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10 Best Solar Battery Chargers in 2017 (Portable & Multi Use)

Today we are going to see the Best Solar Battery Chargers. From low budget solar chargers to expensive solar chargers are added. We reviewed the top rated solar battery chargers here.

In this technology world, Solar Battery Charger is an important for everyone. In older days, huge solar panels discovered and used in the developed countries. Portable Solar Charger usage is increasing in the recent days. The price of the Potable Solar Charger also affordable. Now All country people using this product to store electricity.

Top 10 Best Solar Battery Charger review:

10. NOCO Battery Life BLSOLAR2 2.5 Watt Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer:


This model available in 4 different styles for sale. The styles are 12V Regulator, 2.2 Watts Charger, 5 Watts Charger, 6V Regulator. This is one of the best Charger for Car, Motorcycle or Boat. People can easily use this without any manual.

It has LED light which illuminates the light when the battery is charging. The light illuminates light according to the battery level. It Safely charges and maintains Wet, Gel, MF, EFB and AGM batteries. Thin film technology is used to charge the battery. So, It can be effectively helpful even the low sunlight or cloudy areas.

There are many people buy this product for their vehicles. The Charger is 100 weather resistant, UV Resistant and It prevents the drain.

9. Innoo Tech Solar Charger 10000mAh Outdoor Solar Power Charger Dual USB Port:


Another Cool Solar Charger. This is the simplest way to store energy for your mobile. It can act as a mobile Bank. This charger is water resistance, Dust resistance, and shock resistance. It has tested with all type of resistance process. This Product looks so awesome.

Overcharging indication, voltage indication are available in this type fo charger. This is the best one for all small gadgets you are using in your day to day life.

8. SOLAR PL2320 Pro-Logix 20 Amp Battery Charger:


This item is very useful to charge batteries range from 6v to 12v. This should sweetly charge all types of rechargeable batteries. This Charger has 20/10/2 ampere rates and advanced multi-phase charger. You can see the voltage range in the LED light. By using this you can bang any type of batteries within the volt range of 12V.

7. Voltaic Systems Amp solar charger:


While the Voltaic Amp doesn’t have the limit of the Solartab, it’s lighter and foldable, rendering it much simpler to store. You can likewise disengage the battery totally from the sun based boards, which permits you to utilize it independently as a convenient battery. We additionally welcome the way that the texture is produced using reused materials — pop jugs, to be correct — and that the packaging is waterproof. The battery can be completely charged in under 6 hours, which, thus, permits you to charge your cell phone in around 4 hours. There’s additionally an insurance highlight that will close off the battery on the off chance that it turns out to be excessively hot, or the battery charge left runs too low.

6. NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger:


One of the most influenced model on the market. It is very effective for your vehicles or any gadgets. You can monitor the voltage level easily by using the LED. It can be charge any kind of Lead Acid Battery of Li-ion battery up to 120Ah. This Charger is effective for motorcycles, lawn mowers, gardens, marine, RV, Powersports. This charger is so compatible. So, you can take anywhere within the bag or cover. Superlightweight model in the market.

Cutting Edge technology is used to charge the batteries. So, It can charge the batteries 2X times faster than normal batteries. It automatically reduced the charging level. Overcharging protection also available. The weight of the charger is just 1 Pound. This awesome charger was made in the USA. It has additional features of Firewall, Load tracking, Energy Save, Thermal monitor, CANbus system, recovery and more.

5. ALLPOWERS 100W Bendable Solar Panel Water/ Shock/ Dust Resistant Power Sunpower Solar Charger:


This is the best charger for RV, boat, cabin, tent, or any other irregular surface. This is one of the best Solar Battery Charger in this year. It has many features. You can use this charger for any irregular areas. This is the traditional model. But many people buy this item for their home.

You should feel happy about the performance of this Charger. ‘Allpowers’ is the product brand which gives one-year warranty for this product. It can be applicable for RV, boat, cabin, tent, yachts. The charger has high efficiency. It can charge the batteries very fast compared to the normal Solar Charger.

4. Venture 30 Battery with Nomad 7 Solar Panel:


This battery by Goal Zero has some nice specs. It is waterproof and can charge two devices at once with high speed 4.8A USB connection.
While the solar panels (Nomad 7) come with the battery (Venture 30), it seems that the solar panels are an afterthought.

While the battery can charge in 4 hours via USB, it takes a lengthy 9 hours to charge via the included solar panels. To put this in perspective, the 14W SunJack will charge a larger battery in half the time – and for less money.

3. Solio Classic2 Portable Solar Charger:


The Solio Classic Solar Charger appears like it has been out everlastingly — indeed, one of the principal sun powered chargers the creator of this story had was the first Solio Classic. The Classic2 ventures up the amusement, however, with greater sun based boards and the capacity to charge the Solio by means of USB when the sun has set or it’s shady out. One of our most loved elements is the plan, which permits the whole charger to fit in a little tote or your pocket, the length of you aren’t wearing tight jeans. While it doesn’t have the power limit of a portion of alternate chargers on our rundown, its conveyability earns it a spot on our rundown.

2. Solartab Charger for Mobile:


Solartab truly inspired us with its 13,000mAh limit and the capacity to charge an iPhone totally in as meager as a hour and a half. The outline of it helps us a great deal to remember the original iPad, in spite of the fact that at 2.65 pounds, it will feel much heavier. The charger accompanies a tiltable stand so you can simply position the sun oriented board with the best edge to the sun, and a battery level pointer is accessible as an afterthought. On the off chance that you need, you can likewise charge the Solartab through the included miniaturized scale USB link, so you don’t generally need to rely on upon sun oriented energy to keep the gadget completely charged.

1. 20 Watt Foldable Solar Charger Bag:


This Charger Includes High Capacity 50Watt hour Rechargeable Lithium Battery with Adjustable Voltage Selection of 8.4/12/16/19 Volts. With an output of 4A peak, you can charge your Netbook, Laptop, small devices such as portable DVD Player, PDA, Mp3, Cell Phone, E-readers, Digital Camera, Camcorder and Tablets (All Apple Products).

Foldable Batteries are increasing popularly among the people. It was easy to handle and take anywhere easily. By Folding this Solar Battery Charger Bag, we can take this Bag anywhere. So, It should very helpful at the beach, restaurants, malls or any outing places to charge our Gadgets easily.

20 Watt Foldable Solar Charger Bag is the best Solar Charger for small voltage products like mobile, digital camera, tablets, mp3 players, DVD players and more. This is one of the high rated product in Amazon.

Uses of Solar Charger:

Here we are going to see about Best Solar Battery Charger in the market and review of the products. Solar Charger Employs Solar Energy to supply electricity to devices or charge batteries. People wanted to use Solar Battery Charger for their car, mobile phones, cell phone, heater, lights, IPOD, mp3 player, TV, boat and more.

Charging Range:

In older days Big Solar Panels arrived which was hard to handle by an individual. But In recent days, due to technology growth, there are many small panels has arrived. The most used voltage ranges are 4V, 8.4V, 12V, 16V, 18V, 19V, and up to 40V.

Where to Buy Solar Panel or Charger?

The Best Place to buy Solar Battery Charger is Amazon. Because Amazon is the world’s number one shopping cart and there are plenty of Models are available in that shopping place.

Solar Battery Charger can Charge the external battery also. After the Full Charge, you can remove the battery and take anywhere to charge your mobile, laptops or anything. This is the best advantage for travelers.

In many developing countries rural areas are covered by Solar Lights. Those areas are only believed solar lights in the night time. Those Solar Panels are charged in the daytime and provide electric supply in the night time. Because of that huge amount of electricity was saved.



I hope everybody like these all Chargers. These are the best Solar Battery Chargers. You can buy any charger without hesitation. Because all are tested by our professionals and got good reviews from users . Stay tuned for more electronic products reviews.

10 Best Solar Battery Chargers in 2017 (Portable & Multi Use)
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