There are many different types of camping tents available. These variations depend on the construction of the tent and more importantly the size of your camping group.


When you intend to spend the night and not out under the stars when camping, you require a tent as this provides shelter from the elements.


10. Wakeman Outdoors Happy Camper 2 Person Tent by Wakeman Outdoors

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Measuring at 75 x 58 x 42 inches, the Happy Camper is designed for a party of 2. Featuring a vented screen and roof, you can be assured of good ventilation without the entrance of annoying bugs. The included rain fly helps keep you dry. With a full floor construction that is lifted water is prevented from coming in at the bottom.

Measuring about the size of a Queen-size bed, this tent is small enough to let your children camp in the living room if they like.


· Handy pocket inside for storing small items

· Lightweight (2.8 pounds) and small packaging makes it great for backpacking

· Easy to setup

· Twin air mattress fit properly inside


· Inferior material so not intended for regular use

· Not advisable in adverse weather conditions

· Very small tent so extremely cramped inside

· Additional tarp required to keep rain out successfully

9. Poco Divo 2 Person Dome Camping Tent

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The exterior is coated to repel water and the binding floor is made from Polyethylene. The Poco Divo has an included rain fly for wet conditions.

Ventilation is provided throughout the tent by the mesh roof which also lets out warm air for cooling when it is hot out. To keep insects out there is a screen with 3 zippers.

The Poco Divo comes with a carrier bag. Additionally, this tent is light at only 2.6 pounds. Measuring at 78 x 55 x 39 inches, the Paco Divo is designed for 2 people.


· 4 Metal ground pegs make it stable enough even in windy conditions

· Comfortable space for 2 but not for gear

· Great for backpackers

· Great play tent for kids as 3 small children can easily fit in


· Difficult to setup if you are inexperienced

· Advisable to seal all seams twice

· Cover on top does not prevent rain from entering if raining at an angle

· Ventilation is poor

8. Alvantor 2 Person 2 Season Travelite Dome Camping Tent

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Weighing 2.6 pounds and measuring 4 x 18 x inches, the Travelite would be a good choice if you and your travel mate are backpacking. Once erected the tent’s dimensions are 4 ft x 48 inches with a height of 3ft 3in.

With a Polyethylene bathtub floor and walls made from 100% Polysester, you will be protected during light showers during summer or spring. The tent is not waterproof only water resistant and comes with a rain fly. This fabric is also easy to clean as you can simply wipe it down.

The Travelite features two mesh sunroofs which are great for stargazing as well as for ventilation. It also has 2 mesh doors in a D-shape.


· Great ventilation to prevent stuffiness and overheating

· Perfect for backpacking, fishing or scouting

· Quality zippers and strong mesh doors

· Fabric is durable


· Only effective in keeping you dry during light showers (The manufacturer does, however, mention this upfront)

· Cramped due to low roof height and tight fit for 2

· Poles are not as strong and may shatter or snap

· Outer door flaps zip up vertically which allows cold air into tent

7. Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Camping Tent

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The Yodo 2 Person Camping Tent packs well in the included carrier bag and is lightweight at only 3.1 pounds. Ventilation is good as the large two-way zippered mesh window and roof lets air in while keeping bugs and mosquitoes out.

With a rain fly vented roof and construction of PU coated polyester, the 6.5 tall Yodo is both durable and resistant to water. For safety, the guide ropes are a bright orange which helps accidentally tripping.


· Ideal for backpacking, fishing or scouting

· Sufficient space for sleeping and gear

· Loop to hang lantern

· Easy to setup and take down


· Zippers tend to get stuck on tabs on outside

· Requires waterproof silicone spray as only bottom seam is sealed

· Stakes not strong enough when pitching on rocky ground

· Mesh not fine enough to keep smaller insects out

· Not long lasting enough for regular use

6. Toogh 2-3 Person 3 Season Camping Tet

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Although the Toogh is the highest rated camping tent on Amazon we have placed it lower on our list as it has considerably fewer reviews than the competitors in this guide.

The Toogh tent is sturdy with 8 steel pegs and 4 ropes. It is also very simple to erect. This takes about a minute as poles are attached to the tent. Made from a waterproof fabric that is also breathable and the Toogh has an included rain fly to keep you dry.

Ventilation is great as it has two doors that are D-shaped with strengthened zippers for easy access. The mesh roof and windows at front and back allow hot air to escape.


· Easy to assemble and disassemble singlehandedly

· Interior pockets for storing smaller items

· Hook for your lantern

· Small packaging and lightweight making it ideal for backpacking

· Effectively keeps rain out of the tent’s interior


· Not as durable as contenders

· Tight fit if 3 people are using tent

5. Weanas 4 Person 3 Season Camping Tent

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This tent by Weanas is available in smaller sizes if you have a lesser number of campers. It comes with two doors that can be opened from the inside/outside and 2 closeable skylights. You can also use the outer layer for storage as it can be sealed. Privacy is provided by a door curtain that attaches to the outer door with a buckle.

The Weanas is lightweight and folds up compactly . It is also waterproof with an included rain fly and has a special UV coating on the nylon. This tent offers great stability in the strongest of weather conditions due to its powerful skeleton.


· Great choice for backpackers

· Easy to setup

· 2 Double zippered doors to open from the interior or the exterior

· Fabric is breathable

· Effective air distribution

· Keeps out rain

· Hook inside tent to hang your lighting equipment


· 4 Persons as is a very tight fit

· Additional poles should be purchased if you want the rainfly to double up for shade

4. Coleman 8 Person Canyon Tent

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The Canyon is ideal for large groups when camping. This spacious tent measuring 17 by 10 feet with a height of 72-inch in the center allows for privacy because it can be divided into 3 separate rooms using the dividers.

Set-up with the shock poles is simple. Additionally, ventilation and airflow are adjustable. Wet weather is no problem due to its unique WeatherTec system with inverted seams, welded floors and it includes a rain fly.


· Replacement parts are easy to find

· Large enough for 3 airbeds even a Queen size if other 2 mattresses are smaller

· Withstands windy weather

· Dividers make for setup of private rooms

· Durable than other Coleman tents


· Takes a while to setup

· Advisable to use a sealant spray on seams

· Mesh openings for side windows have no zippered covering

· Too bulky for backpacking

3. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

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Double stakes are used at corners which provide extra stability in windy conditions. Additionally, the tent is made of water-repellent polyester coated with polyurethane to keep you dry. The floor features a bathtub design where the seams are not on the ground. This prevents moisture from coming through at the bottom of the tent.

The Wenzel Klondike Tent measures 16 x 11 feet with a height of 6.5. This tent also allows you to keep the sleeping and living space separate which aids in keeping the sleeping cleaner.


· Windows can be stored in pocket below as opposed to the more traditional ties

· Spacious interior

· Rear of tent can comfortably fit 2 queen-sized airbeds

· Good airflow

· Can easily be set-up and disassembled by one person

· Separate zip sealable sun porch


· Recommended to make use of waterproof sealant on rain fly

· Too heavy for backpacking

· Centre door between porch and rear only has single zip

· Windows don’t zip up all the way at the top so blow open in windy weather

2. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

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The 11’ x 9’ CORE Instant Cabin has enough room for 2 queen inflatable mattresses with extra space for gear and luggage. It is also high with a center height of 7.2 foot. With pre-attached poles, it takes only a minute to assemble.

Privacy is not a problem as you can close off parts of the tent with the included zippered panels.

Water repellent due to H20 Block Technology featuring active beads, the CORE Instant Cabin will keep you dry when it is raining. To stay cooler in warm weather you can remove the rain fly. The air ventilation system is fully adjustable and the mesh ceiling helps to release warmer air. Pros:

· Quick and easy setup

· Large wall and roof pockets for storing smaller items

· Privacy can be created with panels

· Has port for threading through electrical chords


· Advisable to use seam sealant

· Takes some time to disassemble and place back into carrybag

· Zippers are not as durable as other tents and tend to get caught in the flaps of the door

1. Colman 4 Person Instant Cabin Tent

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Coleman has been manufacturing camping equipment for a century so it is not surprising that most of their tents consistently rank as the best sellers and highest rated tents on Amazon. As we try to look at as many different brands within our guide, we have only picked two of Coleman’s range. Depending on the size of your camping group you should consider the Sundome 2 Person Tent, the Sundome 3 Person Tent, the Evanston Screened Tent, the Montana 8 Person Tent and more before making your choice.

Set-up of the Instant Cabin Tent takes less than a minute because of pre-attached poles.

WeatherTec, which means it is made from coated polyester with various rain resistant features including Coleman’s patented welded floors, will keep you dry in wet conditions. This tent is also secure with a strong and sturdy frame which will withstand extreme winds.

The heavy duty Coleman Instant Cabin measures 7 x 8 foot with a 4 foot 11-inch center height making it roomy enough for one Queen-sized inflatable mattress or 3 roll mats.


· Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble

· Includes 2 storage pockets for smaller items

· Loop in center for hanging your lantern

· Pockets to tuck in flaps of windows

· Good ventilation


· Too large to transport comfortably when backpacking

· Not a lot of space for baggage equipment and cramped depending on how many people are using it


Camping tents are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes but there are two main factors that you need to consider when picking a tent.

· The size of your camping group

There are different sized tents available ranging from single tents, 2 man tents and up to tents that can house 8 people.

· Type of camping trip

You will also need to look at whether you are backpacking or if you will be able to transport the tent with your car. Some people only purchase these for their children to play in.

· Weather conditions

While almost all tent manufacturers state that they can keep you dry this is not always the case. There is a difference between water resistant and waterproof. To ensure that you remain dry you need to purchase a rain fly if the tent doesn’t have one, place tarp on the floor if the tent is not floored and seal seams with a waterproof sealant that will prevent water from leaking in.

In hotter weather, it must be noted as to what ventilation features the tent has to release warm air to keep the interior cool. Strongly constructed tents with a good framework should be considered for windy areas.


The main benefits are to provide you with a great place to sleep in comfort, protection from the elements and insects and a place to store your possessions when hiking or engaging in other camp related activities.

In closing, although the Coleman comes up consistently in many different types of tents, you may want to consider the other options in terms of your budget and the intention of the tent. Make sure to also read the reviews from customers who have already purchased the item to provide information on what may specificallt be looking for.


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