Top 10 Best Tennis Racquets Review:

Choosing the best tennis Racquets will help you to improve skills and enhance your play.

Here we are come up with 10 Best Tennis Racquets. This Tennis Racquets review guide should help you to understand and buy the best Racquets in the market. Nowadays there are plenty of Tennis Racquet brands are available.

Among those all Racquets, how can we choose the best Racquets? At the end of this article, we have explained the answer to this question. Tennis Racquets are used to play various types of games like Tennis, squash, Shuttlecock, racquetball, and badminton. So, choosing the best Racquets will help to perform the better game. If you are choosing the wrong and worst tennis Racquets, then you can’t able to perform better.

10. Head Graphene Extreme MP Tennis Racquet:

Head Graphene Extreme MP Tennis Racquet is one among the high rated and best value tennis Racquet with the cheap price range.

Everybody knows Head is the popular and reputed manufacturer for Tennis Racquets. Their Extreme MP Model has recommended for beginners and intermediate players. In Tennis game, hitting the ball is an important one.

These Tennis Racquet strings are stretched tightly. So, you can hit the ball with full of force. It should definitely provide the high power even simple hit. Graphene Technology is used for stability. You can buy these types of Racquet with full of confident.

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9. Hyper Hammer 5.3 110 Prestrung Tennis Racquet:

Wilson is the manufacturer for thisHyper Hammer 5.3 110 Prestrung Tennis Racquet.

They’re all the products are highly innovative and great quality. Many of the popular tennis players are using Wilson Tennis Racquets for their club, national and Internation games.

Hyper Hammer 5.3 model is the great bat for beginners and intermediate players. The Wide head will help to attack the balls without missing.

110 Sq Inch is the head size and this should definitely help for beginners. Professional tennis players can easily play the game even the small head size. But Beginners have more practice to focus the ball without missing.

That is why these Tennis Racquets are had the large head size. Wison manufactured this Racquet by considering the beginners in their mind.

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8. Wilson Ultra 108 Tennis Racquet:

Wilson Ultra 108 Tennis Racquet are very attractive and cool looking. Many times tennis players need to tackle the ball by bending the body.

If the Racquets are too much hard means, there will be a change to suffer the player by shoulder pain. These are really light weighted Tennis Racquets and advanced level and intermediate players can use these kinds of rackets.

We could not recommend this for beginners because of the head size. The grip is also long, so advanced players can handle these kinds of Racquets easily.

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7. Head Graphene Radical Pro Tennis Racquet:

The popular Head manufacturer’s another cool tennis racket with affordable price range. If you are looking for stable tennis rackets with excellent durability means, take a look at this item.

The head size is 98 square inches and it maintaining the high maneuverability. The weight of the Tennis Racquet is a little bit high.

Advanced players should seek the weighted Tennis Racquets because of maintaining the high maneuverability. The striking force also high in these type of rackets.

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6. Drive Lite Blue and White Tennis Racquet:

If you are a female tennis player or teenage Junior Tennis player means, take a look at this Best Drive Lite Tennis Rackets.

These are the light weighted rackets and provide the excellent performance. It helps to play quick and tackle the ball easily because of minimum weight. It helps to play a competitive game and easy to move around the net and strike the ball with forcibly.

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5. Volkl Super G 8 300G Tennis Racquet:

These are the long Grip tennis Rackets and highly recommended for intermediate and Beginner players. The frame material is Organix carbon nanotubes.

The Organix carbon nanotubes are very helpful to beat the ball with forcibly and provide the more power when hitting the ball.

The sweet spot is also wide, so the player can easily beat the balls with less effort. These are highly durable and anyone can easily handle. Volkl Super Tennis Racquets should impress you while playing.

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4. Weed EXT 135 Tour Tennis Racquet:

We take more than 100 Tennis Racquets and tested everyone. But among those rackets, this Weed EXT 135 Tour Tennis Racquet is the only one has 135 SQ. inch head size.

I think this is the only tennis racquet in the market having this much of Headsize. Anyway the performance and quality wise this stands unique among all others.

The cost wise these are a little bit expensive than other models we listed above. The oversized head size and ultra light weight model are very helpful to play a tennis game.

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3. Pacific Speed Tennis Racquet:

The premium synthetic gut is the material used in the string. It provides more power and stability while hitting the tennis ball.

The head size of this racket is 107 Sq. Inches and provide an excellent durability. Pacific Speed Tennis Racquet win all the requirement for perfect tennis Racquet.

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2. Wilson ’12 Five BLX Tennis Racquet:

Wilson’s Unique technology named Triad technology was used to manufacture this product. The product was tested and reviewed by the professionals and when you are hit the ball it provides 5% more power compared to other models in this brand.

There are many popular players using this Wilson Five BLX Tennis Rackets. The ball goes very powerful even the striker hit the ball slowly by use of this bat.

Swinging the bat also very easy in these types of model. If you are an advanced player then, you need to have this Tennis Racquet.

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1. Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquets:

Usually, there are some of the grip sizes are available for Tennis Racquets those are 4_1/2 Inch, 4_1/4 Inch, 4_1/8 Inch, 4_3/8 Inch and 4_5/8 Inch.

These are the most common sizes used by adults. The Head Ti s6 Tennis Racket is available with all sizes with affordable price range.

You can check the sweet spot width by using the above image. It is the best Tennis Racquet for hard hitters. It can able to withstand the powerful strokes by opposite person.

You can play the game with full of confident by use of these Racquets. Many of you want to present the gift to Tennis players. This is the best gift for those persons.

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How to Buy Best Tennis Rackets?

Weight: This is the first thing you should consider before buy the Tennis Racquets. If you are an advanced player go for the weighted product.

If you are intermediate or beginner means lightweight bat is the best one for learning and anyone can easily swing the bat.

Grip Size: This is another factor to consider. You need to choose the correct Grip size before buy the product.

Price: We listed various level price range for all players. Cheap Price range Tennis Racquets may recommend for beginners. But if you are advanced level or intermediate means take a look at the high price range models for better performance.


I hope everybody should clearly understand everything about Tennis Racquets. This definite review guide helps you to choose the best Tennis Racquets. Go one by one and find the best for your need. Stay tuned for more Sports Product review.

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