Any triathlon watch is considered as the best depend on the number of features it displays. The more the number of advanced features each watch possesses the more suitable it is for sports activities.

What is Triathlon?

This a one of the multiple-stage competition involving the completion of a three continuous and progressive endurance disciplines. Despite the fact that the sport that does exist, triathlon in its most prevalent form includes; cycling, swimming, and running in immediate succession over many distances. Triathletes contest for fastest general course completion time, transitions between the individual running, swimming, cycling, and components.

Sports watches enables you to monitor nearly every physiological process known to man, i.e. from heart rate to calories. Some of the questions which most people do ask are; does these kinds of watches improve one’s triathlon performance?  How accurate are they? Among others. Sports watches we have in the markets today, which was previously termed ‘heart rate monitors’ now offer users so much more. Many of the available models in the markets are fitness trackers that are slowly transforming into serious training tools

There are some truly advanced and reliable training tools in the markets, which transmit all the metrics one needs to upgrade and improve his or her practice.

15 Best Triathlon Watch Review

  1. Garmin Forerunner 920XT – Best Selling Triathlon Watch

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The black and blue Garmin Forerunner 920XT with HRM-Run Monitor containers many advanced training features into a watch. It is about 15% lighter than its predecessor, the Garmin 910XT.  Its features include; a high-resolution colour display, hinged bands, and a watch mode so that one can wear it all day. The tracking activity function measures one’s steps, sleep, and also daily calories burned.

The 920XT also records swimming data i.e. it tracks your distance, stroke count, pace, stroke rate and scores. The 920XT is compatible with some sensors such as the speed and cadence to provide advanced training capabilities. One can also save, plan and share his efforts using Garmin Connect. One can pair his 920XT with a smartphone and the Garmin Connect mobile app for additional capabilities that can help one stay connected during the cycling and running session.


  • This product comes bundled with an HRM-Run heart rate monitor which has either a black front or a black with a red border around it. This border colour will not affect the functional efficiency of the unit.
  • Running dynamics; when paired with an HRM-Run TM monitor, the Forerunner 920XT offers feedback on running form by just measuring, vertical oscillation, cadence and also ground contact time.
  • Metrics that matters; It records speed, distance, descent/ascents, grade among others. Pairs with ANT+ compatible sensors to measure the heart rate, cadence, speed, and power. It also controls VIRB Elite action camera to be able to record and relive your accomplishments accurately.
  • Notifications; Enable you to see the incoming email, text messages, call alerts, calendar, reminders among others from your compatible smartphone.
  • VO2 max, recovery time and race predictor; Forerunner 920XT can estimate VO2 max, recovery time and also predict your racing times for several distances when used with a heart rate. When combined with a power meter, it is capable of estimating VO2 max for cycling.

Additional Features 

  • High-sensitive receiver
  • VIRB control
  • Stores up to 100 hours data activity
  • Automatic sync
  • A Virtual Partner, lets you train against a digital person
  • It allows you compete against previous activities and also other activities
  • Auto pause and resumes timer based on speed
  • Auto start in case of a new lap
  • Auto Scroll cycles via data pages during workout
  • Multi-sport changes mode by just pressing  a button
  • A Pace alert triggers alarm if one diverge from pre-set race
  • Has a time/distance alert triggers alarm when you reach goal
  • Has a vibration alert
  • Interval training to set up exercise and rest intervals
  • Heart rate-based calorie computation
  • Training Effect measures impact of activity on your aerobic fitness
  • Unit-to-unit transfer shares data wirelessly with similar units
  • Compatible with separately other sold power meter to display control data from a compatible third-party ANT+ enabled power meters that record data approximately one per second.
  • Predictable finishing time.


  • Easy to use.
  • Capable of simplifying data acquisition and also online distribution.
  • A long battery life.
  • Fast in finding satellite signals.


  • It is harder to look at than a dedicated bike device.
  • An auto upload doesn’t work 100% of the time.
  1. Polar V800 – Fast GPS Pickup for Beginners

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In some ways, the V800 is really at its best while running.  It is good because it is essentially like taking the previous RC3 and adding some customization.  It is a watch after all with a cycling head unit.  This means that if you’re a real cyclist, you don’t have to look for other options in the market or else if you are a runner since it is still viable. With that in your mind, the first thing you want to do is pairing up the sensors, e.g. your heart rate sensor.  This will be done in the general settings area.

Depending on where you bought your watch, it is important to change date and time.  This is because V800 doesn’t gather your current time based on the information from GPS like most fitness watches.  It only takes about an average of about 10-15 sec to change it, but it would be a nice piece or, to sync to your phone’s time instead of like most activity trackers usually do.

With all that set, you will just press the red button which will bring you to the screen with your organized sports profiles.  These sports profiles are modes that you can just configure for some different games.  When you are not in a position to create your own, you can only choose from an enormous list of sports and then tweak the settings.

Product Description

V800 is designed to help you reach your peak when you need it most. It is integrated with a GPS and 24/7 activity data for proper training and also the recovery of data. It has a large, scratches resistant gorilla glass lens which has a high-contrast, black and white display that optimizes for low-light settings. Having unique training features, i.e. real-time multisport guidance and also in-depth training insights, the V800 model is the ultimate choice for the most aspiring triathletes.

Key Features Include:

  • Integrated GPS for enhancing speed.
  • Distance and route tracking.
  • It has a 14-hour rechargeable battery life.
  • Determines altitude, descent, and descent with the barometric altimeter.
  • It also has customizable profiles for multiple sports and seamlessly changes between games thus recording full performance, including the transition times.
  • Syncs your workouts to the polar flow app and also web service where you can only plan and analyze your training.
  • Waterproof to about 100ft (30m) thus suitable for swimming.
  • It has an H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor for accurate heart rate while training and also while swimming.


  • Watches overall appearance and aesthetics
  • Ease of new device pairing
  • Fast GPS pick up
  • Accuracy of pool swim
  • Web app


  • HRM flipping frequently drops signal while in water thus the connection is weak.
  • Training cannot be set on watch but only through Wed application.
  • Some features are not yet out e.g. the open water swim.
  • Certain features can only be accessed by a long press.
  1. Timex Men’s T5E901 Ironman Classic 30 – Best Budget

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The first Timex Ironman watches descendant was introduced in 1986. Ironman Classic 30 is built on the iconic performance brand’s heritage. This watch model is thus your dependable companion for your morning runs, laps in the swimming pool, job site, and also office.

Ironman Classic 30 features a 100-hour chronograph with a lap and also split times, thus capable of counting up to 99 laps or more. Its distinctive 30 lap memory recall, enables one to review his or her workout effortlessly. One can even remember lap or split times on the fly as well.

Every model of Classic 30 comes equipped with a 24-hour countdown timer complete with stop and also repeat functions. Occasional modes enable you to set up to about 15 reminders for events like holidays, birthdays, appointments, anniversaries among other incidents. More so, alarm mode gives you a three individually customized settings with daily, weekly, weekday and weekend options. If you like traveling regularly, your Classic 30 can be set with up to three time zones

One can streamline the interface by turning off unused menu items. If it is necessary, you can always reactivate those menu options. On-screen prompts, make it easier to set your watch more so with a forward or backward setting capability. The pusher which is located on the watch face is easy to access while you are active.

Each and every Timex Ironman Classic 30 is equipped with Indiglo night-light, low-powered electro-luminescence, facilitating easy readability in the dark areas. The Night-mode feature enables to one to activate Indiglo colour light with any button simplifying operability in the dark. The watch is also constructed from durable and light-weight resin, which one will barely notice while on your wrist. For additional durability, all styles are water-resistant for up to 100 meters (330 feet).


  • The band is super comfortable and durable.
  • Light in weight.
  • Easy to set and choose various modes.
  • It has a moderately sized face and thus time and dates that are easily seen.
  • It is water resistant up to 10 meters.
  • Has to shatter resistant acrylic window lens.


  • Beyond 10 meters it’s unable to resist water.
  1. Garmin Forerunner 910XT – Best All-rounder GPS Triathlon Watch

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Garmin Forerunner 910XT is one of the revolutionary GPS sports watch that is as safe in the water the same way as on land. It is thus suitable to use while swimming, running, and also while cycling since it’s the world’s most complete watch meant for training purposes. Forerunner 910XT is a GPS-enabled device that offers detailed swim metrics and also tracks distance, elevation, pace and heart rate for running and cycling which makes it one of the best triathlon watch available to buy. It sports a smooth profile, comfortable wristband and an easy to read display.

Forerunner 910XT is water resistant to 50 m (164 ft.) thus suitable while swimming. It offers extensive swim metrics, i.e. swim distance, stroke count, stroke identification, and also the pool lengths. It also calculates your Swolf score thus helping you gauge your swimming efficiency. (Swolf is a form combination of the words i.e. ‘swim’ and ‘golf, ’ and it is usually a way of calculating a swimmer’s efficiency. The 910XT’s robust design and ease of operating make it suitable even for other water sports such as paddle boarding.

In open water bodies, since it’s GPS-enabled, Forerunner 910XT usually captures the path you travelled thus you can view it later on a map Garmin’s free online community. Garmin Connect usually at This feature can help one analyse his or her open water swimming thus easy to adjust needed techniques.

Transition Seamlessly

Whether you are swimming or racing, every second is counted, so 910XT makes it easy and seamless in transition between sports. The auto multi-sport feature, lets you switch sports modes with just one button press. This makes it so hard to lose precious seconds. The optional quick release mount allows one to move the 910XT easily from wrist to a bike.

Try it Dry

On terrestrial, Forerunner 910XT offers many of the features of Garmin’s advanced cycling computers, and the sports watches to accurately capture your speed, time, and distance, or pace, heart rate among others. The 910XT is one of the first multi-sport devices you can easily incorporate a barometric altimeter for highly accurate elevation data, including gradient, ascent, and descent. Configurable data fields, lets you customize multiple training pages for each and sport. Thus set up vibration alerts to give you a silent nudge when you hit a split, when to take nutrition or in need of a little feedback to stay within your range of goals.

Take it to the Next Level

For more advanced training, 910XT is compatible with ANT+ sensors, including the free speed or the cadence sensor for cycling. For the data-driven athletes, 910XT also is compatible with ANT+ power meters e.g. Vector, Garmin’s pedal-based power meter, etc.


  • It has a customizable screen
  • Auto scrolling is possible during work out
  • Easy to change game modes by just pressing a button
  • It able to measure the impacts of activity on one’s aerobic fitness
  • Heart rate-based calorie computation is possible
  • Possible to set and reset intervals
  • Has vibration alerts
  • Able to trigger alarm when you reach your goal


  • Despite the fact it has a GPS, it lacks as a base map.
  • It lacks the ability to add maps.
  • This watch does not accept data card.
  • It does not have a stop watch
  • Incapable of recording temperature
  • Unit to unit transfer of data is impossible wirelessly
  • It lacks a touch screen thus operations are manual
  1. Timex Ironman Rugged 30 Full-Size Watch – Best budget gps triathlon watch

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The first Timex Ironman watch was introduced in 1986. Timex Ironman Rugged 30 clock was built on the iconic performance brand’s heritage. The Ironman Rugged 30 is thus your most reliable companion for the morning runs, laps in the swimming pool, job site, and also the offices.

It Is a Durable Stopwatch

Ironman Rugged 30 has a 100-hour chronograph which has a lap and split times thus capable of counting up to about 99 laps. It has distinctive 30-lap memory recall that enables you to review your workout effortlessly. It is also possible to even remember lap or split times on the fly.

Every Rugged 30 is always equipped with a 24-hour countdown timer to complete with stops and repeat functions. Occasional modes enable one to set up to 15 reminders for every event like birthdays, appointments, holidays or anniversaries. Also, the alarm mode offers you three individually customized settings with daily, weekly, weekday and weekend options. If you are used to traveling regularly, your Rugged 30 can be set with even up to two time zones.

Easy to Operate

One can streamline the interface by just turning off the available menu items. If necessary, one can always reactivate those menu items later on. On-screen reminders make setting your watch even easier. Furthermore, this watch has a forward or backward setting capability. The pusher, which is located on the watch face is easy to access while you are a bit active.

Each Timex Ironman Rugged 30 is equipped with an Indiglo night-light i.e. a low-powered electro-luminescence, providing easy readability in the dark area. The Night-Mode feature enables one to quickly activate the Indiglo function with any button by simplifying operability in the dark environment. This watch is constructed from durable and light-weight resin. Thus, one will barely notice or recall it’s on your wrist. For added durability feature, all models are water-resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet.

By having an array of bold colours and comfortable resin as well as a nylon quick wrap straps in full and mid sizes, one can find the right combination that fits his or her sport and style without sacrificing any of the Rugged 30’s numerous features.


  • Suitable to use in dark areas since it has the indiglo light
  • Easy to use by just pressing buttons
  • The band is comfortable and also durable
  • It has a very nice look
  • Its water resistant
  • Accurate in timing.
  • Have replaceable bands once the original breaks


  • Brilliant light which is uncomfortable to some users
  • Cannot be used while diving into the water
  1. Timex Ironman Sleek 50 Full-Size Watch – Best for Entry Level

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This watch was built for athletes who are not afraid to sweating. It is light in weight, breathable and more so surprisingly tough. The Sleek 50 series, usually combine a streamlined aesthetic with the rugged qualities, thus the performance of the iconic Timex Ironman heritage. Ironman Sleek 50 is your timekeeper whether you are rowing regattas, running marathons or just taking a 2-mile walk.

It More than Just a Stopwatch

Ironman Sleek 50 has a 100-hour chronograph with lap and also split time, thus capable of counting up to 99 laps at an average. The 50 laps memory recall, enables one to review his or her workout using a dated training log denoted as best lap, average lap, and total time as well. Furthermore, you can recall lap or split times on the fly.

Loaded with Functionality

Every Sleek 50 is usually equipped with a 24-hour countdown timer, which is complete having a stopping and also repeating functions. More to that, two interval timers can be set for up to 24 hours, showing countdown or stop and countdown or repeat functions. One can still track intervals with the electronic repetition counter.

Ironman Sleek 50 usually comes with three individually customizable alarms that can be set with either daily, weekly, weekday and weekend alerts. Two-time zone settings ease the need to reset your watch while traveling.

Easy to Operate

On-screen reminders make this watch setting very comfortable, furthermore, with either forward or backward setting capability. Indiglo night-light, i.e. a low-powered electro-luminescence which provides easy readability in dark environment. Night-Mode enables you to activate Indiglo by pressing any button, thus simplifying operability in the dark areas. This watch is made with durable and light-weight materials, which you will hardly notice the watch on your wrist. For added durability, all models are water-resistant up to about 100 meters or 330 feet.


  • Easy to use and operate
  • It more comfortable on your body with a light weight
  • It is water resistant
  • Has an excellent lighting for dark conditions
  • These watches have a large, simple, bright display
  • Lightweight thus easy to use
  • Its battery has a long life
  • It able to show days of week and time


  • Since the band is made of rubber, it thus turns brittle, starts to crack and tear.
  • Finding the replace is stressful
  • The watch is somewhat expensive
  • Repairing is not that easy, especially for the broken band.
  1. TomTom Multi- Sports GPS Watch (Grey) – Best Value for Money

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The TomTom Multi-Sport watch is TomTom’s latest watch aimed at tracking all your exercise activities. With a broader remit than the TomTom Runner, you can look at a couple of months ago. If you feel like mixing up your sporting events, and still fancy yourself as a third Brownlee, you could as well end up with multiple different devices, each for every activity. This is where the Multi-Sport is intended to answer all your prayers, adding even the ability to track your swimming, biking and swimming as well as running.

Design and Features

The plan is considered different from the Nike collaboration of the past two years ago. This basic Multi-Sport model usually comes in grey or dark pink colours. The grey is thus the best option with edition bundle since you can purchase it with a heart-rate monitor.

All accessories are connected via Bluetooth SMART rather than ANT+ wireless technology. This thus makes it impossible to be able to use any of your accessories that are based on the latter, which will only be annoying if you already have any of those. Depending on which version you purchase, there is always a bike mount included in the box. Therefore you don’t need to consult your wrist to see your stats when cycling.

TomTom has tried to help you find your way around the menu supremely comfortable through a one-button control system, which usually acts as a D-pad.  It thus became unnecessary to remember which button does what, since you simply need to scroll left-right or up-down within the menus via the button. The only other control system is a touch-sensitive edge on the right of your screen, which turns on the backlight. This is thus one of the very intuitive and natural systems to get the hang of, continuing the excellent user-focused design strategy.

Multi-Sport watch is aimed at tracking your abilities in three exercises, or even four if you consider indoor tread-mill use a separate activity. The running features are substantially identical to the most runners. While indoors, Multi-Sport usually acts as a pedometer. After a given workout, you can quickly calibrate against the distance your treadmill reckons covered. You can also track how far you went, how long it took you, the calories burned, your pace and heart rate if you were using a monitor.


  • It has a great design with one button usability
  • Easy to compare your current activity with the past performance.
  • One button control allows you to navigate through the menu easily.
  • Three types of sports can be track in one device


  • This kind of watch does not support ANT+ peripherals
  • The battery has a little life
  1. Suunto Ambit3  – Best Sports Watch for Triathlon training

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No matter where you go, i.e. whether you are climbing mountains, heading for the finish line in a given race, or just having fun in the great outdoors, Suunto Ambit3 Sport caters for all your needs thus enabling you to meet your goals. The Suunto as a connected family offers you the ultimate package for planning, tracking your progress, ensuring your restorative recovery and also sharing your sporting moments as well. The Ambit3 Sport is the Suunto’s first Bluetooth Smart-compatible product.

The Suunto Ambit3 Sport gives you that perfect training results. Reset and performance measurements, along with route navigation, are meant to provide you with the gears you need to succeed. Plan your workouts with the Suunto Moves-count App. With the help of this app, you can customize your watch on the move, record routes to experience them again and also share your progress with others.

EKG Exact

The Suunto training courses provide you with a very comprehensive tool kit meant to monitor your performance during and after your training continuously. Train below your anaerobic threshold and reach to higher goals while developing your endurance capabilities. Find out how quickly you can complete a track of about 200 or 400 meters at your threshold speed by just using different evaluations such as Heart frequency in BPM, RR-interval, and Heart frequency in % of your maximum using an average and maximum heart rate. Track and analyse your progress which easiest to use graphics. Thanks to the core frequency diagram in real time since you can analyse the exact values. Also, don’t forget to plan for some rest!


Combined with the Suunto Moves-count App, Suunto Ambit3 enable you to keep track of your progress while balancing training with rest. This watch monitors your activities 24 hours a day, thus providing you with daily and weekly summaries of your activities as well as your training schedule and information on your planned courses as well.

The Suunto Moves-count App gives you detailed training plans and programs alongside with the updates of your progress and recovery phases.

Check your Recovery Time

Your Ambit3 can show your daily and weekly activity, along with the down time from you last exercised. The recovery time is an estimate of the time your body needs after a workout to regenerate completely. The indicated time is based on the duration and intensity of your training session, as well as the general exhaustion, which occurs with lower training greatness. The recovery time usually increases from one training unit to the next if you end up exercising again before the time has fully elapsed.


  • It has an excellent battery life
  • Easy to use thus friendly to anyone
  • Its build quality is good
  • Able to store multiple routes and POIs
  • Has a good move count application
  • Capable of linking with strive for auto upload
  • Able to track heart rates even while swimming
  • It have multi-sport and navigation features
  • Track GPS, daily fitness, and heart-rate


  • Uncomfortable on one’s wrist since it bulk
  • Limited daily fitness summary
  • It pricey, compared with its new rivals.
  1. Garmin Forerunner 220 – Best beginner Triathlon Watch for ladies

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Forerunner 220 provides you with the motivating feedback you require to guide your training. One can even get post-run encouragement from friends and fans as well, thanks to the 220’s connected features such real-time live tracking and social media sharing via the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

Forerunner 220 is capable determine essential running information such as distance, pace and also heart rate. It’s just like having a coach on hand, providing you constant feedback and recording so that you can focus on your run. Also, apart from just using GPS to calculate distance and pace, this watch has a built-in accelerometer which allows it to capture distance and pace data when you’re running on an indoor track or treadmill. Therefore, you don’t need to have a separate foot pod accessory. The accelerometer is also able to track distance when GPS is unavailable, for instance when you are running through a tunnel. It’s compatible with free training plans from Garmin Connections, which you can as well schedule and send to your watch, for real-time coaching since it easier to use

The 220 is one of the first Garmin running model watches to have a coloured display, which makes it easy to interpret your data at just a glance. It also has simple button operations and a robust, hinged wristband that’s more comfortable for any size wrist.

Extra Training Features

One can easily set up alerts for heart rate, pace or run intervals to help you stay within the expected range. The 220 features vibration alerts, as well as audible signals, which one customize on the watch to provide both or just one type of notification. When your run was over and saved in your watch’s history, a post-run summary displays so you can see how you performed. It also notices if you were able to hit any personal records on that run.


If you’re among the best runners, you need therefore to analyse your stats after every run or race. This may be at times tricky if you have to go back to your computer right away. Forerunner 220 solves that problem by automatically uploading your data to Garmin Connect, a free online community where you can save, plan and as well share your activities. All you require is just downloading the free Garmin Connect Mobile app to your smartphone and pair your watch. The moment you save your completed run, it will automatically upload to Garmin Connect while you’re in the range of your phone.

Also, live tracking is possible with this kind of watch, thus allowing your friends and fans to follow along and see your stats in real-time. You must, therefore, have your phone paired with the 220 throughout your runs to be able to us live track feature. You can as well share your victories on your social media sites by just posting updates through the Garmin Connect Mobile app. For real-time coaching while running, the 220 is compatible with free training plans at Garmin Connect. By regularly connecting your watch to Garmin Connect, you’ll as well benefit from a faster GPS fix due to satellite data that will be directed to your device automatically.


  • Able to find satellite signals
  • Its battery has a long life span.
  • It very easy to read this watch while running
  • Easily syncs to iPhone 5 to get data into Garmin connect.


  • At times, it takes too long to connect with the satellite
  • Not recommendable for picking up hills
  • A problem in syncing
  1. Garmin 010-01004-00 Swim Watch with Garmin Connect – Best for Swimming

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Garmin 010-01004-00 watch is suitable for swimming since it has a sleek profile and compact design created specifically for the practice of swimming. It contains all the advanced functions that allow you to get metric data of swimming in the pool automatically, swim distance follow-up, number, rhythm, and frequency of stroke or stroke. Garmin Swim includes swimming efficiency meters so it ideal for all types of swimmers. Thanks to ANT + technology and USB memory containing the Garmin swim, since the user can easily transfer their workout in Garmin Connect data automatically. You can perform a full analysis and a comparison of their results

Stop Counting Laps.

Let the full featured swim training watch, Garmin Swim, do the maths. It’s the swimming watch designed for pool use that tracks your distance, pace, stroke count and more. (Designed for lap pools of 20 M or more). It’s simple to use but has training features if you want to improve including timed sets and drill logging.

Focus on your Training

With Garmin Swim on your wrist, you can focus on your technique instead of what lap you’re on. It automatically knows the stroke you’re using and tracks your lengths, strokes, distance, pace and more. With a few button presses, you can also log drills or start timed sets without constantly monitoring the pool clock.

Strap it on and Dive In

Garmin Swim is ready to go right out of the box – just tell it the size of the pool you’re swimming in and begin your workout. Its sleek profile allows it to cut right through the water so that it won’t slow you down. And you can easily replace the battery yourself whenever needed (about once a year), so you’re always ready to go. Calculate Your SWOLF Score

Garmin Swim calculates your SWOLF score to help you gauge your swimming efficiency, making it ideal for lap swimmers of all levels. (The word SWOLF is derived from combining the terms swimming and golf. The SWOLF data field adds the time and the number of strokes it takes to swim a pool length. For instance, 30 seconds and ten strokes to swim the duration of a pool will equal an SWOLF score of 40. A lower score is ideal, just as in golf.)

Stay Motivated

Slim enough to be worn as a daily watch, Garmin Swim serves as a personal reminder of your goals. To help you stay motivated, it displays your weekly accumulated distance under the time of day. Watch features include dual time zones and alarm.

The intuitive interface utilizes six exterior buttons, so each and every function can be accessed quickly and easily.

Analyse and Share Workouts

After your workout, upload your swim data to Garmin Connect, Garmin’s website for free online analysis. Here, you can view your detailed metrics and track your progress over time. You can also share your workout data with your coaches, workout buddies or friends and family. Through the magic of ANT+ wireless technology and the USB stick that comes with your Garmin Swim, your workout data automatically transfers to your computer when in range. Garmin Connect is Mac and Windows compatible.


  • Track every length, the number of strokes, time, etc.
  • Able to track your swim time vs. rest time
  • Upload data easily to the Garmin Connect and view progress over time
  • Very reliable and fun to use
  • – keeps tabs of overall yards or meters swam per week
  • Cheap when compared to most Garmin watches
  • Slim and comfortable


  • Not a one-in-all watch for triathletes
  • Not much customization on the screens, thus, need to jump between them to get info on sets
  • Watch is comfortable once on but pulls on arm hair while adjusting the strap
  • No heart rate tracking
  1. Garmin Forerunner 735XT – Triathlon watch with heart rate monitor

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This is one of the best Garmin Forerunner model in the market. It spectacular nature is contributed by some of the following features:

Wrist- Based Heart Rate

Garmin Elevate wrist-based heart rate offers you heart rate all day and night providing more accurate calories burned information. Your heart rate and beats per minute in real-time with no additional strap required are provided as well. Now you can now compete with freedom when it’s time to get on your bike or as well toe the line.

Built- in Activities

Garmin Forerunner 735XT can provide a complete data support available for multisport, running, swimming, cycling, hiking, strength, paddle sports, cardio among others.

Multisport Transition

By just pressing a button, the auto multisport feature provides a seamless transition as you move from the pool to bike and from your bike to the track. The Forerunner 735XT well compatible with advanced workouts for cycling, running and also pool swimming. Create your customizable workouts and download for free from Garmin Connect.

Advanced Running Dynamics/VO2

On training and recovery, you might require more data, with Garmin Forerunner 735XT. Add Garmin HRM-Run chest strap and gain advanced metrics such as VO2 max estimate, ground contact time balance, race predictor and recovery advisor, stride length, vertical ratio and also the physiological analysis which offers metrics associated with stress, performance, and lactose threshold as well.

Cycling Power Metrics

Make the most of your rides using the Forerunner 735XT, with the bike power, FTP, and power zone information provided when connected to the Garmin Vector and Garmin HRM. Platform centre offset, power phase and time seated or standing data is also available to enhance your training. Garmin Forerunner 735XT is compatible with other Garmin cycling devices including Garmin Varia Rear-view Bike Radar and Garmin Varia Vision In-Sight Display improving your safety and also road awareness.

Swim Workouts

Personal records, drill logging, rest timer, swim distance, stroke type/count, SWOLF score, pool lengths and training alerts allow for an enhanced water experience. You can set and download swim workouts to Garmin Forerunner 735XT from Garmin Connect. HRM-Swim or HRM-Tri heart rate monitors will accurately record and store your data and can easily be viewed out of water in between laps or after your workout.

Compatibility with Strava Live Segments

Garmin Forerunner 735XT is compatible with a Strava Live Segments and includes a 60 day free trial to Strava Premium. With Strava Live Segments you will get real time results as you run or ride, rankings and how your current session compares to your personal record. Also, Strava Suffer Score analyses your heart rate during your workout and as well rank your total activity effort, so you can see if you have out raged yesterday by showing just how hard you pushed it during workout

Connect and Customise your Watch

Receive notifications from your smart phone on Forerunner 735XT including call alerts, typescripts, social media notifications, games, weather reports, etc. with vibration alerts you can’t miss a beat. Automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking, audio prompts and music controls are possible as well. Personalize Forerunner 735XT has data fields, apps, and widgets from the Garmin Connect IQ store. Garmin Face-It App lets you customize your watch face with any photo from your mobile device


  • The battery life is recommendable
  • It is easy to use
  • It is very light thus comfortable to work with


  • Require some training to the first users on how to operate
  • Relatively expensive compared to other Garmin Forerunner models.
  1. Garmin Vivo Active HR GPS Smart Watch – Simple yet Powerful

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The following are some of the best features related to Garmin Vivo active HR:

GPS Smart-Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate

Garmin Vivo-active HR can be used while running, cycling or swimming. It has a GPS smart watch with Elevate wrist heart rate technology which thus helps to monitor your heart beats. Outside your most potent moments, its built-in activity tracker counts steps throughout the day and measures your calories burned. It has a sunlight-readable, high-resolution touch-screen features which offer smart notifications such as call, text, email, social media notifications among others.

Activity Tracking

Garmin Vivo-active HR continues to track activity throughout your day by just counting your steps and floors climbed and also monitoring sleep and calculating intensity minutes. With auto activity detection, video-active HR can record your activities even when you forget to press the start button.


With it accelerometer and GPS, Vivo-active HR allows you to run both indoors and out activities. You can quickly set up vibration alerts for heart rate, pace, run or walk intervals among others. Other training features include Auto Pause and Auto Lap. It provides a post-run summary with stats such as total mileage, average pace, overall time, calories, etc.


The GPS-enabled cycling app to measure distance, speed, time, and calories. It’s compatible with sensors, for example, speed and cadence thus determining your progress on training rides as well as daily commutes. It is also compatible with Garmin Varia Lights and Radar for safer riding.


Hit the pool and see detailed stats like interval and total distance, stroke count, stroke type, pace and more. Let this swimming app calculate your efficiency with SWOLF, which adds the time and the number of strokes you take to swim a given pool length. Interval Count enables you to pause and then resume your workout seamlessly. At the end of a workout, view a summary data, which includes the interval and session averages, overall time and personal records.


Play new courses each and every day by just downloading one of the 40,000 plus course maps worldwide from Garmin’s golf course database. The golfing app can show a simplified view of the green thus enabling you to track your score. The Pin-Pointer feature shows you the right direction when you are unable to see the green. It also determines shot distance at the press of a button.


  • Easy to install new apps using Garmin connection
  • Useful in some sports (Multi-sport capacity).
  • It is ware resistant (water proof)


  • Set up is very complicated.
  • Connection with phone is somehow a problem
  • It requires someone who has knowledge in computer
  • It cannot recognize swimming pools less than 20 meters.
  1. Timex women’s T5K7419J “Ironman Traditional” Sports Watch – Top Rated Ladies Triathlon Watch

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The Timex women’s Ironman Traditional is a mid-size watch with orange resin strap that makes it be found at the intersection of comfort and functionality. The light-weight of the silver-tone resin case and bezel hug the digital display, which boasts features such as the 100-hour Chronograph, 10-lap memory recall, top pusher for easy split options and lap, 24-hour countdown timer and water resistance up to about 330 feet/100 meters. The orange resin band tapers down to 12mm lends, and its comfortable fit and sporty look make it more attractive.

Product Descriptions

  • Made in USA or else Imported
  • This type of watch is somehow oval in shape with Ironman branding featuring digital dial and also an Indiglo night light.
  • It has a 100-hour chronograph function with laps and split times
  • Is 35 mm case with acrylic dial window
  • Quartz movement with digital display
  • Has a rubber strap with buckle closure
  • It’s water resistant to about 100 m/330 ft. Thus suitable for swimming and snorkelling, but not scuba diving


  • This kind of watch is durable.
  • The presence of indiglo backlight make suitable to use even in dark areas
  • It is easy to operate since there are no more connection as compared to other sport watches
  • It is light in weight thus easy to use while having an activity
  • It is water prove hence can be used in water


  • It lacks any connection thus can only serve a limited number of activities at once.
  • Cannot be able to determine heart rate
  • It does not have a GPS connection thus a poor guide
  1. Timex 66801 Men’s Ironman Triathlon 100 Lap Sports Watch with Flix Indiglo Night Light

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The best way of not getting missing in any activity is simply by grabbing yourself Timex 66801 model. There are a large number of distinct watches customized to meet an athlete’s desires. There are those running watches with GPS and coronary heart charge displays and even those that can be utilized for golfing. Despite the consideration of all those factors, not all athletes need all those features. All they just need is a timer which will enable them to time their moves. Timex 66801 Men’s Ironman Triathlon 100 Lap Sports Watch with Flix Indiglo Night Light Rookie and Pro suggestions for the best winter season sport such as Ice skating. Ice skating is a beautiful and swish game as properly as staying competitive while using Timex 66801.

Some people appreciate this kind of watch for the workout, even though many others find out in buy to grow to be industry experts. In both cases, competitions or sports activities like ice hockey can easily be monitored by use of this watch. It has an excellent cardio workout which is effective to the muscle tissues of the legs and these newbie suggestions will assistance you work the human body confidently on the ice in no time. The lanyard is excellent in sporting buddy. No issue, what selection of out of doors exercise you get pleasure from; you can make use of a string. The sporting chain can easily be tailored to any sport.

Product Features

  • Timex 66801 Men’s Ironman Triathlon 100 Lap sports watch has silver-grey resin case with black resin bezel.
  • Has a comfortable resin strap with silver-tone stainless steel buckle which extra-long for large wrists thus adjustable to fit all.
  • Indiglo night light with Push-button or flix activation
  • 9 Interval timers with five alarms
  • Training log stores all the workouts
  • Water resistant up to 100 Meters


  • Has a comfortable resin strap with silver- Tone Stainless,
  • The waist band is extra-long thus can serve all people.
  • Easy to use even at night since it has the indiglo night light.
  • It is water resistant.


  • It lack a diverse connection with other devices
  • Can only monitor one activity at a time
  • Cannot determine the heart rate.
  1. Timex T5E231 Ironman Classic 100  – Best Men’s Triathlon Watch

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It is built for runners, swimmers, and cyclists, and thus the Timex Ironman Classic 100 watch is designed for the active lifestyle. Taking design features like the iconic D-shaped display from the original Timex Ironman watches introduced in 1986, the Ironman Classic 50 watch seem best on the track, in the pool, or else at the office.

A Stopwatch with 100-Lap Memory

This kind of watch, features a 100-hour chronograph which has a lap and split times, has the ability to count up to about 99 laps. The 100-lap memory recall enables you to review your workout using a dated training log designated as the best lap, average lap, as well as the total time. More so, you can remember slap or split times on the fly.

The Ironman Classic 100 is usually well-found with a 24-hour count-down timer, which has a stop and also a repeated functions. More to that, nine interval timers can easily be set for up to 24 hours, featuring countdown or stop and countdown or repeat tasks. Also, you can as well track intervals with the electronic repetition counter.

The presence of the five individually customizable alarms, enables you to set with daily, weekly, weekday and weekend alerts. A two-time zone settings simplify the need to reset your watch while traveling.

Easy to Use

The Indiglo night-light and a low-powered electro-luminescence, enables easy readability in a dark settings. This Night-Mode feature enables one to activate the Indiglo feature by just pressing any button, simplifying operability in the dark environments. This kind of watch is made up of a durable and light-weight materials, thus perfect for those demanding sessions at the gym. For added durability feature, Ironman Classic 100 is water resistant up to 100 meters /330 feet.


  • Large numbers and thus easy to read. You can see what you need to at a very quick glance.
  • It does not contain clutter or unnecessary features or info on the screen.
  • Has very useful functions i.e. five alarms (daily, weekly, etc.), a stopwatch, among others and not loaded with gimmicky ones.
  • What it faces is set back enough that you don’t have issues with scratches.
  • With substantial alarm and stopwatch, get a consistent two-years of battery life.
  • Buttons placement very well catered. Example, light is top right button, when wearing on left hand very easy to reach
  • Not too; heavy, big, or thick like many sports watches.
  • Its band is comfortable and has good flex. When you go to put on it “flops” around your wrist nicely and is very easy to slap on without thought or effort.


  • It lacks that professional look that can only be used while engaging in an activity.
  • With time it loses the water proof feature.
  • It battery dies with no point thus a short life.

Factors to consider when buying any triathlon watch.

  1. Battery life

Battery life is very important while training or when competing for any spot. A battery having a long life will enable one engaging in a number of activities without recharging in between the training session.

  1. Water resistance

When deciding on which multisport watch to buy, you would probably want to know the water resistance power of any given watch in the market. This will help one decide on the activities to engage in and which to avoid or the depth to which on should swim.

  1. Connectivity with fitness accessories

There are those multisport watches which ANT+ compatible devices such as the heart rate monitor, cadence and speed sensor. If a certain sport watch is capable to connect to such accessories, it will enable one be able to determine a number of things.

  1. Ability to transfer data

In this, you need that watch which can be able to upload the captured data to your fitness app thus enabling you see you day to day activities and also be in a position to evaluate your performances. Once your data is uploaded, you can easily share your achievements with your friends and family members through the social media.

Frequently Asked Questions about Triathlon Watch

  • Which kind of sport watch will be able to monitor my heart rate and other parameters such as the speed/cadence?

Answer: The number of features each sport has, will define it capability to perform a number of functions. For instance most of the Garmin products are best in monitoring of heart rate, speed among others since they are capable to connect with fitness accessories. Other models may include the TomTom’s, and the Suunto’s.

  • How long is the battery life of most triathlon sport watches?

Answer: The battery life of any sport watch will depend with the number of features each has i.e. if a given watch has a multiple function at a time, it battery power life will as well run out faster as opposed with those which has limited number of features.

  • Can one be able to see and evaluate his or her performances as well as sharing activities with friends?

Answer: This can be possible with the use of watches which have USB, Bluetooth Smart connectivity or else Wi-Fi. Such watches may include the Garmin’s, Suunto’s as well as TomTom since they have such features.

  • What is the water resistance power for different watches?

Answers: Despite the fact a watch is water resistant, that doesn’t mean it can be used for all water activities. For instance, there are those sport watches which can be used for both pools and open waters such as Garmin Forerunner’s, Garmin fenix and also Suunto’s while others such as the Garmin vivo-active and TomTom can only be used in pools only.

Best Triathlon Watch Conclusion

While the options are not as many for triathletes, the one’s available market are exclusive impressive. For instance manufacturers like Garmin and Polar, have gone out of their way to design some of the best training watches ever. From the triathlon watches we have discussed above, we would quickly identify some of the best watches by the feature each is having. The more variable improved feature a watch has the classic it is and thus suitable for some activities as compared to those with only a few features.

It is thus critical for any buyer out there to just first search for relevant information concerning a given watch before purchasing it. The information one will help him, or she weighs the different options available to be able to decide on which to buy. For instance, in matters related to triathlon watches, the number of features an original watch is having well determine its degree of workability, efficiency, suitability to different activities e.g. running, swimming or cycling.

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