Is your windshield wiper beginning to streak? It's probably time for a replacement. Here are the top 7 best windshield wipers we've found, as well as a buyer's guide to help you make your selection!

If you’re looking for windshield wiper replacements, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of options. There are almost too many brands available online, and several elements you need to consider before buying.

You need to think about your climate, driving habits, the shape of your windshield, and how long you expect the wipers to last among other considerations. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 windshield wipers we’ve seen.

If you want some more tips on choosing the best windshield wiper for your car, skip to our “buyer’s guide” section below.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We didn’t pick the best windshield wipers at random and assign them a value. Accuracy is part and parcel of our brand, and we strive to create the most accurate reviews on the web.

For the review of the best windshield wipers, we considered a few factors over others while creating our ratings. The best windshield wipers will perform well out of the box, have a long lifespan, and fantastic customer feedback.

Performance When New

Windshield wipers are a unique product in that some of the options don’t work as well when they’re brand new. They’ll remove water without streaks after a few days on the car, but can leave water behind when they initially come out of the box.

Ideally, we’re looking for wipers that perform just as well out of the box as they do six to twelve months down the line. You can usually overcome windshield wipers that are imperfect when they’re new, but we’re going to give them a lower rating.


Nobody wants a windshield wiper that is loud for the duration of the blade’s life. These wipers can get incredibly annoying, especially if you live in a climate where rain is frequent.

Most people prefer wipers that make little to no noise, which means we ranked them higher on our list. Some wipers can avoid sound until they’re completely worn out.

We didn’t avoid wipers that tend to make noise while creating this list. Some loud wipers with long lifespans and easy installation can still perform better than quiet blades. Still, we factored this into our ratings, and blades with a tendency to make noise will rank lower.


Even more important than out of the box performance is how long windshield wipers last. Most windshield wipers will start to deteriorate after six months or so, but some of the best windshield wipers on the market can last you upwards of a year.

Your climate and driving habits have a lot to do with how long your windshield wipers will last. If you don’t drive very often, you can extend the life of your wipers. On the other hand, if you live in a snowy climate, your wipers probably won’t last as long as someone who lives in a warm-weather city.

Customer Experience

Customers know how to rate the best windshield wipers better than anyone, which is why we considered their feedback while creating these rankings.

If customers had a hard time installing the wipers, found that they broke down quickly, or had a bad experience with customer service, the rating of the wipers will be low. Some companies make claims that their products don’t meet, and customers will be the first to call them out on it.

​​​​Top 7 Best Windshield Wipers Compared

We’ve taken a look at what Amazon had to offer for windshield wiper blades and compiled the following list. We used the elements listed above as well as a few other considerations to develop our ratings, such as ease of installation, value for the price, and variety of sizes.

Here are the 7  best windshield wiper blades we found:




Aero OEM All-Season Beam

AERO best windshield wipers

Bosch ICON

Bosch best windshield wipers

Rain-X Weatherbeater Wiper Blade

Rain best windshield wipers

Anco 31 Series

ANCO best windshield wipers

Michelin Stealth Ultra

Michelin best windshield wipers

Valeo 600 Series

Valeo best windshield wipers

TRICO NeoForm Wiper Blade

TRICO best windshield wipers

7 Best Windshield Wipers Reviews

1. Aero OEM All-Season Beam

AERO best windshield wipers

The Aero OEM All-Season Beam blades are fantastic for people who live in cold climates and frequently encounter ice build-up on their windshield.

When it snows or ices over, some of the metal parts on other windshield wipers attract the ice. Once you turn them on, the wipers will smear the melted ice all over your windshield, making it impossible to see. Aero designs their wipers to avoid this hitch.

These wipers have the added benefit of being easy to install and durable. They might cost a bit more than other wipers you’ll find, but their design makes them stand above most of the other competition.

2. Bosch ICON

Bosch best windshield wipers

The Bosch ICON blades are in rarified air when it comes to the best windshield wiper quality. They’re far pricier than some of the other options - even more expensive than the Aero OEM All-Season above - but their durability makes it worth the hefty price tag.

If you don’t put an absurd amount of miles on your windshield wipers during inclement weather, we expect these wipers to last far longer than the six-month mark. The ICON similarly uses dual rubber as the Aero blades listed above. They prevent ice buildup and allow you to use your wipers as soon as you clean the snow from your car.

On top of the durability and design of the blades, they make almost no sound as they remove the water from your windshield. If you aren’t worried about price, these are the best windshield wipers we’ve found.

The only downside in the ICON is the variety of sizes. Bosch only offers three options for sizes. These are the most common sizes people need, but you still have to check your windshield wiper size before committing to this brand.

3. Rain-X Weatherbeater Wiper Blade

Rain best windshield wipers

The Rain-X Weatherbeater Blade is another popular windshield wiper replacement you can find online. Rain-X is one of the leading brands when it comes to keeping your windshield clean and protected.

The Weatherbeater blade is one of the first windshield wipers Rain-X created, and has been a trusty replacement blade for over 15 years. It’s sturdy, durable and comes in a variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your car.

Be careful when you’re attaching these to your car, though. Installing them isn’t as straightforward with these blades as it is with some of the others. Give them a gentle shake to make sure they’re in place before you use them. If you don’t put them on correctly, they may come flying off when you use them for the first time.

4. Anco 31 Series

ANCO best windshield wipers

If you’re looking for a more affordable windshield wiper replacement that still performs well, the Anco 31 Series will do the trick. This wiper is far cheaper than almost any replacement wiper you’ll find and can stand toe-to-toe with the most expensive regarding quality.

The size options for the Anco 31 Series is another chining mark. Some windshield wiper companies have only a few size options, while the Anco 31 Series will fit the field of view on any windshield.

These wipers are easy to install and sturdy once they’re in place. They don’t feel as sturdy in your hand as other wipers like the Aero All-Season Beam, but it will still take a considerable amount of pressure for them to snap.

5. Michelin Stealth Ultra

Michelin best windshield wipers

Michelin is a household name, which may attract customers to their windshield wipers. They fall in the middle of the pack as far as price and offer satisfactory durability and ease of installation compared to the competition.

The Michelin Stealth Ultra is average in almost every way. It will last a little over six months, it’s relatively easy to install, and you’ll likely find the size you need for your specifications. It won’t make too much noise before it starts degrading either, which sets it apart from some of the lower-rated blades.

6. Valeo 600 Series

Valeo best windshield wipers

Another middle-of-the-pack wiper option is the Valeo 600 series. Valeo offers their wipers in a variety of sizes, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have trouble finding a size to fit your car.

The durability of the 600 series is average, so you’ll likely have to buy a replacement after six months or so.

The downside of the 600 series comes in the installation process. They can be a bit of a pain to get on your vehicle. And there’s a chance you won’t get them in all the way on your first try. Make sure you fasten them correctly, or they might come off when you turn the wipers on.

7. TRICO NeoForm Wiper Blade

TRICO best windshield wipers

The TRICO NeoFrom Wiper Blade is another option that comes in a variety of sizes for a reasonable price. Like some of the other blades we’ve covered, the design of the TRICO NeoForm resists ice buildup, making cleaning your car easier in the winter months.

The downside of the TRICO comes in the noise it makes. After a few weeks or months, you might start to notice your wipers making a rubbing sound as they clear your windshield. In some instances, this has occurred far from the end of the blade’s lifespan.

If noise isn’t too much of a problem for you, these wipers are still a satisfactory option. They won’t be near the top of our list, but they still warrant consideration.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve outlined some of the best windshield wipers you can buy online. We’ll give you some tips on what to consider before you buy.

Every driver can benefit from the above information on durability and performance. But each will have a car with different wiper needs. You need to consider the following before deciding on which wiper will be best for you.

Fitting Your Vehicle

Most windshield wipers will come with attachments to fit every vehicle, but don’t take this for granted. You’ll find hooked connectors on most vehicles. But some use pins, tabs, and other tools to connect the wiper to your car.

You’ll probably find what you need with most windshield wiper brands, but check before you buy. You may be unhappily surprised to learn that not every company provides universal windshield wipers.

Clearing Your Field of View

Not every windshield is the same, and some cars have more curve to their windshield than others. Like connectors, the better windshield wiper brands will fit a wide range of windshields. Still, it’s not a universal truth that all windshield wipers will work for your car.

If the wiper is curved too much or isn’t curved enough, it won’t make proper contact with your windshield. From there, you’ll get streaking and missing spots that may affect your ability to see in the rain.

If you can, find someone who has used the windshield wiper on a car similar to your own. This will give you a better understanding of whether or not the windshield will be the best option for your needs.


It’s essential that you know the size of windshield wipers you need, especially if you’re buying online. Take a look at your car’s owner’s manual. If you still have questions, it’s better to visit an auto body store rather than consulting online directories.

Workers in these stores can use more than a one-size fits all chart that will ensure accuracy when you buy. Online, you might find some reviews complaining about the accuracy of size charts.

If you’ve bought windshield wipers online before, this won’t be as much of a concern. If it’s your first time replacing your windshields. However, you might want to visit a physical location to ensure you get the right product for your specifications.

Replacing Wipers vs. Replacing Inserts

Finally, if you want to save a bit of money. You can always opt to replace the rubber wiper insert in your windshield wipers rather than the whole part. This is a bit less expensive but requires a considerable amount of work on your part.

If you have experience working on cars, you’re probably looking for the cheapest DIY option at every turn. We still recommend buying a new wiper to save time and effort. But replacing the rubber insert is a viable option if you’re inclined.


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