There is no better way to end a nice bath than with a clean, soft, comfortable towel. There is none better than the Turkish bath towel.

These towels, known as a Foutas or Peshtemals towel. Turkish bath towels are soft, made of moisture-wicking material and dry quickly. These towels are made of high-quality fabric and can feel softer than traditional towels.

They come in a variety of designs and the thin Turkish towels that make these very versatile. They are easily portable and can take up little space. Take them your next gym or yoga session or keep them at home for use as a bed throw.

These can even be taken out for use as a picnic blanket. No matter how you use them, remember that they will be soft and comfortable and can fit almost any occasion.

Top 10 Turkish bath towel picks:

10. Fouta Peshtemal Turkish Towel by FFsense

FFsense Fouta Turkish Towel - Cotton, Extra Large, Quick Dry, Ultra...

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Made of high quality, authentic Turkish cotton, the FFsense towel has a unique design with stripes along the edges. Thanks to its design, can be thought of as more than just a towel. It is quite warm and can be used as a nice shawl or blanket in a pinch. It can even be used as a picnic blanket to a beach towel.

You will never be more flexible than with this towel. Small and lightweight, it will go well with your next workout, keeping you dry during a hot yoga session or after a long run. The towel is handmade and includes hand twisted tassels on the edges. These tassels tend to last after multiple washes.


– Light and large towel.
– Easy to travel with.
– Design allows use as a tablecloth, bed cover, throw, etc.


– Does not dry as well as other towels.
– The texture is only soft on one side.

9. Doga Towel by Doga

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The Doga Towel is a classic bath towel, with a bright white color and soft feel. This towel is designed to be the softest, strongest and most antimicrobial towel on the market, according to Doga. It is thin, but big, making it perfect to wrap your hair after a nice, warm shower.

These towels will feel very sturdy when wrapped in wet hair and will never get the feeling that your hair will fall out. Made from organic cotton with a bamboo blend, the towel is safe for family members as well as pets. While it is thinner than most towels, they are just as absorbent.

It does a very good job of wicking away water without feeling heavy afterwards. The quick drying function also prevents mildew from developing. The thinness also allows it to fit into smaller areas and saves more space compared to traditional towels. There will be no need to hunt for that extra space in your closet with this towel.


– Highly absorbent.
– Made of soft and very durable material.
– It can be easily packed.
– Perfect for wrapping your hair after a shower.


– More expensive than traditional competing Turkish bath towels.
– Not a very thick towel.
– Only comes in white. Not very good if you are looking for a towel in another color.

8. Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel by Cacala

Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel, 37 x 70', Dark Blue -...

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The Cacala Turkish bath towel comes in many different colors. This is perfect if you want to separate towels for your family. You will never have to worry about a towel mix up again. Small and light weight, this towel also makes for a great travel companion.

Use it by the pool or for an outing to the gym. It is highly absorbent and the material dries quickly. The towel may feel rough at first, but after a couple of washes, the material becomes soft and really comfortable. You will soon forget about that abrasive microfiber-like feeling in the beginning. When it gets nice and soft, it can even be used for baby care. There will be no worries of it scratching your baby’s skin.


– Small and lightweight that is good for traveling.
– Highly absorbent and dries quickly.
– Large enough to be used as a bathrobe.


– Feels very rough before the first few washes.
– The tassels are longer than other towels or blankets.

7. Turkish Spa Bath Sheet – ThirstyTM or Pamooq

THIRSTY 100% Non-GMO Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet, Extra Long 40'x80',...

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This towel is one of the larger and thicker towels on our list. Directly made in Turkey, the size is perfect for use as a quick bathrobe or taking a quick walk around the house. With this towel, you will never worry about any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. It feels quite sturdy compared to other towels thanks to its thickness. Unfortunately, it also feels a lot heavier than other towels on this list.

However, this towel dries very quickly for its size and weight. There is no need to use the towel and then wait more than a day before your next shower or bath. It will be ready within a couple of hours. This towel has been known to shed at first usage, but will stop after five or so washes. However, the washes will also make the towels softer to the touch. It feels like this particular towel gets better after each wash. Importantly, the towel will not pull or tear and is quite durable.


– Dries quickly in the dryer.
– Very large and good to wrap around your body.
– Very soft for its size.


– This towel is heavier compared to others.
– Leaves a lot of lint in the dryer.
– The towel sheds for the first few washes.

6. Careyes Towel by The Riviera Towel Company

Tie Dye Print 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel and Beach Towel...

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With materials imported from Turkey, this towel is very absorbent and good for travel. At 33 x 63 inches, it can also be used as a scarf or a shawl when you’re at a barbecue. The lightness of this towel also makes it great as an impromptu skirt during an outing at the beach. On a cold chilly summer night, it is perfect at keeping you warm and as well as blocking the chilly breeze.

These also come with a unique tie dye appearance inspired by the coast line of Mexico’s Costa Caryes. This gives it a popping style not found with other towels. It will certainly stand out wherever you go. Unlike other Turkish bath towels, this type of towel does not come in as many exciting colors, but you cannot go wrong with the classic navy look.


– Gets softer after each wash.
– Perfect to keep you warm on chilly summer nights.
– Doubles as a scarf or shawl.
– Unique pattern.

– Thinner than most Turkish bath towels.

5. Handloom Peshtemal Turkish Bath Towel by Bersuese

Bersuse 100% Cotton Teotihuacan Dual Layer Turkish Towel - 37x70...

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Made of pure 100% Turkish cotton, this towel is lightweight, has high absorbency and dries quickly. Berceuse touts an eco-friendly product that is naturally dyed with no harmful chemicals used in the process. The towels also require less water to wash and dry.

These towels are very durable and do not show any signs of wear and tear after multiple washes. Not only that, they are handcrafted and takes design cues from South America and Mediterranean countries, giving the towels a unique look, design and feel. You can even flip the towel inside out to get an inverted design. It will be like having a completely new towel! It’s perfect for anyone looking for a change in design and style. You will never get bored when you use this towel.


– Unique design.
– The stunning design is good for use in the living room or bedroom.
– Tassels are short and out of the way.


– Shedding may occur from the tassels.

4. Essential Turkish Towel by The Riviera Towel Company

Turkish Towels by Riviera Towel Co. - Help Heal Our Oceans with A Thin...

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Stand out with this durable and versatile towel that can be used at a beach, pool, picnic, yoga, or wherever you can think of. This towel will feel a little rough to the touch at first, but will get softer after each wash. The design of the tassels give it a more unique look that is perfect for use outside of the bathroom. The tassels are also short and out of the way compared to other bath towel/beach towel hybrids. These towels come in many different and vibrant colors and a classic stripe design, which make them perfect for use as a throw for your bed or bathroom. They will certainly make you pop in any environment.


– The large size is perfect for any needs.
– The design will fit perfectly as a throw blanket for your bedroom.
– Perfect for traveling.
– Many different colors to choose from.
– Very absorbent.


– This towel is thinner than most towels.
– Color will fade after multiple heavy washes.

3. Hotel and Spa Towel Turkish Cotton by Bare Cotton

Luxury Hotel & Spa Quality, Quick Dry 100% Turkish Cotton 700 GSM, Eco...

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This towel is made of 100% imported Turkish cotton and natural materials that give it a soft and supple feel. Bare Cotton claims that large 5-star hotels have bought this towel in bulk nationwide. If you have stayed in a 5-star hotel, you may remember how comfortable the towels can be. This towel certainly lives up to that nice and comfortable feel. It also gives it a more premium feel over other towels on this list.

These bath sheets are oversized and will easily warp around your body when you step out of your bath or shower. They are thick and keep you warm when you walk straight into a cold room. It comes in a variety of classic home colors, so you never have to worry if they match your home decor. Importantly, these towels are very durable and do not fade as quickly as other towels. The many hotels that use these towels can attest to that.


– Large and soft.
– Very absorbent.
– Very durable after many washes.


– Takes a while to dry compared to other towels on this list.
– Feels heavy when absorbing lots of water.

2. Bath Towel by Silk & Cotton

Cranberry Pink Cotton Towel As Bath Towel Beach Towel Turkish Towel...

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This towel is made of 100% Turkish cotton and has stripes that give it a look for the beach. At 63 x 37 inches, this towel is also thin, light and dries quickly. It may feel rough at first, but like many other Turkish bath towels, it only gets softer after each wash.

The tassels at the end give it a more multipurpose look for the gym, yoga, picnics, spas, or wherever you may need a towel. These are also fairly durable, considering that the tassels may be tangled during the washing process. Importantly, it doesn’t feel heavy or bulky after absorbing water large amounts of water, but does not shed after multiple washes.


– Pattern allows it to have multiple uses.
– Thin and light.
– Comes in a variety of vibrant colors.
– Color lasts after multiple washes.


– Feels rough at first.
– Tassels are not as strong as other products.

1. Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 35×70 Bath Sheet Set

SALBAKOS Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa, 35x70 Bath Sheet Set of 2 (White)

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These jumbo sheets are made for wrapping. Once they are wrapped, they feel very sturdy, even when wet. They are traditional bath towels, coming in a variety of solid colors, which is perfect for matching any household theme and décor. They are durable, with double stitched hems and an extra thick weave. While these towels are thick, they do not feel heavy, especially heavy after use.

Importantly, these towels dry quickly for use the next day. The towels are dyed in a special process that allows the colors to stay bright and vibrant after multiple washes. After washing, the towels will not bunch or shrink, further showcasing its durability. However, shedding has occurred after long-term usage. Unlike typical towels, fraying around the edges is rare, if at all.


– Contemporary and timeless design.
– Colors bright and vibrant after multiple washes.


– May feel heavy and big for a small person.
– May shed lint after heavy usage.

If you’re looking for high quality towels, the above list might just be what you need. Remember that towels are versatile and can be used in many different ways. They are not just confined to the bathrooms! Use them to decorate your bedroom or living room for use as a blanket, bed throw, or anything you can think of.

The fine fibers used for the towels means that they are highly absorbent and dry quickly. You will not have to worry about using a wet towel the next day. They are very soft and so durable that they can last multiple washes. You can be sure that a Turkish bath towel is an investment for the future. Most importantly, these towels are a great way to ending a relaxing bath.

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  1. I bought a Bath Towel by Silk & Cotton.
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