Many of the persons want to sleep or take rest while travelling. If you are one among them, then take a look at the travel pillows.

The travel pillows help a lot while travelling in trains, buses, aeroplanes or cars. This review guide will help you to find the best travel pillows.

15 Best Travel Pillow review & Buying Guide:

15. MLVOC Inflatable Neck Pillow with Ear Plugs, Eye Mask, and Drawstring Bag



It is an Ergonomically designed travel pillow. You can use this for multi-purpose usage. Hereafter all kinds of travel like buses, trains, aeroplanes, and car travel become easier. Thanks to the MLVOC for using the velvet to manufacture this product.

The velvet provides extra softness and comfort. Machine washable and long lasting travel pillow for both male and female.

It is the best gift to present your loved ones.

14. SmartTravel Compact Comfortable compressible Pillow For Traveling Hiking Camping



Not only for travel purpose but also camping, hiking or home relaxation also possible with big travel pillow by SmartTravel. The inflation takes 30 seconds time.

After that, you can use this pillow anywhere you want. If you are trouble with back pain and you can’t able to lie down on the floor means, it helps a lot. Not only the head but also it acts like footrest. Office, home and anywhere you can use this product.

13. Comfy Travel Buddy Travel Air Pillow for Car, Airplane, Bus, Train, Home Use and Office Use, Black



If you are looking for comfort and soft travel pillow, then take a look at this product. The regular travellers must have this cool product. Fast and easy to carry anywhere.

No bouncing at all. Lumbar support, Neck support are the added advantage. Thanks for the manufacturer who is considered the Lumbar support. Many of the travel pillows do not come with this feature.

12. JetComfy Travel Pillow – Memory Foam, Lightweight, Compact (Folds), Perfectly Adjustable For Face, Head & Neck Support



It is an adjustable travel pillow that gives excellent comfort while sleeping. The aluminium rod is adjustable. You can fix this anywhere on your seat and take a deep sleep.

Cost wise it is reasonable. It got high rank for the quality and comfort. The tilting helps to adjust the pillow position. It is a classic style travel pillow. You can see the magic of this travel pillow once use this product.

11. Traveling Pillow Inflatable Blow Up Support Neck Cradle And Eye Mask Set For Sleeping In Airplane Or Car



Snooze Time’s Inflatable Travel pillow is the best choice for regular travellers. The manufacturer considers all the main features.Once you bought this product, then you will never go with any other product. You should definitely love this pillow. The ear plug helps to avoid the traffic noises and sounds. The eye mask helps to block the brightness.

100% hassle free travel pillow makes your travel as more sophisticated. Cost wise it is affordable and quality wise, it beats many of the top rated travel pillows.

10. The Original FLEXi 4-in-1 Convertible Travel Pillow for Side, Stomach and Back Sleepers. Lumbar Support. Features Adjustable Strap and Travel Bag. Four colors. Washable.



Flexi is the popular manufacturer for Travel pillows. Their 4 in one travel pillow is one among the famous and best travel pillows. We can’t speak best travel pillows without mentioning the flexi product. If you are multi-position sleeper means, this travel pillow helps a lot.

The manufacturer also considering the Lumbar support. Thanks to Flexi for this special feature. Many of the travellers suffered a hell lot because of the back pain. It helps a lot to eliminate the back pain. Navy, Gray, Orange, Lime colors are available to buy.

Amazon is the best place to check it out this product. The seller can refund you among if you are not satisfied with the product.

9. UsEasy O-Shape Neck & Cervical Pillows Stabilization System



UsEasy Travel pillow is the O-shaped travel pillow specially manufactured with considering human neck. You can also use it as U shape model. 6 different types of usages available. Whether you are looking for travel purpose, or home, office relaxation purpose, It must help you a lot.

If you are suffered by neck pain means, take a look at this product. I honestly say It will help to get rid of the neck pain. You can able to lie and watch the TV, hear the songs and many added advantages are available. This pillow is very soft and nice.

It is the best gift to present your mom, dad, girlfriends, boyfriend or any loved one.

8. MemorySoft Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Travel Bag



MemorySoft product that comes with Zipper. You can remove the cover by unzipping for machine wash and prevent from the gems. Memory Foam Neck pillow is really worth for money. It is a risk-free travel pillow and has lots of advantages. Both Male and female can use this travel pillow.

It is an effective travel pillow for all kinds of travels like Buses, Trains, Aeroplanes, and Cars. The travel bag also comes with the product once you buy.

The complimentary carry bag helps you to carry the travel pillow anywhere easily.

7. Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow – The Best Travel Pillow with 360 Head, Neck and Chin Support, Black



Are you looking travel pillow for comfort sleep? Then take a look at this Cabeau Evolution Travel neck pillow. It provides the 360 degree comfort for your neck and head.

Compared with the other pillow, it can’t allow your head to the forward position. So, the neck pain is eliminated completely while using this item.

Unisex travel pillow comes with velvet outer material. You can gently wash and use as long as possible. Black, Green, Orange, Red, Grey and more colors are available to buy.

The memory foam pillow can compress the 1/4 of its size and you can carry easily by using your luggage or travel bag.

6. Restoration Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow – Best Traveling Pillow For Neck Pain Relief & Orthopedic Support



Being the reputed manufacturer of Travel Pillows, Restoration manufacturing the cool products for customers. All products are focussed for customer satisfaction and that leads to the victory of this brand.

Their Inflatable travel neck pillow is the best solution for chronic pain on your neck. Orthopedic support helps to relief the pain on your neck.

You can travel a long time without being suffered by the neck pain. Black, Blue, and Purple color pillows are available for sale. Inflation and deflation can be made easy.

The latest press button technology helps to inflate the Pillow easily. The outer material covers with micro velvet. It provides the soft feel of your neck. Machine washable and long lasting pillow.

5. Travelrest – Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow – Lean Into It & Sleep – Ergonomic Neck Pillow – Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Office Napping, Camping, Wheelchairs & Home



Travelrest is the unique travel pillow manufactured with considering the lateral support of the body. You can able to wear this pillow like a messenger bags.

Male, female and Kids can use this travel pillow. Side sleepers should love this product. It also helps to fall asleep faster. The neck and head position will be stable after wearing this pillow.

It is a light weighted travel pillow and comes with durable, long lasting quality. Machine washing also possible. The weight is 7 ounce. It is a multi-purpose pillow.

Wall street journal, USA Today, Los Angels times also apprised this travel pillow for comfort travel. It is available in Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Lowes and many of the shopping carts.

4. Purefly Inflatable Soft Velvet Neck Pillow



Purefly Inflation travel pillow is the latest invention for better travel. It comes with inflating button. By repeatedly pressing lower profile of the bottom, you can inflate the pillow and release the air also easy.

The material of this travel pillow made with soft velvet material. Because of that, you can feel luxurious and sophisticated. Machine washable is an added advantage.

After deflating the air, you can pack this pillow with small cover or bag. More versatile travel pillow for all kinds of travels. Purefly Soft Velvet Travel pillow provides the ultimate neck support while sleeping. It is also the best gift to present your loved ones.

3. Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow with Sleep Mask, Earplugs, Carry Bag, Adjustable Toggles and Velour Cover, Black



Aeris Memory Foam Travel pillow is one among the top rated travel pillow in the market. Responsive memory foam product provides an excellent support while sleeping.

The memory foam material comes with air flow. Because of that it maintains the warmth and provides an extra comfort according to the weather condition. But many of the Memory foam pillows does not come with this unique quality.

That is why Aeris Memory Foam travel pillow is 3rd on our list. The portable carry bag and earplugs will help you to carry the pillow easily. Lifetime warranty is guaranteed by the Aeris manufacturer. Hereafter train, buses, aeroplanes, and car travel becomes easier. It is a versatile product, so you can use anywhere.

2. Trtl Pillow – Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow – Machine Washable Grey



Are you looking for machine washable travel pillow? Then take a look at this cool Trtl Pillow. It is a scientifically proven super soft travel pillows for your regular usage. Whether you are looking for flights or buses or trains? These kinds of weightless travel pillow can help you for better sleep.

The polyester material is used to manufacture this product. You can able to machine wash this item. Many of the critics said, compared to the U-shaped travel pillow, this healthier alternative provide an excellent grip on your neck.

Some pillow not suited for a long neck. But this Trtl Pillow can fit for any kind of neck. That is the specialty of this product. Lightweight, Durable, Easy to carry and comfort are the main advantage of this travel pillow.

1. J-Shaped Travel Pillow Review:

travel pillows


Many persons want to sleep during the travel time. The J-shaped travel pillow is very helpful to take rest during travel time.

The pillow available in 5 different colors named Navy, green, red, leopard and zebra. You can easily carry this pillow anywhere. The Pillow is very hygienic and easy to carry. Many of the people buy this product at Amazon.

Many people are using this pillow at their home. J-shaped travel Pillow has 7.5 ounces weight. Once you fit this J-Shaped Pillow in your neck, You don’t worry about your travel. The pillow holds your head, chin, and neck. It has several usages. Once you bought this product, then only you realize the real usage of the J-Shaped Pillow.

It is suited for all age groups and heights. Because many people thought is whether this Pillow will fit for our height or not? So, You can buy this product without any hesitation and make your travel as best 🙂

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