We all use earbuds every day; they are part of our lives. That is why it is necessary to choose the ones that best suit our lifestyle, needs and musical tastes.

Some headsets can provide very good sound quality for a very affordable price, unlike a stereo. Since you do not have to deal with the acoustics of the room, the location of them, their amplifiers and along, etc.

Choosing a headset according to our needs and musical tastes is not a simple task, even if we have believed or believed. To choose a headset, we show you a guide to the top 10 best sounding earbuds on the market.

Ten best sounding earbud reviews:

10. Best Under 100: Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Earbuds

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Many Bluetooth headsets promote themselves as perfect to be used during exercise sessions but usually try to find a good balance between good performance in the gym and a good performance elsewhere.

On the other hand, the Plantronics BackBeat Fit earbuds are a pair of earbuds fully designed for use during exercise routines. Their sturdy design and armband for placing the phone, make them ideal for running, cycling and lifting weights.

Besides, it offers a very clear and satisfactory sound. However, they are not as comfortable to use in other activities that do not involve physical activity. Also, its price is a bit high if you are not going to use them for this purpose.

Great design for sports

These sports headphones are available in the colors: Neon Green and Electric Blue. They are sweat proof and are solidly built with the same P2i coating as the BackBeat Go 2.

They are large caps, and these are located at the front, similar to the Apple EarPods, with the difference that they bring a stabilizing rubber ring on the back of each to keep them secure and fixed in your ears. A long hook surrounds the outside of the ear to achieve an almost perfect transition to the flat cable, which connects the two earphones.

The side of the headphones that gives your head is completely green or blue, while the side facing the outside is dark gray around the ear hooks, and then the cable is a combination of gray and Dominant color (green or blue).

Pros: Robust, with a sweat-proof design. The sound quality is very good. Its way of adapting in the ears does not cause that it blocks the external sounds. Includes an armband to store our smartphone. Of the best rated for running.

Cons: Uncomfortable if given a very prolonged use. Something less powerful.

9. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-A (Blue) Dynamic Crystal Clear Sound, Ergonomic Comfort-Fit

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If you’re looking for cheap headsets, with a rubberized, ergonomic, modern and compact design think of these Panasonic RP-HJE120-A. Thanks to the design that Panasonic has given them, the headphones fit perfectly inside the ear, minimizing background noise and optimizing sound quality. Your best friends!

They are perfect accessory for music lovers who want to enjoy it anywhere. The different tones available are the ideal complement of your MP3 player or iPod and are a fun and elegant choice for you to enjoy your music.

These hearing aids are in part rigid like Apple’s basic hearing aids and, in part, soft. They include three pairs of silicone plugs of different sizes. The larger earplugs make the hearing aid fit well and are comfortable (honoring its name, ErgoFit) and fit well to the ears.

Regarding sound quality, the RP-HJE120-A hearing aids have excellent sound and are very good. By this, I mean that they have a high standard.

Pros: The Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120 headphones are very economical and have a decent sound, considering its low price. They are also comfortable.

Cons: The cable tends to get tangled easily (especially if you put the headphones in your pocket). They do not have a built-in microphone for calls by cell phone.

8. Samsung 3.5mm Stereo Headset – Best Cheap

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With the EHS-60 Handsfree Headset, users will receive the high-quality audio features at an excellent price. Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 and the full range of Smartphone

These hearing aids are com dados and possess sound quality. They have ergonomic earbuds and tabs attached to your In-ear Fit earphones. Its hybrid design gives you the acoustic isolation of the in-ear headphones, with the comfort of the open ones.

The headphones designed for your Samsung smartphone, offer you deeper bass and clearer and more balanced sound thanks to its 12 mm transducer system. Also, it has a microphone made of insulation material that will improve the quality of your calls.

They have a remote control with multiple functions plus a built-in microphone. You can use it at all times and do any activity with it. They can be used with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3

Pros: They block outside noise pretty well. Here we have to thank a great extent the rubbers that cover the headphones itself.

Cons: They cause a little discomfort to the ears after using them for a few hours

7. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds Headphones with Mic / Controller RP-TCM125-K

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The Panasonic ErgoFit RP-TCM125-K feels solid and well-built, the cable gives the feeling of breaking the Y or the 3.5 plug but not so, they are tough considering the daily use.


They are comfortable and easy to use, in addition to the fact that the flex driver has not been presented at the time of putting them and its oval nozzle helps to make it natural to use them.

Noise insulation:

Here in this section the insulation feels great and insulates enough so as not to hear external noises. If you are a Gym freak then you should consider this product. Because this is the best sounding earbuds for gym.

Ergonomic shape. Excellent sound. Easy to put on. Modern and practical design. Compatible with most MP3 – iPod portable audio devices. Universal connector.

If you are looking for a hearing aid that is within your reach or if you are first-person, these are a good choice to take, as they sound excellent.

• Ergonomic design

• Clear sound with deep bass

• Neodymium magnet for excellent and powerful sound

• Cable Length: 1.1 meters

Pros: They are very comfortable, and their sound is very good. Move away the outside noise

Cons: The cable gets tangled a lot which makes it a little annoying.

6. Best Budget: Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK sounding earbud

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They are light and well built. They have a good hold in the ears so that they do not move or leave once placed.

All the advantages and functions announced on these headphones are true. They do not move, are comfortable and sound good. They count on an excellent quality of Audio, Magnificos to trocar, take them to the Gym and to realize activities outdoors

The Panasonic Ergofit 120 hearing aids are designed to provide excellent sound quality while offering great interior insulation, with an excellent design that allows for better fit and real comfort.


• Excellent sound with Neodymium magnet

• Ergonomic design.

• Cable length of 1.2 m.

• The power of 200 mW.

• Controller unit 9mm.

• Come in eight vivid color options

• Broader frequency response for a complete listening enjoyment

• 3.6-foot long strings of cord comfortably through clothing and bags

Pros: They are very comfortable, and its price is very accessible

Cons: Resistant but not very durable

5. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wood – Best Sounding Earbuds Under 50

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These hearing aids have unique acoustic properties. It offers the best sound reproduction and isolating the sound of the wood.

And that’s where you’ll feel about your favorite audio devices. With Symphonized earbud with neodymium magnets provide enough power to carry out high-quality acoustics, it surrounds you with energizing, high-fidelity sound as if you were in a live show.

Choose the Symphonized natural wood earphones for your listening pleasure, and we are sure you will never go back to plastic. Most of the reviewers agreed Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wood is a great headphones under 50.

Soft silicone headphones provide a super comfortable, noise reducing fit. The Symphonized Headphones are perfect for iPhones, iPods and iPads, mp3 players, CD players and more.

• Built-in microphone. One year warranty

• High-quality 3.5mm gold plated audio without loss of sound connection to the audio device.

Pros: It is excellent for acoustics, and they are adaptable for any telephone, table or sound device.

Cons: The bass sound is a bit loud.

4. Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Earbuds V4.1 – Best for Running & workouts

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These hearing aids are wireless and are placed behind the ear with the plastic piece that covers the cable. They have the same shape as MEElectronics.

The Now Cheetah are lightweight, clearly thought out for sport. Although they offer the impression of being made of cheap and brittle plastic, it is a hard headphones, which handle without water and sweat problem.

Being headphones whose primary function is to function as sports headphones, they are coated with a black anti-slip rubber that, added to the silicone heads, makes the headphones maintain their position and do not move easily when we are moving. In spite of this, the heads could be a little better, since in some cases even trying with the three different sizes that offer will not obtain a comfortable subjection.

This model is available in bright black color, and in both earphones, you can clearly see the product logo. If you bare looking for top rated wireless earbuds then go for this Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Earbuds.

Pros: Surely its price, which makes these headphones may be preferable to other models of higher range. They are resistant to sweat and, considering how little they cost; they have a fairly decent sound.

Cons: The finish leaves you wanting, giving your pieces the feeling of being made of poor quality plastic. The variety of pads they offer is not the best.

3. TaoTronics – Best Natural Quality Earbuds

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The fundamental idea of ​​these hearing aids is to eliminate the annoying outside noise to listen to what matters, your music .

The active noise cancellation of the TaoTronics hearing aids is based on capturing the sound waves of the noises through a microphone integrated into the headphones and produce a new opposite wave so that the result of the sum of both is a much more attenuated wave and So do not be annoying.

Therefore, it is achieved that an outside noise that initially bothered us when listening to music with our headphones, is minimized so that we listen in optimal conditions what we want to hear, our favorite music.

Centimetres online remote control buttons for playing your music with volume adjustment, Play / Pause, and Track selection. It is a fairly comfortable hearing aid where they will always remain in place despite the movement.

They are handmade and contain an aluminum alloy to reduce battery consumption. They provide 15 hours of continuous audio and have a 140mAh battery

Pros: They work excellent if we have a low-frequency noise and constant type like the one produced by the engine of an airplane, a car, even the buzz of fans of a computer equipment

Cons: They need external power to operate the noise detection system and wave generation in phase shift. This power is usually provided either by the USB connector of the headset (if using this system) or by small batteries (usually AAA type) or rechargeable batteries, a factor to consider if we think of taking the headset travel.

2. Best Sounding Noise cancelling: Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headphones

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These Bluetooth earbuds are free of cables because it gives you the freedom to move away from your audio device. Also, thanks to its noise-canceling CVC6.0 + aptX technology + EDR Audio Beat you can enjoy unmatched sound quality.

This is a hearing aid that offers a lot of comforts. Its main attraction and difference with the traditional models are that they do not have cables. Bluetooth makes the connection between the headset and the device. It is the best sounding earbuds for bass lovers.

It does not matter if we move or even move away. It will be heard with great quality and without delay. We will not have to worry about the cables that are entangled with clothes.

When connected by Bluetooth consumes more battery than a headset with cables. However, because of the comfort it offers, it pays to allow us to use that extra battery. This model but can offer up to ten hours of operation.

These are some of its main features:

• Talk time: up to 8 hours

• Charging port: Micro USB

• Charging time: 1.5 hours

• Voice announcement


• Bluephonic Sports Headset Zone

• universal USB micro charger

• Size 3 ear plugs

• Guide manual

1. Bose SoundSport – Best In Ear Sounding Earbuds

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The SoundSport internal earbuds are sweat resistant and are held in place comfortably and safely during intense workouts. An in-line microphone / remote control will allow you to easily control volume, skip tracks and receive calls without having to pick up the device. If the music motivates you, try a headset designed to fit your busy life. It is one among the best earbuds for the money.

• Enjoy your music with a deep, clear sound

• Resistant to sweat and water to keep up with it

• Patented StayHear® sleeves that fit the shape of the ears

• Microphone and remote control for calls and music on a selection of Apple devices

• Five current colors adapted to your style

• Designed to accompany you wherever you go

Its TriPort technology delivers sharp, natural bass treble. Thanks to the acoustic ports positioned to be resistant to sweat and water and hydrophobic acoustic fabric that prevents moisture from penetrating, these sports earphones are designed to adapt to your busy rhythm of life.

These sports earphones are equipped with patented StayHear sleeves that fit the shape of the ears to stay comfortably in place throughout the day. The headphones are available in numerous colors to suit your style: anthracite gray, ice gray, green energy, neon blue and intense red.

Microphone and remote control

A microphone and remote control in line will allow you to easily switch between music and calls on a selection of Apple devices. The headphones are supplied with a sports-style case in the same color. The case is designed to protect and store headphones when not in use and has a compartment to store keys and money while exercising. It is equipped with a carabiner so you can carry it everywhere when you play sports.

Pros: The headphones are kept comfortable in the ear, and the sound is very good

Cons: The microphone is delicate and must be treated with care.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, almost all hearing aids from the most basic to the high end have the specifications for our ears to hear the sounds that we are naturally able to process without damaging our precious sense. With the headphones mentioned above you will be able to realize that the individual variations of each of them in the equipment are minimal, what makes the difference from one headset to another is the set of all of them. But now you know some facts to take into account to make comparisons and buy the right one for you.

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