lg oled best 70 inch tv

Ready to find the best 70-inch TV on the market today? We're revealing our top picks for best image quality, budget and value buys, and best style.

Don't forget to check out the handy buyer's guide that will have you navigating the electronics showroom floor like a pro.

So, you want to be a new TV. Not just any TV; a giant TV, the kind that immerses you in the action and sucks you right into the story.

Sounds great, but if you’re not sure where to start you can end up paying a lot for technology that goes out of style next month, or you can pay too little and end up with something substandard.

How can you know when it’s ok to cut costs and when you need to stick to your guns?

In today’s guide, we’re showing you exactly that. You’ll find a handy buyer’s guide to walk you through the decision process, plus check out our top picks for the best 70-inch TV on the market today.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We’re about to reveal our top picks for best 70-inch TVs. But before we do that, we want to take a moment to explain how we made our decisions. We prioritize honesty and accuracy in our ratings, so we took the time to find the most truthful customer testimonials and reviews.

We also investigate the company behind the product. As well as any available data about the televisions and their customer support.





lg oled best 70 inch tv

Vizio M-Series

Samsung QNQ7F

Samsung best 70 inch tv

 Vizio SmartCast E-Series

Vizio SmartCast best 70 inch tv

       Sony X690E       70-Inch Class

Sony KD70X690E best 70 inch tv

The Top 5: Find the Best 70-Inch TV for You 

LG OLEDC7P - Best Picture Quality

lg oled best 70 inch tv

Hang on to your socks, this television from LG is going to blow you away!

LG has spared no efforts in creating one of the best viewing experiences on the market today. That beautiful picture comes at a steep cost, but if money’s no object, we can’t recommend the C7P enough.

This 70-inch screen gets consistently high reviews from its customers. LG has managed to pair a whopping 120Hz refresh rate (terrific for gaming!) with the expected 4K Ultra HD. Plus, this is an OLED television, so it’s extremely thin and gets embarrassingly black blacks.

Will you get more glare with this OLED in bright light situations than you would with your old plasma? Yes. But compared to other OLEDs, this one holds up very nicely.

HDR is also one of the few television builders to support HDR in more than one format. This television, for example, handles HDR 10/HDR1000, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, HGL HDR, and Dolby Vision HDR.

If you want the best there is, you need to go with an OLED, and this LG OLEDC7P is our top recommendation.



  • Best picture quality
  • Some reviews say that OLED panels don't last as long as LCD panels

Vizio M-Series - Best Value

best 70 inch tv

 The M-Series from Vizio isn’t quite budget pricing. But when you consider the quality it throws in and the features it makes available. Then it’s clear that this is a terrific value. Reviewers note that it often performs better than higher-priced LEDs (you’re not going to quite match an OLED, but close!).

Part of what Vizio has done so well here is utilize local dimming to boost overall image quality. Which helps it excel even in home theatres, where the lighting makes flaws stand out sharply.

You’ll also see two HDR formats supported: Dolby Vision and HDR10/HDR1000. It’s a smart TV, which is great. Except that the smart features are the one thing that doesn’t perform too hot for this television.

Unless that’s a deal breaker for you, you’ll find you’re great a great image at a tremendous price.



  • Excellent picture quality
  • Some reviews say none of the preset color settings were pleasing to the eyes

Samsung QNQ7F - Best Looking

Samsung best 70 inch tv

First of all, this television is beautiful. Samsung has gone above and beyond in creating television that both looks good and tastefully handles all those plugs, ports, and wires, so you’re free to enjoy it.

The styling is sleek and modern thanks to a fiber-optic cabling system that is virtually invisible. And controls that work via remote even if you’ve got things hidden away in a cabinet. Plus, installation is a breeze.

Samsung has positioned its QLED line to compete with OLED televisions at a lower price. It is at a lower price (though not a budget or value buy). But unfortunately, it’s still not quite as good as the best LEDs or OLEDs. If you’re in a bright room, you’ll find the picture quality is solid. But you’ll start to notice a difference in darker rooms.

Back to styling for a moment. This television is slightly curved, giving it a fantastic modern sensibility but more importantly providing terrific wide-angle viewing.

Take note, however, that Samsung TVs do not support Dolby Vision, only HDR10/HDR1000.

The bottom line on this television is that it’s beautiful and has a great picture. But if you want the best value or the best image, look elsewhere.



  • Bright with lovely colours
  • Expensive

Vizio SmartCast E-Series - Best Budget Buy

best 70 inch tv

Vizios 70-inch TV is powered by XLED and utilizes 4k Ultra HD technology for premium home display. You’ll love Vizio’s Xtreme Black Engine that creates deep black levels reminiscent of OLEDs. But what you’ll love about this television is how affordable it is. Your visitors will think you spent much more.

Here’s what we don’t like about it. The double set of spindly legs (you’ll probably want to mount this TV) and the fact that there are better smart TVs out there.

However, you’ll pay half for this E-Series Vizio than you would for comparable pictures, and it still has SmartCast with the included remote. So you can stream Netflix, plus built-in Chromecast as well as voice control thanks to Google Assistant and Alexa, from Amazon.

The E-Series from Vizio also includes 4 HDMI inputs for 2160p picture plus digital surround sound. And a USB input for viewing files or photos and updating the device.

This isn’t the latest and greatest model on the showroom floor. But if you’re looking for a great picture at a terrific value, and want to make sure you’re getting a smart tv. Then you’ve found your answer!



  • Clear and detailed 4K resolution
  • Poor off-axis performances

Sony X690E 70-Inch Class - Best UHD at Mid-Range Price

Sony KD70X690E best 70 inch tv

The X690E class from Sony has two of its largest in-home devices. The 70-inch is an LED screen at 2160p 4k Ultra HD. At twice the price of the Vizio E-series, however, we’d expect a lot more, and this television doesn’t deliver.

One of our biggest complaints is the native refresh rate--at just 60Hz. Gaming and detailed action scenes aren’t going to be free of motion blur.

It is, however, smart. Built-in streaming means you can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, and others without purchasing a separate device. While this unit isn’t an OLED, the viewing experience is excellent, which is why we included it here.

You’ll enjoy the plasma-like colors and rich blacks as well as the 176° viewing angles. Three HDMI ports allow you to connect to just about anything else and 2160p resolution creates a beautiful HD experience.

Not the best 70 inch TV ever, but if you’re brand loyal to Sony and don’t want to pay an outrageous price for UHD. You’ll get a great picture at a mid-range price.



  • With a ~15 ms response time, the X690E responds to changes in the incoming picture very well
  • The smart features are almost too basic

The Buyer’s Guide

If you walk into an electronics showroom, you’ll likely swing between awed and amazed and overwhelmed and confused. The number of options is truly dizzying, and technology is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up.

Today, however, most options boil down to some fairly standard issues. Let’s get started!

Lit from Within 

One of the first things you’ll need to decide when you’re looking for the best 70-inch TV is whether you’re going with an LED TV or an OLED TV. Past technologies (what you’re likely to have in your home right now) include plasma televisions and LCD (liquid crystal display) screens.

LED (light-emitting diode) televisions have replaced LCD televisions thanks to their impossibly thin profiles and great lighting. In fact, the LEDs created backlighting that allows the device to function beautifully in any lighting situation, even brightly-lit spaces.

The Next Wave 

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode and offers an even more advanced viewing experience than LED televisions.

OLED televisions are the pinnacle technology today regarding in-home theatre entertainment. The angles on this TVs are wide with fantastic contrast, excellent color accuracy, and almost zero blur.

Also, OLED televisions have even thinner screens than their LED predecessors as well as true blacks and a beautifully illuminated range of colors. If you had a plasma television previously, an OLED TV is a perfect replacement.

LED vs. O​​​​LED

Traditionally, OLEDs are much more expensive than LEDs, but in later years that gap has decreased. We expect soon that OLEDs will take over the market. If having the best is important to you, and you don’t want to replace your device soon, go with the OLED.

Plus, keep in mind that the larger the television, the better you’ll want your lighting and color to be, especially if you’re sitting up close. Blur will be easy to spot unless you go with an OLED or have your seating placed at a far distance from the screen.

How Smart is Your Television? 

Of course, when you’re shopping for the best 70-inch TV, you’ll need to decide on things like television size and resolution, but we have a feeling one of the most exciting things that will grab you right out of the gate will be your future television’s internet capabilities.

Some television--the most modern--have smart connectivity built right in. You can connect to the internet and stream shows and movies without needing an extra device. Some modern televisions don’t connect directly to the internet but do allow you to “cast” content from your smartphone or tablet.

Even if you decide against a smart device (the smarter the television, the more you’ll pay), you can still stream by using something like a Blu-ray player, for example. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need top-notch internet service to be able to stream fast enough to keep up with your new, smart TV.


You can technically go with a 720p HD or 1080 Full HD screen, but we don’t recommend it for larger televisions, like the best 70-inch TVs. Instead, go with the 2160p 4K Ultra HD, also known as a UHD.

The reasons for this recommendation are manifold: first, the size television needs the incredible four times resolution the UHD provides. Plus, since you’ll likely be parking your seating fairly close to your giant television (unless, maybe, you’re living in a mansion?) and you’re going to want as immersive an experience as possible.

Throw in High Dynamic Range (HDR), and you’ll have action scenes so lifelike you’ll think the bullets are coming for you.

Let’s Talk Hertz

Hertz in a television refers to what is called the television’s refresh rate. Essentially, the higher the hertz number, the smoother your final picture will be, though keep in mind some television makers, like LG and Samsung, employee additional technology to help achieve that fantastic smoothness we crave.

A higher refresh rate (something north of 120Hz) will refresh the screen so many times in the space of a second that you’ll see next to zero blur, even in high action scenes.

How Big Is Too Big? 

If you’re shopping for the best 70-inch television, you’re going to decide exactly how big you want to go.

Televisions are measured diagonally; a 70-inch television, for example, is 70-inches from corner to corner. A ten-year-old 70-inch screen would be larger than a brand-new 70-inch TV today, simply because screens have gotten thinner (and so have the bezels).

To help you decide on the size, consider your home and how far away the seating will be. Experts typically recommend that you multiply your screen size by 1.5 to get your minimum seating distance.

That would mean, for example, that for a 70-inch television, your couch shouldn’t be closer than 105 inches or 8.75’. If, however, you’re taking our recommendation and purchasing that 4K Ultra HD, you can sit closer than would normally be recommended!

It’s Your Turn

If you’re itching to order your new television, we can’t blame you! Take a quick second to return and let us know what you purchased and how you liked it.

Happy shopping!

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