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10 Best Slippers for Women in 2017 (Most Comfortable)

Slippers are light shoes that are easy to put on and off and are intended to be worn indoors, particularly in the home.

Here we have come up with top ten best women’s slippers. Take a look at all the slippers before buy online.

Top 10 best slippers for women reviews:

10. MiYang’s Vintage Arctic Solid Indoor Boot Slippers

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Super comfortable slipper available in all sizes like small, medium, and large. MiYang Winter is a reputed manufacturer of fashion products.

Their unique style and quality should impress everyone. You can see the lots of magic after worn this slipper. It provides a super comfort for your foot and maintains the warm level. It absorbs the moisture and maintain your foot as dry.

Price also very cheap and quality wise these kinds of shoes should impress everyone. All aged ladies can wear this slipper. MiYang garnered plenty of fans by manufacturing cool products. Take a look at this product on Amazon.

9. Vionic with Orthaheel Cozy Ida Women’s Slipper:

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Best slipper for regular home usage. Vionic’s Orthaheel Cozy women slipper provides an extra comfort while wearing. All aged women can use this slipper. Synthetic material is used to manufacture and because of that it becomes more durable.

Black, Grey, Chestnut, and Pink colors are available to buy. Take a look at this product on Amazon.com

8. Baffin Cush Slipper

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Baffin Cush Slipper placed 8th on our list. It has an elastic lockable tie for more comfort while wearing. Soft Nylon insulated upper and ankle height slip-on is the added advantage of this slipper. Compared to the traditional slipper, it can withstand all weather condition.

High-performance slipper provides an excellent warmth that fits perfectly on your foot. It is a fashionable shoe for all aged women. It is a light weighted slipper and you can use it on indoor and outdoor areas.

It is the best gift to present your loved ones.

7. MOXO Women’s & Men’s Coral Fleece bedroom Slippers /Footwear Memory Foam Clogs:

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Moxo Women’s & Men’s Slipper added on our list because of the solid features. It has a waterproof technology, machine washable, and supreme comfort. You can use this slipper for both indoor and outdoor.

If you want to make your foot as more comfort, then take a look at this item. Initially, we were skeptical about this slipper. But after using this product, we agree with the quality and performance of the slipper.

It won’t deceptive you after bought an item. The fluffy material is an added Pros of this slipper. It is also the best gift to present your loved ones. The receiver should attract the colors and quality. Women’s favorite Pink, Red, Purple, Blue colors are available for sale.

6. UGG Women’s Cluggette Slipper:

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UGG Women’s Slipper works perfectly for all foot. If you want to buy the slipper for the winter season, then takes a look at this slipper. It is an extremely awesome and hard to find any faults.

The slipper has a rubber sole and breathable outsole. The breathable technology should impress everyone after slides on this slipper. Sizes are available from 5 to 12. Alongside, it is available in black, chestnut, and sandal

5. Dearfoams Women’s Memory Foam Sweater Knit Indoor/Outdoor Bootie Slippers

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Dearfoams Women’s memory foam slipper has some salient features in it. Those are: It has sweater-knit upper with 2 buttons for extra comfort, multi-layered memory foam cushioning, and machine washable. It sustains the best slipper for long years.

We can’t able to make a list without mentioning the Dearfoams Sweater Kin Indoor/outdoor Bootie slippers. The manufacturer adorns this slipper very well. Thanks to the manufacturer for various colors. It is available in Black, Grey, and Red colors.

Many of the slippers in the market has ambiguous designs. But Dearfoams Women’s Memory Foam slipper has an excellent design in it. Most durable slipper of the year.

4. Haflinger Unisex AT Wool Slipper

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More than 12 beautiful colors are available. Haflinger is a multi-national company that manufacturing the fashion products for long years. Their Unisex AT Wool slipper is a famous one. It’s hard to find faults on this slipper.

Split-toe seam for more comfort and waterproof also added advantage. It is a little bit expensive slipper compared to other brands. But it can last the long years.

Once you slide on the pair of Haflinger Unisex AT Wool Slipper, you will never take them off. It absorbs the moisture and keep your foot as dry.

It suits for both summer and winter monsoon. If you are looking for a slipper for both indoor and outdoor purposes, then take a look at Haflinger Unisex AT wool slipper.

3. Orthaheel Women’s Relax Slipper:

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The most comfortable slipper for your bucks. The most salable slippers on the market. Plenty of women wanted to buy this slipper because of the comfort and style. Orthaheel is a reputed brand for manufacturing the fashion products. Their unique design and quality are appraised by lots of critics.

Once you use this slipper, then you can’t able to go with other products. Thanks to Orthaheel for using fabric material. Classic style slipper but attracted many youths.

Non-marking outsole and extra grip outsole are the added advantage of this slipper. Round open toe style helps to flow air inside the foot. It really helps to relief the stress on your foot.

Soon Orthaheel brand will surpass many of the popular brands in the industry. Now many of the ladies heave a sigh of this slipper. Let see what will happen in the future.

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2. Sorel Women’s Nakiska Slide Slipper

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Sorel Women’ Nakiska Slide Slipper ranked higher on the market. Wool and Polyester material used to manufacture this slipper. At Winter days, Sorel Women’s Nakiska slippers give the warm feel for your feets.

Some of the persons foot suffered by pain if they are working in the cold weather areas. If you are one among them, then take a look at this slipper. It will get rid of the pain on your foot.

The stylish look also so impressive to see. You can wear wherever you want. Rubber sole helps to quick trip outside. Comfortable shoes for all kinds of the foot. You need to check the sizes before you are going to buy.

1. Emoji Wool Slippers Wensltd (TM) Kiss You Expression:

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Emoji wool slippers are a new type of shoes on the market. The shoe was made with soft leather material that gives more comfort. Every woman should like these kinds of shoes.

These are the shoes specially made for winter, Spring and Autumn season. The light weighted slipper gives the excellent feel once you wore.

Cost wise these slippers are reasonable one and quality of the slippers are really awesome. Emoji wool shoes are available in different Emoji symbols. Mostly all famous Emoji symbols are available.

If you want to present the gift to your loved one, then take a look at this slipper. The person should be pleased with this product.


These are the top 10 best slippers for women. I hope you should enjoy reading this article. If you like this article, then share it with your friends and do comments about your interest.

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