IND Reviews Scholarship Program 2018

IND Reviews Scholarship Program

A 1000$ scholarship program!

IND Reviews is a leading product review website with top-notch reviews for several products. The current search market has been daunting due to the increasing number of products available for your specific need. Therefore, in a bid to ease the search process and time taken searching a product, we developed a guided review of several products.

The review should incorporate an overview of the product, how it works, pros and cons, buyers guide and other specific features of the product. Our scope of products includes all the popular and top-rated products in particular categories. This will significantly reduce the amount of time one spends finding the best product online. Just to mention but a few, some of the products reviewed at the site include the following.

Having said this, in a bid to satisfy the huge market looking for detailed product reviews, we are creating a 1000$ scholarship program for students willing to participate in such reviews. Interested parties should be ready to provide a high-quality, evidence-based reviews with affiliate links to Amazon. It is from your review that the customer will make a decision to buy the product.

How to Apply

For one to be eligible for this scholarship, you need to write and submit an essay “The One Product I Would Recommend” ranging between 500 to 1000 words. Highlighted below are some of the guides and instructions to follow.

  • Submit your write-up in a word document
  • Videos and photos supplementing the write-up are an added advantage
  • The quality, creativity, and depth of your research will be used to judge your writing
  • Attach a short description of yourself (not exceeding 100 words)
  • Any reference claims should be in APA format

With the guides above, some of the topic ideas you can write include the following.

  • Wireless printers. This is a common office and home appliance. However, the trending products of this caliber in the market are the wireless options. Find out about their features, pros, cons and buyers guide.
  • Digital microscopes. The world is moving towards becoming a research community. Search and write for modern microscopes including digital and USB types.
  • Fitbit and weight loss products. Obesity and weight loss topics are gaining immense attention. This is due to the high population trapped in this fold. Make a detailed review on various Fitbit products aiding in weight loss.


The following are eligible for this scholarship program

  • Students of both undergraduate and postgraduate categories
  • You should be enrolled in an accredited university or college

Submission of Applications

Applications for this scholarship should be submitted to [email protected] attached with the following personal details.

  • Your full name
  • School
  • Area of study
  • Proof that you are enrolled in an accredited university


The writeups should reach the indicated email address by 30th August 2017.

Do not worry if you missed this years’ program as we run the scholarship yearly.