Webcams have brought the world closer as people can interact with each other from any nook and corner of the world.

You can see and chat with your friends and well-wishers from around the globe using a webcam.

Best webcam

And what better a device than a handy webcam that absorbs even the slightest sounds and gives amazing picture quality. But there is one thing that you should always pay heed to.

The webcam transmits the live pictures using the internet. Hence that picture will always remain on the internet and so caution is required while posting pictures and videos from a webcam.

The webcam may be inbuilt on your laptop or desktop.

But with a separate webcam device, you can carry it wherever you want, connect it to any computer and start recording. A webcam might need to be plugged to a computer or be wireless (Wi-Fi connected).

A webcam comes with a microphone, sensors to capture minute sounds, good light features, and easy maneuverability to tilt and turn while recording.

Buy top webcams online that are compatible on several platforms and numerous browsers so that you can video record and upload pictures anytime and anywhere.

When buying the best buy webcam, select the gadget which suits your needs the most and fits into your budget. There are various factors to be considered when buying a webcam, depending on the usage. We will review the best webcam for YouTube recording and you can make a selection based on the features, performance, utility and budget.

Top 14 best webcam online reviews

1.  ​Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Logitech HD Pro C920 webcam is the perfect solution for all your video calling and recording needs on desktops and laptops. It’s your perfect choice when you want to buy best webcams online. Its latest version allows superior picture quality which makes video chatting on Skype as real as can be. The Logitech device is compatible with windows and Mac platforms and the full HD 1080p gives amazing picture quality for the video blogs. The dual microphones in the C920 provide a clear and natural sound, while you can rap, sing, dance on the high-definition 720p. Attain the perfection of clarity and detailing with the five –layer lens and intricate autofocus.

So chat with your facebook friends and Google hangouts and show yourself in your best colors with the fluid motion pictures and wide angle camera of the webcam. If you are a vlogger or give presentations on live videos, get connected with everyone and have some amazingly fast uploads and get clarity of picture even in dim light, with Logitech’s C920 desktop/laptop webcam.

​Design, features, and performance

The Logitech C920 is designed for desktops and laptops and comes with a Tripod clip that can be easily fit on LCD monitors and laptops. Install the webcam in the conference room of your office to get a clear and detailed picture of all the angles with the wide angle camera feature of the webcam. It captures all low and high sounds, filtering the background sounds to give crisp and clear sound clarity. The Full HD (1920*1080)1080p videos give out pictures with the smallest details while chatting on Skype, that too without any framerate reduction. The device supports 1280*720 pixels for other software and full HD recording for 1920*1080 pixels.

The webcam comes with an H.264 compression technology which allows you to compress and upload simultaneously; resulting in seamless live streaming of videos. The still images have a high resolution of 15 megapixels through means of interpolation. The webcam has a built-in tracking technology that adjusts the autofocus and also enhances white balance and exposure. The device is sturdy and durable and the tripod adds to the versatility. The glass Car Zeiss lens is the highest quality lens, which is fitted in this webcam. This not only enhances the picture quality, it makes the device more resilient and durable.

The 5-element Full HD glass lens and the well-tuned autofocus, provide pure clarity, consistency, and sharpness of images. The system has two microphones on either side to capture neutral and filtered sounds so that your voice can be clearly audible. You can record videos with immense clarity even in low light.

The user is required to install the Logitech webcam software for windows to have access to features like zoom, pan, and tilt controls, face tracking, motion detection and other wonderful features. The webcam comes with a USB port and requires active internet for video calling and uploading of videos and images.

​The Logitech gadget is compatible with:

  • ​Mac OS 10.6 (HD 720p on FaceTime for Mac; Full HD 1080p video recording with QuickTime Player)
  • ​Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and above
  • ​Android v 5.0 or above
  • ​Chrome OS

​The package arrives with the Logitech C 920, a 6-feet cable, and a user manual. The company provides a 2-year limited warranty. The Logitech webcam weighs around 1 pound, is black in color and the dimensions are 2.83 x 7.52 x 8.94 inches. The Logitech C 920 comes with a two-year warranty and the company offers good customer support. You can reach out to the Logitech representatives by email, telephone or the company website.


​The device is perfect for live streaming and video conferencing in offices and homes. If you hold frequent live presentations and video conferences, the Logitech with its wide camera and consistent streaming is one of the best webcams online that will truly serve your purpose. With excellent picture quality and clear sounds, the Logitech C 920 is one of the top webcams to buy in the market.


  • ​Supports multiple platforms
  • ​Give superior image and video precision and sharpness
  • ​Clear voice with background sound filtration
  • ​User can adjust color, angle, focus, brightness as per needs
  • ​Good for the price


  • ​Lens cover is missing, glass gets dirty
  • ​Autofocus could be an issue when you want to adjust the focus yourself.
  • ​You have to sit close to the device to hear the voice clearly.

​2.  ​Logitech HD Webcam C525, Portable HD 720p Video Calling with Autofocus​

​Made for those on the go, the Logitech HD C525 has a portable fold-and-go design to carry to anywhere you like. Wherever you are, you can instantly upload pictures to Youtube and Facebook with the C525. Take high-quality pictures from close ranges and distances with equal clarity and sharpness. After use, you can fold the camera into a compact form and slip into your bag. And then you can always attach it to your computer for video chatting on skype.

​Design, features, and performance

The Logitech C525 is a portable webcam that comes at a reasonable price. The C525 has a smooth and 16:9 widescreen HD 720p for recording and video calling. The ultra-fluid autofocus gives 8 MP pictures with crisp smoothness. You can polish your photos using the photo editor and Magix software. The Fluid crystal technology in the webcam ensures optimal performance. The camera rotates 360 degrees for recording at all angles. The webcam is compatible with the windows vista, XP, 7.0, and above. The screen resolution is 1280*720 for giving better picture quality.

The webcam C525 is black in color and the item dimensions are 8.2*3*6”, weighing 5.9 ounces. The microphone has a noise-cancelling feature, giving out clear and sharp sounds and the Autolight option corrects the lighting in dim and adverse light conditions. It syncs seamlessly with most of the chatting and video calling software allowing hassle-free video conferencing and chatting. The IM compatibility ensures that you can use the webcam with skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo messenger and other chat applications.

The C525 has some additional features which allow users to add fun elements to their images. The pan, tilt, face tracking, and motion detection features provide better picture quality and some special effects. The package arrives with the Logitech C525 webcam, a user manual, 5-foot cable, and Logitech software with Logitech video HD. The product has a limited two-year hardware warranty.


The webcam is easy to install and is handy enough to be taken anywhere. The picture quality and sound is good and works well on Skype, Yahoo, and Facebook. The Logitech C525 is compatible with windows.


  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Small compact and handy
  • ​Images can be polished with the editor software
  • ​Can be uploaded to Facebook or Youtube in a single click
  • ​Auto-light correction facility
  • ​HD video calling
  • ​In-built noise-cancelling microphone
  • ​Great for traveling


  • ​Microphone quality not satisfactory at times
  • ​Videos are grainy at times
  • ​No fancy features

​3.​​Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

Get bright and colorful videos with this HD camera from Microsoft and share it on all your social media platforms. The wide angle optics allows a wider field of viewing. You can attach it to your monitor with its convenient and universal base that can be used with notepads, desktops, and laptops. You can record videos even in dim light and the webcam adjusts the lighting with its auto features. Connect the webcam to your computer, download the software and start recording with this top online webcam which is so easy to maneuver.

​Design, features, and performance

Equipped with Truecolor technology for great picture quality videos, the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 has a widescreen 16:9 with 720p HD sensor for video recording and chats, at 30 frames per second. The microphone reduces irrelevant sounds and the attachment at the bottom of the device is universal and can be easily fitted onto desktops, laptops, and notebooks. The sound quality is great with the built-in microphone and acoustic noise cancellation feature. It syncs beautifully with all windows platforms 8.0 and upwards, leaving the windows XP-Pro 64-bit. The camera design is nice and the device is sturdy. It attaches itself well to the monitor of the computer. The webcam offers all good features at a reasonable price.

The item dimensions are 1.75 x 1.55 x 4.28 in and the weight is 3.2 ounces and it comes in black color.


The device works well on all windows platforms as it’s a Microsoft product. The product has a limited warranty of three years and you can use it to share videos on messenger, skype, and Facebook. If you are looking for an affordable option of a webcam with all basic features, the Microsoft Lifecam-3000 is perfectly suited.


  • ​True-color technology
  • ​Certified for skype
  • ​Omni-directional microphone
  • ​Acoustic noise cancellation feature
  • ​Universal attachment base with rubber mount
  • ​Works well even in dim light


  • ​Not very flexible neck
  • ​No advanced features
  • ​Fixed focus
  • ​Works best in a noiseless area, use headphone mic

​4.​​​Genius 120-degree Ultra Wide Angle Full HD Conference Webcam(WideCam F100)

The full HD webcam from Genius will enhance your video chatting experience with its ultra wide lens and superior voice quality. For meetings, video conferencing, telecommunication, and chats with friends, this device can be turned up to 120 degrees for better coverage and viewing. You can also increase the distance of your webcam by 5ft using the USB cable.

​Design, features, and performance

The WideCam F 100 from genius has an ultra wide angle lens provides a 120 degrees view so that you do not need to sit right in front of the webcam. The built-in microphone captures smallest sounds and gives sharp and clear voice quality. The 1080 p Full HD recording gives great picture quality while recording up to 30 fps and gives 12 MP interpolation photos. The camera can be turned up to 36 degrees for wider footage. The gadget comes with an Arcsoft webcam companion 4 software using which you can record the HD videos and make small changes.

The box arrives with the F10 webcam device, a 5 feet long USB cable, CD with Arcsoft software, Genius utility pack, and multi-language user manual and a quick guide. The F100 has a plastic body, is black in color and its dimensions are 1.89*1.93*5.9 inches and weighs 3.2 ounces.

The Genius webcam is compatible with several platforms and can be easily installed and operated.  This webcam enables viewing of all members in a conference and if you have babies who are dancing around, this webcam will easily capture all. No need to make them sit in one place.  The manual focus allows you to change and adjust the focus of the glass lens as per convenience.


The ultra wide lens that provides a wide field of viewing is the main reason people pick this camera. The F100 from Genius is particularly useful for board meetings, classes in huge lecture halls, presentations, telecommuting, and Skype video calls where a large number of people in the family chat together. It’s a great product for this price.


  • ​Ultra wide angle lens
  • ​Can be tilted in any direction
  • ​Great for viewing in larger spaces
  • ​Connects to all computers
  • ​Good picture and sound quality
  • ​Works well on skype calls


  • ​Picture quality is blurred at the sides
  • ​Not apt for 1 to 1 video calls
  • ​Sound quality is average
  • ​Finishing is not very great
  • ​The manual focus is rigid to operate
  • ​No video compression

​5.​​​​Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615 with Fold-and-Go Design, 360-Degree Swivel, 1080p Camera

​Another winner from Logitech, that constantly churns out superior-quality gadgets. The HD webcam C 615 records full HD videos which you can share on Facebook, Youtube, and other social platforms. Also get close and personal with your friends during chats and video calling using Google Hangouts, Skype, Facetime for Mac. Get to know each other better with the amazing picture quality and sound that make the discussions fun and interesting. And if you are planning to hit the road, this is the perfect pick for you. Foldable and compact, it slips easily into any corner of your bag. This tripod ready gadget can be used anywhere to take pictures and videos by rotating through 360-degree angles. So just switch on the wi-fi and go vlogging!

​Design, features, and performance

The Logitech HD webcam C615 is the web recording device you have been always looking for. You can record sharp and precise HD 1080p videos that capture intricate details. The HD 720p provide fluid chatting o Hangouts, skype, Facetime and other video call and chat forums. The built-in microphones are powerful and sharp those filter out the unnecessary noise and give amazing sound quality.

The C615 is flexible and users can adjust settings as per their requirements. The 360- degree swivel and fold-and-go design are two useful features for the avid traveler, vlogger, documentary writer, and more. When recording the reactions of huge crowds in a swivel, this camera comes really handy. You can record videos and images even in poor light conditions with its automatic light correction feature.

The webcam C615 delivers crisp and sharp images with its autofocus settings, in close-ups too. The C615 works on Windows, Chrome OS, Android, and Mac. You can also play the webcam as a plug-and-play camera on Mac OS X 10.5x and 10.6x.  The functions like video calling, video conferencing, and instant messaging, need internet connectivity. With just one click, you can upload pictures and videos to all social media platforms.

The device is light and compact weighing just 8 ounces. The dimension of the C615 is 3*8.25*6” and is available in black color. The webcam requires an internet connection for video calling and chatting and comes with a USB port.  The package arrives with the webcam C 615 device, a user manual, and a 3 feet long cable.


The C 615 webcam requires an installation of the Logitech software from its website. It provides amazing features like motion tracking, tilt and zoom controls, and face tracking. Mount it on your monitor bezel and it can be rotated over 360 degrees for complete coverage of an area.  Overall this is one of the best webcams online at this price.


  • ​The software has numerous additional features
  • ​Compatible with windows, chrome, and Mac platforms
  • ​Comes with a USB port and cable
  • ​Provides Full HD video recording and video calling on Skype, Hangouts, and Facetime.
  • ​Rotates 360 degrees
  • ​Flexible and high on performance


  • ​Microphone quality not very good
  • ​Webcam cable relatively short
  • ​The 1080p quality needs improvement
  • ​Does not function too well on Mac

​6.​HP HD 4310 Webcam (H2W19AA#ABC)

If you want to get in touch with your loved ones instantly, this HP 4310 webcam is the solution for your needs. You can conduct 3-way video calls and enjoy the proximity of your friends/ family in a single screen. With enhanced premium picture quality, pans and tilts to attain the right angle and autofocus to polish the images to perfection, the webcam has amazing features.

The HP 4310 has some alluring special effects that further enhance the picture quality and the mic cuts down background noises to give clear sounds. And who not like to install this smart looking device with sleek cuts and clean dimensions. The size is also ideal and like always HP delivers a fine gadget with superior features and sophisticated aesthetics.

​Design, features, and performance

The HP HD 4310 Webcam has amazing features that not only allow users to video call and chat with others they can also edit the images, upload on social media instantly, edit videos and chat with multiple people. The autofocus and auto-exposure features provide razor-sharp images which are bright and colorful. The make of the HP webcam is sleek and modern with clean cuts and sophisticated design. The webcam weighs 4.8 ounces, is black in color and has dimensions 4.8*2.4*6 “.

The webcam consolidates all your contact together and you can also conduct 3-way video calling with the HP 4310 webcam. The software included in the webcam package has to be installed and an internet connection will enable you to perform functions like video calling, chatting, uploading pictures on social platforms, and sending instant messages. The device can record up to 15 minutes of video in a go.

The 1080p widescreen gives great picture quality and the exclusive HP TrueVision tunes into changing light conditions. The webcam can be mounted anywhere with its universal clip. The features of 360-degree pan and 30-degree tilt can be adjusted freely. The mic is directional and eliminates background noise. The special effects features add fun elements to the pictures making your conversation more interesting and lively. The HP 4310 is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista /7/8.

The product is received timely after placing orders and the installation is simple and easy. The user manual can be downloaded from the internet to follow instructions of installation and use. The company offers support via phone, email, and FAQS on the website. The HP HD 4310 offers a one-year warranty.


If you are looking to buy top webcams online, this HP webcam should figure in your list. It’s easy to install, allows video conferencing with multiple people and provides incredible features. It a good product for the price and the design of the webcam is also smart and appealing. The video quality is crisp and free from distortions, the sound is clear, and is compatible with windows platform. The autofocus has face tracking features that keeps subjects in focus and helps in ascertaining the correct skin tones while taking shots. It’s a great camera for still shooting, though does not have a few features present in premium webcams.


  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Sophisticated design
  • ​Space saving and compact design
  • ​Remote monitoring and special effects features
  • ​3-way video calling
  • ​1- click uploading to Facebook
  • ​Universal clip for mounting
  • ​Great combination of resolution and framerates


  • ​Software is not well updated
  • ​Lens is plastic, not glass
  • ​Audio quality is average
  • ​Digital zoom is missing

​7.​​HUE HD (black) USB camera for Windows and Mac

If you need a webcam for classroom presentations in sync with the whiteboard, the Hue HD USB is a handy option. The USB camera has an interesting design and comes with a built-in microphone. The flexible bending neck can sneak into nook and corners and record data, and the durable design makes this camera a hit for classroom teaching. The microphone doubles up as a microscope and you can create animated movies, Youtube videos, and also make time-lapse recording to post on Facebook, Youtube and video call on skype, Facetime and other apps. Used throughout the world, this Hue HD USB camera is an affordable option for teachers and students.

​Design, features, and performance

The Hue HD USB camera is a plug and play device which can be used for windows and Mac platforms. A portable and flexible gadget, the Hue HD USB camera can be connected to the computer and projector to showcase experiments, presentations, and to have video conferencing with students based on the given documentation. Connect the camera to record live videos with sound. The HD USB camera can read A4 and US sheets and project them to a whiteboard and still give out superb image quality. You can plug it directly into the computer and use it on Skype, Google talk, messenger and all other major application. It can be used with webcasting services like Ustream.

The Hue HD USB can be rotated 360 degrees with its flexible neck and the optimal base ensures stability and sturdiness, giving out clear and undistorted pictures. Student presentations are recorded with the built-in microphone which serves a dual purpose. Small objects can be magnified by the microphone to study them more closely. The webcam has a manual focus so that users can adjust it as per their needs. It is UVC compatible and runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 10, Mac OS ´14.3, and Linux platforms.

The package of the Hue HD USB contains the Hue webcam, camera base, a 6ft USB to mini-USB cable, and an installation CD with manual. The item weighs 12.6 ounces and the product dimensions are 7.9*5.7*2.2 “.


The flexible neck of the Hue camera makes it a very useful device for teachers as it can read documents and the microphone that doubles up as a magnifier helps in reading documents closely.  Installation is simple and camera serves multiple purposes of document capture, projection device, and a stop-motion camera.  With the 1600*120 resolution, images are also clear and sharp. It’s resilient body makes it easy to be carried around and used in places like classrooms where wear and tear are higher. Since it works on windows and Mac both, it can be plugged into almost any device. Overall, it’s the best webcam to be used for classroom teaching.


  • ​Flexible neck
  • ​Projection feature
  • ​Space saving and compact design
  • ​Microphone double up as microscope
  • ​Easy installation
  • ​Simple to use
  • ​Handy and compact
  • ​Great for distance learning
  • ​Available in various colors


  • ​Inconsistent
  • ​Faces problems recognizing Mac
  • ​Audio quality is average
  • ​Does not produce HD quality

​8.​​​Logitech Group Conference Webcam for Big Meeting Rooms, 1080p Camera, and Speakerphone

Looking to buy best webcams online? This conference webcam from Logitech fulfills the video conferencing portfolio and connects quickly to PCs and Laptops via USB to connect up to 14-20 people in a conference. Enjoy an exclusive conference video collaboration experience which works on Skype for business, WebEx, Cisco Jabber, Lifesize, and optimized for Microsoft Lync 2013. The powerful speakerphones provide uninterrupted clear conversations and the webcam services can be availed on windows and Mac. Have seamless conversations and video conferences with the Logitech Group conference Webcam.

​Design, features, and performance

The Logitech Group Conference Webcam has a 1080p camera with HD video and crystal clear sound with features like autofocus, digital pan, tilt, and zoom. The premium Zeiss-certified optics gives superior image quality and provides resilience from breakage. Simply connect a laptop using the plug and play device and start your meeting. The camera has a 90-degree field of view and 20 ft. diameter audio range which accommodates 14 people in a conference. Expand the diameter audio range to 28ft. to extend the conference up to 20 people using the optional expansion mics.

The full-duplex speakerphones house four omnidirectional mics that capture voices from all directions and have advanced noise-cancellation features to filter extra sounds and provide clear conversations.  Enhanced features like acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction technology deliver the best sounds. Connect the speakerphone with Bluetooth or NFC-enabled mobile device for greater clarity of sound. The Webcam is compatible with PC and Mac and you can easily run the webcam on your existing system. You can use any UC, video conferencing apps and cloud communication apps and start the conference immediately.

The webcam is compatible with Skype for business, Microsoft Lync, Zoom and other cloud platforms and works like a breeze in any computing environment and any video conferencing app. The Logitech Group Conference webcam has some exceptional features like the 10X lossless zoom which provides clarity to the smallest detail, one-touch presets for switching camera views, and H.264 video compression that frees up PC bandwidth by putting video processing within the camera to reduce bandwidth and making your video conferencing collaboration an outstanding experience.

The speakers are well-designed and the clear audio voice makes the conversations look realistic sounding like everyone is in the same room. You can place the camera on a tripod, table, or mount it on a wall (mounting bracket included). You can operate the device via the remote control or directly on the speakerphone adjusting levels of tilt, pan, volume, mute, answer, and more.

The item weight is 7.9 pounds and the dimensions are 9.5 x 9.5 x 2.5 inches.

The box contains:

  • ​Camera
  • ​speakerphone
  • ​remote control
  • ​5-meter cables for connection between speakerphone and hub and camera and hub.
  • ​A 3-meter cable between hub and PC.
  • ​Powered hub.
  • ​Power adapter with regional plugs.
  • ​Mounting bracket.
  • ​Quick start guide.
  • ​Velcro for the cables.
  • ​Extra Velcro
  • ​Warranty card

The Logitech Group webcam comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


For conducting video conferencing for mid to large meetings, this Group webcam is a perfect choice. The 1080p video quality and advanced noise reduction technology gives sharp and crisp picture quality with clear sounds. The speaker unit is powerful and the four mics add to the voice quality of the device. Color coded cables are provided for connecting the camera, speaker, and laptops to the hub, which makes installation an easy process.


  • ​Accommodates 14-20 people in a conference
  • ​Zeiss technology for high-standard video quality
  • ​10x zoom
  • ​HD 1080p
  • ​Noise reduction technology
  • ​Autofocus
  • ​Bluetooth and NFC enabled
  • ​Multiple placing mounting options
  • ​Simple installation
  • ​easy plug and play to start meeting right away


  • ​Cables are short

​9.​​​​AUSDOM 1080P HD USB Webcam Network Camera with Microphone for PC

Are you looking for a top of the line webcam which is also pocket-friendly? The AUSDOM 1080P HH-USB Webcam Network Camera has an impressive array of features that will compel the buyer to pick this lovely gadget. It is one of the best webcams online for the price it offers. The built-in microphone and noise-cancelling mic provide amazing voice quality that makes your conversations uninterrupted and hassle-free.

You can work on Skype, Hangouts, Windows live messenger, Facetime, and yahoo messenger with equal ease. The USB plug-and-play device is easy to manoeuvre. The plastic-coated lens over the glass gives better picture clarity. And for the price, it’s a great deal!

​Design, features, and performance

The AUSDOM 1080P HD USB webcam is a plug-and-play device which is easy to install and operations are simple. The 1080p HD videos at 30fps with 1920*1080 high resolutions provide immense clarity and the 4-layer film coated lens makes pictures look real and true to life. Enjoy video calls on skype and all other major software with clear sounds and sharp pictures. The device is made up of aluminum magnesium alloy and is available in silver color. The flexible clip of the webcam is easy to fix on laptop monitors.

The LED lights up to blue to indicate operational and functional status. The LED is situated behind the diffuser which so it does not distract the user while video calling or taking pictures. The webcam has super-large aperture specifications with manual focusing so that you can adjust visibility and get super-clear pictures. The gadget supports several operating platforms like windows 7, windows xp2, windows vista, windows 8, Windows 1010.

The AUSDOM 1080P HD USB has an advanced video-phone technology and supports 4.8 mm microspur shooting. The cable length is long at 60 inches and the item weight is 4.2 ounces. The dimensions of the gadget are 4.64 x 1.96 x 4.48 inches. The package box contains one webcam and one user manual. The installation is easy and starts working right away. The driver can be downloaded for fun and interesting special effects. The cable is long and heat insulated and the magnet ring is anti-interference

The software provides compression features along with settings for brightness, and color options. The webcam comes with an installation CD but the software can be easily downloaded from the AUSDOM website.


The AUSDOM 1080P HD USB is 360 degrees omnidirectional adjustable and the 4-layer film-coated glass lens gives amazing picture quality. The manual focus is a hassle to some while an advantage to other users. The mic poses difficulty in some pieces but the overall quality is good. By and large, it is a webcam with all features, special effects, and browser compatibility to enjoy uninterrupted video calls and chatting.


  • ​Good definition and clarity
  • ​Good product for pricing
  • ​Have numerous functions and features
  • ​Cable is of good length


  • ​The clip hook becomes loose after a while
  • ​Sound not clear at all times
  • ​Video quality does seem 1080p
  • ​No cover over the lens

​10.​​​​​Logitech C930e USB Desktop or Laptop Webcam, HD 1080p Camera

Buy best webcams online after reviewing each one of them as per your suitability. With Logitech’s line of webcams you know you have bought a gadget which is value for money. The Logitech C930e provides exemplary picture quality making video calls look like true-to-life conversations. You can be in a noisy environment or experience low light conditions. Worry not, as Logitech C930e adjusts itself to the surroundings and gives a superior picture and sound quality. This webcam is certified for business use and you can easily connect to any of the major business conference applications and get started immediately.

​Design, features, and performance

The Logitech C930e USB webcam is a business-grade camera with 1080p HD quality with 3 fps giving out exceptional quality videos on PC and Mac. The 16:9 widescreen allows better viewing and the 90-degree extended view it provides an enormous view with functions like pan, tilt, and digital zoom up to four times. This feature makes the gadgets perfect for whiteboard presentations and conferences involving product demos. The H.264/ SVC UVC 1.5 encoding compression allows file sizes to be kept to the minimum while retaining the 1080p quality. It frees the bandwidth and allows smooth video streaming by putting videos in the camera.

The Logitech C930e is a plug-and-play device that is compatible with Microsoft Lync 2013, Skype, Cisco WebEx and most UC and web conferencing applications. The retail software is not available with this product. The C930e is one of the finest products of Logitech for video conferencing and has an amazing picture and sound quality. The mount is flexible and the gadget is made up of plastic. The top edge is smooth while the base has three hinges with padded rubber coating.

The CARL Zeiss glass in the webcam increase the life of the glass by many years and provides superior picture quality. The webcam comes in black color, weighs 5.7 ounces, and measures 3.7*1.7*2.8”. The webcam can be mounted on the monitor of a computer or placed on a tripod stand. With the tripod thread, the mount can be extended to hang ideally from a monitor device. The Logitech C930e works seamlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

The dual microphone filter extra noises and gives out clear sounds. The camera shoots pictures at 15 megapixels and the autofocus features adjust to poor light conditions. The 5-feet long cord ensures the USB post is never out of reach and you can easily move the camera around. The box comes with the Logitech webcam, the privacy shutter and the Quick start guide.


It the first camera with onboard video camera processing and the autofocus gives sharp pictures even in close-ups. The privacy screen covers the camera lens when it is not in use, protecting the gadget from wear and tear. You can download the software to control the pan, tilt, and zoom operations. This Logitech C 930e webcam has all great features of a sturdy and reliable webcam.


  • ​Sharp video quality for conferencing, chatting
  • ​Business-grade webcam
  • ​No drivers required, plug-and-play for windows and Mac
  • ​Flexible mount
  • ​Privacy shutter included


  • ​Expensive
  • ​No optical zoom
  • ​Autofocus poses issues occasionally

​11.​​​​​​Minoru 3D Webcam (Red/Chrome)

Would it not be exciting to own a 3D webcam in a striking color? The Minoru 3D webcam is an innovation of the Japanese technology and the word Minoru means reality in Japanese. And it would be such fun when your friends and family view you in 3D over Skype, instant messenger, Oovoo, and other messaging apps. Click 3D photos and share with your friends or upload ion social media sites like YouTube and other major social platforms.

What’s more, Minoru also connects effortlessly to your USB device and starts playing in a go. The red and cyan images produced by his webcam can be viewed using the 5 pairs of 3D glasses that come along with the webcam package.

​Design, features, and performance

The Minoru 3D webcam records and transfers videos in 3D and it can capture even still photos in 3D. It has 5 pairs of 3D glasses for viewing images produced by Minoru and also functions as a normal webcam. Minoru can be conveniently be used as a 2D webcam if you do not have the 3D glasses. The Picture function in this webcam is a fun and interesting feature that allows the user to see the two eyes separately. That sounds interesting!

When you connect the webcam, the Minoru seems to come alive and he ogles at you in 3D. Chat with your friends over Skype and initiate shooting videos and uploading them on social sites, to take advantage of all the interesting features of Minoru. This webcam easily connects to the USB port of your computer. The stereoscopic anaglyphic processing features of the Minoru webcam produces objects, photos, and videos in 3D.

This webcam looks like a toy and is adjustable in four directions. It requires manual focus adjustment and lights up when activated, giving out clear pictures even in the dark. The item weight is 8.8 ounces and the dimensions are 8*5.8*3.6”. The Minoru produces red and cyan anaglyph image and can be seen wearing the red and cyan 3D glasses that come in the Minoru webcam package.


It’s a webcam that will instantly catch the teens’ eye. The Minoru is funky and has interesting features that will allure the youth to go for this device. Transmit yourself into the robotic world using the Minoru glasses and device that look like popping out of a sci-fi fiction series. The webcam comes with software and the installation is easy. The LED lights make maneuvering easy and allow capturing of objects at very close range with clarity. Users can adjust the focus to their liking and use it, for a good amount of time.


  • ​Attractive design
  • ​First 3D webcam
  • ​Takes images in low light
  • ​Long USB cable
  • ​Picture mode feature
  • ​Can be used normally in 2D mode also


  • ​Not very durable
  • ​Picture quality and sound average
  • ​Software need to be upgraded
  • ​Does not work on Windows 8
  • ​Customer support not too helpful

​12.​​​​​​​Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 for Business

Is it possible to buy top webcams online at pocket-friendly prices? Well yes, the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 for business gives HD quality videos at almost half the prices of its competitors. Use the universal mount to attach the Microsoft webcam to the monitor of your desktops, laptops, and tablets and start your video conferencing. The quality of the pictures may not be as top-notch for formal high-class business meetings, but it manages to deliver decent quality at affordable prices.

​Design, features, and performance

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 for business provides true HD 720p videos for video chatting and uploading on social sites. The 16: 9 widescreen provides a huge panorama for viewing and cinematic video recording. The True HD camera with high resolution of 1280*720 pixels gives clear, high-quality videos and bright and colorful pictures of 1280*800 pixels. Post these lovely pictures and videos on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, messenger, and Youtube and collect compliments.

The Microsoft HD webcam attaches easily to the monitors of your desktop, laptop or tablet and is handy for those on the go. The device works with Yahoo messenger, Skype, AOL instant messenger, and the Windows live messenger. The picture clarity allows seamless video conferencing which replicate real-conference scenarios. The audio sound is crystal clear and the omnidirectional microphone has acoustic noise cancellation features. The interface of the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 for business is USB compatible with USB 2.0 specification.

The device runs on Windows 7/8/8.1/RT 8.1/ RT 8, Vista and XP. Some amazing features of Microsoft HD webcam are digital pan, tilt, 4´ zooms, swivel, and 24- bit color depth. The product dimensions are 1.5*1.75*4.29 inches, comes in black color, and weighs 3.9 ounces. The camera can be rotated slightly left and right, but not fully. There is no tripod stand, but the rubberized base can be folded for correct positioning. The microphone is at the top right corner.

The installation is simple and compatibility with windows makes the downloading of software, an effortless affair. The webcam cable is 59.1 inches.


At this price, the camera is a very good option for webcams. The photo quality and sound is decent, though the webcam does pick up the sounds of the environment. The software has some useful and fun elements, but some features are practically of no use. The VGA quality is just average and is currently present in all inbuilt webcams in computers.


  • ​HD video quality at affordable cost
  • ​Windows compatible
  • ​16:9 wide screen
  • ​Long USB cable
  • ​Good price


  • ​Audio and video quality is not satisfactory
  • ​The flexible mount has attachment problems
  • ​The camera cannot be fully rotated

​13.​​​​​​​Pro HD Webcam 1080P Widescreen Video with Microphone for Windows & Mac

Encased in an aluminum metal housing, the Pro HD Webcam is a versatile camera with several functions and features. It gives HD quality videos and the manual focus allows you to adjust the focus for perfect picture quality. The camera is attached to a clip with a mechanism similar to ball and socket joint, thereby which the camera can move freely and swing in any direction. This camera is ideal for filming stop-motion and the backend support and website provide all the help to get you started. Works great on both Windows and Mac.

​Design, features, and performance

The Pro HD Webcam 1080p Widescreen video provides 1080p widescreen HD quality videos and has a ‘ball and socket’ base that enables 360-degree rotation. The user can adjust the manual focus from 3cm upwards to any dimension he is comfortable. The device is USB 2.0 supported and has a flexible stand for mounting on desktops, laptops, and stand- alone usage. The camera has an aluminum metal body and you can record and upload 1920*1080 HD videos in vibrant colors with amazing picture quality. The internal microphone captures all sounds and reproduces them with great clarity.  The high-quality precision glass lenses are fitted to ensure the user captures the best view and gets clear pictures and videos.

The device supports the OS X 10.5 and WINDOWS 2000/2003/ VISTA/ XP/7/8. The box arrives with the Pro webcam with microphone and a user manual. There are multiple manual controls, adjustable focus, and numerous resolution options that make the Pro HD Webcam perfect for the recording of stop motion movies. The versatile stand and flexible neck of the camera enable the user to set up the device in any desired location. You can hang it on your monitor screen, or keep it on the side for ideal image and video capturing.

The mic sound is stable and clear and you can plug the Pro Webcam to the USB port and it starts working right away. This camera from the house of Stopmotion Explosion gives great quality videos which you can upload or make HD video calls. The customer support is prompt and aids you in all function from installation to working.  The metal aluminum casing ensures durability and toughness of the gadget. The item weighs 4 ounces and the dimensions are 2.6*1.3*1.6 inches.


The Pro HD Webcam is housed with all features that make it ideal for daily usage of uploading and sharing videos and make HD video calls. You can take good quality still pictures also. The stand is flexible yet wobbly, which sometimes makes placement of the device an issue.


  • ​Supports Mac, Linux, and windows platform
  • ​Aluminium metal casing for resilience
  • ​Stand flexible
  • ​360-degree rotation for better viewing and video coverage
  • ​Customer support is great
  • ​Easy installation procedure


  • ​Stand is not sturdy
  • ​Mic quality is not satisfactory
  • ​No on/off switch in the camera

​14.​​​​​​​​Dropcam Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

For anybody looking for a wireless camera with a light-duty web-enabled remote security camera, the Dropcam is a worthy option. The two-way sound capabilities enable users to monitor sounds along with images. The video-monitoring device is easy to setup and this tiny camera has a sturdy stand and can also be unhooked to mount on the computer monitor. The camera offers clear images with sharp detailing, an essential feature required in security monitoring devices. You can conveniently view the video feed online on your iOS or Android devices by installing the Dropcam apps. The 60-second setup, as claimed by the company, stands almost true as setup is indeed very simple.

​Design, features, and performance

The Dropcam wi-fi wireless video monitoring camera is a simple wireless-mode monitor that can be setup in a matter of 60 seconds. Plug the camera into the USB port of your computer, look for wi-fi connection, name the camera, and you can start live streaming in a minute! The 720p high-definition video provides minute detailing and the 107-degree diagonal field of view provides a huge angle of viewing. The night vision and zoom features enable the user to view videos even in poor light. The webcam provides a DVR functionality which comes with a paid plan, and the recorded videos are stored in a cloud. You can view/review, and analyze the video clips later, using the optional secure offsite recording.

The design of the Dropcam is smart and petite, and the gadget is mounted on a stand. You can remove the webcam from its stand and mount it to your computer. The camera cannot be swiveled using the remote. You can to manually tilt and turn the device for changing its position. The digital zoom option which was earlier not available has recently been introduced by the company. The integrated microphone and speaker capture the sounds in the room and allow you to make conversations. The high-resolution images and the wide-angle lens give out sharp images which can be studied in detail.

The Dropcam captures video consistently and requires substantial bandwidth. It even gives out clear images without internet connectivity. Due to internet or power failure, if the camera goes out of function, its joins the connection and resumes working once the problem has been rectified. The item weight is 0.34 pounds, comes in colors black/silver and the dimensions are 4.5*3.15*3.15 inches. The features like Two-way talk, Intelligent Alerts, Scheduling, Automatic updates, CVR, and apps for monitoring videos from the mobile and web platforms are also available with the Dropcam video monitoring camera.

The box comes with the Dropcam camera, aluminum stand, wall-mounting hardware, 10-foot USB cable, USB power adapter, and a quick start guide.


Be at peace by installing this Dropcam Wi-fi video monitoring camera. If you want to watch over your home, office, kids, and pets, you just have to setup and start live streaming. The device can be paired with a secure online recording system DVR to watch both recorded and live videos. The cloud-based program CVR can be added to monitor events of the last week or month. You can monitor activities of a remote location from your laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, by installing the Dropcam app.


  • ​Cloud-based services available
  • ​Sleek design
  • ​Easy setup
  • ​Flexible mounting options
  • ​Video feed can be observed online from iOS and Android, devices.
  • ​Wide angle and clear picture


  • ​Camera cannot be turned/changed direction using the remote
  • ​If internet speed is intermittent, there may be a lag in video and sound
  • ​Requires large amounts of bandwidth
  • ​HD quality is not up to the mark
  • ​Additional services have to be paid for

Things to evaluate before buying a webcam

I’m sure the above list has left you confused as well as spoilt for choice. Worry not, as the steps to deciding your final pick is simple. Evaluate your specifications and put them into your budget. Choose the camera that fits into the slot, just go for it.

  • ​Determine the budget
  • ​Select the brands- study their history, performance, warranty and customer support
  • ​Light sensitivity- Choose a camera that can handle poor light conditions. After all, the real purpose is capturing images and videos.
  • ​Evaluate other needs- You have to see whether the camera is compatible with your current operating platform, and does it work well on your mobile and computer.
  • ​Understand the quality of your monitor. For e.g.- if your monitor does not show HD videos, an HD camera will be of no use, as you will not see videos in HD on the screen.

​The verdict

If you want a camera for a classroom lecture, the Hue HD USB is your pick. When installing a webcam for your child’s room, the Minoru is a sweet option. The Dropcam is great for security surveillance. The Logitech Group conference webcam is ideal for video conferencing and business meeting. If you are looking for a more pocket-friendly option, The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 is good. Though you will have to compromise on the image and sound quality.

The webcam that scores well in all areas is the Logitech HD Pro C920.  The design is sleek yet sturdy, the performance is optimal as the image, videos, and sound quality is exceptional. Though it is not the most affordable option among webcams, when making a one-time investment, this webcam is definitely the best among the top webcams to buy!

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