Mattress protector mainly used to prevent the mattress from dust, liquid, dirt & allergens. It is really hard to protect our expensive mattress from pet, child and accidental spill. That is why mattress protector came into the place. By choosing the best mattress protector you can save your mattress.

Here we are going to see the 10 best Waterproof Mattress Protectors. We took more than 100 mattresses protectors and tested each and every product by our professional reviewers. Finally, we are come up with 10 high quality mattress protectors.

The mattress protectors should be waterproof, otherwise, kids and pets can easily wet your bed. The mattress protector is the best one to buy to maintain the healthy life. Nowadays, there are plenty of Asthma, Allergy, and other skin problems are arriving because of the dust and bacterias.

We spend 1/3rd of our life in the bed. The Night sleep is very important one for healthy life. So, by using low quality or cheap mattress protectors we can’t able to maintain the healthy life. This honest review guide will help you to find the best product in the market.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors review:

1. LINENSPA Premium Mattress Protector:

Linenspa Mattress Protector-Waterproof-Hypoallergenic-Vinyl Free,...

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LINESPA Premium Mattress Protector is among the best products in the market. It comes with 10-year warranty and vinyl free material which helps your kids and pets to relax on the bed. There are some constant things should make our bed dirty those are urine, accidental spills, and perspiration. This LinenSpa Premium protector helps to prevent from these fluids. That is why people often wondering to buy waterproof mattress protectors.

2. Queen Size SafeRest Premium Mattress Protector:

SafeRest Queen Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress...

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SafeRest is the best brand for mattress protectors. There are plenty of products was manufactured by Safest and got very good reviews from users. Now we are going to see one of the high rated best mattresses protector from SafeRest. The size of the protector is queen size that helps you to cover the big size beds. It provided 100% waterproof and hereafter no need to worry about the bed wet cause many diseases.

3. Henna Kay Twin Mattress Protector:

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There are some protectors in the market making some crinkly plastic sound when you move on the bed. But Henna Kay Twin Mattress protector made with high quality material which is terry cloth. The terry cloth gives the smoothness and protects from the water that doesn’t make any noise while sleeping. People often suffered from ECZEMA, Allergy, and Asthma because of Dust, Fungus, mold and bacteria filled on the bed. We need to clean the mattress, otherwise, we can’t able to maintain the good health. But Henna Kay mattress protector provides the maximum safety to prevent from Dust, Mold, and bacterias. So, take a look at this product for your home sweet home.

4. SLEEP TITE Mattress Protector:

MALOUF Smooth 100% Waterproof Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector with...

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Before we need to buy any product make sure we should check the review. Some people often worried two things about the waterproof mattress protector which are whether it protects from water or not? and is it make a plastic sound while sleeping?

If you are asking these two questions with yourself means to take a look at Sleep TITE mattress protectors. We checked by pouring a large amount of water on the protectors. But the result it won’t pass single drop to the mattress. That is why many people are like Sleep TITE waterproof protectors.

5. SureGuard Waterproof Mattress Protector:


SureGuard King Size Mattress Protector - 100% Waterproof,...

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After bought any products from the shopping malls or online shopping carts, you need to satisfy with the product, otherwise, the money and time you spent to choose the product are a waste. Here we assure that no product is like cheap quality. All the products are tested and reviewed by our own and come to best collections.

Let see another cool and durable King Size Mattress protector is from SureGuard.

SureGuard is the solid manufacturer for Mattress protectors. Their King Size waterproof mattress protector protects from water, perspiration and bed wetting. The material is smooth and not making any noise while sleeping. It is machine washable and you can easily wash and use by your own.

6. Sleep Guardian King Mattress Protector:

Sleep Guardian King Mattress Protector - Lab Tested Premium...

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This should be a bang for your bucks. King size waterproof mattress protectors are often bought by the many persons and it is the best for incontinence. You can wash this protector by using the machine wash and very easy to use. Many of the mattress protectors making some heat while sleeping. Because waterproof materials mostly making some heat. But Sleep Guardian King Mattress protectors make you cool while sleeping.

The soft material is always cool and makes you refresh at any time. Twin, Full, Queen and King size mattresses protectors are available for sale.

7. Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protectors:


Red Nomad Waterproof Mattress Protector, Bed Mattress Cover, Super...

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People are spending money for various things. We should consider spending more money for our life long products. Mattress is one of the valuable product in our life. We spend maximum hours on it. So, By spending some more extra bucks will help you to get the ultimate product and that makes your happy for a life long. Red Nomad’s Breathable mattress protector is cool and protects the mattress wonderfully. It should help to protect the Cots from accidental spills, perspiration, salad, ice creams and many other things.

8. Classic Brands Mattress Protector, Queen Size:


Thasaba Classic Brands Defend-A-Bed Deluxe Quilted Waterproof Mattress...

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Defend A Bed is the waterproof mattress protectors from Classic Brands. It comes with 15-year warranty and the cotton material. Most of the protectors not made by cotton but cotton give more comfort while sleeping. This is a 100% water protection and has many layers to protect liquids. That is why people often seeking this product in the market.

9. L&K Mattress Protector:

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Doctors requested to use waterproof mattress protectors for Asthma and Allergy patients. L&K product is the ideal for those kinds of patients. In recent days plenty of people purchased this mattress protector for home. I think it is a growing mattress protector nowadays. That’s why we listed this on 9th place in our review. You can also use this to save your mattress.

10. UltraPlush Premium California King Mattress Protector:


UltraPlush California King Waterproof Mattress Protector (King)

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Thicker and luxurious mattress protectors for heavy sleepers. UltraPlush Premium Protectors works great for all brands of mattresses and it is flexible and more durable. If you are using this product for your bed, then you don’t need to worry about dust, dirt and bacteria. It is highly recommended for people who are having asthma trouble.

Guide to choose the best mattress protector:

A good mattress has always direct and indirect effects on someone’s wellbeing. The direct effects can be to the body of the user depending on how good and comfortable it is. However, the indirect effects include the shaping of someone’s daily attitude which can be a proportionate effect of how good his mattress is.

Therefore, buying a mattress protector is a very important step to cover financially and actually your investment of buying a mattress. Many times, that procedure can be seen as overlooked and underrated because it has frequently happened in peoples’ minds not to think how to preserve and protect their valuable mattress on which they spend almost a third of the time of their lives. There are several aspects which should be calculated and analysed accordingly towards buying a mattress protector.

Reasons for buying a mattress protector

There are several reasons on why someone should choose an excellent mattress protector. First, a good mattress protector prevents stains on the top of the mattress and allows the mattress to be kept clean and dry from external effects related to the everyday use habits. Secondly, it delivers extra comfort, softness and support to the potential user along with protection against bed bugs and dust mites which can easily affect the well-being and the general health condition of the user. Thirdly, it generally increases the lifespan of the mattress by being unaffected from external hazardous factors.

Features and characteristics to look when buying a mattress protector

The size is a characteristic of a mattress protector which is of paramount importance. They can come in many different dimensions i.e. king, California king, queen, full, twin, twin XL and crib size. The appropriate one should be bought in order to accommodate the mattress.

Another worth mentioning aspect is the user health condition regarding the allergies that he/she might have. Therefore, an allergic buyer who might suffer from allergies regarding specific fabrics should choose to buy a special hypoallergenic mattress protector in order to avoid possible health disturbances about this issue.

Furthermore, comfort is a characteristic of many protectors. Therefore, protectors vary regarding additional feature they employ regarding extra support, extra comfort and padding. Similarly, a characteristic that adds up to the comfort is the thread count. The more the thread counts existing in a mattress the more luxurious the mattress feels.

A typical characteristic that affects the waterproofing protection levels of a protector is its pore size. Consequently, high levels of waterproof protection indicate that 8 microns or less of a pore size are enough to ensure waterproofness.

Protection for dedicated protectors is a thinking process not easily realised by many people. Hence, mattress protectors need their own protection as well. So, easy washing must be a thing easily understandable for a buyer. There are two choices; to buy a mattress protector which is machine washable or otherwise to buy a mattress with an ability to be wiped down.

In addition to the above, breathability is another aspect of choosing a mattress protector. Therefore, a mattress pad should be able to allow the mattress to breath and be kept in a cool condition.

Above all the above, the cost of a mattress protector is a major drive for someone to purchase it or not. It is advisable that potential buyers should consider setting a budget prior to choosing a mattress protector in order to avoid an expensive one which potentially they don’t actually need. Hence, setting a budget, for this reason, is of paramount importance and factors like user needs and extra features should consider prior to doing such an expenditure.

Mattress protector materials

When choosing for a mattress, the associated materials are playing an important role and shaping someone’s decision of buying a mattress protector.

The most popular protectors are constructed from cotton which offers a firm and dense feel. They are also hypoallergenic and someone can easily find for organic cotton alternatives instead. Furthermore, other versions with none chemical dyes are available. It is advisable someone seek cotton protectors made of woven fabric in order to prevent accumulation of dust mites and allergens.

An alternative material of mattresses is polyester protectors which are commonly cheap and no-fuss options. There are two options regarding this type of protectors; they can have a polyester shell internally with a polyester fibre fill in the interior or they can have a blend of fabrics. Although a polyester-polypropylene blend with a vinyl layer offers high levels of waterproofing, a simple poly-cotton blend is a prevalent choice for the consumers.

In addition to the above, down mattress protectors offer the ultimate choices for the consumer who prefers softness and luxury. Hence, down mattresses are very thick and they can either commonly filled with goose down or a synthetic variety. Such a mattress protector material is advised especially when a mattress is too firm or its springs are wearing down. Special attention is needed when considering buying this type of mattress because the goose down is a common allergen composite.

Furthermore, vinyl mattress protectors can be another choice for consumers especially for the ones that own pets or very young children who wet their bed. In general, such types of protectors offer a way for someone to prevent severe moisture issues in the house. These protectors, can be extremely durable and offer significant protection against moisture. Also, they can be easily cleaned by simply wiping them down.

Mattress Protectors for special occasions

Along with the above kinds of, so called common mattress protectors, there are some other types of protectors serving special personalized needs.

The dust mite mattress protectors is an option for those ones who hate the existence of dust mites on their bed. These dust mites are small insects which can get fed from the human flakes of human skin and they are a major cause of allergies. Hence, special protectors can have antimicrobial protection to prevent dust mite colonies from existence and expansion. Such mattress protectors can benefit people with medical conditions because they own a zippered, non-membrane mattress protection with antimicrobial treatment. Also, pore sizes of such mattresses play a major role in their purpose because they can possibly prevent the dust mites spreading into the sheets.

There are the waterproof mattress protectors which offer protection against humidity on the mattress surface such as bodily fluids, pets and perspiration. As discussed before parents with small children can benefit from such dense protectors. It is worth mentioning that people who frequently wet their mattress should consider buying a vinyl mattress protector which can be easily washable, as mentioned above.

Finally, another special case of mattress protectors are the bed bug protectors which employ zippered pads which can completely enclose a mattress. This kind of mattresses prevents such bugs from entering the fabric. It is highly advisable that consumers who were already affected by bugs to buy a box spring protector. Therefore, a bed bug protector is the best solution for a mattress which is already infected by bugs. These special protectors are constructed of dense and synthetic material like polypropylene or polyester in order bugs cannot access the outer surface of the protector as they cannot bite the fabric material.


Many advantages are available if you are using mattress protector. First and foremost it keeps your bed clean. That is very important for long lasting mattress. Many of the activities performing on a bed like playing with bed, dancing, sleeping with dead cell, and bed wet.

So, we need to protect our bed from all these happenings. If mattress protector was dirty means, we can wash and reuse. But we can’t wash our bed. Think about It. Mattress protector, Mattress topper, and Mattress pad are different from each other. We highly recommended to buy any best mattress protector for your bed. That is enough. Otherwise you will waste your money for mattress topper and pad.

I hope everybody like this review. We listed all are the best waterproof mattress protectors on the market. Take a look at each product and buy the best one.

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