Retro Game consoles are the best old school gaming console ever.

Retro Game Consoles are very popular gaming consoles. In all over the world, there are plenty of people bought this console and used to play. This is more compact classic game console.

The best reasons to buy these consoles are affordable, compact, graphic quality and sound. Plenty of gaming consoles are available on the market. But finding the good one is little bit hard for many people. That is why here we come up with best retro game console list. We did research for you to find the good gaming consoles.

Top 10 Best Retro Console Reviewed

It is incredible how much the gaming industry has improved over the past several decades in putting detail in graphics, emotion in storytelling, and precision in controls of their console systems. Still, there is something to be said about pulling out that dusty console from your childhood and reliving fond memories of playing the classic games.

Whether it was to play Frogger, Chu Chu Rocket, or Super Mario, retro consoles and their libraries carried a magic of their own. Today we rank the top ten you can (and should!) find on Amazon.

10. Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment [1990]

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Neo Geo released its console the same time it released its Multi Video System for the arcades. Not surprisingly, there is some immense power behind the graphics and sound of this system and an awesome, arcade-like joystick on its controller. Though Neo Geo is not known for any particular game, it has a nd fair number of shoot-em-up, action, and puzzle games. Neo Geo AE is not known for any particular game, it has an especially large number of fighter and combat titles like Fatal Fury and King of Fighters.


– Killer graphics and sound, especially for its time

– Fun, arcade-like components to its hardware and accessories

– Favorite of classic lovers of one-on-one fighter games


– Unless you’re a classic game collector, you probably haven’t heard of it

– Few “must have” titles across the board

– Cheap plastic makes it hard to find one that’s not cracked or falling part

9. Nintendo Gamecube [2001]

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This cute purple box packed powerful and unforgettable games like Mario Party and Resident Evil 4. While originally targeted for younger demographics, it snagged a wider range of gamers through options like Super Smash Bros Melee and Resident Evil 4. Putting a lot of emphasis on quality in storytelling and design for each game created a major drawback: there not many as titles to choose from as compared to peers like the Xbox or Playstation 2.


– Light and compact controllers and game CDs

– Consoles have some of the longest shelf lives in history

– Extremely competitive price


– Smaller library

– Not a lot of mature titles

8. Microsoft Xbox [2001]

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While the original Xbox does not have any hardware components significantly different from past systems, Microsoft’s online vision through the Xbox Live integration gives the Xbox more than enough to be on this list. While Xbox Live has to be paid for, the console had gamers hooked through the multiplayer experience and new incentives like game achievement award systems. There are also some milestone titles like Halo 2, one of the most brilliant shooting games in history.


– Online capabilities

– Sharp graphics through Broadband and fast loading

– Four controller ports


– Few exclusive titles aside from Halo

– Not a ton of kid friendly options

– Live capabilities require subscription

7. Sony PlayStation [1994]

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The Sony Playstation was innovative for its time and extremely well designed. The handlebar-like grips and shoulder buttons were ground-breaking for controllers. It had a strong lineup of games like Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill just to name a very few. The original PlayStation continued to make money for Sony 11 years after its launch in 1994. No surprise, most retro game collectors keep this in their collection.


– Super comfy controllers, even compared to those today

– Enormous and diverse selection of games


– Slow load times

– Potential overheating problems

6. Sega Genesis [1989]

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The Sega Genesis earned Sega massive cool points for really widening the video game audience. It was the first game to actively court adult customers with violent and gory titles like Mortal Kombat and Golden Axe. It also carried a number of excellent sports titles and arcade ports like Altered Beast. And of course, Sonic the Hedgehog gave Mario a real run for his money.


– Brings thrill to adult gamers

– Large library for arcade and sports, and classics in combat and adventure


– Graphically and sonically inferior to its rivals

– Not revolutionary for game design when Sonic is out of the picture

5. Sony Playstation 2 [2000]

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It is a bit unbelievable to think that this console came out in 2000 considering developers did not stop making games for it until 2013. It was just too much fun! Every gamer has memories of gloriously wasted days associated with the Sony PS2. Were they truly “wasted” anyway with games like Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Star Wars, and FIFA?


– Produced more classic titles than any other machine

– Sleek, asymmetric “skyscraper” design

– Was the first DVD player for a lot of gamers, and can still play DVDs now


– Slightly lower technical prowess compared to the Xbox and GameCube

– Low durability and longevity of the console

– May require a lot of memory cards

4. Atari 2600 [1977]

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There is no top video game list of any kind without the Atari 2600. It is the great-grandfather of videogame consoles and renown for successfully bringing gaming entertainment into the living room. Only since this wood-paneled machine’s invention have removable cartridges and detachable controllers become a no-brainer. All true gaming connoisseurs have this pioneer, famous for simple but fun titles like Frogger and Space Invaders.


– As retro as you can get

– Cartridges are practically indestructible

– Good amount of fun with inexpensive titles


– May be a bit too historical to play for leisure today

– Controllers, especially the joystick, are easily breakable

3. Nintendo 64

video game console

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Some would claim that the N64 should take the top spot just for hosting Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart. These major party favorites and their multiplayer capabilities allowed people all over the world to transform into absurdly confident versions of themselves through addicting competition. The cartridges are blocky but sturdy, but they will probably last longer than that TI-84 manual in your basement.


– Some of the best multiplayer and party capabilities of the decade

– Hardware has great longevity

– Good graphics and load times


– Almost no options for RPG fans

– Inferior storage space on bulky cartridges

– Diversity: most N64 owners will be carrying 75% of the same games!

2. Sega Dreamcast [1999]

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Sigh. The game that could have been. While the last console by Sega had a bittersweet finish, the Dreamcast was still undeniably visionary. It represented the height of Sega’s creative output with games like Chu Chu Rocket, Jet Grind Radio, and Seaman which lets players interact with characters just using a microphone and voice! The Dreamcast should have been a giant success, but Sega’s previous failures just couldn’t get people away from the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 2.


– Huge collection of creative, fun, and quirky games

– Compact design and comfortable controllers

– Graphics are miles ahead of same-era competitors


– Laser mechanism wears out over time, reducing the durability of controllers

– System prone to disk read problems

1. Nintendo Entertainment System [1985]

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The NES has a number of reasons to clinch the number one spot for top retro game of all time. During the 1980s, this was the system that turned every kid into a gamer with games like Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy. Of course, its most important game was Super Smash Bros., whose introduction totally changed the future of video games. NES was also the first successful 8-bit processor machine and brought color to mass-gaming, perfected later by the Super NES in 1990. Having the NES back then and today gives you access to one of the largest libraries in gaming and one of the most varied. It does not matter if you like shooters, sports, adventure, or action. You will most definitely find something to be sucked in!


– A massive library of games that are cheap and easy to find

– Durable and comfortable controllers

– You will be an official retro collector


– May not have a lot of games explicitly geared toward adults

– Front-loading cartridge mechanism sometimes malfunctions

– Other than that, you will never have enough time to play!

Whether you agree or disagree with this list, we hope you enjoyed reminiscing and got reinspired to pull that old console out again. Behind those seemingly rudimentary controls and chromatic colors, there will always be some of that everlasting magic to touch your heart. New games and their capabilities will always be exciting, but nothing quite captures our emotions and cheesey smiles like playing on a retro console.

Bonus 3 Retro Game Consoles:

1. Retro Duo Twin Video Game System:

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This is the cool silver color gaming console. This is the best gift to present to your loved one who likes video games. It comes with the 16-bit controller. AV/S cable and Adapter also includes. The controller looks so great. The hand-friendly controller works great for any hand. People can carry the controller for a long time.

This is one among the high rated gaming console in the market.

2. Retro Video Game Systems V3.0:

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The attractive Red/Black color should impress everybody. This is the perfect beast who likes to play a video game for a long time. The Version 3.0 is the updated version of the retro gaming series. It comes with two powerful 16-bit controllers, cables, and adaptors. This is the best consoles for old Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Take a look at this product.

3. Super RetroTRIO Console Gaming System:

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Retro-Bit is the manufacturer for this another best gaming console. This gaming console is compatible with NES, SNES, GENESIS. By using the ports you can connect with TV. There are 6 controller ports are available. It is the perfect console for the multiplayer game.

You can insert three original controllers and three third party controller with this video game system. Take a look at this product at Amazon and view the user review there.

Top reasons to buy this Retro Gaming Consoles:

  • There are many awesome reasons to buy this compact video game console. The first reason is cost. Compared to the old school classic consoles and vintage consoles, these Retro Video games are the very low price.
  • The second reason is Compact. Yes, the System is so compact than the classic gaming console. So, you can carry and handle with very easy manner.
  • The Third reason is Graphic Quality. It is not stupid like boxes, lines triangles or something. The Graphic looks like 3D Visuals. All the famous games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, F-Zero, Star Fox, Mega Man X, and all other games visuals clarity is top notch. There is no other old school gaming console replace the Graphic quality.
  • The 4th reason is Sound Quality. Every Game sounds are really great to hear. I love the sound produced from the retro game console.
  • 5th reason is you can able to connect HDTV and CTR tv by using connecting cable. By using this you can play any game with big screens. The connection is very simple and easy to install.

These are the top 5 best reasons to buy Retro Gaming console.


I Hope Everybody should like this Retro video gaming console review and products. These are the best consoles available in the market with affordable price and lots of features. Stay tuned for more updates. Bookmark this website for your future cool product updates.



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