Potty training is one of the most important lessons to be learned by your toddler but it can also be a very frustrating and challenging time for a parent.

To help make things easier you can use a potty training seat when your youngster is ready to use the big toilet.


A potty training seat is a device that you place on top of your toilet so that it can be used by your toddler during potty training.

All potty seats today are unisex as they have a pee guards incorporated into the design to help prevent accidents outside of the toilet when your little man is standing.

These essential tools for your child’s formative come in variations in regards to what they are made of and how they can be stored.


12. GloCreations Totpotty Toilet Training Seat

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The Totpotty by GloCreations is ideal for boys or girls. To ensure both the comfort and safety of your tot the Tottypotty includes a soft non-slip ring.

There are no edges that make the TotPotty easy to clean simply by wiping it down. It includes a hook and suction cup for storage.

No grips are needed to place the ring of the Tottypotty into the toilet training seat. The ring also ensures optimal hygiene in preventing germs from harboring on the actual seat.

Additionally, GloCreations give you a free Toliet Training Reward so that you can reward your little one when a job is well done.


· Soft anti-slip ring for extra comfort, safety, and hygiene

· Cleans with ease

· Fits into most diaper bags


· Angled splashguard is too low to prevent all mishaps

· Not suitable for oblong seats

11. Lil’Jumbl Baby Potting Training Seat

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The Lil’Jumbl provides your toddler with comfort do to the Padded Topper Ring which is both sturdy to promote the feeling of safety when on the potty.

Anti-slip functionality is provided by the rim of the contoured baby potting training seat which is easy to store as it comes with a suction cup hanger and hook.

Designed to fit most standard toilets the lightweight Lil’Jumbl is great for when you are the move with your tot.


· Fits easily so even toddler can place it by himself/herself

· Powerful suction cup and hook for easy storage

· Easy to clean

· Brightly colored which delights the babies


· Does not fit securely on some toilet seats creating a wobble due to instability

10. Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

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The Munchkins potty trainer seat is indeed sturdy as it provides both a nonslip fit due to its edge and holds your little boy/girl in place through the contours of its design. Extra sturdiness and stability are provided by the incorporated handle of the Munchkin.

Storage is easy as this potty training seat has distinctive feet, that allows you to stand it upright.


· Unique feature for storing in upright position

· Contoured for better sitting by tot

· Easy to clean

· Incorporated handles for increased stability

· Expanded splashguard successfully prevent accidents by little boys with a longer bottom to ensure it all goes into the toilet


· Does not fit all toilet seats as it bigger than other potty training seats

· Has a tendency to slide on some toilets

9. Dreambaby Soft Touch Potty Seat

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The Dreambaby Soft Touch Potty Seat has a unique contoured design featuring a high molded back and sides to help baby feel safe and secure. Moreover, your tot is promised a comfortable sitting by the cushioned seat.

Designed to fit most toilets, this is a great choice for your baby boy or girl. The foam is also lightweight which makes it ideal for traveling.

Anti-slide is provided by the flexible foam construction of the Dermababy Soft Touch which is also made to last.


· Perfect for travel due to flexibility: fits into a regular shopping bag

· Easy to clean

· Extremely comfortable

· Contouring aids correct sitting


· No hook for easy storage

· High pee shield does prevent spillage but leaks out at the bottom on some toilets due to bad fit

8. Cozy Greens Potty Ring Toilet Training Potty Seat

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The toilet training potty seat by Cozy Greens Potty Ring is made of top quality material that material that is strong and resilient ensuring that it will not to break or scratch.

It is designed to be placed on both oblong and round toilet bowls. The GrippySafe Anti-Slip Ring prevents the seat from moving around for increased stability.

The potting training seat is equipped with both a hook for hanging and a suction cup that allows you to stick it on the tiles of your bathroom wall or on the side of the toilet tank.

Cozy Greens gifts a bonus fully illustrated eBook covering various techniques to assist you in training your toddler in potty training as well as lifetime full money back guarantee.


· Easy to storeFits round and elongated bowls

· GrippySafe Anti-Slip Ring for safety

· ComfySeat for increased comfort


· Does not fit well on certain oblong shaped toilet seats

· Not all messes made by little boys are prevented by the splashguard

7. Enovoe’s White Potty Training Seat with Grey Potty Ring

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Enovee backs their potty training seat with a 100% money back guarantee that’s lasts for a lifetime. The potty training seat is made with an anti-slip quality material for better grip. The construction of the seat allows you to place it firmly on both oblong and elongated toilets seats making it easy to install. No wobble will help with toddler’s confidence.

The potty training seat is easy to clean as all you need to do is rinse it under warm running water and let it dry.

The Enovoe unisex potty training seat includes a potty ring which helps to eliminate germs in the potty training seat. A hook is attached to the potty training seat so it’s easy to store.You can also take it anywhere as it completely portable and made from a lightweight material.

As a bonus, Enovoe includes a free E-Book covering tips and hacks for parents.


· Designed to fit both oblong and elongated toilet seats

· Simple and fast to clean

· Non-slip

· More sanitary due to ring

· Ideal for travel

· Very durable and strong


· Splash guard is somewhat small so does not prevent accidents every time

6. Mayfair 83SLOWA Toilet Potty seat

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Mayfair’s 83SLOWA is a pretty good potty seats. Both child and adult can use this seat. Trainer seat added in this seat which helps to provide the training to toddler. Parents can easily provide the training to kids. This is one among the cool toilet potty seat.


· Easy to use

· Both boys and girls can easily use this product

· Splash Guard is large


· Sometimes Slips

· Not ideal for travel

5. TOPSEAT Toilet Potty training seat

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This is another cool potty seat from Topseat. The top seat is come up with three-year manufacturer warranty. People often used to buy this seat for training purpose. It has lots of features in it. Most sophisticated product in our list.


· Sophisticated

· Easy to use

· Maximum features


· Girls find some problem to use this product

4. Fisher-Price The Perfect Potty Ring

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With contours in the seat, your toddler will sit both securely and comfortable. The easy to clean potty ring fits most toilets as it can be adjusted by a handle that is pushed down. It can also be hung at the side of the toilet for easy access and storage.


· Arched splashguard successfully eliminates spillage by boys

· Easy to store

· Clean by wiping or rising

· Adjustable handle to fit most toilets


· Does not fit newer contoured seats or padded toilet seats

· High pee guard at the front makes it difficult for girls to use

· Potty opening is small

3. Secure Home Potty Training Seat

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The non-slip ring helps the Secure Home potty training seat fit snuggly on the toilet seat helping your little one feel safer when going to the potty. This potty training seat is also more hygienic as it prevents germs from harboring in the actual seat.

This stylishly designed potting training toilet seat is also easy to clean. Also made with a soft material, the Secure Homeoffers your little one extra comfort. The BPA-free material is lightweight making this potty training seat portable. Storage is easy as it includes a hanger as well as a strong hook so that you can hang the potty training seat wherever you like.

Secure Home offers back their product with a 100% lifetime guarantee.


· Hanger and included strong wall mount for easy storage

· Easy to clean


· Too bulky to fit in regular sized diaper bags

· Slides and wobbles on certain types of certain types of toilet bowls

· Raised design makes it awkward for bigger boys to use resulting in spillage on the seat

2. Hello Baby Premium Comfort Foam Potty Training Seat

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Made from comfortable foam you can be assured that baby experiences no discomfort. Additionally, it features seat anchors and a safety backrest. Your toddler will sit longer without complaining about the hardness of the seat hurting him/her. You can also clean the foam with minimal effort simply by wiping it down.

Hello Baby offers a lifetime guarantee especially if you can find a toilet that it cannot fit.


· Soft foam technology allows baby to sit for longer periods on the potty

· Best splashguard of all other competitors in preventing spillage due to flatness

· Fits securely on all toilet seats

· Easy to clean as there are no seams


· Flat splashguard is not curved like others and larger boys may find that their genitals touch the splashguard

· Girls may have difficulty using it due to pee guard

· No hook/suction cup for hanging/mounting

1. BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer

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This stylish-looking lightweight toilet training seat is made with BPA-free plastic. It is also the top rated potty training toilet seat on Amazon.

The toilet training potty seat and has a unique curved design which aids your tot in sitting correctly when on the potty while still providing security and comfort.

To be able to fit your toilet seat you only need to adjust the Babybjorn once using the dial. Once set it can simply just be placed on the toilet. The clever design is so simple that even your toddler will be able to put the toilet training potty seat without your help. A hanger allows you or toddler to easily hang the BabyBjorn on the toilets handle in reach for a toddler when he/she needs to go. This will help your child develop in confidence.

The BabyBjorn is easy to clean as you can simply wipe it down due to the curved edges or rinse under the tap. Safety in a secure fit is provided by the adjustable wings and edge made of soft rubber to prevent sliding.


· Design assists baby in the correct sitting position

· Attaching and removing the seat is child’s play

· Easy to store with hanger

· Simple to clean

· Adjustable dial and wings to fit most toilets

· Made from lightweight BPA free plastic


· Splash guards is not high enough to prevent all accidents a little boy may make


There are various factors that you should consider when selecting a potty training seat.

· Material

Potty training seats are made from either plastic or foam. While the plastic ones are generally more sturdy and stable, the foam ones do offer more comfort to your toddler as they are not as hard. Additionally, the benefit of most foam potty training seats is that it is flexible and lightweight meaning it is easy to take with you when traveling.

· Your toilets at home

You need to look at whether the potty training seat is able to fit securely on your oblong, round or elongated seat. Some potty training seats are adjustable so that you can make it fit various shapes and sizes of toilet bowls. These are also then a good option when traveling.

This is very important for 2 main reasons. The first is that if the seat does not fit snuggly and wobbles your toddler will be afraid of falling in which will have a negative on his/her confidence when going to the toilet. Secondly, if a potting training seat does not seal properly over the toilet bowl there is the possibility of leakage which makes for more cleaning.

· Is it for a boy, a girl or both?

For a boy, you would want to select a potty training seat that will effectively guide the urine into the toilet instead of onto the bathroom floor or the toilet seat. The height of the potty training seat is also a determining factor here as it may be too high for your son to reach properly to pee into the hole.

If you have a girl the pee guard could depend on its design, hinder the way she gets on to the seat.

· Storage

Easy storage of a potty training seat is generally provided by either a hook or suction cup. Some models allow you to stand the potty training seat upright on feet while others do not have the features for hanging at all.

· Cleaning

Most modern day potting training seats are easy to clean. They can be wiped off or rinsed or both.


If you use potty training seat that fits well and is stable you will be promoting your child’s confidence in using the toilet while eliminating his/her fear of falling into the toilet.


While featuring almost standard features of the potty training seat, the design and material will affect your child’s experience of going to the toilet. If you are not sure what you are looking for make sure to read the reviews of parents who have tried it already to help yo make a choice.


  1. Can someone share their experience with the potty seats? and how it has worked for you? I am deciding between a potty seat and a portable potty trainer.


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