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Everyone has their cards, some cash, and other items to carry around each day. The best wallets for men can make this particular necessity much easier to accomplish. I know what you’re thinking; it’s just the matter of a wallet. All you need is a place to keep your everyday cash and cards, right?

Well, you wouldn’t be thinking like that once you get that dream wallet! The best wallets for men come in several stylish designs, with all kinds of features to make your life easier. With a myriad of pockets, for instance, you have a place to stash debit or credit cards, business cards, and cash.

With the impact of technology in our everyday lives, we won't neglect this area in our picks for the best wallets for men. You get blocking technology in some options, which can prevent anyone from maliciously scanning your cards. You also get some wallets that are compatible with smartphones.

The discussion below will help you choose the perfect wallet for your needs. Let’s explore the best wallets for men in detail.

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Fossil Men's Ingram Leather Traveler Wallet

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LAUREN Ralph Lauren Burnished Passcase, Black

Timberland Men's Cavalieri Trifold

RVCA Men's Clean Card Wallet

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No products found.

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No products found.

No products found.

Premium Mens Slim Wallet By DASH - Vegan Card Wallet, Small, Compact...

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet (Slim Leather Bifold Design, RFID...

Combining Style with Essentials: How to Choose a Wallet That Has It All

So, a wallet just needs to look good, right? They are an accessory, after all.

Not so fast. You shouldn’t underestimate that leathery receptacle. Instead, you should find the one that’s suitable for your needs. A great wallet will up your style factor. Plus, it will make your daily dealings much more convenient.

How do you make sure that you have one of the best men’s wallets of all time, especially when it comes to your own requirements?

These tips will help you choose one of the best wallets for men:

Stay simple

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Wallets shouldn’t be too flashy unless that’s the look you really want. We’ll always recommend neat, clean lines and neutral colors. Several wallets are available in a minimalistic style, which is enough for most people’s needs. This way, you have a wallet that will be perfect for any and every event. It’ll also go with most of your outfits, which is always a plus.

Go for the right size

A large wallet will be able to carry everything if you need several cards with you all the time. However, there’s no need to get an overly large wallet, as it probably won’t fit in most pockets. You don’t want to overstuff your wallet either, as its bulk will be unsightly and likely uncomfortable.

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What you should focus on getting is a decent-sized wallet instead of the one that will be more like a purse. Also, you can maintain the interior by getting rid of old receipts, useless cards, and occasionally giving out the change.

If you do want a wallet to hold several cards, you may go for a trifold instead of going bigger. A trifold will have several slots for all your card-carrying needs. However, if you’re looking for other options, you may choose among various type​​s of wallets available.

Inquire about the material

Wallets come in all kinds of materials, with even the leather options coming into several types. There are also materials such as polyester, canvas, and cotton available. These may have their up and downs, though leather is still the most popular option by far.

Consider it an investment

The best wallets for men don’t come too cheap, but we don’t recommend being miserly about this purchase. After all, your wallet will be carrying stuff that you need for your everyday business as well as emergencies.

If you plan to use your wallet for the long term, you should get ready to invest a decent amount. Premium quality wallets with the coveted leather material will cost you, but it would also last for ages. Plus, it’s a stylish accessory that you'll be carrying around for several months.

Choose a neutral color

black wallet

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Choosing a neat and straightforward wallet also means choosing a somewhat sober color. You’re probably taking the wallet to your workplace as well as to parties. This is why many people feel a neutral shade like white, black, or brown is best.

Of course, you can always branch out and choose some more creative prints or colors for your wallet. If you're more daring, go ahead and go for a unique wallet.

Look for multiple compartments

The compartments inside your wallet will determine its functionality. As we’ve mentioned above, you need several slots for different cards. Having a lot of these will help you organize your stuff and protect the cards from damage.

Some wallets even have separate slots for storing memory cards and SIM cards. Perhaps you travel a lot, in which case a SIM card slot will come in handy.

Then again, some of these card slots may have a transparent window. This is useful if you have to show your ID daily.

Technological features

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Technology has updated our wallets into smart items, which you may want to consider before making a final decision. The RFID blocking technology in some wallets can help you stay safe from tech thieves. Whenever you pass through a scanner, your credit and debit cards are at risk.

This blocking technology is especially useful if you keep your wallet in a back pocket. Of course, you don’t want anyone scanning the cards inside and stealing your information. You should also opt for this feature if you’re a frequent traveler.

- Our Top 9 Picks -

We now come to some of the best wallets for men that you can find online right now. You may pick the most likely one for your convenience and safety.


Fossil Ingram Traveler Wallet

Fossil Men's Ingram Leather Traveler Wallet
  • Who needs something bulky in your pocket? Slenderize your fitted jeans or slacks with this Fossil™ Ingram Traveler...

With the Fossil Ingram Traveler Wallet, you get a rugged option with high-quality construction. The brand itself is a known name in the wallet industry, but the experience speaks for itself. You get 100 percent leather here, with clear ID slots, eight card slots, a flip-out section, and several other features. 

This makes it a much more reasonable offering, even though it’s still above average for this list.

According to the reviews, the construction is sturdy enough to last for several years. The sewing is straight, while the leather is of that smooth, soft quality that signifies a high-end brand. The only downside is a lack of separator in the main pocket, but that's about it.


TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet

No products found.

For a wallet with several slot options, the TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet might be your best bet yet. It has a sleek profile, RFID blocking technology, and a bi-fold design. 

In return, you get seven card pockets, an easy-access front pocket, and about six inner compartments. Since this item has gone through testing at an independent German quality control facility, we’re confident about its performance.

However, there might be some pain points with the money clip on this wallet, as it provides a risk of damage to your photos or cards. And both your cards and cash may stick out of the wallet, so they're a little compromised. If you simply want a slim option that can hold a lot, though, this is an excellent pick.


Ralph Lauren Soft Leather Bifold Wallet

The Ralph Lauren Soft Leather Bifold Wallet comes from a well-known luxury brand. This is why we can expect great things from this particular option.


Timberland Leather Trifold Wallet

Timberland Men's Cavalieri Trifold
  • pockets: 4 slip, 1 id windows, 6 card slots

The Timberland Leather Trifold Wallet for men is a pleasant surprise. We usually expect this company to come out with some great rugged boots and work shoes. However, its work in leather also extends to wallets, which is good news for us. There are about six card slots here, along with a clear ID window and two slip pockets. There's just one large pocket for cash, but its split in half to allow for better organization.

With about a dozen styles and colors for your perusal, you’ll simply adore this Italian leather piece. The leather makes sure you’ll have a soft, smooth experience. Plus, the look will just get better with age.

However, just remember that the leather construction means you have to break it in. Until then, you’ll have to struggle with the stiff pockets and slots.


RVCA Men's Clean Card Wallet

RVCA Men's Clean Card Wallet
  • Pockets: 1 slip, 4 card slots

The RVCA Men's Clean Card Wallet is made of imported materials and has a textile lining. There are four card slots, one slip pocket, and a lovely design to carry your cash plus cards. 

Yet, we must mention that some people complained about the quality of the leather. A little care is probably best if you intend to use this wallet for a long time.


Casmonal Slim Leather Wallet

No products found.

The Casmonal Slim Leather Wallet is one of the best wallets for men if you want RFID blocking technology as well. 

However, it is a little on the smaller side as well. There are about two slots for cards and one for cash. One ID slot is also there, so you’ll be able to fulfill your minimal needs.

It takes a while to break this in, but the company guarantee and slim profile make it worth the effort. Overall, we’ll say it’s perfect for the minimalist traveler who needs everything in one place.


SERMAN BRANDS Minimalist Wallet

No products found.

The SERMAN BRANDS Minimalist Wallet features RFID blocking technology, a bifold design, and a slim profile. You can stash it in your front pocket and use the money clip for emergencies that require cash.

There are quite a few interesting shades available for this wallet, including Canyon Red and Slate Gray. We feel this is fairly reasonable, especially with the 12-month warranty.

You’ll also love the vintage leather, but prepare yourself for the inevitable scratches. This is a sign of authentic leather, so there’s nothing to worry about.


Dash Premium Slim Wallet

Premium Mens Slim Wallet By DASH - Vegan Card Wallet, Small, Compact...
  • ★ OVER 90,000 UNITS SOLD WORLDWIDE - Launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and has been sold in over 100 countries...
  • ★ STAY ORGANIZED - We know you’re tired of stuffing all your cards and bills behind a phone case and struggling to...

The Dash Premium Slim Wallet is a vegan option, which will delight those who don’t want to use animal products. It’s compact, which makes it suitable for your front pocket. This wallet first started as a Kickstarter project and is now a popular choice in over a hundred countries. That fact alone is a testament to its quality.

You’ll get about three compartments, which will hold a total of eight cards plus some cash. That’s probably enough for both travel and work purposes.

The only issue here seems to be a slight problem with the stitching. However, the service is good enough to send a replacement if that happens.


Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet (Slim Leather Bifold Design, RFID...
  • Slim profile with a classic aesthetic, this billfold is a great starting point to slimming your pocket
  • Fits 5-12 cards, coins and flat bills and features RFID protection in the lining

The Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet is a thin yet long-lasting option that has several compartments. With its deceptively sleek design, you can get all your cards and cash inside without having your pockets bulge out.

You can choose between several classy shades such as navy, black, caramel, and java. The color choices are somewhat limiting, but they’re excellent for professional and formal use. You should forget the funky shades, though; this wallet is strictly business.

The Wallet That Promises to Be an All-in-One Solution

The best wallets for men aren’t just those that look good, but also provide added security and convenience. To this end, we’ve determined that the SERMAN BRANDS Minimalist Wallet is the best option. It has a reasonable price and gorgeous vintage leather that only looks better with more use. Try it out and see how you enjoy having one of the best wallets for men!

What do you look for when picking a men's wallet? Tell us in the comments below.

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