Playing toys are the part of a kid’s life. Although today’s gadgets and modern devices have taken over the interest of young children, still, nothing beats the fun and excitement of playing with outdoor toys that not only give little ones a different kind of entertainment and joy, but also a proper learning experience.

With the use of these toys, you can bring your kids outside and let them enjoy an outdoor activity that will get their body working. They will learn how to move their muscles a bit more and even get the benefits of an exercise that will get them to play and learn at the same time.

We’ve listed down some of the most popular and best-selling outdoor toys your kids will really like having at home.

10 Best Outdoor Toys for toddlers to Enjoy

10. JGS 20 Deluxe Large Rock Climbing Holds for Kids

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The JGS Deluxe Large Rock Climbing Hold can be used as a mounting tool to complete swing sets, climbing walls and playgrounds. It comes with an installation guide to help parents set it up in and outside the home. The climbing hold playset is made of quality plastic material that comes with a firm-grip design that is ideal for any weather.

The JGS Rock Climbing Hold also comes with 2-inch mounting bolts to complete the entire installation process. The playset item also comes in 4 colors and 3 shapes for variety. Overall, the product comes with a weight limit of up to 150 lbs. The installation process requires a drill and other than that, all other hardware items are provided along with the playset package.


1. The playset is ideal outdoor and indoor playsets that need a climbing platform fit for young kids.

2. The item is durable and made from premium quality.

3. Once installed, the items are secure and there are lesser chances of rotating.

4. The holes are made for non-expert climbers, especially little children.


1. There is a need to drill the climbing holds manually.

2. It needs set-up, which could take some time especially if you are not an expert in drilling.

3. Little kids might experience injuries when climbing. Proper supervision is advised.

9. Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset

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The Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset is complete outdoor playset kit that comes with a ground and 2nd-floor clubhouse, monkey bars, belt swings made for two people, a swing glider, a slide and an additional sandbox. It is a complete set filled with plenty of micro outdoor playsets put up all together to make a great outdoor fort that kids from all ages will enjoy.

The clubhouse comes in two stories and the upper deck has its own balcony. On the other hand, the lower deck comes with a picnic table made for 4 people. The entire playset is made of cedar wood, giving the play fort a durable and high-quality finish. The slide is 10 ft. in length and comes in a wave design.

Overall, the playset is weather-resistant, is made from high-duty brackets to ensure that all metallic connections are pieced together for security, and is of ASTM international standard to ensure that it is safe for kids to use and play.


1. The playset is a complete outdoor toy set that contains all small play items combined together for fun and entertainment.

2. It is safe and durable.

3. It meets international standards when it comes to security.

4. It comes with individual play items that are highly interesting in their own way.

5. Because it is complete, the play items can appeal to children of all ages.


1. It has a huge dimension that might not fit a small space.

2. Since it is complete, it is a bit expensive compared to other playsets.

3. It takes some time to assemble every item together.

4. It is only available for shipping in the U.S.

8. Grow’n Up Heracles Seesaw

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The Grow’n Up Hercules Seesaw comes with a dimension of 30 x 78 x 22 inches. Everything else is made of metal except for the seats which are made of premium-quality plastic material. Compared to other seesaws, it offers 360-degree rotation, making it more interesting and exciting to play with. It has a weight limit of up to 99 lbs. and also comes with sturdy grip handles for safety.


1. The seesaw’s 360-degree rotation gives it a very surprising twist compared to the usual playsets of its kind.

2. The playset is made of premium metal and plastic material, making it tough and durable.

3. The seesaw doesn’t take too much space when placed inside the home.

4. It doesn’t go up beyond 3-3.5 fee, making it safer for young children to play with.

5. There’s no need for complicated installations and digging on a ground surface.


1. It doesn’t have stopper found below the seats.

2. Kids require proper supervision especially when playing on a hard surface.

3. There is a need for kids to watch their feet if they go too low.

7. Lifetime Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter

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The Lifetime Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter comes with a dimension of 8×8 ft. and a weight of 105 lbs. It is capable of carrying up to 7 children on its seats. The frame can be adjusted to 3 height choices, making it ideal for children of different age. The playset is made of steel and high-quality polyethylene plastic material for added sturdiness and durability.

Overall, the playset comes with a propeller to resemble an airplane-like outdoor setup complete with a wheel and dashboard. It can seesaw side-by-side and move up and down on the opposite ends.


1. The playset is highly durable and is capable of maintaining its good condition for 4 years and more.

2. It is a seesaw with a twist and its adjustable height makes it compatible with children of different age groups.

3. It can carry a lot of children at once, making it ideal for groups of kids who wants to play together.

4. It is an ideal toy for a playground and daycare setting.


1. Assembling the playset could take some time.

2. It is recommended to place the playset on a soft surface to avoid injuries.

3. Piecing the bolts together can get complicated and difficult especially for parents who are not pros at assembling hardware toys.

4. It is quite expensive compared to other playsets.

6. Jungle Gym Kingdom High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat

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The Jungle Gym Kingdom High Back Swing Set comes with a product dimension of 13 x 12 x 13 inches. It is a good addition to other different outdoor playsets. The product comes with a 66-in. chain made from zinc along with a pinch-resistant plastisol coating.

The swing set is of high-back design, making it safe for infant and toddler use since it is capable of supporting the back completely. The swing set is also rust-resistant and comes with a Dacromet finish for added protection against decay and destruction.

The swing set meets the international ASTM standard, making safe for kids to use and play with. There is no need to assemble the item as it is delivered ready to install and hang in a playground or outdoor set along with other toy items.


1. The product is safe for toddler and infant to use, considering their backs are fragile at a young age.

2. It is rust-resistant since it is made from Dacromet finish, and not galvanized during the manufacturing process.

3. It comes with a pinch-resistant feature, which is a common issue with swing seats.

4. It does not need to be assembled.


1. It is only ideal for toddler and infant use and not for big children.

2. The chain length might be too short when installed with other playsets.

3. It is only available as a single item.

5. Jungle Gym Kingdom 18″ Steel Trapeze Swing Bar

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The Jungle Gym Kingdom Trapeze Swing Bar comes with an 18” trapeze bar and 2 rings with a 38” chain thickness to complete its accessories. It can be assembled and added to other playsets or can be used separately. Its product dimension is 17.7 x 4.1 x 10.6 in. and a weight of 3.7 lbs. Inside its rings are reinforced metals to ensure its durability. It can support weight up to 200 lbs.

The play set is already fully-assembled during arrival and can be added to other playsets without any complicated installations.


1. The play set is very sturdy and made of top quality materials.

2. The rings and trapeze bar are thick enough for playing.

3. The item is already fully assembled upon purchase.

4. It is capable of supporting weight of up to 200 lbs.

5. It can be used as a swing and a trapeze bar at the same time.


1. It is safe for kids more than 12 months of age considering its height.

2. There is a need to secure the child’s safety when playing with this item.

3. A soft ground is highly recommended when having this swing bar on top to ensure support during cases of falls and injuries.

4. The trapeze bar can be a bit too thin and uncomfortable when used as a swing.

4. Super Spinner Swing

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The Super Spinner Swing comes with a dimension of 27 x 27 x 4 in. and a weight of 6.1 lbs. It can be added to a playset or attached to a tree as an individual play item. It is capable of holding up to 200 lbs. of weight and is attached together using 6-ton copper crimps for more durability and sturdiness. It can also be adjusted according to height requirement.

The Super Spinner Swing can hold up to 2 children and it comes with a seat-friendly design, making it spacious and enjoyable enough for kids to play with. The item is already fully assembled once ordered and only needs additional installment to be attached or set up together with other playsets.


1. The playset can be enjoyed by children of all ages as long as proper safety guidelines are observed.

2. It is safe and sturdy and made from heavy-duty quality materials.

3. It is made from stainless-steel materials.

4. It is already fully assembled during arrival.

5. The height can be adjusted according to preference.

6. It comes with a drainage hole in order for the water not to stay and collect inside it in case it rains.


1. There is a need to ensure a kid’s safety when playing with this toy since fall injuries could be a problem.

2. It might take some space since it keeps spinning in all directions.

3. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

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The Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table comes with an complete dimension of 29 x 29.5 x 31.5 in. and a weight of 11.9 lbs. It comes with a spinner on top along with a transparent spiral river container where kids can drop balls inside it until it falls down the table. The playset also comes with accessories such as an attachable Ferris Wheel, a funnel, a cup and 5 different character balls for maximum fun.

All in all, the play table can support up to 7 gallons of water. It needs installation to assemble all the pieces together. In order to play, kids can throw the character balls inside the spinner and watch it all go down the spiral container. On both ends of the play table are slots for the Ferris Wheel and funnel.


1. The play set is safe for all kids of different ages to play.

2. It is safe and does not require maximum activity that could eventually lead to injuries.

3. The installation can be finished in a matter of minutes.


1. There is a need to clean the place after playing to reduce injuries related to slips and falls.

2. Swing-N-Slide Outdoor Rhythm Band

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The Swing-N-Slide toy is an outdoor rhythm band playset fit for kids of different ages. It comes with 3 instruments: a rain wheel, a bongo and a drum.

The playset is a percussion instrument which can be played in and outside the home. It can be attached to wooden furnishings or structures or as an addition to forts and play dens. The play set comes with mounting hardware items for quick assembly.


1. The item can be played by a group of kids.

2. It is safe for every age.

3. It does not require complicated installations.

4. It is educational and creative at the same time.


1. It can get a little bit noisy when playing with the instruments.

1. Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

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The Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse comes with a dimension of 66.5 x 25 x 57.5 in. and a weight of 30 lbs. It comes with a roof design, a 31” interior for more space, a slide which is 33” in dimension and overall, a 19” platform. It also has a periscope on top of the platform for added entertainment.


1. It is a great toy for young children.

2. It is safe for kids to climb since it is not too tall.

3. It has the right dimensions for safe outdoor play.

4. It is sturdy and robust.


1. It is not recommended for big children.


Outdoor toys give children the opportunity to learn and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. They don’t have to succumb to playing with gadgets and technology-driven devices all day long since these toys give them the chance to go outside, breathe some fresh air and have some muscle action.

With the top rated outdoor toys mentioned above, you won’t have a hard time dragging your kids outside to play. They will enjoy the outdoors more while playing and learning all at the same time.


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