· It needs oil daily. If user want to have it for the long time in working condition.

· The machine stop for a while to grind the remaining papers after shredding the first one.

· Unlike the other machines its short slot does not shred papers.

1. Sentinel FM120P 12-Sheet High Security Micro-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder with Pullout Basket

Sentinel FM120P 12-Sheet High Security Micro-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card...

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It is a machine with maximum speed of Shredding up to 12 (twelve) sheets of paper, one CD, one DVD or one credit card at a time. It has two slots one for paper sheets another for micro cut like cutting of CDs. – separate CD slot means you shred discs without dulling the blades. The rating of this machine is high. It is most reviewed machine based on the available data on Its security level is 4 rated. The size of micro cut shred is based on 4mm x 10mm Micro-Cut shred. It gives the facility to user shred the 72 papers of sheets in six minutes. It has an option of Auto start or stop, but there is a manual reverse function.


· It has a lighted and over-heat indicator which gives the indication of processing to users.

· It has a caster which makes it easy to move the shredder operation and casters make it easy to move the shredder to any location.

· The large size of five-gallon bin allows the users to shred up to 450 sheets and empty the bin after this given capacity.

· It shreds 12 sheets at one time.

· It has two separate slots each for plastic cards and other for paper sheets.

· CD’s are sliced into sections about 1.5 inches wide and paper is torn into pieces about 1/5-inch square.


· The resale value of micro shred is nothing.

· It gets jam and becomes too hot.

· After continuous three hours shredding the bin is full, so here you must remove it and It is not easy to empty the bin after shredding.


The scope of this report is extensive and covers the ten best and heavy duty paper and micro cut shreds. The product of ten different brands have been selected. Based on the available information in reviews on and on the rating, the brand has been given the position from top one to bottom one.

The list has prepared from low to high popular bran. It has founded in the overall analysis that the brand commitment must be fulfilled. In other words, what the brand says about the product and what the user find in it. There must be a match between both. The successful brands are those whose claims are not extra ordinary, they provide what they say. Truth is more matter in the recent market environment.

The shredder market is a wider market with more potential. Customer needs those shreds which are more facilitator. The jam period and rest period is minimum.

The intense competition is available in the market. Every brand provides the unique specification to compete with other. The report is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the Shredder industry.

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