If someone ever says that one can play volleyball in basketball shoes, simply go to them and politely refuse. Basketball and Volleyball are two very different games. To perform in the most efficient way in the game, one needs best of the amenities and apparels.

Volleyball Shoes are the only shoes with the softest material from inside. They provide the best hold possible on a bright, wooden court! What makes it imperative to buy these shoes before the game is its tight hold on the volleyball court. They are also made with a lot of cushions and springs so that you can jump easily and land safely.

Jumping, Spiking, Setting and Side by Side movements are the major skills in volleyball. According to the players need, here we come up with top 10 best volleyball shoes.

10. Best Budget: ASICS Women’s Gel Rocket 7 VolleyBall Shoe

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If you are a Female Volleyball player, then take a look at ASICS Women’s Gel Rocket 7 volleyball shoes. These shoes were made with standard quality. They have many features.

ASICS women gel has Rubber sole which is very helpful for grip.

It has Forefoot gel cushioning system which is very useful when the player strikes the ball into the opposite team.

It has NC rubber outsole which is very useful for enhanced tracking on the court.

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9. Asics Men’s Gel-Tactic 2 Vollyball Shoe:

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It is an ideal product for men. You can use this shoe for Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tennis and some other net games. The fitting of this product is incredible. There are two different colors available and in all different sizes.

It is made of Synthetic material with rubber sole. So, it gives more friction while running.

This shoe was light weighted and more stable for all kind of feet. Let’s see the features.

8. Best for Hitters: Adidas Volley Response Boost women Shoes:

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Adidas is the world-class brand, everybody knows that. Adidas Volley Response Boost W-W shoes specially made for women foot. This is light weighted shoes. It has enhanced cushioning capacity. This is the best buy for Volleyball, Basket Ball, Tennis and Shuttle games. The grip of the sole is really awesome. It is made with Synthetic material.

Rubber Sole is used. It has a Breathable mesh upper with perforated synthetic overlays. More stable and air flow keeps your foot dry. This Shoe was available in 5 different colors namely Black, Red, Blue, White, and Navy. These are the primary colors. Each shoe has three different colors with a stunning look.

7. Best Flat feet shoe: Mizuno Men’s Wave Bolt 4 Men’s Wh-bk Volleyball Shoes:

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Extra Grade rubber is used in this product. Rubber sole gives more stability and excellent cushioning. This is the best Volleyball shoes for men that are available at affordable price. The shoes are so comfortable that they will not trouble your feet at all while playing. Like that, they have eliminated the distortion. Thus, you can concentrate on your game completely without any distractions.

Textile/Synthetic material is used to make these shoes. Dynamotion Groove increases flexibility and agility. This is the best shoe for Jumping, Jogging and running. Manufacturers added extra forefront for volleyball players.

The airflow system is also available so that the feet of the player remains dry and cool. This is a very important factor when the player play for long hours. Take a Look at the product on Amazon.

6. Best for Wide Feet: Mizuno Men’s Wave BK-SL Lightning Volleyball Shoe

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With its great manufacturing, designing and Rubber sole, you will get the best alternative that works for you amid the time when settling on your choice. The parallel Wave innovation that consistently scatters stun right all through the sole, along these lines giving that superb padding and upgraded solidness when utilizing it. You will have additional alternatives that make this product an ideal pick.

5. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Hyperace Vollyball Shoes:

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Attractive Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike shoes will be perfect for your feet. When you wear this shoe, you will feel taller than normal height. Ultralight weight gives more advantage when you serve, or strike the balls. Low-cut ankle allows for full range of motion. The Flywire technology is excellent for lockdown so you can move with confidence on the court. Of course, Nike is the world-class brand. Nike shoes are durable and flexible. The Price of these shoes is somewhat higher than normal shoes but the quality and stability wise, this is one among the best shoes in the world.

4. Best for Ankle Support: Adidas Men’s Court Stabil 12 Volleyball Shoe:

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Another Cool Sports shoe for men. This shoe is specially made for volleyball players. Solar Yellow Combination and Red Balck combination colors are available in the market. It has excellent user reviews.

This shoe provides better grip for indoor surfaces. Cushioning and Stability will improve your play. It has the sturdy protection of SPRINTWEB’s supportive top layer. TORSION SYSTEM improves mid-foot stability and provides motion guidance. The non-marking gum rubber compound provides the excellent Grip.

Players can use this shoe for training purposes, jogging, running, tennis and more indoor games. This shoe protects your ankle by ADIPRENE heels. When you land the ground after striking, it will help you to land without vibration or tension.

3. Best for hitters: NIKE Men’s FREE TRAINER Volleyball Shoe:

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This is the training shoe but perfectly fits for Volleyball game. CRISS-CROSSING Nanoply provides customized fit. This shoe is made with the Synthetic material. It also has the Cushioning function. It has breathable upper layer and super grip power. You can use this shoes for indoor and outdoor games. White black and deep forest colors are available.

It gives more stability while playing the game.

2. Best for Jumping: Mizuno Women’s Lightning RX3 Wave Volley Ball Shoe:

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This product has Textile and Synthetic material and Rubber sole that has shaft measuring roughly 2.25 inches from the curve. This perfect pair of sports footwear will offer lighter and an enhanced fit when you need the best quality.

1. Best rated: Mizuno Wave lightening Z Women’s volleyball Shoe:

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These pair of shoes are made with quality rubber which makes them a perfect substitute for all the buyers. These beautiful looking volleyball shoes incorporate a wax overlay with the logo of the brand embellished at the top.

It is a wonderful piece, suitable for all feet types and provides utmost comfort to the wearer during the game. You will have the Dynamation bend lines that inspire the aptitude and unwavering quality. The non-checking outsole has XG adaptable for a high balance.

7 Tips for Selecting the Right Volleyball Shoes:

If you ever want to play volleyball professionally, you will need to have shoes that are fit for jumping high, retaining energy and just running around. Because of that need I have gathered 7 tips that are useful if you are planning to buy yourself some new volleyball shoes, that might help you get to the next level:

Being Lightweight

If you are going to jump a lot (which you probably will in a game of volleyball, you will need shoes that won’t push you back down as you leap, because of that it is important to get lightweight shoes that weigh around 8oz, or around 250 grams. But watch out not to get shoes that are unrealistically light – those can be flimsy and rupture after only a couple of games.

Shock Absorption

Regardless of which sport you play – if you jump and run a lot it will have a toll on your legs, and mostly the knees. Because of that it is important to pick shoes that have either gel, soft pads or other ways to absorb fall damage that you will receive when landing after a jump. You will thank the designers of those shoes later, trust me.


When playing volleyball indoors the area of playing will usually be smooth and sometimes slippery, and if you don’t want to tumble and fall on the floor you should get a good pair of shoes that have a sole made of a traction-boosting material, like rubber. After using shoes that have high traction with the floor you will start to feel a bit like Spiderman 😉


Although usually forgotten when buying any new shoes, it is important that the shoe’s sole will be able to flex a full 90 degrees in all directions, if a shoe is too rigid, it might damage your foot, causing some muscle and bone issues if used for a couple of years. A shoe that is flexible might be more prone to tears but it is worth the problem, because of the affect it will have on your feet.


This is pretty much true about every shoe you buy – you want it to last long. Good shoes can cost hundreds of dollars (but there are cheaper alternatives for entry level), and if they are faulty, or just not very well-designed they can be completely useless after a couple of months. You might not be able to assess the durability of a pair of volleyball shoes, but if you buy them from a well-known brand like Nike or Adidas, you probably won’t have a problem.


If you exercise and do a lot of effort for a long period of time, your foot will start sweating, and if there is no sufficient ventilation in the form of a mesh or special material, it can heavily drain your energy while playing. Because of that it is important to find shoes that have a mesh top (or sometimes even sides), and that just feels good. This parameter is a bit less important than other though, because nearly all of the sportswear shoes come with mesh, it just became the standard.

Good Looking

So, you have found something that fits all of the parameters mentioned on this article, great! But what does it matter if you just don’t like the way it looks on your leg? Self-esteem has been proven to affect performance in all types of sports, and if you don’t like the way you look with those shoes, it will probably be a better idea to just look for something else. After all, you will play with those shoes for months, or possibly even years, so it is one of the most important thing to feel good in your shoes.

Some Good Shoes

After seeing this article, you might want to look for a pair of shoes that matches all of the criteria mentioned. But I will not let you leave without giving you some reference to look at, and maybe buy:

Mizuno Wave Tornado X – Well obviously X marks the spot, and this pair is good not only for volleyball, but for all types of field sports. It has a rubber sole, that keeps really nice traction with the ground, and 3 different layers of shock-absorbing material.

Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike – although not having too much shock-absorption with only 1 layer of protection, the Nike product gives more grip than other volleyball shoes, and is useful when you run a lot.

User Guide

Choosing the volleyball shoes totally depends on personal experience. Here we added some of the basic qualities of Volleyball shoes.

Lightweight: Volleyball shoes should be light weighted. Otherwise, it will make big trouble when jumping and landing. So by choosing light-weight shoes, we can avoid such complexities.

Cushioning: This is very important for long hour play. Some of the hard shoes will hurt your foot when you play for long hours. If the shoes have Cushioning inside of it, then it will keep you at ease even if you play for the whole day.

Air Flow: The shoes should have breathability features. Sometimes, you need to play long hours without removing your shoes. The body is all sweaty after long hours of the game. If the shoes have air flow then your feet will stay dry and cool. So, one must select the shoes made with moisture wicking materials.

Padding in the Forefront: This is an important factor to consider while buying the shoes. In volleyball, you often jump and land. That time more padding in the forefront helps to jump high and reduce the vibration when you are landing on the ground.

Stability: The shoes should have high stability because you need to be active all-time at the time of play. The shoes must keep you stable while you are in the game.


Having right equipment and apparels is mandatory for a player. If you wish to purchase new volleyball shoes before your next game, the above-stated list will be helpful in selecting the right product. When you wish to purchase these shoes, you should comprehend the real facts that will make you able to decide which is the best quality of shoes in performance, manufacturing and in material of top quality.

The players, who like the best qualities shoes, mostly buy from the above-mentioned brand of volleyball shoes. They are durable, flexible and reasonably priced for volleyball players.

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  1. Lots of excellent Vball players choose basketball shoes because they are designed for the exact same movements: cutting, jumping, and landing. There are more options to find the right shoe that fits you, they are sold everywhere (a problem if you are a guy looking for vball specific shoes) and thus you can often find basketball court shoes at less cost locally. The title mentions ankle support and basketball shoes are designed for cutting to elude opponents on the same shiny wood floors. You don’t have to fake in volleyball and you don’t have the addition of player contact that you have in basketball. Lots of coaches recommend basketball shoes, especially for competitive male players because they provide all of the same benefits as vball specific shoes and you can find a more comfortable shoe. I play both vball and basketball, but mostly vball.

  2. I have been wearing Mizunos for the past 6 years and never had a problem with quality. This year, just for style, right before high school VB started, I switched to Nike and WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE! The sole detached from the shoes (both right and left) in the first few weeks of varsity VB. I had to sit out because they were flapping on the court and tripping me. I’ve been holding them together with hot glue ever since. I’ve now had them about three months and now that season is over, their next stop is the garbage can. I’m going back to Mizunos for the club season.

  3. I was hoping to find non-marketing, real advise here. Your comment “Of course, Nike is the world-class brand. Nike shoes are durable and flexible. The Price of these shoes is somewhat higher than normal shoes but the quality and stability wise, this is one among the best shoes in the world.” Is simply not true. I was suckered into that myth with my most recent volleyball Nikes. They lasted less than 2 months, In fact, now that I think about it, I believe it was about five weeks. The sole detached from the shoe near the toes on both shoes! I held the shoes together with hot glue just so that I could get through HS volleyball season. Nike wasn’t very nice about it. They told my mom that we had to pay for shipping in order for them to investigate and improve their processes. I don’t know why we have to pay to improve its processes. A big company like that should stand behind athletes. I’ve come to realize that the Nike brand is just good marketing and a lot of hype. The only thing true about your statement is that Nike prices are higher—and its not because of quality or stability. They definitely don’t make the best VB shoes in the world. I’ve been playing VB for 7 years, and after a tough season, shoes do wear out, but I’ve never experienced shoes actually falling apart in just weeks. #nikeSucks.


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