Food preparation may consist of cutting or slicing the vegetables like onions, carets, beans, beetroots, cucumber, cabbages and more.

If we chopping these vegetables by using knife means, it took a lot of time and our energy also wasted by cutting the individual vegetable. So, that Vegetable chopper comes in that place.

By using the chopper we can easily cut vegetable without putting the maximum effort. Here you can see top 20 best vegetable choppers / slicers review.

1. Best Multi Chopper: E-Gtong Vegetable Chopper:


E-Gtong Vegetable Chopper and Food Slicer, Vegetable Slicer with 9...

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StarryBay Multi-Vegetable chopper is many of the persons favorite one that can chop the different variety of vegetables. This Dicer is very convenient to cut vegetables that are dishwasher safe. You can easily carry and handle this single-handedly.

When you buy this item, it comes with 5 blades and it helps busy ladies a lot to make food in the morning. You no need to press hard, to slice the vegetables. The simple press is enough for this StarryBay Fruit and Vegetable chopper.

2. Best Handheld: Kinzi Tri-Blade Vegetable Slicer:


Kinzi Sp Tri-Blade Vegetable and Fruit Spiral Slicer Chopper, Veggie...

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The image itself says everything about Kinzi Slicer. This is based on the rotating handle that means if you want to slice your veggies or fruits means, place your veggies in between the holder and rotate the handle, that’s it. Kinzi Tri-Blade vegetable slicer will help to make vegetables as the spiral shape.

The spiralizer shape vegetable can easily cook and you can make any kind of fries and salads. The Tri-blades of this slicer is long lasting and perfect for everyday use. It also comes with lifetime warranty.

3. Best Adjustable: Mandoline Slicer 4 blades:


Adjustable Mandoline Slicer - 5 Blades - Vegetable Cutter, Peeler,...

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The orange color Adjustable Mandoline Slicer should perfect for your everyday home use. If you want to have an excellent dinner or breakfast with your family means, take a look at this item.

This is one among the top rated and affordable slicer. It comes with Slicer, Blades, Container and safety hat. All these things are very helpful while slice your veggies.

For example, if you are making french fries means, somebody like the thin layer, many persons wanted hard layers to make some crunchy sounds while eating.

So, everybody has different taste to eat foods. That is why it comes with three adjustable layer thickness, those are 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm. So, you can slice cucumber, onions, potato, garlic, ginger and many kinds of vegetables with different sizes according to your needs.

4. Best Gift: OXO Good Grips Vegetable Chopper:


OXO Good Grips Vegetable and Onion Chopper with Easy Pour Opening

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Many of you having the habit of present the gifts to others. When the festivals like Christmas or celebrations like birthday parties, and wedding means, the gift is the best choice to make happy with our loved one.

If you are one among gift seeker, then take a look at this product. It has excellent features and attractive designs. The white color chopper should like by everybody.

It is more stable and stainless steel blades provide durability. If you want to eat some healthy food, then this should be a perfect one for you.

5. Quality: Vegetable Dicer Food Chopper Dicer Pro:


Fullstar Vegetable Chopper - Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Onion...

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Surpahs has a very good name in the market for vegetable slicers. There are many people looking forward to buying this chopper because of quality, standard and brand name. It works like a charm to cut and slice vegetables, fruits, and Nuts.

Everybody want to buy multi-functionality machines. If you buy simple Onion Chopper means, you can’t cut many vegetables. But if you buy vegetable choppers like Surpahs means, you can cut many vegetables and you no need to have different cutting machines for different vegetables, food, cheese and more.

6. Best for Fruit: Prepworks by Progressive Chopper :


Prepworks by Progressive Fruit and Vegetable Chopper

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It provides the convenient way to close and open the chopper. Hereafter your cooking will be super easy by this Prepworks chopper.

On ancient days people were really hard to prepare food. Because those days, there is no effective machinery were used to cook the food. Knife is the best made by human being. Knife reduced lots of human effort by cutting vegetables.

But this modern world advanced technologies were beaten knife. Upcoming years the electronics and machinery items growth definitely will improve.

7. Best Electric: Hamilton Beach 72860 Chopper:


Hamilton Beach Stack & Press Mini 3-Cup Glass Bowl Food Processor &...

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This is an advanced chopper. You no need to press the slicer to cut the vegetables. You can simply switch on and run this chopper by electric power. This will be made your work so simple. Many people should want electric chopper for their cook.

The glass of the chopper is sturdy and it can’t be break easily. You can put a variety of vegetables inside the chopper and just run the chopper. It will cut the vegetables and make the slices that should be healthy and tasty.

8. Best Manual: LOVKITCHEN Compact Hand Held Chopper:


No products found.

No products found.

If you are looking for manual hand powered chopper, then this should fit for you. This is the best Kitchen gadget for everyone.

We can make a slice or cut any fruits, onion, garlic and ginger with ease. By putting nuts, ice creams and your favorite herbs, you can make Salsa, guacamole, and any other recipe. That is why people really curious to buy this one. Cost wise Starfrit manual chopper is cheap and very effective.

9. Best for food: KitchenAid Food Chopper :


KitchenAid KFC3511LR 3.5-Cup Food Chopper - Lavendar Cream

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This is the little and powerful food chopping machine. You can chop up to 3.5 cups at a time. This is the only chopper comes with plenty of awesome colors like blue, green, lavender, black, white, yellow and more. So, you can choose this as match as your Kitchen wall.

It grinds ice and any hard vegetables like potato, onion, cabbages, ginger and sturdy foods. As usual KitchenAID products looks so stunning. There are 2 speeds available with one touch operation. When you buy this item it comes with 3.5 Cup BPA bowl and lid. Does it sound good to know?

10. Urban Depot UD004 Spiral Slicer:


SALE!! Limited Time!! Chef Grade Mandoline V-Blade Slicer, 5...

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Urban Depot UD004 is very innovative and effective way to slice the vegetables. The versatility should impress you 100% without any doubts. You can rotate the handle to slice the vegetables like apple, beetroot, potato, onion, etc…

It comes with dishwasher safe that helps a lot and long lasting. The BPA-free chopper has 3 high quality blades that work like a charm. Nobody dislikes this amusing chopper.

The size wise it may be something big but quality wise best one to buy. One word to describe this spiral slicer is ‘awesome’.

11. Vegetable Julienne Slicer with Surgical Grade :


Mandoline Slicer w/ 5 Adjustable Blades - Vegetable Slicer - Food...

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This is an old chopper but the gold one. After reading this review you can check the user reviews at Amazon. You just amazed to see the review and feedback. You can place this Slicer anywhere in your home and slice the vegetables.

The rubber foot of the slicer helps to stay at one position without moving. Otherwise, you need to use another hand to hold the chopper.

When you slice the carrots or onions with this slicer means, you definitely not feel like slicing. Because the vegetables glide like water on the blades. It is also the best gift to present your loved one.

12. Weston Multi-Chopper:

Weston Fruit and Veggie Multi-Chopper (83-2014-W) with 3 Stainless...


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Weston multi chopper comes with three blades which are 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, and Wedger blade. The blades quality should be appraisable.

The slip resistance bottom will help the chopper as stable while cutting. You can view the sliced vegetables easily because of the large container space. Because of the large space, you no need to remove the container often to store slices. Once cut all the vegetables, you can use these for your cook.

13. Maxam Vegetable Chopper:

Maxam Vegetable Chopper, Dynamic Food Processor with Stainless-Steel...


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Maxam is the reputed chopper brand produced many Choppers in the market. It is something different than a normal manual chopper.

People often looked electronic chopper instead of manual chopper because of electronic chopper does not take that much work to slice the vegetables.

But ‘Maxmum’ chopper will help to make food within a couple of minutes. You can make a different kind of slices by using the 5 different cone slicers. Heavy Duty Chrome finish is the added advantage of the chopper and comes with finger guard for safety.

14. Vollrath (6003) Suction Cup Base Food Cutter:

Vollrath Redco 12-Inch King Kutter Manual Vegetable Cutter with...


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This is an ancient model but works great for all vegetables. You can place the vegetable as the top of the chopper and rotate it by your hand.

It will slice the vegetables quicker and perfect manner and that supports any kind of vegetable and Aluminium material provided the safety and durability. It has suction based clamp for stability.

15. Herb Scissors:


Herb Scissors And Multipurpose Peeler - 5 Sharp Blades Stainless Steel...

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Many of you wanted to know about the Herb Scissors. This review guide should cover all the chopper related items. So, that we added this scissors on our list. If you want to cut the herbs and leaves means, you can’t use big choppers.

That time you may have knife or herb scissors. Pizza, Salad, Burger needs some herbs on the layer to improve the taste and odor. By using this simple herb scissors you can make your need easily. High quality material is used to manufacture this herb scissors.

So, you no need to worry about rust on the blades. It is also dishwasher safety and best gift to present. This is just an awesome and simple invention to make herbs for soup, salad, and any other foods. It comes with 5 stainless steel to slice the herbs and it is easy to clean and user-friendly.

16. Best rated: Nemco (56500-3) Chopper:


Nemco (56500-3) 1/2' Chop Easy Chopper II

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Nemco is the popular brand but expensive. Yes, Nemco 56500-3 is an expensive chopper. If you have a big family then you go for it. It can easily chop different kinds of fruits and veggies.

This chopper has nearly 10-pound weight and made with sturdy material. It should be long lasting and should impress the busy family.

It got a maximum number of perfect ratings from the user. Because of the expensive many persons don’t go for this item. But worth to buy and we recommended here to buy this one.

17. Best mini: Norpro 578 Dicer:


Norpro Stainless Steel Mezzaluna Chopper, 4in/10cm x 6in/15cm, Silver

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Are you look for the chopper that fits within your hands? Then take a look at this small Kitchen Gadget instead of a knife. It has the blades on both sides.

You can easily dice any vegetables by placing your vegetable in between the blades. But if you are cutting many vegetable means, it took some time to complete the process.

This is the ‘cons’ of this Dicer. One more ‘cons’ is when you continuously chop the vegetable means, you need to have a spoon to clean the small pieces stuck in between the blades. You need to wipe often otherwise, it will be stuck.

18. ZYKISS Easy Pull Food Chopper for Professional Chefs:


ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper and Manual Food Processor - Vegetable...

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This is the chopper often seen on tv advertisement. It is one of the professional Choppers to slice the veggies. Many professional chefs using this product for their own use. We also very satisfied with the quality of this chopper.

This is wonderful multi-functionality and versatile chopper for all family. It comes with Egg separator, Salad spinner, and slicing blades.

That is why it is called as the best multi-functionality chopper. You can make a wide range of foods by using Progressive Manual Food chopper. We recommended this for the gift presentation.

Usually, there are some of the Kitchen items looks very beauty and works well. Progressive chopper is an example for that.

19. Best for salad: Salad Maker by Good Cooking:


Salad Maker - Electric Shredder, Slicer, Chopper, & Shooter with...

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Are you a Salad lover? If your answer is Yes, then take a look at this Salad Master. For making Salad foods, this is one of the best product in the niche. Fruits, Chocolates, Ice creams, Vegetables can slice easily and make an awesome recipe for your husband or children.

One touch operation helps a lot to chop vegetables and easy to clean that is very important. Red color chopper with green, yellow, Orange, and Blue color cones are just outstanding.

20. Best safety: Leifheit 03003 Comfort Slicer:


Leifheit Comfort & Clean Food Chopper, White

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Leifheit 03003 is another cool and cheap chopper for comfortable users. It comes with foldable technology that helps to fold the chopper and place it in a small place.

It can’t slip on the surface while slicing the veggies because of the rubber in the bottom surface. Sturdy and easy to clean specially made for considering chefs in mind.

It was manufactured by ABS plastic for clean and safety. Many of the plastic choppers can break easily after some days. But It should be long lasting because of the sturdy material used in it.

Final Verdict:

Vegetable Chopper is one among the important Kitchen accessory. Hope this review guide helps you to choose the best vegetable chopper on the market. Leave a comment about your favorite chopper. Stay tuned for more awesome product updates.

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