The most irritating experience that you can encounter in your residence is infestation by rats.

Rats are small but very bothersome animals that destroy and also tend to eat all the leftovers to an extreme of even eating your clothes and documents. Rats multiply very fast, and even before you realize it, they will be everywhere in your house waiting for that single moment so that they may continue spoiling your items either in your kitchen, bedroom or living room.

The best thing to do the moment you realize that there are rats in your house is dealing with them immediately. For decades now, rat traps have been used to catch these unwanted creatures, but at times they are very smart for these traps. In case you want a 100 percent guarantee and certain method of catching the rats, then consider using the best rat poison or baits.

How do you choose the best rat poison?

Rat poison has shown to be the best and a guarantee way to kill rats leaving them all dead. Rats may get smart and try to evade a rat trap and that is the reason using a rat poison remains to be the best way to get rid of them. Rats poison should be positioned in a strategic place mainly in places where they will feed on the posion before suffocating to death. It is also easy catching rats because when a single rat consumes the poison, then the rest will get a taste as well. This method kills many rats compared to the trap method.

With the many types and brands of rat poison to pick from, this guide will help you in making the best-informed decision.

15. Victor Fast-Kill Disposable Bait Station M912

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Victor Fast kill is a disposable rat poison bait which is usually pre-filled using a strong single feed non-anticoagulant substance. With this formation, rats will stop consuming after eating a single lethal dose of this Victor Kill Poison. This enables you to have control over many rodents with only a less poison.

This poison is made in the U.S., and it comes with the best top quality bakery grade ingredients which rats will not resist. Examples of these ingredients include oats which are left to attract rats.

This poison is also easy to use because all you need to do is placing the disposable poison in a place where there are signs of rats. It is also advisable that you wear gloves while handling this poison because your bare hands are not supposed to come in contact with this poison. Rats will enter into the bait and then consume the bait block and finally die.


1. It is effective

2. It is water resistant thus making it durable

3. It has a strong single feed non-anticoagulant

4. It get rid of tough resistant rodents in 1 or 2 days because of its fast killing formulation


1. The poison is dangerous and care should be observed while handling

14. JT Eaton 904 Rat Bait

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This rat poison is known to be an outstanding product. It is a reliable and effective poison in the market. It is also an anticoagulant poison which is best placed in basements or garages where the rats tend to go hiding most of the times. This poison also comes with a pack of 72 poisons which is enough to get rid of many rats as possible.

This rat poison also contains a poisonous chemical known as diphacicone that usually causes the rat to bleed and finally die. It also has a one-year limited warranty. Therefore, you can expect the greatest outcome when you consider buying it. This rat poison also has a peanut butter flavor which attracts the rat to the bait.


1. The poison kills the rat instantly when it consumes it

2. Can be used at home and also outdoor

3. Has a peanut flavor which attracts the rats

4. Can be resealed for proper storage


1. It is a bit expensive

13. Pest Expert Formula ‘B’ Rat Killer

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This rat poison is good for effective and fast control. It is made in a way it controls moderate rat activities in various areas. It also contains expert grade formula B rat killer. This substance comes with a heavy duty lockable rat bait box which offers a safer housing to this poison. It also has 8 rat bait trays so that you can open the bait in secure places.

Its lockable bait stations provide a safe housing to the formula B pellets and can be used when baiting sensitive areas as well as outdoor because it makes sure that the poison is safe and can’t be reached by children. It also contains a strong Bromadiolone ingredient which is known to be among the most effective rodenticide which is available o the market. It is also ideal to use this rat poison in both commercial and residential premises.


1. Can serve as outdoor and indoor services

2. It is a successful rat control

3. It provides fast results in minutes


1. It is highly dangerous and has to be contained in a secure place

12. Tomcat Mouse Killer III (Kid Resistant Refillable Mouse Bait Station, Box)

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This tomcat killer rat poison is a highly effective for indoor use in the market. It has 2 blocks which have the ability to kill a maximum of 6 rats at a go. This rat poison also has a child resistant refillable station that secures it from children because it is safe to use indoors. It kills the rat instantly with only just a few taste. This rat poison also has a one year warranty which is given by the manufacturer once you buy it. In case you have rats which are bothering you at home, then this is the best rat poison for your safety.


1. It is ideal or killing all your indoor rats

2. A single block can kill up to 6 rats

3. Has 1 year limited warranty

4. It kills fast and quickly with just a small taste


1. It is highly poisonous

11. Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait

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The havoc rat poison is made with special attractants and poisonous ingredients which ensure a quick action just after a single feeding. This poison also works for a longer period compared to the regular rat poison.

This makes it have less effort for you because you will get rid of the rats very fast and easily. This poison is also non-wax formulated and is comes with an extensive benefit of minimizing the quest of attracting the rats. When you give the rats the bait once, it is enough and no need of doing it again.


1. It attracts the rats to the bait

2. It kills effectively


1. It is poisonous thus care should be taken while handling

10. Motomco tomcat rat poison

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The motomco tomcat rat poison is perfect for use at farms and homes as well. This is an all weather poison that is capable of attracting all rats from their places of hiding to come and eat up this poison. This poison also kills the rat instantly by just consuming a small amount of this substance; therefore, you will not require using most of it to eliminate all the rats in your home. This rat poison weighs 4 lbs, and the rat will only stop consuming it when it finally suffocates.


1. It contains food ingredients which attract the rats

2. It contains bromethalin which is liked by rats

3. Kills the rat in an effective way

4. Perfect for use at home and even outdoor

5. Used in all weather conditions


1. Harmful to other animals

9. Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx

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When people think of rat poison, they usually think of small bottles which are placed in a cupboard but not an entire bucket of it. In case you are living in an isolated area or in case you have a big resident, then you will find it difficult to keep going back to the market each time you are out of rat poison.

The tomcat all weather bait comes with natural human grade ingredients and also a 4-pound chunk bucket which will help cover a big area against rats that have been disturbing you. It also has bromadiolone active ingredient which contains 1.5 oz diphacinine ingredients which rats can never resist.

1. It is made of human food grade ingredients

2. It is available in 4 lbs thus lasts a longer period

3. It is effective


1. It is a bit expensive than other products

8. JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait

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This 709-PN bait usually is anticoagulant bait which comes in block form. It is made in a way that it attracts the rats and eliminates them immediately after consuming it. It also has a butter flavor which most of the rats find irresistible. It also contains diphacinone ingredient which kills the rat after feeding on a small quantity of this rat poison. The interesting part with this substance is that it comes with other 72 packs of 2 ounces making them 144 which can’t be tampered with thus making it safe. It also has a tamper evident resealable pail. This rat poison also has a one-year limited warranty which makes it durable.


1. Has a tamper evident resident pail

2. Has an attractive flavor which acts as a good bait

3. Kills effectively


1. Rats tend to love this substance thus not very effective to them

7. The NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 40 Pack Havoc Mouse and Rat Killer

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The Neogen 40 pack havoc rat killer is one of the most effective rat poisons which is available. The rats also gnaw through this poison for them to eat it. It also has a brodifacoum anticoagulant formula which usually kills the rats the moment they feed on it. This poison also responds very well in case of any poisoning because it has an antidote vitamin.

This rat poison is also contained in sealed packages which are clearly marked as poison thus making it safe to someone who is not aware of what it is. Rats usually gnaw through this packet so as to eat these poisonous pellets. This method usually makes this substance safe to use. However, it should be concealed from kids and home pets to keep them safe. Rats usually die when they feed on this poisonous substance.

These poisonous pellets are also ready to use and usually kills the rats within hours after intake. Its packs can be placed without removing the baits. Rats will usually chew this package because these pellets are attractive to them. It is also an all weather bait for the toughest rodent infestation as well.


1. It is effective

2. It is quite easy to use because all you need is placing the poison on the bait

3. It gives results in a fast way


1. It is dangerous if not kept out of reach

6. Farnam Home & Garden Just One Bite II Bar

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This rat poison usually comes in a solid pound block which breaks easily into 8 two ounce pieces. This bait does not only get rid of the rats but also mice and squirrels. This rat poison works effectively and kills the rat within just 12 hours after it consuming it. In case the substance seems not to work, just make sure you use a larger portion of it.

It also comes with a bait trap for effective results. After the lethal feeding of this poison, you will finally get rid of the dead rats from your house or basement. It is recommended that you buy this product because it is a great method for eliminating rats.


1. It is very effective because you will finally see the results within 12 hours after poison intake

2. It is multipurpose because it also kills chipmunks, mice and also squirrels


1. Might not work well

2. You will need to use large quantities of this substance for it to be effective

5. D-Con Mouse Prufe II 4 Pack

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The Mouse Prufe II 4 pack comes with a unique wedge form shape. This rat poison reduces scruffiness at the time of replacement and usually fits well in areas where it is hard to reach. It also contains a unique poison that is made to kill all the warfarin resistant rats that usually develops some immunity against the poison after several generations.

This poison usually kills most of the rats in just a few minutes after consuming them. It also contains brodifacoum which is a formula that kills even the resistant rats. It comes with 4 packs of 1.5 Ounces. It also has an anticoagulant reaction that usually produces an extensive prothrombin usually for a maximum of 30 days after getting exposed. In the case of any poisoning, the intramuscular and vitamin K1 are shown as overdose from poisoning.


1. It kills very fast

2. It kills even the rats that are having a resistant mutation


1. It can cause danger to other animals and even birds

2. It should not come in touch with water

4. MOTOMCO Jaguar Mouse and Rat Bait

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This rat poison kills rats and is known to be non-toxic thus making it 100 percent safe for pets, people as well as wildlife. It is known to be manufactured in the U.S.A. and has natural ingredients such as cereal grain and vegetables. It takes just a single consumption for this substance to be effective. It also kills by coating the rat’s stomach lining and also by deleting the rat’s memory thus it cannot remember to take water.

The rat remains dehydrated for one or two days thus causing a blood thickening and also collapses the circulatory system thus making the rat go into a coma and finally die. It also has a mummification process that helps in eliminating bad smell that may occur after the rat has died. It is advisable to remove all food sources that may be present after setting this poisonous bait.


1. The substance is non-toxic

2. It is also an efficient way of eliminating rats in your home

3. The substance is pocket-friendly thus easily affordable

4. It is biodegradable, and this makes it a non-environment pollutant

5. It does not contaminate crops or even other preys


1. May take some time before seeing the results

3. Old Cobblers Farnam Just one bite

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This rat poison is among the most effective rat poison to use. It has an affordable price thus it is easily acquired. This rat poison will make sure that you get rid of all the rats in your resident in a very easy way, and you will find the results in just 4 days. Old Cobblers is an effective poison which contains highly poisonous substances like the bromadiolone which acts by causing internal bleeding when the rats feed on it.

The bait can be placed on posts or walls where the rat can pass most the times. This poison has a unique nibble ridge that rats do like chewing, and they will not avoid it, but they will end up consuming it immediately. It also comes packed in a weevil resistant seal which ensures a secure storage when it is not in use. Buy the old cobblers rat poison today and get the best results.


1. It is an effective method of killing both rats and mice

2. Kills instantly in one feed

3. Has a nibble ridge which rats love chewing

4. Can be used for some time

5. Durable because it comes with weevil resistant pack


1. It is dangerous if left unsealed

2. D Con rat poison

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The D-Con rat poison is a mix poison and one of the most known deadly rat poison in the market. It comes with a 120 D-con poison which is ready to mix and works effectively. This bait also has 4 bait trays which you can decide to position in several sites that the rats have nested. It comes with a brodifacoum substance which is very poisonous and kills the rat immediately after they feed on it.

The poison kills fast and you will see the results within 4 days to 5 days after feeding on the poison. This poison is capable of killing the warfarin-resistant rats. Therefore in case you want an efficient and a high performing rat poison of getting rid of all rats in your home or farm, consider buying the D-Con rat poison.


1. It is effective

2. It kills instantly and you will find the dead rat in 4 days

3. Can be used at office, home and also outdoor


1. It is harmful thus care must be taken when handling it

1. Just One Bite II Bait Chunks

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The junk one bite is a rat poison is an effective poison. You are supposed to apply 2 to 8 2-0z block in each placement in the infested areas. For burrow applications, you are supposed to put 1-2 0z blocks which is at least six inches in every active burrow. Also, just the name suggests, this rat poison effectively kills the rats which are running in your house.

All you need for this poison to be effective is taking the small nibbles found on the bars and break them into small pieces and later scattered them around the room you want to eliminate the rats. Ensure you have worn gloves when handling this poison.


1. Kills the rat instantly

2. It is very effective

3. Can be used for longer period


1. Must be handled with care


Rats are very nuisance to the human race, and they will usually spoil various things that they come across in your house and also cause sleepless nights as they run up and down during the night. This is the main reason you should get rid of a rat the moment you set your eyes on them.

Using rat poisons is an effective way of eliminating these annoying animals. Make sure that you buy the correct poison for your home need that will kill these rodents in a quick and easy manner. It is also essential to consider the environment and the types of rodents that want to decimate.

Using the above best rat poison will instantly kill them, and you will not have a hard time going up the roofs or even trying to reach small holes in your house which acts as the hide out places for these rats to pick dead rats because they may have a bad odor. The above review will also help you decide on the greatest alternative when buying rat poison.

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